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Found 9 results

  1. You can come up with whatever wacky nickname you want! It's not a hard game, guys!
  2. If you haven't noticed, every pony on the show has their name based on a special talent, or a physical attribute. Pinkie Pie because she's pink, Rainbow Dash because she's fast, Rarity for her gem finding talents, Twilight Sparkle for her magic. Yet Fluttershy is the only pony who's name is based of a personality trait. Why is that? Well, part of me wants to believe that Fluttershy is merely just nickname ponies gave her due to her timid nature. I'm willing to bet her full name is based off her animal talents like Wind Soothe, or Gentle Care.
  3. I've seen plenty of fanfics where Luna calls Celestia "Tia" for short. Does she ever actually do this in canon?
  4. I have noticed among some old comments made before "The Best Night Ever", in which they refer Prince Blueblood as "Prince Astron". How did he get the name "Astron"? Was it because of the star-shaped cutie mark?
  5. So..... What do you think is a better nickname for me?
  6. Just as "bronies" and "pegasisters" became the nicknames for anyone who like MLP:FiM, what are your guesses on a good name for all Equestria Girls fans?
  7. Make up a stupid nickname for the person above you. I'll start by giving Fluttershy a stupid nickname: Ragemaster. (They're stupid for a reason.) LETS GOOO
  8. Well, I always pronounced it "Tay-vee" but I've heard it pronounced "tah-vee" do you think it is?
  9. Soooo if you played pokemon b/w you may know about Keldeo:the uunicorn based pokemon, coming in (i dunno)some event anyway just wondering if i should name it rarity or what?