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Found 12 results

  1. I like to call Rarity "Rares" or "Princess Marshmallow Jewel Butt" sometimes I don't know how I came up with the last one, past she's my princess who has the same color as a marshmallow and has 3 jewels on her butt So, as the topic title asks, do you have any nicknames for your best pony? And, if so, what are they?
  2. All of the ponies have nice names, but some people like to give nicknames to them. I was wondering which ponies you gave nicknames too and what the nickname was? Here is my list: Fluttershy-Flutters Twilight Sparkle- Twi Rainbow Dash- Dashie Octavia- Tavi Luna- Woona (Almost forgot about Luna) Rarity- Marshmallow
  3. I've seen plenty of fanfics where Luna calls Celestia "Tia" for short. Does she ever actually do this in canon?
  4. Hello everone! This has always been an interesting and cute topic for me to think about, and that's what would the mane 6 (or any other character from the show) call their significant other. If you wanna include shipping, you can say the nickname originated from their partner's name, but if you don't wanna ship, you can just say something like "honey", "sweetie" etc. Basically, anything you find would be fitting for the pony using it. My picks: for Rarishy -Rarity would probably use "sweetie" or "sweetheart", and of course, "darling" -Fluttershy probably wouldn't use many nicknames, but maybe "hun" or "love" (just occasionally) I don't have many ideas for the others, so please, discuss below!
  5. So I finally decided on a name for my new OC. I decided to name her Astral Voltage. However, her name is quite long and I can't seem to think of any good nicknames, as both Astral and Voltage don't sound like very good nicknames to me. Volty is a no-go (sounds too much like Voldy, as in a nickname for Voldemort). I wouldn't mind other name suggestions and a Critique on the current name as well. Here she is.
  6. Everytime I see a picture or something with Cheerilee in it I say "It's Miss Cheerilee!", does anypony else do that or is it just me?
  7. Make up a stupid nickname for the person above you. I'll start by giving Fluttershy a stupid nickname: Ragemaster. (They're stupid for a reason.) LETS GOOO
  8. So what are some nicknames you've come across that you've found particularly funny? The two I've found most amusing are: Skittles for Rainbow Dash and Princess Sunbutt for Celestia because it's just so dumb. LOL I just find it funny imagining Twilight reading off one of her letters... "Dear Princess Sunbutt, today I learned...." So what do you guys have?
  9. If you post here, you get a free nickname from Handsome Jack Himself! warning; product quality may vary, see in stores for details.
  10. Luigi495


    In this game you give a nickname to the poster above you. I'll go first, as an example; Mr. Nothing
  11. Come on! Hit me with your best Pokepuns. Doesn't have to be original, just no doubles (the same pun twice in two different replys). Here's one: Guy 1:"Hey that guy just stole my rake!" Guy 2:"That sucks man" Guy 1:"Yeah I know! That gift from my aunt!"
  12. So, I kinda thought about this thread for a while, and I finally decided to make a topic today. Basically, what nicknames do you give to certain members? Also, what nicknames would you give to other members? For instance, for me, it's...... @@Clarity - Clari, Missy @ - Kirbs @ - Tubbie (I stole this from Clari ) @ - Dev, Devvers @ - Dimitri, Dimi @@Finesthour - Gary the Snail, Mr. Smithers (Poor you ) Me - Spazzy, Spazzy Mazzy, Sugar Spazzy (As told by Clari ), akim That's all I can think of for now. So anyways, what nicknames do you have for other members?