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Found 70 results

  1. I don't know why this happens. Is it a message? Is it a sign of something such as destiny? It is starting to confuse me. I dream of my job EVERY single night, not the same actions of what I do in the dream, but the job itself. For example let's say that I am a janitor (no I am not). One night I will dream of mopping the school floor. Second night I will dream that my mop turned into a living wooden stick that is trying to talk to me. Third night I will dream that I am out drinking with my friends and someone approaches me and yells at me to mop the floor in the bar. This has been going on since the first week I started my job, which was a year ago. What about you? I heard that is normal to occur in somebody, but I see my case a bit extreme, every single night for a year now..... Share your theory if you want to, this sounds silly anyways...
  2. I usually find myself to be more productive and mystified by the night...what about you?
  3. I was messing around with my Black Friday Week camera and took a picture of the moon. There was a little bit of a process but it turned out pretty good!
  4. I'm surprised not to see any night-themed pony fan club here. Then, let's start it here! All night-themed pony and characters are welcomed, including Luna/Nightmare Moon, thestrals, and any other ponies which design is based on things related to night. Rule : Please post night-themed ponies only. The defination of night-themed ponies : ponies with darker shade of colouring. Moondancer don't count as night-themed ponies, even though her name has "Moon" in it.
  5. So this is just a simple question, answer at your own discretion, and also don't post wet dreams plz XD Last night I dreamt that I had 35$ and that I was going to buy some alchohol. But I didn't spend anything, or buy any alchohol. So I just walked around and started hanging out with my friends. then I woke up.
  7. It has been some time since the Friendship festival has ended. Though the dangers of the Storm King are behind her, a guilty feeling kept within Twilight. She had nearly thrown away friendship all just to save Equestria from their worst nightmare. And even though her friends, the Princesses and even Queen Novos have forgiven her, she hasn't forgiven herself for her recklessness.Starlight Glimmer noticed this, and made a suggestion. The spell she used early ago to make herself and Sunburst younger? Why not use it to help cheer Twilight up and just have fun, as if they had a new fillyhood? Without a second thought, Starlight cast the spell and reverted themselves back to when they were fillies, and Twilight without any wings. It was a clear night sky for the time being. But Starlight wanted to give Twilight a time of her life. They found a nearby lake outside of Ponyville. Without a second thought, the two jumped in the lake and started splashing each other, all while giggling at the fun they're having.For the first time since the Friendship Festival, Twilight can relax alongside her student/friend/equal. Happy 7th Anniversary My Little Pony. Special thanks to Lauren Faust for giving us this modernized version of the Hasbro franchise.
  8. It is shown that Princess Celestia raises the sun and Luna raises the moon, but they really only shown it where they raise it once, when day/night start. However, the sun is shown to move throughout the day, and I assume the same for the moon, which only makes sense. Do they move it throughout the day/night, or does it move on its own? Pretty much do they only move it once, or continually throughout their time of day?
  9. This is a painting I finished just today! I hope you all like it!
  10. Like Yvaine, Coriakin, and Ramandu (from Stardust and Narnia) being people who are actually stars (like the ones in the night sky), sometimes I consider some ponies to be "stars in pony bodies", such as Sunset, STARlight, Twilight, and Trixie (for their names or apperances), and Double Diamond (for him being a very cute WHITE pony -- he might be bright enough to burn stuff!). May I know, which ponies do you consider to be more like "stars" than ponies, as in having some form of relation with the stars of the night sky, or actually being "fallen stars from the sky"? That is, other than Celestia and her student Twilight, who are overrated choices?
  11. The selection of Halloween decorations was kind of limited where we live, so I made a few of my own decorations using poster board, a couple of markers, a pen, and an all-important pair of scissors. SPOOKY GHOST oooOooo SPOOKY SKULL ooOOOOooOOo FAIRLY AFFABLE-SEEMING MUMMY oooo?
  12. I recorded a brief video of our Jack O' Lantern.
  13. I have a parody idea for Saturday night fever, **drum roll** Brony Night Fever, its unfinished but here's a start of the sketch and it will look better once I get used to drawing ponies, and disco balls. Disco Inferno!!! I also want opinions to make it better, (I'm into Disco) P.S I'm not the best drawer, at all....
  14. Hello all Since the fandom in the town of Bydgoszcz is preparing to hold a locac Christmas brony meet-up, I was requested to prepare a promo poster for this event. The pony presented on the picture is Princess Kujavia who is the official mascot of the Bronies Bydgoszcz fandom group. The main attraction of the event will be making Xmas hats for MLP plushies in a nice before Christmas atmosphere. My poster for the event without the text. Enjoy
  15. It is 4 degrees Celsius, a perfectly clear night, and I can see every single star a human can see it seems. I wonder how many of them are not stars? ... Either way, it is a nice night. I am glad I have a laptop to take outside for this.
  16. Hey guys, I want to show you something I've been working on for a couple of days. V1. V2 (With a frame because reasons.) It was my first time drawing Celestia, it took a while to finish her but at the end it came out pretty decent. What do you guys think?
  17. This took a freaking long time to finish due to an exaggerated amount of random issues that thought that haunting my poor soul was entertaining. So, here's my OC with an armor: Darker version: Brighter version (Too notice more details): What do you guys think?
  18. Hey guys, Here's just another piece I made. It's kinda crappy but who cares, it was a last minuet thing so. Leave comments on what you think would help/improve it. If someone wants something made FOR them then PM me, I haven't opened a request shop yet! Thanks every pony!
  19. Oh damn. This was painful to make, but I liked how it came out. It's just a cover image I made for something I'm currently writing. To make Luna in the most show-friendly manner I could, I had to use 9 different pics of her to adapt colour, position and expressions, but at the end I think it was worth it. Option 1 (Normal) Option 2 (Darker) What d'ya guys think?
  20. Heya guys. I was bored messing around in Fanfiction and I got the idea to make a new cover for my fanfic. Version with outlines: Without outlines (The mouth looked better while making it, don't know what happened there): What d'ya think? (Also, there's a hidden message around the pic.)
  21. So, Christmas is pretty much over. I had a decent Christmas and all, got some good presents that I can enjoy and all. But this blog isn't about that since I already posted what I got for Christmas in the thread for it. What I'm here to talk about is something related to Christmas, family time. We all know those huge family gatherings that happen usually around the holidays. For example, I'm down in Memphis right now visiting my step family for Christmas with like 10 people in the house. I usually enjoy that fine (though some of them do annoy me when they talk about stuff I personally don't like). I'm talking about when cousins, aunts, and uncles visit. I've always secretly hated it. Even as a kid, I loathed it. I just didn't know it because my mom would always tell me how exciting it is. But personally, I always felt left out in everything. There are no cousins my age, so I could never relate to or hang out with anyone since my siblings always hung out with the cousins around their age. I always just followed the older kids but still felt left out especially when they would watch something that I was too young for. I would try to hang out with the younger kids since they're younger and they're worse than the older ones. They are spoiled brats who act like they know everything. One of them is like a bully who always tries to get under my skin and take my stuff and gets away with it. Oh how I sometimes wanna punch him. I also feel like I haven't done as much as my family. I would always hear about how my family has done so much in their life like get jobs, get married, go off to college, etc. Well I was always in the exact same area I was before. Just a minor complaint. So this is why I've always hated big family gatherings. Well it's nice to see these people again since you don't see them as much, all these reasons just make it feel like more of a chore than a treat to me.
  22. Princess Luna Armored The princess dominates the night deserves an armor of equal size, extremely well royalty was something I tried to do here. I hope you enjoyed
  23. Hi everypony! I'm Lat3r. So I've been bored this morning, I didn't know what else to do except draw. And I turned out to draw Luna. Sorry if it's not that good, I'm a newbie. But here it is anyways.
  24. Well, it's 3:00 here in Germany and I can't fall asleep. Too much pony on my mind. Anyways, I have a question. Are there my creepypastas that kept you all awake at night?