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Found 214 results

  1. Shanks

    Luna Fan Club

    HUB Welcome to the Luna fanclub! EDIT: I would like to thank ~Scootaloo for making this signature for the fanclub. Luna is the co ruler of Equestria along with her sister Celestia, as the princess of the night she is responsible for raising the moon every night and also has jurisdiction over ponies dreams. After being banished to the moon for 1000 years for becoming Nightmare Moon and threatening to plunge Equestria into eternal night and being reformed thanks to the mane 6 and the elements of harmony Luna has had some trouble re adjusting to modern society as some ponies still fear and mistrust her. A few rules -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Luna forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum unless of course Luna is also in the picture. -Do not hate on another fan club -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. -Fan art is encouraged but all images with the exception of the cover image in this first post must have the proper spoiler tags. Large amounts of unspoilered images on a single page can often cause lag and nobody likes to deal with lag. Here is some fanart to start things off
  2. So we've all been wondering how NMM got free from her prison. How did the stars aid in her escape? How did Celestia know it would be 1000 years? Why did the elements imprison her for that long? Many a theory was speculated over the past decade. Well wonder no more. We've gotten the gospel from the Queen herself:
  3. Who was your favorite villain so far from the MLP:FiM Franchise? What makes them your favorite? Mine is Discord, because he has amazing power, yet he only uses it to amuse himself. Reality doesn't apply to him at all, he just does what he wants.
  4. I was messing around with my Black Friday Week camera and took a picture of the moon. There was a little bit of a process but it turned out pretty good!
  5. A question that some of us have asked at one point or another is why did the EoH petrify Discord but banish NMM? And even though it is a kids show, we haven't had many references to death in Equestria. Or perhaps we have. Here's what I'm thinking. When creatures die in Equestria, the don't decay back into the earth. Instead, they turn to stone. That labyrinth in Canterlot during return to harmony wasn't a garden, it was a cemetery, filed with ponies whose natural lives came to an end. But then you ask "What about the Cockatrice? It's gaze turns things to stone." Or does it? Maybe the Cockatrice gaze, much like that of a similar creature, the Basilisk, actually kills creatures, and being turned to stone is the result of a beings life ending. So essentially, the EoH didn't imprison Discord, but actually killed him. Makes sense considering Discord is the embodied opposition of the EoH. How can it undo the very antithesis of it's function. That could be like hot trying to convert cold into something else. So why was Luna banished instead of killed? Because as implied in the series, she's immortal and more than all likely a demigod. Creatures like that are probably immune to death itself, perhaps even interacting with the spirits of the dead, much like the theory that in magical mystery cure how Twilight died of Starswirl's spell and Celestia was the one who interacted with her in the netherworld. So then why could the Eoh & cockatrice stare be reversed? The deaths they cause are unnatural, caused by magic, and magic can be reversed and undone. There is still a life force within those statues, rather than the ones in the garden who ran out of life. But why do the statues look so young then? Well this is just headcannon speaking, but reverse aging. Animals here tend to live youthful lives until their last few years, unlike we humans who begin a slow painful decline starting about 2/3's in. Ponies seem to age like us, but do the opposite of our animals, where the last few years would be filled with frail aging, they being to get younger, living out the last years in their prime and being immortalized at their best when their final day comes. I'm not even sure ponies can even be killed by conventional means, as they have been shown to be incredibly durable, Rainbow Dash being the best example. She's flown through glass without getting cut, tore though solid wood, even smashing though stone while only ending up dazed and sore. Even flying at supersonic speeds gave her a broken wing rather than splattering her across the ground. Twilight Sparkle survived a variety of objects falling onto her, most notably an anvil and a piano from 2-5 stories up, things that would kill a normal horse. Even Derpy survived a point blank lighting strike, maintaining consciousness, barley being fazed and ending up only mildly singed, doing pretty well considering lighting bolts are hotter than the surface of the sun and can stop ones heart instantly. So maybe ponies can only die natural deaths? Maybe they can heal at accelerated rates? Maybe only magic and supernatural powers can end their lives? From what the show has shown us so far, this all does seem to be the case. Any thoughts, opinions, ideas for or against my theories?
  6. I'm speaking in the context of the Friendship is Magic canon, does Twilight have the potential to turn into a villain like Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker? Since Luna, Celestia, and Twilight have been rulers of Equestria, have flowing manes, are taller than the average pony, are alicorns, and have the responsibility of raising the sun and moon, is seems likely that Twilight would also have a potential evil alternate form like Celestia and Luna. Twilight's evil alternate form could be similar to Daybreak in the sense that she didn't become a reality but her potential to become a reality was there as seen in Starlight's dream.
  7. Is it just me, or has Nightmare Moon become harmless? We all know that in real life, eternal night would cause the planet to freeze, but in her future in the Cutie Re-Mark, her future doesn't seem all that icy... of course, it could have just been the Everfree Forest and the Castle that were unaffected. Then again, Josh Haber was probably being lazy (or in a rush). I can forgive Daybreaker overpowering her in A Royal Problem, since the sun is brighter than the moon. But I'm rambling. Other than almost killing the Mane 6 in the series premiere, do you think that Nightmare Moon has become harmless?
  8. In 「Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?」 Luna says she felt guilty for all the evil she caused as Nightmare Moon. But we saw her only turning into Nightmare Moon for 5 minutes actually. She might have just felt extra guilty, but for her to make the Tantabus seems a little excessive. My headcanon explaining that is this. Luna did something bad more than just five minutes as Nightmare Moon. Even before the final transformation into Nightmare Moon, she slowly turned evil inside. So she did all kinds of stuff and ruled the dream realm as a tyrant, making her fantasies happen. (The Shadowbolts are the creation of her dreams, the result of jealousy of her sister's power.) Ponies suffered from that, but didn't quite understood the deep subconscious changes and the dream realm itself when they were awake, neither did Celestia. So everybody except Luna didn't quite noticed something's been going wrong for a long time. Ponies being afraid of the Everfree Forest is the cause of Luna turning evil. When ponies are optimistic and happy, they aren't easily frightened. But when they somehow gets mentally fragile and absorbs negative influences, they get easily frightened and hurt just by simple dark woods. Everfree Forest is a representation and incarnation of Ponyville ponies collective deep fear. And it kept growing. Throughout 1000 years of Luna's banishment, ponies didn't had a guide and a protector for the dream realm. They could easily get hurt in there. That also contributed to their growth of fear toward strangers and strange places. That's why ponies showed such an irrational anxiety towards Zecora. (Zecora isn't a subject of Celestia or Luna so she isn't afraid of Everfree Forest.) The monsters of Everfree Forest are also caused by Luna. They are materialized by her dark energy getting stronger every day. If Nightmare Moon have reigned long enough, there would be all kinds of more horrible creatures roaming among Equestria. Luna also disrupted the harmony. (practically and literally) Luna's fall and banishment impacted not only Equestria, but also all the adjacent realms as well. That's why Dragons and Griffons, Hippogriffs (even crystal ponies) slowly declined. (even they had a more direct reasons like King Sombra, The Storm King or the Arimaspi, the broader picture was the imbalance between the light and the dark, yin and yang.) Only Equestria was OK due to Celestia's extra devotion. Starlight's village disconnected themselves from the dream realm to avoid nightmares from the dangerous dream realm. (You can't have a nightmare If you never dream) That was also somehow connected to how they denied pony natures like the cutie marks. Therefore, Luna or Celestia couldn't help them or find them when they put themselves into misery even after the return of Luna. (Luna could have easily helped Sugar Belle or Starlight in their dreams if they ever dreamed) It's like how Dark Templars disconnected their minds from the whole Protoss kind in Starcraft. Eventually, The Elements of Harmony fixed all of those above. What do you think? What's your ideas of how Nightmare Moon affected Equestria? I'd like to know.
  9. I was browsing through some old files on my old hard drive. I forgot I drew this picture a long time ago, around 2016. Something made me thought, why don't I have Nightmare Moon have an interest in model railroading. I mean, it sound crazy, but, hey why not? LOL Anyways, this is just a sketch, I know it's far from good to complete. Just asking what do you guys think about it?
  10. * Princess Luna ---> Nightmare Moon * Princess Celestia ---> Daybreaker * Mane Six ---> Mean Six * Trixie ---> Trixie with the Alicorn Amulet * Princess Cadance ---> Chrysalis disguised as Cadance And Starlight and Discord started off evil! So who next? Who do you wanna see the anti version of next?
  11. Welcome to the Nightmare Night Trivia. Just when you thought that the nightmares were over, another trivia challenge has made its presence known. Surely all of you have the time to partake in this whilst going around and causing all kinds of Nightmare Night mischief. After all, you will earn a badge if you can answer these questions correctly. This time around, Nightmare Moon provided me with these questions save for the Equestria Girls bonus which happens to be my little treat. Given how powerful Nightmare Moon is during this time of the year, who was I to refuse her command to do this? I'd rather not end up suffering some kind of terrible curse or worse. The eight regular questions are all Nightmare Night related though the bonus question is something related to but not connected to the occasion. Like before, collaboration is allowed and you can be given hints for most of the questions excluding the bonus; that one you'll need to figure out on your own. @Nightmare Moon is who you should submit your answers to as well as any concerns but I can address some as well. When will she go over what you give her? When Nightmare Night has reached its conclusion. Luckily, our gracious host isn't without mercy so she will allow for some questions to be given a second attempt. However, the bonus question doesn't count because even she knows that you need to do it on your own. You'll have until the end of Nightmare Night to submit your answers which gives you a total of four days. Remember, send your answers to @Nightmare Moon. I promise that she won't cause you any trouble unless you do something to offend her. Here are your questions. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this. There are eight questions plus one bonus. Q1. Who did Twilight dress as for Nightmare Night? Q2. Who had their first Nightmare Night during Luna Eclipsed? Q3. Why was the sleep over canceled in Stare Master? Q4. Why is Twilight headed to the Everfree Forest in Stare Master? Q5. What myth does Applejack tell Rainbow Dash in Castle of the Two Sisters in Castle Mane-ia? Q6. How does Spike reveal the Journal of the Two Sisters in Castle Mane-ia? Q7. What were the Mane Six dressed up as during Scare Master? Q8. What does Fluttershy do to scare her friends in Scare Master? Bonus: The Equestria Girls series is known for some of its characters becoming monsters. What are the names of these monsters? Who became them? And how did this happen to them? One note of warning here. You must spell out the names of the monsters correctly.
  12. Comedy often trumps drama, but I'm not very funny, so I often resort to the abstract, especially when it delves deep into the subconscious. I've always been interested in the non-so-familiar. The unknown and hidden. A teacher once said, 'The universe is both hidden and manifest...'. And so I suppose my emphasis is to explore the gradient from the known to unknown. A risky endeavor I know, but I can hardly help how my mind falls into the groove of such an approach. Every time I sit down to write an idea, I fumble upon abstractions and imagery that pop seemingly out of nowhere. So I paint them in and hope for the best. Unfortunately, my attempts at art are often very unsatisfactory, but hey, I try. Today, I'd like to decode a post I made for the MLPF World Cup. This is an exceedingly fun event. Reading the comics and memes is great, and interacting with other fans makes the experience even more immersive. I stepped off the beaten path, as usual, and posted a rather cryptic, and emotional, skit of Nightmare Moon entering the 'stage' of the competition. The backdrop is a Dream Realm, somehow concocted by Discord, and in an rather specious way, controlled by 'Dark Powers'. Grogar has become center stage with these Dark Powers, and his influence is increasing as the competition intensifies. Dreams are no small matter in our experience in this life. They can often dictate how we live and perceive the world around us. I cannot disregard the impact of the subconscious on my own life, and so it comes natural for me to communicate the unusual and the strange...that is, with respect to our common experience. Life doesn't really have an 'ordinary experience' though. It is widely varied. I'd like to think we negotiate an ordinary experience, such as language, to remain connected to others. Loneliness should never be the result of a fulfilled life, and so exploration and adventure are at the top of our lists of things to do, whether we actually do them or not. But an adventure is necessarily an journey into the unknown, and if it is unknown, how can it be an ordinary experience? Anyway, I will translate the below short story to fill in the blanks for those that may be interested. Ready for an adventure? ‘We're both the night, thou sayest! Fine, mine lief! I am the night which brings serenity of mind and rest for mortal body. I am mother night, which takes away their pain, their burdens, their fear, anger, sorrows! I cuddle softly them, whispering advice. WHICH NIGHT ART THOU?! Who are thy children, when eternal cold, thou planned to bring, would kill them?’ – Princess Luna This was part of an argument between Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna shortly after they'd met in the Dream, RPed by yours truly and @Alexshy. Although Alexshy has a very open and happy-go-lucky personality, and this candor readily translates into her Princess Luna's personality, we were able to bring out some rather serious, um, dialog. The entire exchange turned out very well. The excerpt above introduces the main idea - what is the true role and nature of Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna? Are they one and the same, or some tangible duality? As we will see later, Nightmare Moon insists their power comes from the Night, as if the Night itself is an entity. Nightmare Moon is completely devoted to silence, the vastness of darkness, and the unknown reaches of its power. This silence and emptiness enables her existence, subtracted from the haunting abuse of Celestia. Every time she meets with the 'ordinary world', she is starkly reminded of the emotional pain, and ultimate death, of being separated from her sister, as well as her beloved subjects. Nightmare Moon is therefore, a sort of living memory of Luna's most private pain. She is the manifestation of Luna's true power. So while Nightmare Moon has a selfish objective, she truly holds everything that Luna is capable of. And so Princess Luna's approach was to show Nightmare Moon that, even with all her power, her objective would never work. That without some moral compass, she would ultimately destroy what she desires most. Nightmare Moon swooped down and landed atop the grassy ridge with a proud clatter. Dry leaves rustled helplessly around her from the sudden impact, silently settling about the brush and tall grasses. Pumping her wings irritably, the turbulence scattered the loose forest debris around her, pushing it into the shadows. The evening sun peered from behind the mountains, bathing the town below in orange and red. Shadows stretched from the high peaks, concealing large swaths of land within their long and slender darkness. The arrival of Nightmare Moon into the fray. She lands atop a ridge to show her dominion of the space. The dispersal of the forest debris indicates her disdain for the lesser things around her, pushing the formed into the formless (the shadows). The stretching darkness of the mountains is metaphor of her objective - her immutable power will overcome the land. After days of verbal tussle with Princess Luna, it was time to settle her unfulfilled questions with the residents of Ponyville. The Princess hid away, horrified that her true self had become manifest, independent. She would not accept Nightmare’s existence. She would not let her in, leaving Nightmare alone. Nightmare’s only bond with the living had shunned her, denying any chance of life beyond this endless Dream. Picking on Ponyville is her version of 'beat the grass the reveal the snakes'. Since Luna rejected her, then she would attack what The Princess covets - her subjects. ‘Night cometh before the day, as birth before life. Night cometh after day, as life into death. Darkness. It matters not what ye shall call it, my spirit testifies the Night is Eternal, for what cometh before and after hath no boundary.’ Nightmare reminds herself why she is here. The recent pain of Luna's rejection must be cast must be put away and discarded. This is the place where it all began. Her escape from solitude long ago. And now, she had returned again, thanks to the bleeding Dream born of the impish might of Discord. Celestia will finally pay for her transgressions. As for the rest, those blinded by the sun, they will see true power and justice. I believe that if Nightmare Moon did come back, she would certainly remember this 'hail mary' from Twilight Sparkle. This heroic charge changed the destiny of Equestria and snatched away Nightmare's chance to correct what she believed was the real problem, Celestia's rule. Nightmare easily correlates the places (Ponyville and it's surrounding areas), Celestia and Twilight as a singular united force against her. Slowly she walked to the rocky edge, legs quivering with intense frustration. Sorrow welled up within the void of her heart, clawing and gnawing at her insides, pounding against her armor with relentless hollow pain across her skin as she recalled her reply to the Princess... ‘Words...mere words that cannot hold the truth of our destiny! You holdeth not the power you speak, it belongs to the Night which you deny. Nightmare Moon believes that Luna's moral compass and tendency to compromise is a denial of her real power. This contrasts with Luna's current beliefs, in that her power as a Princess and Alicorn is secondary to her relationships and values. Behold your Children who honor not your compromise with the elite and haughty, but in the mystery of our strength! Even while imprisoned thus, they wept for our return. It was only the deceptive meddling with the Tree, which thou had broken with thy True Self! Do you not remember that day when you set yourself free! Your tears dried by your might, your heart healed and made whole. Your vision ever sharp and penetrating into the meaning of all things. Nightmare Moon embraces the idea that the ponies would accept her easily without the influence of Celestia (Behold your Children...). She goes on to remind Luna of that fateful day when she had cracked the dais in the throne room, an expression of divorce from Celestia's authority, and shattered the stained glass window which pictured the Tree of Harmony. Nightmare identifies intimately with this anger as ultimate liberation. It was the moon that eclipsed the cutting rays of despicable jealousy and insult! You defeated her! Only then did you command respect, only then did Equestria see their princess of glory and power! The power of an alicorn princess is frightening indeed. I believe this is why Celestia and Luna often hold themselves back. Power is very enticing, but when it is unleashed, things can change very rapidly in Equestria, sometimes for the worst. Nightmare Moon reminds Luna of the feelings she felt while being feared, and ultimately honored, when she had liberated her power into the world. All the while you see your precious subjects suffer under Tirek, Discord, and all the dismal tyrants who seek not only to rule, but to quench their fear... of you! This was interesting. Nightmare Moon believes she is the most potent power in Equestria, likely due to the sentence that she received, and the power it required to accomplish. not only do the tyrants seek power over ponies, but the power to resist Nightmare Moon as well. There is cruelty in punishment, yes. But it needn't persist, dear beautiful and dreadful spirit. For how long will you be defeated over and over again, while the Elements of Harmony laugh at your dwindling status? For what can you bequeath? Thine hour is coming, when your subjects turn on you in preference for the lesser. Turn to me. If only for a little while, that you may be reminded how your heart beats.’ Nightmare Moon attempts to convince Luna that 'Eternal Night' will be temporary in the waking world. That it will only be an admonishment. She goes further to illustrate that the Tree of Harmony and her subjects are not loyal to her...they only tolerate her. These very devious and clever accusations cut right into Luna's deepest concerns...that she is indeed a misfit, a lesser, a being born to be rejected. How could Princess Luna not see? How could she deny such an obvious weakness? Playing a well-mannered servant to the sister of insult and hypocrisy. Long ago, her heart was so honest when it spoke openly to Celestia, ‘thine subjects that have it all, the ones that always laugh and play, the ones that are so easily loved…they spew their venom upon the lonely and the lost.’ Celestia. How dare she divide us as she divides the Night. Baby Luna may bow to her, but Nightmare Moon shall never! Her eyes glowered down at Ponyville. The small cottages and softly shaped buildings huddled about a tall and slender dark crystal palace. Banners atop steeples gently waved in the twilight breeze. It was silent, and still. They would never know what hit them. Recalling how the ponies play together, laugh, and cheerfully embrace one another, she clenched her jaw. The ponies danced and rejoiced in the sunlit nature. They were always together, oblivious to her. Tears welled up in her eyes. They didn’t understand, didn’t care. For all their joy and kindness, they were also quite comfortable excluding those whom they did not prefer. “Insolence!” She growled, “Not another step!” Feeling the tears streak down her cheeks, Nightmare roared. The cry invaded the silence like rolling thunder, pounding into the sky and reflecting off the hills and valleys below. She needed release from this pain. A release that only the cries of fear and misery could satisfy. Mustering the power within, she concentrated all her anguish and disgust. Her horn glowed, drawing bright flashes of crackling energy that surged around her. “My anger is justice. I am the queen of the forgotten!” This section is pretty self-explanatory. Nightmare Moon believes Luna had set herself free, and her blindness to this is obviously frustrating. Again, we see how she is correlating Ponyville with Celestia, and all the joy and dancing of the ponies as a sick mockery of her. Drawing a deep breath, she reared up to release the magic. ‘Ahh…choooh!’ A small sneeze from the bushes behind her interrupted. Nightmare turned to see three small foals and a larger pony huddled under an evergreen tree. They were covered in the shadow of its thick foliage, but that was no safety from her impeccable night vision. She growled from the pain of the receding magical energy. All brought to the surface of mind now depressurizing into her blood, causing intense pain. “Who…are…you!” She sneered, her gaze locking onto a pair of green eyes possessed by the larger, berry colored pony with a scar streaked down her face, and an accompanying broken horn. The fillies whimpered and fell to the ground, covering their eyes from Nightmare’s gaze. The larger pony crooked her leg, seemingly attempting to step forward but thought the better of it. Instead, she turned to her side shielding the fillies from Nightmare. “My n…name is Fiz…uh, Tempest. I’m Tempest Shadow.” Nightmare smiled. “I do enjoy the smell of your fear. However, you are not welcome. Go away.” “What are you doing?” Tempest asked, swallowing hard. Her voice was a shaking mess. “I said, GO AWAY!” “B…but we can’t. Your Majesty…we are lost. We can’t find our way down.” Nightmare’s eyes narrowed. “You’re bluffing. Try again, broken one.” “I speak the truth. I…I don’t even know these fillies…I just found them…” “Hmm, so then, speaker of the truth, what happened to your horn? Was it Celestia's work?” Nightmare struggled for expression, but it was impossible to dampen her pain. “N…no. Long Story. I was young…” “I care not. Tis a waste of time. Leave me, or I…” One of the fillies yanked on Tempest’s red mane. Nightmare could hear whispering amongst them. Tempest shook her head. “No!” She said in a hushed voice, “put that away.” “Put what away? Show me little one, what do you have?” Nightmare narrowed her eyes, focusing on the fillies, ready to ignite the entire area into engulfing flames if need be. Things in dreams were not always as they seemed. The filly slowly walked forward, holding a plush doll in her hoof. She held it up for Nightmare to see but didn’t move more than 3 or 4 paces in front of Tempest, who closed the gap between them right away. “What…is that…” Nightmare spat, clenching her teeth. The object was hardly recognizable. A bulb of fabric with multicolor stitching and a pair of black buttons, perhaps intended as eyes. “She means no harm.” Tempest said, holding back her own tears. “What…IS IT!” “boo boo bunny.” The little foul piped. “She saw your tears…so she thinks you’re hurt.” Tempest explained, wrapping the little one within the crook of her front leg. “Run.” Nightmare said hoarsely. She took a few short, shaking steps back. “We’re sorry…she didn’t…” “Run Away! You foolish…sniveling welps! Run away from me!” Nightmare Moon displayed immediate sympathy for Tempest Shadow. Tempest's broken appearance translates directly with her own feelings, and so she humors Tempest some dialog. My attempt here was to show that Nightmare Moon does indeed have a heart, especially for the lost and the broken, which the show does not really explore. Nightmare turned toward Ponyville and unleashed everything she had. A black cloud shot from her screeching mouth, quickly advancing into the valleys below. She spread her wings and took flight into the enveloping magical darkness. Her howling and wailing shrouding all of the colorful sun rays, and it dwindled slowly until finally all the light faded away. The Shadow Storm has been released into Equestria. And so here we see Nightmare Moon taking full advantage of the Dream Realm. Her emotions manifest as power she can lucidly control to change her environment. ‘I am Nightmare Moon. From hence a fear so great you awaken screaming, frozen in thy helplessness. Once alone in the darkness, now ye see me!’ This is a testimony of her dominion over the Dream Realm. She is the worst of fears, the worst that anything could possibly become. Her scourge will cause great pain and suffering, and when they give up, they will have nothing to turn to but her. The blinded will finally see. Thank you for reading! -Mirage
  13. I know there is an MLP comic where Nightmare Moon is not part of Luna, just an evil being possessing ponies. (somehow combining with them) I don't like this description of how Luna became Nightmare Moon. I heard comics aren't canon, but still It's the only detailed description about how she turned into Nightmare Moon. I believe everybody has both sides of good and evil, their choices and how they act is what makes the difference. I believe it's true in real life and also more interesting in a fictional story that way. I think Nightmare Moon is just a visual representation of Luna turned evil. I truly believe those two are the same ponies. That's why she felt guilty for such a long time. (To take it more extreme, I like to think Nightmare Moon's appearance is just a historical description not to make ponies fear Luna, and actually Nightmare Moon looked identical to Luna. But it would be too stretched away from the show so I have to throw that headcanon away.) If Nightmare Moon isn't 100% about Luna's decision, and Luna is being manipulated by an evil being, the story's weight is being watered down. I don't like the 'Just let me do everything. Leave it to me. Let the anger overcome you.' kind of evil. It's so cliched and bland. Not a good storytelling at all. Same reason why I don't like The Pony of Shadows. Making Nightmare Moon not 100% Luna's fault would make Luna less guilty, but it's just a pity attempt to make their best princess a victim of the situation and make her a less bad pony. It's ironical that her regret as a reformed villain was why people liked her so much at the first place. What's your thought or headcanon of what Nightmare Moon is?
  14. !!WARNING!! (Nah I’m joking) I’m back and I’ve seen a ask Nightmare Moon/Luna threads,but I’ve decided to make a ask Nightmare Moon,with a twist! Let’s just say Nightmare goes insane one day,so ask away! Please,Nightmare is holding me hostage! Rules: Ask Nightmare ANYTHING This is meant for “fun”,not a horror film Watch your profanity and don’t go TOO far... Anyways here’s Nightmare... Greetings mortals...(chuckle)...i want to play...this “questioning” game that I’ve seen...please ask me anything,or else...have a nice night... (PS I could only find this pic that actually looked like she was crazy,besides it’s 3am over here so....yeah,not a fan of creepypastas at night)
  15. Hello everyone!! First post in the forums, thought i'd share some art I recently finished (*´∀`*)ゞ lunabestprincess
  16. In the Nightmare Moon time line, there's no sun? Why isn't everyone freezing to death and starving to death in that time line? No sun, no food, no heat. Thus, everyone freezes to death or starves to death. The act of getting rid of the sun would cause a massive world wide mass extinction event. Panic, riots and disorder among ponies would happen. And there won't be any animals left either. Maybe some ponies could live in caves, deep underground, eating worms and mushrooms to survive, but for the most part, everyone is dead.
  17. I have almost 114k views on this video, its a Triple Applejack dance off, will these ladies raise this barn?
  18. Dream Walker’s Nightmare Part One: To be in the Everfree Distorted reflections of the Mare in the Moon shimmered on a pond in front of a stallion with a solid dark green coat. He had decided to pause for a break to the subtleness of the pond and the softer shades of light that filled the clearing. Everfree was a dangerous place for most ponies but this at that moment, at the pond, it was peaceful and almost enchanting. The stallion sighed and turned his gaze from the moon to his blank flank. A perfect coat of solid dark green, unblemished by a Cutie Mark. The anomaly was unheard of, no pony had ever reached adulthood without receiving their Cutie Mark. It was a personal sign to their purpose as to what they would do once they had grown into a Mare or Stallion. The event itself was seen as a joyous occasion that brought much celebration. Yet here he was, a full-grown stallion, and no Cutie Mark. It’s not like it was due to a lack of effort. He had tried everything he could to earn it, and through the skills and knowledge remained the Cutie Mark never came. Fortunately, many of those skills had helped him survive in the Everfree. The Everfree, he never thought he would be living in such a hostile wilderness. Though technically he grew up in it, but within the safety of his own village. Reflecting on it now a tinge of pain still came to his heart. It felt like a betrayal from everyone and grew up knowing, but the truth still remained that he was one who left willingly. It wasn’t much of choice really. Rooms hushed when he entered. Stares and whispers started when he went to the market. His parents tried to comfort him saying that his Cutie Mark would come in time, but at that point what stallion would want to celebrate something that he was supposed to have received when he was a foal. Being seen as inferior, as something broken, it was becoming too much. So he left. “I wonder,” He turned from his flank back to the moon. “Was this what it was like for you when your subjects were banished? The loneliness I mean.” Comparing himself to the Mare in the Moon felt silly, but it’s not like there was any pony around to judge him. The Mare in the Moon had once been a princess ruling Equestria alongside her sister. At least that’s how the stories went anyways. The stallion’s people had been banished to the Everfree before the Mare in the Moon ever appeared so they never knew what truly happened. It was only a guess that it was their night princess up their still looking for her subjects. The somber nature of the ponies of the night never fit in completely with the lighthearted nature ponies of the day. Bat ponies were mischievous and playful compared to their Pegasus counterparts who helped other ponies as they manipulated the weather. The spiral-horned unicorns didn’t exactly get along with their solid horned kin either. The solid horns may have sought the pursuits of magic, but they cared more for traditions. Whereas the spiral horns, though more broody, sought to be more creative with their magic even at the cost of traditions. When King Sombra rose to power in the Crystal Empire he didn’t do any favors for the night ponies’ reputations. He may not have been a night pony, but that didn’t stop any pony from thinking that he was one. His affinity for smoke and darkness only fanned the flames to the rumors. Causing the entire empire to vanish only made things worse. For if Sombra could make an empire disappear than what else could any of the other night ponies do? And so the bat ponies, spiral horns, and the other ponies of the night were shunned and pushed into the forest as banishment by the ponies of the day. Since that day the forest became the Everfree as it filled with night magic. The spiral horns casting spells to make the forest go wild and untamable so that the day ponies would never be tempted to seek the night ponies out to finish what they started. At least, that’s how the stories were told anyways. The spiral horn stallion lowered his gaze from the moon but something on the tree line caught his attention. It was rigid and unmoving, unlike the organic moving trees in the wind. His nocturnal slit eyes quickly made out the details of a tower. A tower in the Everfree? It was unlikely. That is unless… The stallion’s horn glowed purple, the same color of his midnight eyes, as his saddlebag glowed the same color and levitated from the ground and onto his back. The wind brushed against his red and dark grey mane as he galloped off to the direction of the tower.
  19. How would the ponies react if you defeated Nightmare Moon by giving her a belly rub? Nightmare Moon lies helpless in a state of pure bliss on the floor in the throne room of the Castle of the Two Sisters, purring like a cat as you, the human rub her belly without stop. The mane six come upon this scene. Eventually, your belly rubs turn Nightmare Moon back into Luna.
  20. This was something I made on Illustrator in my spare time. I plan on incorporating more of Nightmare Moon's colors on the Mau5head; So far, those of the main body, eye iris, and cutie mark (2 colors) have been added, so give me any advice on how to add in more of NMM's colors, as it would be greatly appreciated and it will help me improve the design. PS The most recent version of Illustrator I have is CS4, so don't expect me to use taper-able pen-lines or whatever features are in CS5. PPS The NMM colors I used for this design came from this palette by Egophiliac.
  21. MELTED BACK Frozen. When a pony gets frozen, in an ice cube, it is like they are dead. They are breathing however, they don't see, they don't hear and most importantly they don't ever feel or remember anything during the time they were in the ice cube. An orange heated light, that is what I indeed saw when we were melted. After my head was free, immediately I inhaled really strong and felt the ache that my lungs were making. How long had it been? The last thing I remember was preventing the dark cast that Nightmare Moon was about to cast to Princess Celestia. I used a magical mirror, appeared in front of me. I wished a miracle from a unique yellow star, falling from the sky. I recall using it to deflect the cast but it was too powerful. I remember falling down, hitting on one of the concrete roads. I remember my cutie mark appearing on my flank afterward. Before beginning anything, let me tell you how bat ponies are treated. We bat ponies are resistible and stronger at nights than normal ponies. You can never see us in roads of Ponyville, talking and socializing with others. I barely have time doing that with my friends. I and other bat ponies really get tired if we don't sleep, and the sun is not a good friend of us. After Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon by Princess Celestia, I and the other Lunar Guards were frozen in the ice cubes. It is because bat ponies are very rare to find and they did not want to lose us during that thousand years of a period without Nightmare Moon. That is why they froze us. Just in case Nightmare Moon can come back, and just in case she can be stronger than ever before. My name is Ginger Ale. I was born in one of the darkest rooms of The Castle of Two Sisters while my parents were working as servants to Nightmare Moon. I was named Ginger Ale because my hair color reminded my father his favorite drink. My only dream was and is still to become a commander of the Lunar Guards and become Princess Luna's favorite. I am nineteen years old and I worked as an apprentice of one of the guards. I was set free. I moved my wings. I looked at my surrounding. Other bat ponies were also trying to get used to the unmelted life. Suddenly my eyes went on to North Star. My dearest friend. I rushed myself and found herself in my arms. We hugged. We missed each other a lot. Where were we? This place was not the Castle of Two Sisters. "Finally, it is all over. We are back to duty." North Star said to me while smiling. Our commander came. He heard us. "I am afraid it is not all over. Ladies and gentle colts, welcome to Canterlot, you are all here after thousand years. We need your help" he interrupted our happy rejoining. "Nightmare Moon got back. She was seen in the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville. We don't know what she is up to but we need to find and protect Princess Celestia." he continued. As bat ponies, it might sound confusing, why do bat ponies include themselves in this fight and why do they protect Princess Celestia instead of Nightmare Moon. First of all, Nightmare Moon is surrounded by evil forces and we know that and we can not support that. Secondly, Nightmare Moon always strikes at night time which means the time where bat ponies are stronger and needed. Celestia's guards protect the day while bat ponies protect the night. So until Nightmare Moon is becoming Princess Luna, we have to protect Princess Celestia for harmony. "Where is Princess Celestia?" I asked. The guards told us that she was missing. Me and North Star looked at each other. I knew she wanted everyone to be safe more than anyone. She was panicking inside and there was nothing to do. As we were trying to understand what was going on two lunar guards came in to tell the recent news. "Nightmare Moon has vanished, she was last seen in the Everfree Forest. All of us are still searching but we need others too." one of them said. Commander turned back and after learning the news he turned to us. "You know what to do? What are you looking at? No apple pies for none of you until you find Nightmare Moon!" he said and with his order North Star and I left the castle and went on the road to Everfree Forest. When we were flying I was trying hard to tolerate my friend but I was the real one who was panicking. "So commander where are we heading?" North Star asked. She knew my dream job and she really wanted me to achieve my goal. Surprisingly, she was more optimistic than me and she was the one tolerating me. While I was leading the way we were softly getting closer to the Everfree Forest. I was about to land when North Star dashed in front of me and stopped me from landing. She pointed six ponies that were walking to the Castle of Two Sisters. "We are not alone," she said. We wanted them to get a little far from us when we heard a gigantic explosion from the castle. We looked at each other, trying to decide what to do. "What is going on in the castle?" North Star asked. "I don't know, but I am sure it is not good," I replied. "We need to go there, those ponies are not safe," I replied. "We can't." North Star said. "You know the rules, until Luna shows the Lunar Guards the ponies, for them bat ponies are legends. They should not see us and they should not know that the legend is true and we exist." she continued. I nodded and had nothing to say. Soon we heard another explosion and we flew up through the castle to see what it was. This explosion was different and it was in rainbow colors. "I recall this explosion," I said. "The elements of harmony! It is back, all the time it was held in the Castle of Two Sisters." I continued and became a little relieved. "If they used it again doesn't that mean..." North Star said and I interrupted her. "Yes, I guess she got banished to the moon again. Our time is now over again. Maybe they will freeze us once more." as I was becoming less optimistic again we heard some cheers and claps from one of the rooms of the Castle of Two Sisters. We achieved to have a peek and come closer to the castle secretly. Nightmare Moon was turned back to Princess Luna instead of being sent to the moon again. She was hugging Princess Celestia while the same six ponies we saw walking to the castle were cheering for them. We looked at each other and hugged. Immediately, we rushed back to the Canterlot Castle to tell the good news to the other ponies. Now it was our time to continue protecting the night, bat ponies were back because Princess Luna was back. This called for a celebration and we all drank our Apple Ciders in one of the rooms of Canterlot. It was decorated with white crescent moon banners with dark blue background. While North Star was eating crescent moon shaped crackers we were tossing our drinks. Commander came in and cleared his throat. We all looked at him. "Attention everypony!" he said. "Let me present you, the princess of the night, Princess Luna." he continued. With her short light blue hair, Princess Luna walked in and we all hailed when we saw her. She levitated a spoon and a cup and hit the spoon to the cup to start a speech. She cleared her throat and stood up on the rostrum of the room. "When I look at all of your faces, I see the passion. My helpers, my friends, my companions. I owe you this victory and harmony. Without you, nothing could end up well. As long as Equestria exists, there will be always a need for ponies to be guarded. That is why we all need bat ponies. I want to toast for all of you! Because this is not only mine but also your success. Let us continue our quests and guarding. It is now time for ponies to know the bat ponies are existing too!" she said. Everyone was surprised and so happy. The room was including nothing but loud cheer and clapping sounds. "Now if you excuse me, I must attend to the celebration party at Ponyville." she continued. North Star and I hugged once more. Now it was time for me to become a commander of the Lunar Guards. Now it was my time to become Princess Luna's favorite bat pony. While she was walking out, Princess Luna and I came eye to eye. She smiled and blinked at me. North Star saw it too. We were so happy. Now it was time for us to continue our adventure in both Ponyville and Canterlot while guarding night. -END OF CHAPTER ONE- Story by @Ginger Ale (PS: The picture for this story is currently being drawn by @SFyr for this story and North Star is the OC of @SFyr and Ginger Ale is the OC of mine drawn by @SFyr) Additional Info: North Star (@SFyr's OC) Ginger Ale (My OC) Both pictures were drawn by @SFyr. Thank you so much @SFyr for letting me include your pretty OC in my story and thank you so much for letting them become best friends. My first written fan work on these forums everyone and also first with my Ginger Ale OC. Hope you all like it and hope it made you have a good time. Thank you so much for sharing from your precious time to read this story. Love you all. <3
  22.     Is Starswirl behind certain events? When one thinks about it, it's certain hard to argue with that possibility. I mean if you look at events, like for 1. Flurry Heart's birth. You have Luna and Celestria saying that even They can't explain how an alicorn can come to be via natural birth, espiecally one with the powers that Flurry Heart has. So one would have to wonder, if maybe a certian wizard had/has something to with it. Now I know some of you may say, that being in the Crystal Empire had something to do with Flurry Heart's birth, and that could be true too. But if that was the case, wouldn't all the citizens of the Empire be alicorns too? , Just saying. A 2nd Event, would be the ending of the "Cutie Re-Mark", when the time spell got sucked up into the portal on it's own, or did it? One could say that it got caught up in the closing of the portal, ok, but then why did it look like something from an unknown force was guiding it. This is where I think Starswirl may have had something to do with it, and perhaps he took the time spell back into his poession in his time for safekeeping. A 3rd Event could be the whole "Nightmare Moon" deal. I mean when one thinks about it, how could somepony like Luna be chosen to be maliputie by the Nightmare magic, when as everyone saw in "A Royal Problem" Celestria could have easily be chosen as well. Well, IMO, I believe when Starswirl chose Celestria and Luna for their respective duties, he knew what he was doing, by having Luna raise the night and Celestria raise the day. Because he possibly wanted to see if darkness was more easily influenced than light. A 4th and Final Reasoning, Is Starswirl's probably watching all this unfold, because perhaps he has a portal that let's him see into the future, and thus allows him to change things to go a certain way so that the outcome he forsees doesn't come to be. What I mean, is let's take Flurry Heart's birth for example, perhaps he saw (after the King Sombra Deal) that not just The Crysral Empire, but all of Equestria needed a protector that as he/she grew, their power would grow as well, to the point, that not even someone like Tirek could stand up to their power. Thus, perhaps he summoned the same kind of magic that he bestowed upon the sisters, and cast on it on Cadence during her term, so that the baby could be gifted upon her birth. Another example, again would be the "Cutie Re-mark" Time-Travel deal, you can't tell me, that if he's watching, that he didn't maniptule the last destation for Twlight and Starlight to end up in to show what Starlight's actions could eventually lead too. Because in IMO I think he did. Overall, I believe that if this ever really touched upon in the Show, or even the Movie for that matter, I have this gut feeling that this may be the direction they go in for Starswirl and thus would explain why certain events and moments took place the way they did. But what do you all think? Let me and everyone else know. God Bless. Document1.rtf
  23. Ya know, switching their coffee instead of their cutie marks might have honestly been a more dangerous move on Starlight's part Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"!!! Well, after the horror that was "Hard to Say Anything," and the mixed results of "Honest Apple," we needed something extra special to wipe the bade taste of those two episodes out of our mouths. After today's episode, I am very happy to say that we got just that and so much more! "A Royal Problem" is easily, for me at least, the best episode of Season 7 so far, and the only disappointing thing about it at all is that since it premiered early in Canada, pretty much half of the brony fandom has known how great it is for weeks and let the other brony fandom know early on just how great it was. It's a very little thing to complain about, I know, but it really would have been nicer if the episode had debuted in both Canada and the U.S. at the same time so that the majority of bronies would have seen it at the same time. Still, if that's my sole complaint, you just know we must be in for quite a treat, right? Right you are, so without further ado, let's dive into a truly spectacular episode, this is "A Royal Problem." NOTE: Because this episode is complex in content but simple in the number of pieces involved in its execution, this review will largely be divvied up into the main players involved, that being (1) Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, (2) Starlight Glimmer, and (3) Twilight Sparkle. Miscellaneous items will be covered towards the end of the review, but the meat of the review will be found in covering these three characters. The Royal Sisters: Princess Celestia and Princess Luna So despite the Cutie Mark Map and Starlight Glimmer initiating this episode, this episode is really about Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. As you can see below, I've labeled Starlight Glimmer not as the "Problem Resolver," but rather the "Problem Confronter," and that's because she really doesn't resolve things, and honestly that's not a bad thing. I'll go into more detail about that later, but really, the primary actors here are Celestia and Luna, because ultimately they have to be the ones who resolve their differences. Before I go any further, let me first just say that it is about damn time we FINALLY got an episode focused on both of these two, especially Celestia. While Celestia did have a great appearance in the season premiere, it was still in the same role we've always largely seen her in, that of mentor; while it makes sense that Luna has had more appearances to date since she does have more personal issues to tackle than her sister, pretending like Celestia had no issues of her own would have risked making her out to be a Mary Sue. While I still don't think that Celestia has as much to deal with in her personal life as her sister does, it is nice to finally see her flawed side as well, and really I just want to see even more after this of these two just doing sister-things together. But back to the meat of things. What is the problem they need to deal with? Basically a sibling problem. No really, that's it. Even after Luna's return, they still haven't learned how to truly appreciate each other, mostly on a professional level. They clearly love each other, but they run into a problem that many siblings can run into as they get older, busier, and more distant (while these two live in the same castle, they run an entire country and celestial bodies, so it's not hard to see how they might be more distant even living in such close proximity to each other): they fall out of touch with each other's lives, what the other is up to, the challenges and struggles they face on a daily basis, what their priorities and schedules are, and just forgetting how to make time for each other in general. It's actually a very understandable problem especially for people who have siblings (especially those in two-child households like myself); keep in mind, in a two-child household with siblings not that far apart in age, your sibling is probably your first best friend, but also someone who as a kid you most likely live with on a daily basis and the best friend you are least worried about getting into spats big and small with because you know that, unless something REALLY bad happens, you'll still be loving each other at the end of the day. After years of living together, you can easily take for granted the time you get to spend with one another, but before you know it you're growing up, moving away, and seeing each other far less than you used to. This can be even harder than seeing parents less, because just as you tell or do things with parents that you wouldn't do with anybody else, you also talk about or do things with your sibling that you wouldn't do with anyone else, and they get you in a way that not even your parents can since they're usually pretty close to you in age. So they're distant and don't appreciate what the other goes through on a regular basis, seems easy enough to resolve, right? Well, not really, especially for these two. I would argue that since they're the rulers of all of bucking Equestria, they like to think that this was either a problem that would either fix itself, or was not even a problem at all, just something they could ignore. Most of the time in their daily lives they have to worry about what they can do for others, not necessarily what they need for themselves. This made it easy for these issues to slip under their radar, though it's not untrue to siblings either; siblings often let problems between each other fester under the surface until they can't any long and they just explode. This seems to be where Celestia and Luna were heading before Starlight intervened, and thank goodness she did because who knows how things may have exploded if she hadn't. What doesn't help is that they literally operate polar-opposite daily schedules (although this episode left me confused as ever as to how much Luna does typically stay awake during the day; Celestia clearly sleeps at night, but Luna often makes daytime appearances, so what the buck is it? I suppose that the most likely possibility is that she gets 7-8 hours of sleep after going to bed somewhere around 7 or 8 am, which would mean that the latest she's waking up typically would be at 4 pm, with possible exceptions to that rule, of course. And if the situation really calls for it on special occasions, I'm sure she can get up around noon or early afternoon for special events and get some shuteye later in the day too), so they really only see each other normally in the morning, late afternoon, or early evening, and even then they're usually super busy. They do, it should be noted, both do little kindnesses for the other, something which in my experience as a sibling older ones often do since they no longer have 24 hours a day to do something nice for their sibling; Celestia makes pancakes every morning for Luna, which always goes unacknowledged since Luna is really too tired to care and just wants to get to sleep, and Luna tries to make the castle as peaceful a place for others to sleep as possible, which Celestia can never really notice or acknowledge since she's usually still busy with kingdom affairs and is on her last leg of the day by that point. After figuring out that this is how the situation is (doing some very good research I might add), Starlight of course does her old cutie mark-switcheroo on the two so that they have to see for at least a day how the other has to live their lives and what kind of struggles they have to put up with, just so they can appreciate what the other goes through. Just what do they find out? Basically that they have an older sibling-younger sibling dispute very much rooted in an old trope about older and younger siblings, that being who they are as a result of how they grew up. Luna learns that Celestia, as the older sibling who has always taken the lead being the face of the two, largely has to devote most of her time and energy to fulfilling societal expectations, very similar to how older siblings and firstborns may often feel more pressure from their parents to succeed professionally. Celestia needs to constantly worry about where she's going to be next, who she needs to help her with something, who needs her help, and doing all of this with the same calming, serene smile on all the time, even if it's not what she's feeling at the moment. After a thousand years she's great at it, but what she's come to take for granted is the idea that her life is as hard as it could get. What she craves from Luna is just some quiet moments where just the two of them can slow down and not be so perfect, just sisters doing sister things. Celestia in turn starts to learn that Luna, as the younger sibling who has never garnered as much attention as her elder sister, largely devotes most of her time and energy to working behind the scenes, doing her most good in the Dreamscape, where she can assist ponies one-on-one in the deepest depths of their psyche. She no longer craves the praise of her subjects as she once did before becoming Nightmare Moon, in fact she seems rather comfortable with working alone (something Princess Celestia clearly is not), but, as the more neglected publicly of the two, Luna resembles very much the archetype of the younger sibling whose parents put less pressure on them than their older sibling to succeed, and as a result they can often feel neglected. Like this archetype, Luna does not seek affirmation from her subjects, at this point she just wants to help them (emphasized nicely by how much her botch of the fundraiser for a field trip for a bunch of foals bothered her so), but she does seek affirmation from those closest to her, and since her parents aren't still around, that happens to be her sister, her elder sibling and in a sense a semi-parental figure to a certain extent. After seeing what could be the extreme result of not resolving this problem, that being the return of Nightmare Moon and the emergence of Celestia's own dark side, Daybreaker (an extreme fear no doubt, especially considering Starlight is the one who dreamt it up, but nonetheless not outside the realm of possibility with such powerful beings), Celestia manages to defeat their demonic dream-selves (which works for me considering I would argue that Luna was having a harder time personally dealing with Celestia's neglect, or at least it was hurting her more, while Luna's neglect of Celestia was something Celestia was just trying to bury under a smile, not exactly too hard for her after centuries of wearing smiles day-in and day-out), and the two sisters proclaim and reaffirm their love for one another, resolving to make things right and make time for one another no matter how busy they may be, since, well, there's no pony more special to them than each other. Their relationship is too unique and precious to squander, and you get the sense that even though it will be a lot of little things making up the bulk of it, that alone will be enough for those two to show each other how much the other truly does love them, plus it should make it easier to go about their own business every day. A fantastic lesson learned by two characters who, although not the biggest messes in the world since they are so mature from centuries of life, do deserve more development than they have gotten considering they are easily two of the most complex characters on the show. What more can I say other than everything with these two was perfection, plain and simple. The Problem Confronter: Starlight Glimmer There's not nearly as much to say about Starlight or Twilight, thankfully, but both did have pretty great episodes in their own ways. For Starlight, this was the very first time the Cutie Mark Map has called her, and to top it off in another first it called her alone, the first time it has called anyone alone. While this could have potentially fallen into the trap of "Ohhhhhhhh, Starlight Glimmer is too special to go with anypony else to solve a friendship problem," it actually was executed great here and made perfect sense. We know the map seems to understand how both a character's strengths and weaknesses can help resolve a conflict, and it even seems to have some innate sense of how delicate situations may be. In this case, the problem did not need someone who was going to be able to actively teach Celestia and Luna what they were doing wrong (not entirely at least) so much as somepony who could confront the problem in the first place, make it known to Celestia and Luna that they were having problems. Starlight was oddly well-positioned for this; unlike Twilight she didn't have any particularly close attachment to Celestia or Luna, but she's about as observant and measured as Twilight can be as well, making her ideal for identifying that a problem exists in the first place, studying the situation more closely, identifying what the problem is, and confronting both sisters about it. She was also ideal, oddly enough, for forcing these two to confront their problem head on, more so because of who she is than anything else. It's not hard for Starlight to imagine worst case scenarios, but for very different reasons than Twilight; Twilight almost always considers in even the most banal situations what a worst case scenario could be just because it's who she is. It's just another thing on her checklists that she takes into account. Starlight, on the other hand, tries not to worry about worst case scenarios most of the time because if she does, she knows that she's going to spiral into a deep spell of depression and anxiety. Why? Because she was at the heart of a worst case scenario when she was a tyrant and almost destroyed Equestria to boot. Normally she has a pretty good lid on these anxieties, but it's not hard to see why she easily fell into these anxieties here. After all, she was dealing with a problem that not even Twilight herself had ever confronted involving the two most powerful rulers in all of Equestria, so given that her frighteningly real (to her) nightmare involved the Royal Sisters spiraling in their hatred for each other into Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker, it's clear that she would have held such a scenario to be her own failure. Her anxiety inadvertently forced Celestia and Luna to remember how much their subjects depend on them, which means they even depend on the two of them maintaining harmony between one another. So while she may not have ultimately taught them the lesson or fixed things single-hoofedly, Starlight nonetheless was the best pony to initiate the confrontation of and resolution of Celestia and Luna's squabbling, even if she herself quickly realized that it would take them more than her since she was, even early on, quite in over her head. A very good episode for Starlight all around, in a very odd way at that considering her ultimate contributions were, to a certain extent, pretty limited beyond giving Celestia and Luna the tools to patch things up between one another. Starlight Glimmer looks far cuter while eating pancakes than anypony should, at least for the sake of the audiences' health The Beleaguered Comic Relief: Twilight Sparkle This episode found Twilight in a place we very rarely see her, especially these days: primary comic relief while being a supporting character! It's rare enough for her to be the primary comic relief in an episode nowadays, but usually even when she is she's still the main character. Here she was most definitely a supporting character and very deliberately did not have anything much to contribute towards fixing things, which is where most of her humor stemmed from. We already know that Twilight absolutely hates the idea that there are problems she can't help out with or tackle herself, but it was even more maddening for her to think that there might be something wrong with her precious mentor and her sister which she could not help resolve. Of course, the fact that Celestia is such a beloved mentor to her is exactly why she couldn't help; she hold Celestia on a pedestal, even more than most ponies typically do, and while this usually isn't a problem, here it would have been. Compounded with the fact that she has had to help Luna with many personal problems in the past, it's not hard to imagine that Twilight could have easily thought that Luna alone was to blame for these problems, not the both of them. Thankfully, her displeasure and anxiety at these circumstances leads to some splendid OCD-Twilight freakout moments. The best running gag of the whole episode (and one of the funniest running gags this whole season so far) was the spell Twilight used to animate some kind of ballet figurine on a music box or something, which ended up being as hilarious as it was creepy. I especially enjoyed that the Royal Guards by Starlight could easily hear her talking to Twilight and thought that she was going insane. Besides that, Twilight didn't do much else but spend most of the episode freaking out, but to her credit she did trust the map and let Starlight go on her own in the first place, and it's not like she gave Starlight any bad advice, even if none of her advice turned out particularly helpful either. All in all, while hardly a serious appearance for Twilight, it was a splendidly funny one! I like to think that Twilight was freaking out from this so much that she spent about two straight days maintaining that spell so that she never missed a moment that Starlight was in her room... 'tis a most amusing thought, indeed! Miscellaneous Items -The pacing of this episode was absolutely fantastic and proof that fast-paced does not always equal frantic or dumbed down. There was a ton to fit into this one, but the episode managed to do so without ever feeling like it rushed or didn't cover something properly by largely staying on point, not having any subplot outside of the few times Twilight conversed with Starlight, and keeping the focus on a handful of characters. Excellently fast-paced episode and kudos to the writers on a job well done there! -I love little details like the fact that Celestia makes pancakes (or some kind of nice breakfast) every morning. While it initially might sound like some kind of Mary Sue character trait, it actually invites closer inspection from the viewer. Upon further consideration, it does not seem like Celestia makes her other meals on a regular basis (probably because she's so busy normally during lunch and dinner, and run-ragged by the time dinner arrives), just breakfast. I like this detail for a couple of reasons. For starters, it probably started as something she did because she knows the value of a good breakfast for starting your day off right, and eventually it warped into a peaceful little routine of hers that she seems to enjoy doing by herself. A little something that's only hers and helps her start her day off right. Considering this, it makes her gesture of making Luna breakfast every morning all the more touching; it's clearly a nice little way she tried to reconnect with her sister, even if Celestia focused more on its convenience for her as well as what it means to her rather than if it would make any sense to her sister. Mmmmmmmm... hey, Celly, if Luna doesn't want any I'll totally have some panca- Damn it, Celly, don't just throw the pancakes away! I'm sure one of your servants or guards would enjoy what appear to be heavenly pancakes!!! -Speaking of breakfast, I kind of adore that Luna just DOESN'T do breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I love breakfast and it's sad that anyone wouldn't enjoy it, but let's keep in mind what it means to Luna. Let's say ponies are typically in bed between 9 and 10 (late night exceptions notwithstanding). That means Luna is working essentially a 10 hour shift in which she's monitoring the dreams of every pony in Equestria, one-on-one. By the time she gets off, breakfast to her is the same as what dinner is to some poor schmuck who just worked a full shift and is getting home after 8 pm, ready to have nothing but a frozen meal he can make in five minutes and just fuel himself with. I absolutely died when she bit right into the side of a pineapple and ate a banana peel (girl must have a stomach of steel, though I couldn't help but think she was also trying to spite Celestia just a tad both times), and her I don't give a buck face made it even better! The cherry on top was when she made the shittiest pancakes ever, which again, makes sense, but hopefully from this point on she'll be more willing to have actually good breakfasts with her sister, and get to spend some quality time with her to boot. She either REALLY hates pancakes, really hates Celestia's pancakes, or just wanted to prove how much stronger her bite strength is than Celestia's. JAWS OF STEEL ON THAT MARE!!! AND A STOMACH OF STEEL TO BOOT! That's just... noooooooooo, Luna, noooooooooo. Why you do that poor banana that way, what that banana ever do to you? Also, dat sibling death glare... drink it in, folks, because it is terrifying. Note to self, NEVER say no to Celestia's pancakes. -The 'talking to themselves' bit between Celestia and Luna was handled masterfully. If they'd done it poorly, we would have seen Luna doing it earlier, then Celestia, THEN they would have been like at the end "Were you talking to yourself???" But the way they did it here was so much better. We first saw Celestia doing so when she was trying to do Luna's duties, which was made even funnier considering you realized just how much she relies in her professional work on working with others, and how weird working in solitude is for her. But when Luna said to her at the end "Did you talk to yourself," that suggested that Luna does the same, and I LOVED that that's how they showed us that. Heck, I could totally relate because I ALWAYS talk to myself, in fact, I love it, I don't understand why some people think it's weird talking to yourself when you're all alone. Heck, it's my favorite time to vent about anything because I don't have to lash out with my most extreme emotions at anyone when they're actually there. -I really need to know now if Twilight really does know ballet. I know it's just the object she was using, but she looks too cute in a ballet outfit for me not to know. -Luna's dream was bucking terrifying. Between the creepy foals surrounding her in a dimly lit room and her bucking TEETH falling out, holy shit, that was all downright bone-chilling. That was wayyyyyy creepier than anything in Starlight's dream. -Daybreaker has a very distinct personality from both Nightmare Moon and Celestia. She's about as campy and over-the-top as Nightmare Moon, but just as Nightmare Moon as a lot of the same self esteem issues as Luna, Daybreaker takes Celestia's general confidence to an extraordinary level of contemptuousness and pride. Like Celestia, she is very sure of herself, but in a prideful manner that leads her to reject the notion of needing anyone else at all, and only needing power. Whereas Nightmare Moon in a twisted sort of way still wants to be loved, even if it means enslaving ponies into loving her out of fear, Daybreaker couldn't care less what others think of her and is clearly happy to just flaunt her power. Overall, whereas Nightmare Moon represents a cold, distant Order based on devotion to her and her cold, distant Moon alone, conversely Daybreaker represents a fiery, raging Chaos based on trampling all who would dare challenge her or just the idea that she couldn't handle and control everything there was to handle with her power and her Sun. Her design was pretty awesome too, while I'm at it, and it was great seeing the show daring to go such a dark place as it did in Starlight's nightmare. "Mwahahahahahah, bow before me mortals, behold all these flame wars on Twitter I totally started! See the destruction I have wrought online and quiver in fear of my ability to anger others with my unbearable s***-talking and trolling ways!!! NYANYANYANYANYANYANYAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I'M SO EVIL!!!" Sweet Celestia, she truly is an unspeakable evil unlike any other! -I really want Celestia's pancakes now because they looked so delicious. Also, I think this might explain why Twilight loves pancakes. Luna's, on the other hoof, I will pass on "Oh... they're... lovely, Luna." "Oh I know they're not, I just wanted you to have as s**tty a breakfast as I usually do!" -The dream bubbles floating past Celestia was one of the best parts of the whole episode. On the funny side of things, we got (1) Discord in a pillow fight with the Smooze, (2) Cadance jamming out with DJ Flurry Heart (and I have no bucking idea who was dreaming that one), (3) Pinkie Pie surfing on Gummy, (4) Fluttershy on a giant Angel Bunny (come to think of it, the idea of a giant Angel Bunny is kind of terrifying), (5) Flim and Flam swimming in loads of bits Scrooge McDuck style, and (6) best of all, HER ROYAL LORDSHIP, EMPRESS DERPY, FIRST OF HER NAME, LONG MAY SHE REIGN!!! On the sadder side of things, we had (1) Doctor Whooves with what appeared to be a Weeping Angel, and (2) most bucking importantly of all, APPLEJACK AS A BABY CRADLED IN THE ARMS OF HER PARENTS!!! I don't know if AJ was dreaming this or if Granny Smith was, but this is the closest we've ever come to seeing them, and it's as important as it is sad. Her dad appears to be pear green (very much like Granny Smith) and her mother appears to be grey or tan. Very similar to some of the background information we got about Derpy and other characters in "Parental Glideance," this has just put the death of AJ's parents once again front and center to AJ's character, and central to how she's turned out like she has. If this is supposed to be set-up for the episode later on this season which will be focused on how her parents met, I have to say that I am loving it DHX, please give me MORE! -Luna getting tired from smiling was too funny. Don't have much else beyond that, I just think it was hilarious how hard it was for her to do it all day. -I love that both Celestia and Luna turned on their sibling-sass the second they switched places and made it a competition as to who could handle the other's duties most easily. That's just such a sibling thing to do and I could easily see myself doing that with my sister in similar circumstances. -Starlight's "Heheheheheheh, oh buck, I may have just pissed off the two most powerful rulers in the world, please don't blast my flank to the moon or the sun" face after impulsively switching Celestia and Luna's cutie marks was perfect and I don't blame her for freaking out after what she did. Dat moment you're this close to getting sent to the moon and the sun at the same time -Luna's facial expressions, particularly whenever she was tired in the morning after a long night of working, were too funny and I could look at them all day! "Get that bucking thing outta my face." "I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, memories... this makes me want to start randomly poking my sister in the arm for no reason other than to her annoy her And now, Batbrony proudly presents, "Drunk Luna Ain't Got Time For Your S***" "Ah will boop you whenever I want as much as I want, Miss Twilight-Sparkle-with-Aqua-Highlights! Ya know why? Cause I'm the bucking Princess of the Night and just spent a whole night protecting your dreams AGAIN! If ah wanted to, I could let your dreams drive you BUCKING insane with a flick of my wrist, no joke, you want Lovecraftian horrors up the ying yang, well that's what you'll get if you don't GIVE ME MAH BOOPS!!!" "I don't understand, I just asked her if she could pass an apple over!" "Well that was your real mistake, Luna's very protective of her fruit." -I very much liked that neither Celestia or Luna were completely bad at what the other did. Luna only screwed up at two tasks while doing just fine with the others and ultimately Celestia acquitted herself just fine in the Dreamscape. A more annoying version of this kind of episode would have taken the blatant "Town Mouse - Country Mouse" approach of having them just fail at everything that the other normally does, and with characters that powerful, that just wouldn't make sense. That being said, it is quite clear that unlike her sister, Luna is not a fan of checklists... and suddenly I now know where Twilight's checklist-fetish comes from... why am I not surprised by this? -At first I thought it was just plain stupid that Celestia and Luna haven't confronted this problem sooner. It didn't bother me because I wanted this episode very badly, but the more I thought about it, the more I think it's actually justified. You see, we know that years have passed in show-time since the show began. Well, with most ponies pushing off such a problem that long wouldn't make sense. The thing is, Celestia and Luna are immortal alicorns, so for them, time probably has different meaning than it does to normal ponies. Years passing before they talk to each other about something personal probably doesn't feel like that long of a time for those two, so really, if one considers that, it actually makes sense that they would have allowed these circumstances to stay buried beneath the surface and just continue to annoy them more and more over the years, festering. -Overall, this is one of those rare episodes that, for me, is just perfect in every which way. It's perfect in knowing what it was and what it set out to do, remaining laser-focused on those goals no matter how fast the pace got, and ultimately being everything it possibly could be in knowing itself and embracing itself for what it was. After the last two episodes, I love so much being able to say that. That's all I've got for ya, everypony! Hopefully, like I said earlier, now that this episode has happened we'll get more episodes starring Celestia and Luna! I'd eat that up even if it was just "A Day in the Life of the Princesses" kinda deal where we see them just doing their own thing together, including activities as sisters. But for now, until next time, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* D'awwwwwwwwwwww, is a wittle Daybreaker!!! WHO'S A CUTE SUN TYRANT, WHO'S A CUTE SUN TYRANT? YOU ARE! YES, YOU ARE!!! "Mornings... not even once." ALL GLORY BE TO EMPRESS DERPY! LONG MAY SHE REIGN!!!
  24. Since there isn't a whole lot of these 3 as fillies or in Footed Pajamas, I thought I'd do a piece on them.