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Found 54 results

  1. So what is your first recollection of being truly terrified in your life? I'm talking terrified- stuff that scorches a permanent vivid memory and may cause (or may still cause) you literal nightmares. Maybe something from a movie, natural disaster, accident, warzone etc? Remember to post WHITHIN the limits of what's allowed on this forum. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS TOPIC IS RELATIVE- EVERYONE'S LIFE IS MADE OF DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES. Anyway, what brings this up is that I finally found the unreleased full uncut version of a scene from a movie that absolutely terrified me at about 4 or 5 years old. It's the hell scene from the animated movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven." I'm Catholic and this was the first INTENSE visual conceptualization of the idea of Hell that I had ever seen... ***The computer screen lower quality bits were cut scenes lost for the last 28 years.*** This scene was the first thing in my life that truly terrified me. It didn't make me cry or anything, it just overloaded my 4/5 year old brain or something. I had a recurring nightmare where I was in a derivative of this scene (that I can still recall 23 years later)that I would have every once in a while for a few months. Funny thing is that this is my favorite animated movie and I used to watch it all the time as a kid. I think it also has to do why I like darker stuff and darker gangly characters like Chrysalis. LUCKILY I had a pretty good childhood- so a scene from a movie was my first terrifying thing . So what are the oldest horrors tattooed into your brains?
  2. Have you ever had a nightmare so bizarre and strange, that it baffled you how you could have ever even come up with it in the first place? I had this one relatively recently. I was swimming in the ocean in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, where we go for vacation every summer. I was so far off of the coast I couldn’t see the shore. I got tangled in a net and pulled up. I was on a pirate ship. The crew wasn’t wearing any pirate clothes or anything. I was greeted by a seemingly nice woman. She explained to me that I had been kidnapped, and took me to the corner of the world (xD). It was snowy and there was a hole in the ground. I climbed down and it was icy, and very pretty. There were “beds” carved into the ice walls, I think the pillows were made of ice too? There were no blankets, but the ice looked very pretty. I turned to the female pirate and said, “Can I say goodbye to my friends before I give up my phone?” I pulled my phone out, and she said sure. I went on Instagram and posted something, stating that I had been kidnapped. My location services said I was somewhere near Haiti or Cuba or something… I then went on Skype and told my friends that I had been kidnapped by pirates. I used the location button to send them my location, and then gave the pirate lady my phone. I ended up escaping with the help of my little cousins, who are around 9 and 11. I checked my phone, my Instagram post had only 3 likes, a few frantic comments from my sister, and one comment that said, I quote… “that sounds pretty op but ok” (op means overpowered) We were in a forest of palm trees, looking around, making sure nobody saw us, when I saw someone looking at me from behind a tree. Who was it? Why of course! Doctor Eggman! (He was a member of the pirates crew) The pirates kidnapped me again, but they put me on the actual ship, behind bars where I could see the deck. I saw Markiplier pacing back and forth, looking grumpy and crabby. I pleaded to him for help. “Mark! You’re a good guy! Help me!” He looked at me and explained that he no longer wanted to help people, and that he was racist towards black people. (I’m not even black, I don’t know why he said that…) I escaped, but I was kidnapped again, by my 11 year old cousin Mackenzie, and her two friends, one of which was insane. They tied me to a chair on the deck. The insane friend said, “Let’s cover her with makeup and make her explode!” They started to put makeup on me, putting blue blush all over my face. My cousin and her not insane friend winked at me to show that they were good. When they finished applying the makeup to me, I woke up. One word. WHY?!
  3. This happened to me a few years ago. This is what I wrote down. It was so strange yet, so real. Last night I had one of those dreams where you know your dreaming and can control everything. I think they call them "Lucid Dreams". Anyway, this lucid dream was different from the ones I've had for some time. Instead of controlling everything, I could only control what I said and where I walked. The dream started where I was walking down the hallway of a house I've never seen before. I could tell by the design of the walls and knick-knacks that this house was much nicer than the one I'm currently living in. I remember spotting a picture on the right wall with a black picture frame but, I was walking so fast I only caught a glimpse of it. I remember where I was going and why. I heard a girl humming a familiar tune from the other room and rushed down the hall to investigate. Everything went blank. Next thing I knew I was sitting down staring at my knees. "Am I dreaming" I remember saying. I lifted my left arm and slapped it. I felt no pain, that's when I KNEW I was dreaming. I looked up and realized I was in the house bathroom. Everything looked hazy and foggy like a sauna. I heard the same humming from my left and saw the bathtub. I quickly crawled over and yanked the black shower curtains open. There in the tub was a girl looking around my age, laying in gross, root beer colored water. Her dirty-blonde hair was cut to the point where she looked like a boy. I gasped and said "Oh my gosh! Are you ok"? Before she could answer, I scooped her out of the tub and rapped her in a towel. I sat back down on the floor, cradling her tightly to keep her safe. I had a strong feeling that someone put that poor girl in the bathroom on purpose. "Whats your name"? I asked softly. This is whats pissing me off... I CAN'T REMEMBER HER NAME! I do remember it started with the letter "B" and sounded like "bara" but, that's it. The way she spoke her name... she sounded exhausted and sad...that's where the dream ended. I woke up the next morning wondering what the hell just went through my mind! I lifted my left arm and slapped it once again. It hurt, so I definitely wasn't dreaming anymore. As I lay there in bed, I couldn't help but feel sad for waking up. I wanted to help that girl but, too late now. I also couldn't help but feel connected to her like we could feel each other’s pain, as if we were the same. If I ever see that girl again... I'm going to ask her name.
  4. Hello, everypony Rainbowdash here up in clouds dale I play app games on glitterplay bits store now enjoy what I've shared. ANGRY BIRDS EVOLUTION ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS ANIMAL CROSSING POCKET CAMP
  5. Yes I’d like another Nightmare Moon Episode - but with a twist in case you haven’t read the tag,I want a horror mlp episode,starring if you guessed it,is Nightmare I guess somewhere around this Halloween or when another Friday the 13th happens that Hasbro should have some type of jumpscare or some message at the VERY end of an episode,telling them to prepare for Nightmare will return But when I mean horror,I’m dead serious,I want Nightmare go into some kind of Freddy Kruger/Slenderman mode! Ill let Hasbro do the plot but I want them to release this episode on Friday the 13th at 3 am (no,not for those FAKE 3am videos) now let’s discuss how this show would work,ive gave my thoughts so I wanna hear yours! Good Day!
  6. So, anyways, Nightmarity was made a purchaseable character in the gameloft game recently (FOR TWENTY FREAKING DOLLARS at that). To my knowledge, prior to this there have been no comics only characters sold in the gameloft game, they've all had to be in the show or movie first. Think this is just them grabbing a popular comic character, of possibility of nightmarity in the future?
  7. So some of you, who know me well, might know that I have recurring nightmares. If you follow my artwork, you'll see it there, and also if you've read my previous blog entries, I have mentioned it. My recurring nightmare is that of a shadow person, who follows me. The concept is much like the game Slender, if you are familiar with that character. It works in much the same way, except for me, it is very much real when I'm sleeping, and the one following me has no suit or features, its face is not white, it is just blackness. Its presence is like a physical manifestation of the worst things you can imagine, brought together in a roughly human shape, and composed of nothing but shadows. It inspires irrational fear simply at the sight of it, and the only instinct is to flee from it at all cost. My last dream involving this character, I was in a burning building. I remember trying to save someone, and I was in the last room before the exit. The walls were nothing but wooden pillars, wreathed and glowing in flames and embers. The fire by any realistic standard would kill me if I were to really be in something like that. But I remember feeling nothing, and the exit was completely dark, in unnatural contrast to the blazing room. The flames shot up violently and I stopped, seeing the doorway's darkness shrink into that familiar, haunting form. I knew what it was, but could not move, even though the building around me was burning. As horrific as this sounds, this dream, I consider a step of progress for me. This time, I didn't feel as much terror in seeing the thing at the doorway. This indicates to me, that I may be ready to face it, and now I actively search for it in my subconscious. I challenge it to come for me, so I can see it, and understand it. I feel now that I have chosen to confront it, it has less power over me than it had before. For anyone who got this far, thanks for reading. I think you can guess why Luna is my favourite character. I share a lot of her inner conflicts. And I consider myself, as my member title says, a dream wanderer. Anyone out there who suffers night terrors, sleep paralysis or recurring nightmares? I know how you feel, and I'd be happy to help anyone who has trouble understanding why these things happen.
  8. The selection of Halloween decorations was kind of limited where we live, so I made a few of my own decorations using poster board, a couple of markers, a pen, and an all-important pair of scissors. SPOOKY GHOST oooOooo SPOOKY SKULL ooOOOOooOOo FAIRLY AFFABLE-SEEMING MUMMY oooo?
  9. I recorded a brief video of our Jack O' Lantern.
  10. Say, each of the Mane 6, Derpy Hooves, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie, Starlight Glimmer, or Lyra Heartstrings, were given some abilities to enter into dreams and control them to their own liking, either to entertain or torment the dreamer for their own purposes. If they could do so, what would a dream, or a nightmare, controlled by each of these eleven ponies be like, and what would it involve? Also, would you like to share some ways to survive their sorts of dreams or nightmares? EDIT: Including Lyra for the fun of it.
  11. -Disclaimer- This entry is nightmare fuel, nothing against site regulations though of course. This is a short story I did, essentially recalling a nightmare, but written in first person narrative. I just wanted to give you fair warning though, in case you're not a fan of horror stuff. For those of you who are, enjoy.
  12. This is my first 3D image made out of SFM and After effects.The Picture is of Nightmare star from them Mlp Card Game. Looking for Opinions as well as anything you want to say about it
  13. I just finished this beauty. I hope you enjoy!
  14. Nightmare Night has already hit these lands. And as a homage, I wrote something in ten minutes because I was bored as heck. Why, you may ask? I don't know, I was bored I guess. "A night to be remembered; dim, portentous, menacing. Gentle wafts turned into vicious blasts of air, threes were plucked from their roots, supernatural thunders branded a clear sky. Confused souls ran and stumbled upon each other, yet none could tell, none could understand what transpired, how grudges from past times unveiled into havoc. As a mere fabric the skies gashed, dismembered constellations covered the sky as the most obscure of voids emerged amongst them, concealing the brightest of moons; the whole crowd impregnated with the stench of apprehension, of utter horror. Whereas catatonic ponies and beasts anticipated the most hideous consequences, a cackle emerged; impudent, loud and pervasive, and subsequently followed an outburst of chaos. A blinding, yet mesmerizing beam slit the skies and embraced the world below. None was prepared, for the embodiment of spite had arrived, overwhelming as a storm, all-powerful as the skies up high and the most devastating tide. And a slender figure arose, its black coat merging with the new darkness that surrounded the firmament; orbs emanating hatred and pride surmounting the fiend, whose svelte figure was protected by unknown metals and was escorted by ethereal mist. The world trembled at each step, the grass and flowers withered with each step, untold atrocities arose from the depts of the world. A thunderous voice pierced the skies, and a warning was dispatched, for the Maiden of the Night had returned. Shall nary forget their deeds; for betrayal does not go unforgiven; for time does not seal the deepest wounds. The Nightmare was free." Enjoy the spooks lads. Have a good one.
  15. What do you get when you cross Nightmare Rarity with Iggy Azelea? This piece right here: Dark Fancy. What I did with this piece, was I took the bass line found in the original Fancy by Iggy Azelea and altered it a bit. I made this piece for last year's Nightmare Night. Don't worry, I'm finishing up something for this year. Critique is wanted!
  16. For me, the theme for Giygas in EarthBound is something I've learnt to feel calm listening to- even in bed at night- after a while: What about for you ponies? :3
  17. Now that every CMC (excluding Babs Seed) got their "nightmare" episode, which one was your favorite? I'd rank them like this: 1. Sleepless in Ponyville 2. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils 3. Bloom and Gloom Sleepless in Ponyville was the darkest out of the 3 imo...
  18. This is my OC Clover as she would look if she was taken over by the nightmares and made into Nightmare Clover. Her greatest fear is letting her friends down. Clover also fears not being good enough for her role as the Princess of Magic. Base:
  19. Mine was in the early 90's when I was like 5-6 and was just old enough to be allowed to use the VCR myself. "All Dogs Go to Heaven" (1989) was my favorite movie to watch even though it gave me the same nightmare a few times. It was very similar to Charlie's in the movie (The hell scene.) Someone FINALLY posted it to YouTube. The angel talking through the "life watch" at the beginning and the demonic voice saying "YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK" [to heaven] always scared the fuck out of me when I was little. To make the impact of it even worse there was a nice relaxing song that I really liked just before it. So what is your worst nightmare you've ever had that you can still remember? P.S. What disturbs me nowadays is that the scene is actually a WATERED DOWN version compared to what was originally planned to be put in the movie.
  20. So I've decided to turn this blog into a place to record my dreams. This might be useful for inspiration somewhere down the line, plus after a particularly frightening, enjoyable or downright crazy dream, I like sharing them. It might be a while before something crazy like the segway version of mario kart comes around, but here we go anyway with entry 1. I was the captain on a modestly-sized ship. It was one of those fancy ships rich people own where people could relax on couches on the interior or go on the deck to watch the ocean. Other than myself, Velma, Shaggy, Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo were on board (Scooby himself noticably abscent.) We were out in the middle of the ocean, clear waters and sunny skies. Everything was going swell until the sky suddenly turned a deep shade of gray. The sea became restless and lightning flashed violently all around. I looked about and noticed the ship was surrounded by piercing glowing eyes from the ocean's depths. A massive sea serpent / dragon leapt out of the water from starboard into the sky. It must have been football fields in diameter and describing its length is impossible; it must have taken over 15 seconds to fully surface. After breaking out of my fear-induced trance, I leapt to the helm of the ship as it writhed above us and dream-warped to the shore. There, we tried to hide from the dragon by finding refuge in a small shack on the coast. I can't remember precisely what happened, but I remember Shaggy making a joke about only hating bee's more than dragons and promptly getting stung. It was around this point where I woke up or I've forgotten the rest.
  21. Usually I don't share other people's artwork, but this was just too cool to pass up. Apparently in the MLP comics, Nightmare Rarity is actually a character. (Perhaps that's old news to some of you, but I've never seen the comics before.) Someone over on Deviantart decided she needed a proper vector: NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY ARTWORK. Source: Isn't she cool though!?! Diamonds everywhere, and if you look reeeaaaaally closely, there are small diamond stars in her mane/tail. I'm looking forward to seeing if the rest of the Mane Six get a Nightmare version. (Luna's not the only one anymore!) Do you guys think this is just a one time deal, or will the rest of the Mane Six get an alter-ego as well? Like I said before, it's not my artwork, but the concept was interesting enough to warrant this post.
  22. We shall answer your questions. For now. It looks like we are going to be on the moon for a long time, so we have some free time with which to answer thine inquiries.
  23. I opened my eyes and put a hand to my head. Where was I? It was an empty void of space, an ominous continually-changing shade of purple. I looked behind me to see… Ponyville? It seemed to be a portal, glowing rainbow on the outside. I was speechless. Surely this was a dream. But hey, why not make the most of it? I walked towards the portal, but then… it closed. It disappeared right in front of my eyes. “Oh, dear, looks like you didn’t get to experience the magic!” came a mocking voice that sounded exactly like Twilight Sparkle’s. She jumped down so that I could see her. Her face seemed cruel. I could barely look at her eyes. They seemed… sadistic. Just then, Rainbow Dash swooped down. Her face was just two inches away from my own. “I’m sure you would have loved to see the pegasi soar!” she told me, without a hint of pity. “But boo hoo, looks like you were rejected, thanks to your crummy characters!” added Pinkie Pie, who was standing right behind me. “Characters? What are you–“ I asked, and stopped when I realised exactly what they meant. On MLPForums, there is a section for roleplaying. I tried joining (an incarnation of) a RP called Shifted. It was about humans being sent to Equestria and getting ponified. I tried joining, and was told that my OC needed a backstory. It turns out that I misinterpreted the meaning of 'backstory', because when I posted a few lines about the OC getting mugged and then falling into a crack in the ground, I was told that I needed to include additional details such as family/friends, job, home... I was then told that all my ponies "lack any sort of character development". I took a major blow to the soul, and even more so at the thought of the dazzling adventures the characters must have embarked on while I could only sit and ponder. "By Celestia's mane, have you ever see a more pathetic amateur?" said Rarity. It was then that I snapped. I ran up behind Rarity with my hands out. I wasn't exactly sure what I intended to do, I was just driven to it. But she stuck out her back hoof and kicked me in the ribs. "Why are you all doing this?" I asked weakly. "Because you had your chance to go to your dream world and you screwed up again!" said Applejack. She smirked at my face of horror. "Gonna cry?" came a hushed but cruel voice behind me. My mind went blank upon hearing it. I didn't want to believe it, but there was only one pony that voice could have belonged to. I looked up to see her. Fluttershy. The six ponies I'd adored were now prancing around me chanting, "Weakling! Weakling! Weakling!" I clasped my hands over my ears, waiting to awake...
  24. I really pity the cosplayers, though. Yet I wonder how did they get dubbed as "Peruvian Nightmare Squad"? Here's an example (edited for lulz) :
  25. And dang! WAS THIS SCARY! I've never had a day as nightmarish and... strange before. I could have sworn it was some dream, but it was very real...and very creepy; well at least to me... It happened about a year ago, my family and I were staying at our beach house down in Florida for a week's vacation. The second day we were there, everything was off. After I had woken up and come to, I noticed that the world seemed gray and drab, kind of foggy as well. I got out of bed thinking that it'd go away in a little bit once I had become more awake. I made my way into the kitchen. It was empty, I figured that everyone must've been still been sleeping. I got myself a bowl of cereal and sat on a stool at the counter. I looked outside, the sky was white with no sun, yet light filtered into the room; this is when I realized that my drowsiness had not caused me to see the world in a foggy and gray tint, I wasn't just seeing things this was real. What the hell was going on?! I was frightened to death. In panic, I ran to the master bedroom, thinking this could not become any more horrifying, I found my grandparents in their bed awake having a conversation, while my mom and brother were on sleeping bags next to bed conversing as well. Silence filled the room after they noticed me standing in the doorway. My grandma beckoned me in, telling me to join them. I asked them what was going as I was shaking and panting. They ignored my question as if I hadn't even said a word and my grandfather told me that we were under a tornado watch and that I should stay in here in case a tornado came. I asked again what was happening, but they didn't answer. I sat next to my mother. She asked me to let my dog in from the backyard. I nodded and made my way to the sliding door in the room onto the back porch. Then something caught my eye. In the center of the porch there was a small, white lawn table with a weather radio on top of it. I placed myself in the doorway and asked if I should bring it in (stupid question, I know). My mom said yes. Then my brother said that they left it there while they were sitting out on the porch a few hours ago. Being about ten in the morning it was still dark a few hours ago. I didn't even bother to ask them why they were out there in the dark. I made my way back outside and called for my dog to come in. The tornado sirens went off and then I heard a voice. It was an automated voice, droning and monotonous. It was coming from the weather radio. I moved closer to see what the voice was saying, " the National Weather Service in Tampa, Florida has issued a tornado warning for... *ERR ERR ERR - beeeeeeeeeeep*", I was so scared I broke down in tears and then I looked to the sky to see that the tornado was heading straight toward me.