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Found 4 results

  1. So this came about in November last year, but since then Capcom has released the Megaman Legacy Collection in this fashion and has indeed mentioned they want to continue the Ace Attorney games on the Switch, as they have proven to be one of Nintendo's nicest little niche titles on the DS and 3DS with a dedicated following, myself included! I know @Envy is a big fan of this series and I'm sure plenty of users here are as well. A full release of the entire main series on the Switch would be a great boon to the Switch's library (inb4 no more ports!) as there are many people who actually have never played these games. They were always relatively niche titles and many of us were sad that Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice were never physically released in the US, so this could be a chance to have a physical copy out there. Now sadly Capcom doesn't have the BEST track record with handling the series as they have made some mistakes in the past such as: Not porting Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 to the west citing poor sales of the first game, despite a fan translation being made because the demand was high enough to justify it. Locking out a DLC from Dual Destinies from the west because they claimed Americans would not be able to figure out the puzzles that "required heavy knowledge of Japan to do" despite living in an age of the internet where people could look up and research this stuff. Making the previous two entries eShop exclusive. Not releasing a prequel game in the west that people were demanding. But this DOES bring me to another fear I have: Capcom released the Legacy Collection for Megaman on the Switch in the dumbest way possible... Megaman 8 and 9 were download codes... Defeating the purpose of releasing a physical copy if there is going to be a download code for two of the games. Why? Because half the point of physical copies is preservation and sharing. If I want to let my wife play these games, now she can't play them on HER Switch because I had to redeem the codes, etc. Also makes them worthless buying used as well. Please Capcom do this right this time and lead into a new game the RIGHT way.
  2. I hope to get a Switch and some games at some point, what do you Switch owners think of your console, is it any good?
  3. Welp, I've decided to write another thing. As I believe I mentioned a while back (it's been a long time, hasn't it?), I would be writing reviews and the like for a few weeks because of all the new games and media that deserves to be bestowed the greatest honor, "My opinion". Now, I'm not exactly sure, but I doubt I've written anything in about two months. Why? I was on vacation and, if memory serves, I was too busy playing the new instant-classic, "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on my brother's Nintendo Switch (I'm too poor to afford my own). Now, I'm not sure how regular I can post these entries, so bear with me; it's actually surprising I've even kept this blog up for so long (1 - 2 years?). Oh, and Legends of Equestria entry is coming next time so stay tuned for that The new Zelda, is not a new Zelda. It is a conglomerate of everything done RIGHT in the video game industry and shoved into a 60 dollar piece of plastic. It really is amazing how open-world companies like Bethesda have spent decades trying to master whatever it is that makes an open-world game significant; and here comes Nintendo, nailing it on the first try. I'm a crazy, suicidal person when it comes to video games. I've noticed this more and more as the years have gone by, mainly depicted by the number of times I've pushed through smokes in CS:GO and the pure and raw desire to destroy everything with the earliest items in any game (for BoTW, that would be Soup Ladle, which, in fact, I did deal the finishing blow on Ganon with). So when I discovered obtaining heart containers were completely optional after the release of "Ocarina of Time", I jumped on the chance to beat every Zelda game I could with minimal stats and, iconically, three hearts. It's a tedious task, but when you're as experienced as me, it quickly becomes a pleasurable obligation. With three hearts, I managed to beat the game in a week with all of the map uncovered, all the divine beasts, all the memories, and no Master Sword (I discovered the devil statue a week later). After the credits, I discovered the game was still only 12% complete. It's a huge game with few flaws, all of which are excusable for the sake of the game being "too cool" for measly imperfection. The divine beasts were easy, but that was only after I discovered I had done the last one first. Regardless, at face value, it's clear Breath of the Wild, was never about beating the dungeons and defeating a final boss, but it just so happens the only way to progress in the game is to clear dungeons and defeat a giant boar, so that's a thing. During my vacation in the Carolinas, a news article went out that a player had created a multiplayer mod for BoTW on an emulated copy. I hadn't been in the emulation scene for quite some time and last I heard of it, 3DS emulation was still in the works, I had no idea Wii U emulation was actually functional. So yesterday, after a month (or two, you tell me), I decided to download a copy of BoTW for PC and see if my gutsy little machine could take the next-gen title running on old hardware. The download took an hour or two, installation even longer; and what did I get for my troubles? 2.72 FPS during gameplay, 15 in menus. Time well spent; I'll be archiving it for when the time comes. In the meantime, I've gotta get back to Legends of Equestria, I've got to write an entry about it. -RealityPublishing P.s. Anyone in the Amareicas looking to form a party?
  4. First thing I want to say is: CC sucks and today I wore a pony shirt everywhere. How cool is that? Wow, February 2nd? Has it been that long? What have I been doing all this time? Huh. When did I buy that again? Ah well. --- So last month, I purchased tickets for the infamous, "PAX SOUTH 2017". It was only for a single day, but I felt that was enough to satisfy my gaming taste buds. In a sense, it was; but there was still much adventure to be had. And by adventure, I mean Switch. Nintendo Switch was there. I had the amazing experience of waiting in line for 3 hours just to play Legend of Zelda (another hour-half to play the other games). It's gotta be the most innovative thing I've ever come across (the lines). In order to wait in line for the Switch, you had to travel all the way to the back of the convention center (near these really damp pipelines and whatnot) just to stand in line that moved once every forty-minutes. Of course, everyone had their 3DS (I wish I had), so I doubt many of them even knew there was a line. In fact, during the "Pitch Your Game" panel (really funny, btw), there was this mirror ceiling that, by looking at it, you could count all the little screens from about 300 different people. Damn, I really wish I'd brought my 3DS. . . So! What else did the convention have to offer? Why, it's the VALVE STORE, of course! Buy CS:GO Pins for $10.00 (In a blind bag)! What are the ratios? 1:1 Baggage. There are no others. However, no Valve store is without a few delicacies. There were no Steam Sales, but they did have a killer CS:GO Desk-Wide Mouse Pad for a good $34.99 (kys myself). I also bought a Corsair gaming mouse . . . but that wasn't from Pax. . . But the REAL gem of PAX was the We Love Fine market. They had EVERYTHING anyone would want. Costumes? Check. Board games? Check. Overpriced pins? Check. T-Shirts? Check. PONY SHIRTS???? Double Check. Yes, I bought myself a pony shirt for only 25 bucks . . . talk about roadside robbery. . . On the plus side! I wore it all day today (Feb 2nd)! Got no reaction from anyone 'cause people were too busy looking at their phones. All in all, the convention was great! I got a few famous League of Legends players to sign my badge and even saw the entire team of Luminosity (After their spanking defeat in an Overwatch National) in a nearby restaurant! Don't worry, Luminosity. I still love ya for being there. (I don't watch much eSports, but I've been getting into the CS:GO Tournies) --- I know it's been a while (and my writing's a little rusty), but I'm going to (again) try to get back into the rhythm. Considering the move, there's going to be a lot more activity in my life, so I'll be pushing more daily entries out there. Not sure if you noticed the change in cover formats (concerning the inclusion of the Seasons and Episodes), but I figured it'd be easier if it were designed that way. I've been getting a bit more corporate since the turn of 2017; it's gonna be a big year; strap yourselves in, we're going in with a bang! On other news, I'm hosting a movie night (hopefully) every Friday night at 6PM Central. (If I'm not there, spam me until I answer) This is going to be on my "RabbitCast" room; so if you're interested in weekly movie nights, we discuss the film on our Discord server! Feel free to jump into the action there Update on the 5k Special: I have the cover for it done, but I'm going to need a bit more time to redo the session with my Scribe (the world-renowned, "dood" who took notes last time). It's been a long time since we first pulled it off; we're going to need more time to fix my dulled memory. (At this rate, it'll be a 10k special) Other than that, all is good; I'll see you on the flip side! (Be sure to check the links at the bottom) -RealityPublishing Discord: RabbitCast (Movie Night; only open during stream): FiMFiction: The SWEET pony tee shirt: