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Found 213 results

  1. Now, I am a huge Nintendo fan (as you can see by my profile picture), but Nintendo seems to irrelevant today in a lot of people's eyes. I feel like every gamer on the planet these days hate Nintendo with a burning passion, especially the ones that started gaming last gen. Everyone on youtube hates Nintendo, the comments on Nintendo related video's are always so hateful. Most of Nintendo's Fans have left them, the sales of the Wii U show that they have very little fans left, everyone wants playstation and Xbox these days. Also, Nintendo keep doing stupid things, The "New" 3ds, the just alienated 40 million "Old" 3ds owners, their online is terrible, the Wii U is very underpowered and lacks RAM and GPU power. A lot of Kids these days don't play Nintendo, they want to play PlayStation and Xbox to feel more mature. Third Parties hate Nintendo, Teens hate Nintendo, Kids hate Nintendo, everyone these days seem to hate Nintendo. I'm sorry, but Nintendo hade their golden age, but that time is over, they can't compete any more, they might as well give up. Mario, Zelda etc...., Can't save them any more, Nobody cares about those franchises anymore. looks like society thinks Nintendo is irrelevant these days, oh well, all good things come to an end
  2. Source: Nintendo had their Nintendo Direct conference today, and they finally revealed the launch details for Wii U: -Release date: November 18th, 2012 -Price: 2 models, Basic and Deluxe. Basic will go for $299.99 and comes with the console, Gamepad, HDMI cables, AC adapter, and sensor bar, with 8 GB of internal storage. Deluxe will go for $349.99 and come with all of the above, plus a charging cradle for the Gamepad and stand for the console, along with the game Nintendo Land, and 32 GB of internal storage. Games were announced too of course, like Bayonetta 2 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate(hell yes), and Black Ops 2 was finally fully confirmed for the system, among other things, mostly 'launch window' stuff. So yeah, the info's out now for those who want it. I wasn't fully convinced on the console before, but I think it's looking to be a good launch for the most part. Are you going to get a Wii U?
  3. Ok, Quick Question here: If you like Nintendo, what is your favorite Title/series from Nintendo? Remember, you can list ANY title or series below, as long as it was an ACTUAL Nintendo game, not a Capcom, Sega, or any other brand name's game that was licensed for one of Nintendo's console, e.g. Street Fighter IV and Sonic Heroes. Especially not Sega, since they were Rivals in the 90's
  4. Okay, so I was thinking of buying a new DS. Mine's a good bit over 4 years old, and the hinge has a nice crack in it and won't stay up. It probably won't get me much longer. I was wondering: - Is it worth is buying a 3DS? - Should I just look for a cheaper DS Lite, which really is all I want as long as it works? - Any opinions on the DSi? Just to make known, I do have enough (as of right now) to buy the 3DS, but I wasn't 100% sold on it yet. Thanks for your help, also. X3
  5. I understand if some people are reluctant to be playing games that aren’t really suitable for children based on language and fighting, or if they’re JRPG games, but this morning we finally had the first Nintendo Direct in half a year. The first thing shown off was Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. This is a game I’ve really been looking forward to because it’s a high definition remake of my absolute favorite game of all time that came out for the Wii in 2012. The new improved version of the game is currently set to release on May 29th of 2020, but is subject to being pushed back if the COVID 19 pandemic doesn’t die down by then. Xenoblade Chronicles is an intellectual property owned by Monolith Soft, a former subsidiary of Bandai Namco games that was sold in its entirety to Nintendo in the year 2007. To be honest I never played the game until 2014 when the main protagonist Shulk was added to Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Another driving factor to me playing the game was the promotion by notable YouTube personality Emile Rosales Birou, aka Chuggaaconroy, who I’ve been subscribed to for nine years now. The game even gained two spiritual successors such as Xenoblade Chronicles X, a post apocalyptic game featuring the voice talents of Caitlin Glass, Bryce Papenbrook, DC Douglas, Matthew Mercer, Patrick Seitz, Cherami Leigh, Cassandra Lee Morris, Chris Cason, and Josh Grelle, also featuring the music talents of the famed composer for Attack on Titan Hiroyuki Sawano. Another spiritual successor worth noting is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Here’s where massive spoilers come in. Open at your own risk. So what are everypony’s thoughts? Has anyone ever played Xenoblade Chronicles or the spiritual sequels? Feel free to comment.
  6. MLPForums' Pokémon Thread Hello there, and welcome to the MLPForum's Pokemon thread! Pokemon is one of Nintendo's largest franchise's second only to Mario. The games revolve around you training creatures called 'Pokemon'. Pokemon are fantastic animals that can range from reptiles and mammals, to robots, spiritual entities, and beavers. As of Pokemon Black and White, there are 649 known species of Pokemon, not including the various forms many Pokemon can take. Like many popular franchises, the Pokemon games have seen plenty of spin-offs, including the Pokepark series, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, and the Pokemon Ranger series. Including all the spin-off games, there are 78 Pokemon games in existence, with 2 additional ones in production. So, use this thread to discuss Pokemon games, get help in Mystery Dungeon, get your team rated, battle with someone, tell everyone of your latest nuzlocke run, how Pikachu refuses to pick up the dang apple, or how Whitney's Miltank and Ghestis's Hydreigon are freakin' hacks, this thread is your on stop shop for all things Pokemon.
  7. I've seen a lot of talk about Nintendo in the Media Discussion area, but the one thing I was hoping to see which I still haven't seen yet is talk about Yoshi. This Happy go lucky Dinosaur made his first appearance in 1991 in the Super NES title Super Mario World. He became an instant celebrity with the Mario fanbase, and the fans wanted him to be in more games. Ask and you shall receive. Nintendo made Yoshi right at home with the Super Mario franchise, giving him his own games such as Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's New Island, and even Yoshi's Woolly World. Not to mention he's been a playable character in every iteration of Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart up to this day. With that being said, who else is a fan of Yoshi? Feel free to comment.
  8. Simply put, tell me which Disney (main, Pixar, and yes even Marvel and Star Wars) or Nintendo character does the user above you remind you of. Either by their avatar picture or the poster himself/herself. Also, if the user has an obviously official Disney/Nintendo character in their picture, you could pick from the other medium. I did it this way to avoid making the answer be too obvious, like members with actual Pokemon Avatars playing the "Which Pokemon is the User Above You" game. Of course, it's your acceptable choice to go with the obvious if you want, as long as it doesn't break Global Rules. Go on, have fun!
  9. Which Pokemon game is your favorite? Why? My favorites are Pokemon White and Pokemon Black 2. I felt that these games had a fun and memorable playthrough. The games could have been a bit longer, but I loved pretty much everything about them.
  10. Here is Kammy Koopa's Theme from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  11. Here is Goomba Village from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  12. Here is Angry Bowser from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  13. Here is Main Title from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  14. Here is A Party At Peach's Castle from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  15. Here is Story of the Stolen Spirits from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  16. Now before you go full rage on me, I need to clarify: Ocarina of Time IS a good game, just not my favorite. I love OoT a lot, but other games have come after that and I have played those more. Wind Waker I find is my favorite in the series, the cartoon look, the cel shading, the atmosphere, and story telling that continued after Ocarina! I find a lot of moments in that game that made me feel like I am on a real adventure of a life time across the vast sea! As for anyone else, do you have a favorite that surpasses OoT? If not, that is perfectly fine, there is nothing wrong with favoring OoT.
  17. Hello everypony! Nintendo fans have been waiting since E3 2017 for news about Metroid Prime 4 when it was announced by Nintendo, and we finally got something out of it. It's being delayed because they are going to completely restart the development from scratch. I don't blame Nintendo for this. When Metroid Other M came out, I was severely disappointed in the game. It wasn't nearly as good as it could have been. And then the fans hated Federation Force to no end, which I don't blame them for that. I think this could be interpreted as Nintendo acknowledging the fact that the fans don't want another average title like Other M. They certainly do appear to be serious about Prime 4, so I think the delay is for the best.
  18. Which is the better Franchise in your opinion. Legend of Zelda games or Mario games. Cast your votes.
  19. I'm sure lots of us have played the oh-so popular Nintendo crossover fighter, Super Smash Bros., in some way shape or form. And, I'd like to ask, if you have, which installment of the series is your favorite? My personal favorite is the newest release, Smash 4 for Wii U and 3DS. Which is your favorite (and if you say Super Smash Flash, I'll virtually smash you )
  20. I'm having difficulty finding anyone else that signed up for Nintendo's new online service for the Switch. This is despite the fact that it's so affordable ($20 a year, which divides into less than $2 for each month). Basically, I'd like to find people to exchange friend codes with and maybe play the complimentary NES online library with, along with the upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate.
  21. Just wondering everyponies favorite Mario game is, Mine is Super Mario World because of it's excellent gameplay and vast amount of levels. Remember, every answer is right!
  22. Hello everyone. I was on Discord earlier, and I understand that Nintendo has announced another Direct for tomorrow at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard time. I thought maybe I should start a topic about it. Obviously a lot of people are excited about Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and hoping there will be a newcomer announced during the direct, but we'll see. What would you like to see in the direct? What do you think will happen?
  23. So since Pokemon Black2 & White2 are coming out very soon in North America. I'm curious to ask which Pokemon game is your favorite, also to add which Pokemon is your favorite. I'v played every game at some point or another, but for me i'd say Diamond & Pearl were my personal favorite, the storyline and game was just so different it was awesome. I also always have a hard time choosing my favorite Pokemon.. it's always between Chansey, Scizor, and Darkrai! What say you everypony?
  24. Hello there, inkling and welcome to the Splatoon fan club! Splatoon is a third-person shooter originally developed and published by Nintendo in May 2015 for the Wii U (Japan: 28th May 2015, North America and Europe: 29th May 2015 and Australia/New Zealand on 30th May 2015). The game is about characters known as Inklings; which are human-squid hybrids that can hide or swim through ink. The game features several modes, including 4v4 online multiplayer and a single player campaign. The game came out to critical acclaim when it initially released, with many critics praising the game for its style, gameplay and mechanics. Many critics were also surprised at Nintendo for deciding to enter the shooter genre. Splatoon would later receive a sequel on the Nintendo Switch with a worldwide release on July 21st, 2017. Likely due in part to the overwhelming success of the Switch, Splatoon 2 sold over 6 million units. Making it the fourth best selling game on the console. The sequel is identical to is predecessor, however it does contain some new modes, like the popular Salmon Run and the Octo Expansion, which you can purchase from the Nintendo eShop. -------------------------- This thread was created for fans of the Splatoon games to meet fellow fans, discuss the game, share fan art and theories and share tips and tricks. Discussion about anything to do with Splatoon and its sequel are welcome, spoilers included. If you are lurking this thread and have questions about the game, you are also welcome and I'll answer any questions you might have about the game. I'm not sure if I posted this in the right section, but enjoy!
  25. This thread has been done before, but I wanted to make a poll so we could see which characters were people's favorites. Personally, I love Jigglypuff, Game and Watch, and Bowser, and I would say they're my mains.