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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 10 results



    hello all fellow bronies and pegasisters! HELP US in the war over equestria! Princess Luna is going to overthrow Princess Celestia! and we need YOU! help us! the new lunar republic shall overthrow the solar empire!
  2. Nova Wings

    First Livestream date

    Alright everypony, the New Lunar Republic (NLR) is going live next week!!! Quick overview for those who might not know; I will be playing the NLR as a custom faction in Galactic Civilization 3, this is a turn based strategy game, so I will be taking constant input from chat, yes all who show up will help me build the NLR. The date for this will be Sep 19 (next sat) at 10am EST, channel (TBA). I will be using a variety of custom ships and a few custom races from the Steam workshop along with this, so some possibility to look forward to are: NLR Starfleet ships Encounters with Klingons (no really) The Solar Empire (maybe) Space monsters And interactive play from chat I hope to see you all there!
  3. I've made a New Lunar Republic faction on my copy of Galactic Civilization 3 (GalCiv3), so my idea/question to you all is this: If I were to livestream a game session, and have chat help me run the game (its turn base so that can be a thing), would anypony be up for that?
  4. So i'm trying to paint my gundam model to look like its part of the New Lunar Republic any ideas?
  5. Tonight's card opens up with a long standing rivalry, DJP0n3 vs. Octavia! Then another brutal encounter between Laura the Zony and Presto the Changeling! Next up, Zecora faces Broken Dreams in a 15-minute Iron Man Match! Who will prove to be dominant in this grueling matchup? In singles competition we have Lyra facing Flim of the Flim Flam Bros. Which of these will prevail, and will it help propel their team to a tag team title match? In the Main Event, we have the Cloudsdale and Million Dollar Champion, Dream Baker, going head to head with the vicious brawler Apple Cider. Who will emerge victorious in what should be one violent confrontation? If you like these vids, remember to like/fave/share/subscribe! Also, let me know in the comments if you prefer this format or single matches!
  6. :WhiteLightning:

    N L R

    I whipped up this little diddy with the intention of having a 4-5 inch vinyl decal printed up and slapped on the back glass of my truck, so's everyone knows just where I stand. Overnight it became the primary most popular and prominent piece of pony propaganda in my portfolio. Its nothing fancy, just a quick vector of a wallpaper piece for the NLR. The design doesn't sport the crescent moon and wings like most NLR banners would, but I particularly enjoy this one. its simple, and it sports the silhouette of Nightmare Moon. Maybe I'll work on one for TSE soon too, but there are lots of great ones for those of you who love the Light, so who knows. Edit: Curse the white BG of post! The white moon BG and white NLR lettering doesn't show up too great here. Bah! For a more deluded look, check it out here; Sorry for the off-link, but its easier to view in all its glory there.
  7. Tonight's card: Triple Threat!: Rangbi vs. Jinjo Bytes vs. Anapony E Discord vs. Quilltasic Tag Team! Rarity and Rainbow Dash vs. Shining Armor and Cadence Ladder Match for the #1 contender slot! Apple Cider vs. Flim, Flam is banned from ringside! Main Event: Champion vs. Champion! NLRCW World Champion Ditzy-Doo vs. Cloudsdale Champion, King Sombra! Remember to like/fave/subscribe! Also follow us at
  8. shadok2012

    NLR Game

    Hi guys. So I was thinking of making a New Lunar Republic vs Solar Empire game and want your input. It will be NLR orientated I want you guys to help with some decisions like : First person or Third Person? RPG style or Shooter style? So yeah I look foward to hearing your input and suggestions. WOAH Why is there THREE of these posts? I have asolutly no idea what the hay has just happend! (This is the correct post everypony!) ok triple post...sorry but I got a picture for you guys. Hope you enjoy. Just a taster of whats to come. (Took a very long time to make this btw)
  9. Welcome to this, the FINAL CCW show before the Twilight Justice Pay Per View this Sunday! It promises to be a huge night as Twilight Sparkle will be defending her SECW Championship against the newcomer Scale Gazer and the CCW Tag Team Champions Lyra and Bon Bon will defend against the terrible Anaponies. First up tonight, we have Dream Baker taking on Zecora. Both of these ladies are none too happy with the booking they've been given lately and they both are looking to make a statement here tonight. The newcomer Rangbi will be taking on fellow brawler Apple Cider. AC has been very frustrated lately, having built up a huge string of losses. However, she has sworn that win, lose, or draw, she plans on giving the CCW fans something they won't soon forget tonight! Anapony A. will be going up against Broken Dreams. The Anaponies have been on a roll lately, destroying everyone they come across. Will the dangerous Broken be able to put a stop to their giant juggernaut, or will she be steamrolled to pave the way for the Anaponies' road to Twilight Justice? In an exibition match tonight, the CCW Tag Team Champions Lyra and Bon Bon will be testing their prowess against Team Moon Pie. Hopefully Pinkie Pie and Moondust have settled their differences lately and will be able to work together. This is one match everyone is interested in. Finally, in the main event we have NLRCW Champion Ditzy-Doo facing The Gryphon. The champion has really been angry lately. She feels her team was screwed out of a tag title shot at this pay per view and after her string of losses, she won't even be defending her title on the card. This pegasus is very agitated and very, very dangerous and as impressive as she is, I would not want to be in The Gryphon's boots tonight. As always, please remember to like/fave/subscribe/share! Please, it gives me the motivation to continue these and start to improve them as well.
  10. Mordenheim

    [YouTube] CCW United 01-02-13 Tensions are running high tonight on this, the last CCW United before our very first Pay Per View card, Twilight Justice! We open up tonight with a huge triple threat match. Rarity, Octavia, and Holly Jolly. All three of the ladies are on a roll and have something to prove here tonight! Next up, we have Dream Baker and Apple Cider in one on one competition. Dream, you may remember, lost her shot at the Tag Team Championships when she tried to help out her partner by shouldering a little too much of the burden. Her partner was still recovering from a brutal singles match earlier in the night. Apple Cider also is on a losing streak lately, and as that streak gets longer, her temper gets shorter. She may be ready to do almost anything to win! After that, we have the Korean Sensation, Rangbi, going up against The Gryphon. Rangbi is still new to the CCW and has a lot to learn, and the Gryphon has re-invented herself. Either way, this is sure to be an exciting match to see. Then we have the NLRCW Champion, Ditzy-Doo going head to head with the towering Anapony A. Rumor is that The Anaponies are looking for an opportunity to take over CCW altogether by winning all of the titles. They're not just looking to win, though, they want to injure our current champions! Finally, the second half of our double main event features SECW Champion Twilight Sparkle facing Anapony E in a rematch from Solar Smackdown. That match was so broken that the results were tossed out and the rematch was ordered by Celestia herself. Not only that, we've been informed that if ANYONE interferes in this match, they will be FIRED! However, Twilight had still better watch her back as the Anaponies are looking to take her out. Of course, remember to Like/Fave/Subscribe/and Share! PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE?! XD