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Found 45 results

  1. Just as the question says. Whether you're truly not invested in the characters enough to choose a favorite, that the pony you really like happens to change from day to day, or you are just simply plagued with indecision, anyone else here lack an all time favorite pony?
  2. HOWDY Y'ALL Yeahh. I noticed that there's not any popular stars by posts with 10+ brohoofs. I demand an explanation I just wanted to see what's up with that, because I rather liked the idea behind it. It often made people want to read what you had to say, but you had to put some thought into it and make a quality post in most occasions. Also, given how anyone on the site can get a brohoof, it wasn't really encouraging elitism or anything like that; hell, from what I saw, it provided incentive to try and make gnarly posts, brah. So yeahh; just wanting to see what's up with that
  3. Loosely inspired by the "Bi, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, or Pan Pizza" topic. Here's how it goes: Post an image of a character from wherever; doesn't matter if they're from a video game, live action film, anime, or whatever. The next poster says whether or not they find the character image from the above post attractive and then also posts an image. Optionally: You can say WHY the above character is attractive to you, how attractive they are, et cetera. If this sounds superficial... It's because it is. It's a forum game; they're all superficial. I'll start because I have to (and because we've been watching Sailor Moon Crystal): ^ Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury
  4. So for the past 3 or 4 days i haven't been having dreams, is this bad and will i have actually have dreams again?
  5. No wonder I keep coming back here time and time again. Feels like every other place is like a freaking battleground where there is constant strife for survival. I cannot handle those kind of environments. What I need is soft mellow and calm ground for me to reestablish myself and breath in. A safe spot where the atmosphere is something that I believe that I can tolerate up to some extent. Something I also need is to escape from everything that is going on. It's too much to take in all of that and I've been struggling these days because I've not been able to get out enough. The things just seep into my mind and make their way in without asking me and I can't stop them unless I'm prepared for that. What that requires is solid foundation of mind and non clouded vision. But the longer I struggle without clearing the table the harder it gets. I haven't been able to discover the whole truth of my situation but it feels like this community is different than the others and because of that I can partly escape the other communities by coming into here. My view is mostly location based which means that I tie the aspects of my experiences, the communities and the overall atmospheres mostly in locations. Those locations and their combined feelings are a tool for me to reassert my self on a given situation in that location. What I am saying is that I don't really feel that this site as a location has really much or any ties to the real world or people in there for me. That is basically what I established this site as when I joined here and I was in need of something like that. Back then it was a bubble. An illusion that I was willingly letting myself into. These days it's more like a medicine that I take but the end result is similar. What happens is that I am reliving partly the illusion that I was able to establish in the past to escape the world today as it is when I am not able to control my own feelings that are resulted from the experiences related to the world that I have experienced. However it's not particularly that simple as I am still not fully able to accept myself as a part of the illusion that I was under back then because of that I destroyed the illusion i had back then about a year ago when my internal conflict was at it's peak. That destruction produced two separate illusions as it's result and they are not inclusive to each other. So While I am able to maintain semi calm state here using this location as a tool to escape from other locations. Lingering around here long enough will give rise to that other illusion which I originally was unable to accept and since the two illusions cannot coexist in my current state it starts a conditional conflict in myself which in turn destabilizes my current state and I need to move again to get myself in order. Recently I've been able to find an alternative method of escape in which I utilize the form of Japanese produced animation in which some genres are able to draw me in particularly well which in turn enables a better means of escape for me. However a failure to keep up with that results in a feeling like what I am experiencing currently.
  6. It just seems that when I hope or predict something on the show, half the time it doesn't happen, and I end up disappointed. I'm sure some of us can relate. I mean, I get upset when Spike gets neglected, and other people would be upset is Derpy doesn't appear at all in a season. We all have our wants and needs for the show. How about we just got rid of that? If we stop hoping for something we want to happen on the show, we probably won't end up disappointed if what we want doesn't happen! We can just enjoy the show and just not thinking about anything! What do ya think, brahs? No matter what, we win!
  7. Hey wouldn't it be cool if Spike went on an adventure without Twilight with him? I see it in the comics though, but we never seen it happen in the show. Spike teaming up with another one of his friends and go on some kind of adventure outside of Ponyville. C'mon, Twilight goes on plenty of adventures without him, so why not the other way around? Maybe a trip to the Dragon Lands or the Changeling Kingdom with either Fluttershy or Starlight!
  8. The great and all-powerfull trixie; is she so great? What do YOU think of her?
  9. Hey y'all, its been a little bit since i last posted any pony art here at all really, i haven't even done any for a while to be honest, so I figured i'd try some again. So last night I drew some pony art, i thought about just drawing my OC or something, but then i thought about the new OC who i've been working on, whos my new little mare . And i figured, might as well get her some drawings, since my OC has already had a good few. Yes, i basically am going to ship them as far as their story goes, i felt like my stallion needed someone to love, and i figured that I might as well make her someone to love . So thats how i came to create my New Mare OC, whos still yet to be named actually, so I just refered to her as my new mare OC . She has now been named Bella! I tried my best to make her color scheme look good together with my Ponysona, and I think they look pretty good together, but i guess its up to y'all. Anyways heres the art without further ado! Sorry that it looks kinda crap, i'm really rusty having not done pony art in a while, but hopefully i can get back into it some. Heres the pony creator image, if my drawing obstructs your judgement of the actual OC . And frankly I don't like shipping my OC with cannon ponies, so i figured i'd make my own to ship it with . Ps. I would like to also thank @Blue Moon for his help on the creating of the new OC, i had some help from others and I appreciate all of their help aswell, but Blue did a whole lot of helping, and spent a good bit of time suggesting things, so big thanks to him for making this OC the way it turned out!
  10. I am preparing for a journey of epic proportions! I am going to walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean starting in the winter of 2016! I would greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to accompany me; the more, the merrier!
  11. How do I even post youtube links that are embedded.
  12. quit

    Ask Link

    Title says it all.... Well this went dead quickly
  13. Just say whether you would brohoof the creature(s) in the image above your post, and then add your own image with a creature/creatures somepony below you can brohoof or not. Simple as. NOTE: THE IMAGE DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE THE CREATURE(S) RAISING A HOOF AT THE SCREEN. ANY IMAGE/POSE WILL DO. Okay, first image... Brohoof? :3
  14. I've noticed a lot of posts about anti-bronies on this forum and I find they are all about the same thing (why are anti-bronies so stupid etc) and get the same replies. This is exactly what they want us to do. I suggest we just accept them and ignore them. For me they are just like school bullies: I don't find them insulting and offensive at all. They are human too, guys. I hope you see anti-bronies like this too. This way we can keep our reputation up and love and tolerate for real Edit: I'm kinda contradicting myself here but I can't make my point any other way
  15. So I was wondering what the majority of people here thought of tattoos? Its unfortunate though that neck tattoos are frowned upon in some jobs. I think some tattoos are awesome depending on what they are of course. Examples of tattoos I like
  16. Welp, I told you guys I would dance for you ;3 This may not be my best work, but hey I did it for the entertainment of others, and thats good enough for me ^.^
  17. This is the topic for posting anything and everything related to the TV show Sherlock. I just finished watching it last week and am now, like every other fan, dying from the 2 year hiatus. BUT ANYWAY. Images yay! And for some reason I can't yet identify, Mycroft is becoming my favorite character. Something about that freaking umbrella he carries everywhere...
  18. What are your biggest derp moments? Here are some of mine: Throwing a box with metal on it in a microwave to cook food. (Don't look at me like that.) When I forget something really obvious. The spelling mistakes I produce when I type too fast.
  19. I love the Artist: Owl City. However, some of his songs make no sense to me. Such as this one I love the song, but I have no idea what it means oh andIf anyone knows what this song means please tell me Anyways, Any songs you know that make no sense lyrics wise?
  20. Have you seen the latest “Google Doodle” for International Women’s Day? It's very bright and inspiring, but why not the Mane 6? It had Dora The Explorer, and Chamki from India's version of Sesame Street (Sesame Workshop produces international versions of Sesame Street all around the world); so why not the Mane 6? Feel free to discuss your thoughts. Happy International Women’s Day everybody and every-pony!
  21. Alirghty guys than you for the inspiration. Once in a while I take words and make them into short stories. Feel free to rate them and tell me which ones you like I want to develop some writing skills so yeah, let me know what you think my readers I took one word from each person and made it into a story.. hope you like it @ ForeverFrozen Your word- Banana "Mmmmm...", She sat licking her lips. It sat before her, big and juicy. Looking up at him with big blue eyes she asks, "may I?" her voice asked so kind and sweet. He nodded his approval as she took it in her hands. Excitement had overcome her as he just sat and watched. ​Peeling back the layer to reveal the underneath she licked and slurped the tip enjoying every bit. She smile as she watched him he looked rather pleased, as she finished the banana, her most favorite fruit of all. @~StatesTheOblivious~ Okay... "Morgenröte." That's a German expression for the red sky in the morning. She ran through the forest while holding her injured self close, her mind was a blur. A flurry of thoughts raced through her mind taunting her every step she took. 'Running is pointless.' It nagged She began to quicken her pace, 'Oh you are silly aren't you?' Laughter rang throughout her ears and her heart pounded fast. "Thump, thump, thump." 'Is that my heart or is someone..' Her thoughts were cut short by laughter. Growing louder as she ran. The faster she went the louder the laughter became. She sat toying with herself on this journey she had started. It seemed like decades had passed, when in fact that would be untrue. 'You know you are wrong, you know it.' "I am not wrong!" She screamed Lowering her voice she continued, "It was self defense." The voice snarled and sneered,'Oh really it was? It was not for lust, nor greed nor power? No it was for a far more selfish reason.. So that you could go on living while the others..' "Stop!" She cried begging herself "How can you ask for someone to die? how can you vanquish light so easily?" 'It is not I for I am you, I am merely what you think should have done.' Snarling and snapping her thoughts grew harsh, giving up the fight she lay down to rest. It was shortly after that medics had arrived, barely clinging to life she looked up to the sky it's brilliance shone bright that early morn. She lay back and uttered her last spoken words. "I know you were right, and for that I am wrong. The secrets I have you need to know, We don't have to fight we just have to..." She coughed and sputtered and she no longer spoke. One last thought raced through her mind as she went on her way. 'How many had died because I could not say?' The sun cried red that morning as it awoke. It cried in mourning for the ones he had lost, the friends who had been oh so very loyal, the fallen who had leaped to an eternal slumber, and the ones who would fall because no words were spoken. Thank you for your words guys I hope you enjoyed it.. I ended a little sooner than I thought I would, so if you are still reading thanks:) I figured it would be cool to write a story about the consequences of inaction.. I dunno that's all I got for now.... oh yeah, and banana's are delicious. But if you would like a story just submit a word (if it's not English give me a meaning) This was kind of fun and I might do another one in the future. Love you always and thank you so much for the feed back I have been getting tons as of late and it has really brought my spirits up. Thank you guys for everything. XxOoXxoOxXoO ~PP Alrighty so today's story is brought to you by Pinkie_dust thank you for the word the word is Sheep An old grey nun lay dying in her bed. She croaked and hacked, calling out for her grandson. He rushed to her side, "What is the matter?" He asked worried. The old lady smiled a toothy grin. "Close the door dear, I need to talk to you." She instructed. The boy did as he was told and rushed back to her side. He sat in silence as the old lady confessed to him all the sins she had committed over the years. The boys sat and in a state of utter confusion. He idolized his grandmother, she was every thing he wanted to be. He looked to her and asked, "Why would you do all of those cruel things to those people you helped? Why would you torment them after you worked so hard to help?" The old nun smiled and whispered, "I gave them hope, only to have ripped it away again. I let them believe it would be alright. I deceived the many so they would hope and pray and follow my path. Just as I have deceived you." A wicked smile over took her face, one that seemed to not be her own. A glint of red crossed her eyes as she took her last breath. The boy sat at his dead grandmothers side, a smile crossed his face, "A wolf in sheep's skin." Beware of the false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Next story compliments of MLP Moth Your word was Flyingturtlezombierhino Before we embark on this journey some background info on how my mind works should be helpful. I broke the word into two, Flyingturtle and Zombierhino. The inspiration came from Teen aged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their nemesis Rhino... all I can say is enjoy "It was another day in the big apple, and the Rhino was on a rampage only this time he was a zombie! World dominance is what he aimed for and I Michelangelo was the only one who could possibly save the world. I took my nun chucks and kicked his tail in a grueling karate fight, they should really call me flying turtle. I swear that's what happened Splinter, I didn't mean to be late for practice." The turtle exclaimed trying to reason with his master. Splinter was not looking impressed with a grimace and a snarl he asked, "Then what is this? No more excuses." holding a bag filled with a green herb. The turtle started to panic and fidget, "Aww, Splinter. I am real sorry." He stammered. Splinter smiled a ratty grin. "You should be sorry, all I want is for you to share. It's not even that great." He stated calmly. Michelangelo was taken aback, Splinter had reached into his pocket and pulled something out putting it to his lips he lit it and puffed heavily, "Try this, flying turtle" Splinter said with a chuckle "Kowabunga!"
  23. Please don't discuss anything further than what the anime has covered. I will honestly find out where you sleep and kill you (with love). This show has been without a doubt the most intriguing series I think I've ever watched. From start to finish (not finish finish but season 1 finish) It had me completely hooked, I've seen a lot of the best received Anime but, it might just be the post Ep.25 nerves talking, this series has blown them all out of the water. If you haven't watched the series yet don't read any further and spoil it for yourself just in case one day you decide to watch it. Here's 5 reasons why you should Animation, bucking amazing Soundtrack, i actually paid for this it was so good Unpredictable story Original Story, no school clubs or plot lines revolving around tea.) Doesn't give in to any fan service (which is actually nice for a change) IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN UP TO EP. 25 THERE IS SPOILER CONTENT BELOW The only thing I can think of that I would have liked them to do a little differently was to make Annie's titan resemble her human form a little less. I think it was only while I was re-watching the first or second episode the Female titan appeared in before I worked it out (the nose gave it away). Unfortunately I figured out which of the other characters are the Armoured and Colossus titans as well which I wont go any further into. Which is a real shame because without even trying I've spoiled future episodes for myself, but that's the only problem I have with the show. I was pretty satisfied with the ending how it didn't leave me anything to think about (just because it would make waiting for the next season excruciating) and then this happens...... When the part of the wall crumbled and I saw the titan buried in it it made me jump in my seat a little bit. I really enjoyed how the wall became more of a focus in the final episode too that little story about the man that tried to dig under wall Sina and went missing extremely interesting (sudden thought, maybe that was him trapped in the wall??) Ill finish with a screenshot of my favourite scene in the series (even though every frame was badass.) So where do you think the series will go? Where do you want it to go? I'm going to have to use every fibre in my being to stop myself from reading any of the Manga.
  24. What did you not like in the show that you don't want to see in the fourth season? For me it's the shows without good lessons,like Mare Do Well. What was the lesson? Don't brag about things? The lesson seemed quite confusing.
  25. What would your life be like without MLP FiM? what would the world be like? I don't know about you but I am so happy that this show exist. if it never happened I would have continued down my road of severe depression, anger issues, substance abuse. but now I'm beatific as can be, clean, and stronger than ever mentally and emotionally! (merely a opinion) the world without MLP?! sad to think of, but if it wasn't then most people wouldn't open up to the possibilities of kindness and friendship. most would perceive it as a false believe that has no iconography, no image that pops in their heads, and would continue going on with little effort of good intent. give me some feed back of what you think the world would be like with out it, or your own life, or even both!