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Found 24 results

  1. If a friend came up to you and asked you to show him an episode of MLP, because he doesn't understand why you watch it, what would be the first episode that would come to your mind to show him? Mine would be "A Hearth's Warming Tail", since it does not spoiler too much (apart from twily being an alicorn in a castle, but I'm pretty sure they won't pay much attention to that detail), and it basically doesn't feature the "real" characters for the most part, or doesn't involve any important backstory. It has a good animation, and the songs are catchy, while the story is also quite solid. What would be your pick to show someone?
  2. First and foremost, aside from pictures, fan art could also include soundtracks. OK then, fan art is something we all enjoy as bronies because it puts a bit of the show into something that isn't official. However, a lot of the fan art out there appeal to us by using our attachments to the show, the MLP universe, the characters or its memes (Scootaloo is a chicken). Non-bronies on the other hand, lack this context. Pony art is just... art. Could be fantasy art, could be furry art. If non-bronies are going to find pony art appealing, it's going to come from the artwork's own merits. For crossovers it's somewhat of a different thing. That is, for the fanbase of the franchise being crossed over with, those fans could find appeal in whatever elements of their franchise (the media, the universe, lore, characters and memes) is depicted in the crossover. Depending on the execution, it could be cool for both sides or it could come across as weird. Here are some examples. This one is a Green Lantern crossover that someone really liked: This picture may be clever to us but the "joke" if you will is lost on non-brony Legend of Zelda fans: This is what I think is an example of pony art that can stand strong by only its own artistic merits. That is to say, not knowing who the ponies are and judging them only by how they fit into the overall picture as well as their designs: This could pass as good furry art for the unbeknownst: So now tell me, what do you believe could make a given pony fan art more capable of being appreciated or praised by non-bronies who know nothing about the show or characters?
  3. The next Rainbow Rocks short on the list is Music to My Ears. After Shake Your Tail got us off to a weak start, can this be a redeem the Equestria Girls of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic?
  4. At last, it's time for the big finale. Can the first My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic comic arc end on a high note? Subscribe for more:
  5. Time to look at the third issue in the series of comics about the Changelings' return. Will it rise above the lukewarm approval the last two got? Will it finally explain where the name "Queen Chrysalis" comes from?
  6. The comic book review continues with issue #2, a chapter about the gang trekking through a mountain. They enocunter giant spiders, more evil duplicates, and a troll that loves ponies. Will it be the improvement that fans promised?
  7. One thing I decided I want to do with my series is challenge the fandom on the spots where my opinion seems to split from the general consensus. And first up is my contention from my review of For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: I think it altered Sweetie Belle into kind of a brat. The video where I make my case can be found here: This forum is for debating whether it's true, to see if anyone can refute me. To summarize the case I make in the video; 1. Sweetie Belle was never portrayed as a competitive sore loser before: Even when she did attempt to shine and it didn't work out (The Show Stoppers), she was, at most, disappointed in herself for not being as good as she wanted to be. She never lashed out because she was angry at not getting recognition for its own sake. So even if this episodes entire premise holds up (which it doesn't, see #2), her reaction would have been glum and silent, not angry and vengeful. 2. Her jealousy complex with Rarity comes across as made up for the episode: The only two examples of one sister "stealing the spotlight" from the other, as Sweetie Belle complains, are both from the episode in question, and the one that apparently sewed the seeds for this conflict - the fifth birthday party - doesn't have even the vaguest of connections to anything we'd been shown before. Sweetie Belle was never portrayed as jealous of Rarity, nor intimidated by her, and even when Rarity flat out told her in Sisterhooves Social that she was doing a bad job, she became frustrated with the rejection, not the lack of credit. 3. Sweetie Belle, of all characters, was perhaps the least egoic of the entire main cast: Among the characters concerned with impressing someone else (or timid over their inability to do so) Sweetie Belle would probably be the last one on the list. Where even Pinkie Pie can fall to pieces when she thinks she might be losing her friends' appreciation, it took Sweetie Belle several direct conflicts in Sisterhooves Social just to start getting down on herself. And even among her friends, she's been the least concerned with failing to impress (taking her failure to bowl in The Cutie Pox better than Apple Bloom, etc.). A direct contradiction to her easy-going, fun-loving character - without clear progression - felt jarring and unfitting. While I do think there are possible explanations for her behavior, like preteen angst changing who she is, it does make me appreciate her less as a character. But then, that's my take. What's yours?
  8. I have a segment on my series I call "Viewer Appreciation Corner," where I ask fans to send me their artwork and videos on Friendship is Magic, so I can announce my picks for favorites at the end of every month (one winning artist and one winning video director). I figured I may as well start a forum to make submitting easier, so feel free to post your stuff here if you'd like a well-earned nod. Note: Anything can win once, so if your submission isn't chosen the first time you send it in, feel free to try it again. The first winners were announced at 2:42 of this video, if you'd like an example:
  9. Time to look at where the fandom and I just don't see eye to eye. First on the table, Sweetie Belle's transformation into a total brat in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils.
  10. Spike makes a celebrity appearance in the Equestria Games. So why is this episode about him, again?
  11. So one day I was in band class hangout with my friends (We had a few minutes of class left). I Almost never forget to vibrate my cellular phone. As I am talking my Samsung galaxy S3 casually rings. I had forgot that I set my RingTone to the MLP theme song at full volume. My friends started to laugh at me and one guy sings along to it. At this point I had enough. So I pull the phone out of my pocket and I see who was calling me. It was my mom. Now my friends were laughing as hard as they could. Then they see that Rainbow Dash as my wallpaper. Damn it! 3 errors. At this point I get angry at them and at myself. I had completely lost control and snapped my Galaxy S3 in half. They were surprised but still were laughing. This is my embarrassing pony story. After a while they accepted that I was a brony
  12. If you have no Brony friends in real life, than this is the club for YOU!!! We have a Skype group now. If you wanna join add me, whitelightning, or bojo on Skype. My Skype: (i dont use skype anymore)
  13. I just wanted to see how many people in this forum have no brony friends. In my case, I don't have any brony friends , yet they know i am one. It's just that they really could care less if I watched colorful, scaled-down, magical horses. Tell me your story, or brag about how all your friends are bronies, idc.
  14. During my time as a brony (and even before), I've noticed that hardly anyone I meet has played either Dungeons and Dragons, or Magic: the Gathering. (The closest I've found is five or six people recently, but they all play Yu-Gi-Oh.) Does anyone on the forums actually play either of these?
  15. Basically a non-brony's opinions on the MLP characters having not seen the show nor seen any content from it. Haha, oh gosh, my sides... THIS IS NOT ME OR MY FRIEND. THIS IS SOMEONE ELSE'S PICTURES ENTIRELY.
  16. I know that we all perceive non-tolerators to MLP as ignorant people who simply hate us because we love a girly show. But since my older brother is not a pony lover, and yes, he's seen the show, it just led me to divulge a little bit between opinions about the show for the fans and not-fans. Here's some interesting points to why my brother doesn't fond over the show, and the fans. Believe me, he's pretty reasonable about this. That's why I wanted to see other's opinions about this too. Now here's his opinions in bold quotes, and my responses and opinions in the spoilers. "It's everywhere. It's in places it shouldn't be." "It's full of simple lessons. Things everyone should already know. Its all its directing towards. That's why it was meant for little girls." "There's nothing that engaging about it. I love cartoons too. I watch Adventure Time and Regular Show because it has interesting senses of humor and references." Now, did you think he was fair overall? Not fair? Let's hear it from you.
  17. Hey again, I'm not sure if I'm in the right section to post that (but I think its ok), I just wanted to share some of my non pony songs with you (already sheared one pony song yesterday on the fanart music section) As said in the title, I want to share some personal song projects with you. I'm looking for critiques and advices, I want to know (for people who have advanced knowledge on electronic/software music) some of your opinions, what I'm to you think it's ok, what do you think I can improve. Hope you enjoy, and, I welcome all words coming from all. Of course I'll not post all my songs here,it this would be a waste of your time listening everything xD so, one month ago a did a little "trailer video" to introduce to my few viewers and my facebook friends what projects I'm working on. Some songs have been started a long time ago (like one that I started on the eve of 2011), I've made some modifications since there to make it "20% cooler" Well, here comes the video, and if you want to listen more songs, you're welcome to visit my youtube page (my username is newricardo1e93)
  18. Hey guys, I’m not a Brony but lately I’ve decided to have an open mind and look into what the fandom is actually all about. I’m currently making a YouTube video series to document my journey. I apologize ahead of time if my videos sound condescending, it’s how I'm presenting myself on screen. The idea is to bridge the knowledge gap between the mainstream and the Brony fandom so I may sound offensive to you guys. It’s a way of connecting to a mainstream audience. Here are some questions that would really help me on my journey. Questions: What key episodes should I watch? What drew you into the fandom? The show or the culture? How has the culture affected your life? (The good and the bad) If you could educate the world on one misconception about the fandom, what would that be? Thanks, Boneyman
  19. Yeah, so. I was out eating with a non-brony friend of mine, and we got into a small debate about the "love and tolerate" -aspect of bronyism. He said he didn't think it was a thing that could work. "You can't just love and tolerate everyone! Even if everyone in this world was a brony themself, you can't love them all," he said. I asked him to give me an example, to which he had actually thought of something. He asked me: "What if Markus (name changed just because...) was a brony and expected you to be his friend again just because of that reason?" That got me thinking... Now, before you can really understand the situation, I need to tell you a bit about the relationship between me and this "Markus". Markus has been on my class ever since pre-school. For the first 5 years of school, he was completely invisible, to the point that I actually didn't know he was on my class until 5th grade. He was always a very small, unsociable kind of kid, and he was thought to be a bit "loco in the coco," like Pinkie would say. On 5th grade I started to notice the small mouse-like creature standing alone in the corner during recess. Next I noticed how some "tough-guys" of the class took it upon themselves to make the life of that creature as miserable as possible. I was bullied at those times too, so I decided to see if there was anything I could do to make them stop bullying him. So I stepped in, got into a fight, got detention because the teacher didn't believe I was just helping Markus out. So I decided I'd never again stick my nose into other people's business. After the incident, I started seeing Markus more and more. It was almost like he was following me. After we left grade-school behind us (Finnish school system is complicated, not gonna explain it here ) I found out that he was actually really grateful of what I'd done. We became sort of friends. Sort of, because when he started spending more time with me, I started to notice that those talks about him not being completely right in the head weren't totally made up. He was a strange fellow, very clingy, sometimes even annoyingly so. He would sit right next to me in the hallway and push himself right to my side. It got to the point where people started spreading rumors about us being more than friends. That was a tag I didn't want placed upon me, because being gay was strictly looked down upon among my peers, and I was at a situation where the earlier bullying had just stopped, and I didn't want to start a new round of the same crap I had been forced to take so far. So I distanced myself a bit from him. I thought it would be okay, because he had made a few more friends by then, who he liked to hang out with. So I started to stay a bit further away, deliberately sit a few rows away from him, start less conversations with him and the stuff. Might have been bad thing for me to do, but I didn't really cut myself completely off, just left him a bit more with his other friends. Either way, he took notice of that, and what happened was something I didn't expect. He made a complete 180 degree turnaround, going from friend to a bully in almost one day. At some point the bullying I had faced earlier had started again for some reason, and now he was there with them making fun of me. Needless to say, I felt betrayed. I talked to him about it, but he just made fun of me through the entire conversation. So I thought, fine, if he wants to be like that, then let him. I completely cut myself off from him. I didn't speak to him, I ignored him, I didn't even look at him. I was hurt, and I had a right to be. I still think I do. What I did when I took a little distance, did not give him the right to do what he did. After that, it just got worse, to the point where if I said something about him and he heard me and didn't like what I said, he could grab a baseball bat and start swinging it at me. It went on until the first year of high-school, when he dropped out. Haven't seen much of him afterwards, and I don't really want to... So yeah, that question from my friend really got me thinking. Before, I had seen it a bit more black and white, thinking that if someone is a brony, there has to be something good, something to love and tolerate in them. Now I don't think that anymore. After all that happened between me and Markus, I don't think anything he'd do would change my mind about him. I just can't feel anything but loathing for that person anymore. Some people might think that I should just forget and forgive, but I don't think I can. And I don't think I need to. He hurt me too bad back then, he doesn't deserve my forgiveness. What are your opinions on this question? Do you have someone you could never love and tolerate even if that person became a brony? Do you think being a brony is reason enough to become friends with someone who hurt you in the past?
  20. So quite awhile ago I decided to go to BronyCon for the second time, and my friend wanted to join me. Since I had no way to book a room (I'm 17) and his parents were going to Baltimore in the same week, I thought "sure, why not?" We got rooms booked and purchased passes, but I'm a little uneasy. My friend has absolutely no idea about anything related to MLP FIM and he doesn't want to learn anything about it. He's the kind of friend who "accepts" me as a brony but still judges me for it, particularly on the merchandise I wear. When I spoke to him about being absolutely sure about tagging along, he said "Maybe I'll learn something new." I doubt he's willing to, and he's not exactly the smartest apple of the bunch when it comes to respecting fandoms. Don't get me wrong I'm capable of handling the situation of him following me, but my fear is that he'll have absolutely nothing to do. What am I going to do with a lad who refuses to learn anything about FIM who is going to a convention that has everything to do with it? I can't just drag him around the convention and watch him be awkwardly silent the entire time. Any thoughts?
  21. So my ex-boyfriend asked me this last night. He's been watching some episode of MLP with his now-brony girlfriend. Now he's totally cool with MLP and he thinks it's a good show, but he has no intentions on becoming a brony. I'm okay with this :3 BUT...he did pose me a very interesting question to me last night. "Why do some ponies like Rarity and Fluttershy have several of the same thing for their cutie marks, but those like Twilight and Big Mac have one single HUGE thing for their cutie mark?" I admit, I...actually didn't know how to answer that. My best explanation was that it's a leftover from previous generations, such as Fluttershy's cutie mark being from Posey's. But I'd love if anyone here could give a better explaination for me to tell him. Any takers?