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Found 11 results

  1. The mystery novel I mentioned a while back is finally on its way to being written. I managed to finish my other project, "Dear Friends", and it's allowed me to think of other things. So! Without further ado, I present the first ever teaser for my upcoming fimfiction novel: "NoteWorthy" It'll probably come around in early 2017, so keep an eye out! -RealityPublishing
  2. With the exception of Flash Sentry in a few episodes, anything specific to Equestria Girls (such as any background stories for Sunset Shimmer and the Sirens) is never shown or given out in the show. If I could recall, some users sent death threats against the show's staff over at Twitter, roughly around the same time as when the first EqG movie was announced (or the Alicorn Twilight episode). I wonder if these two situations are related, in which EqG not appearing in the show was to avoid further attacks from some fans? Or is it just Hasbro's own decision?
  3. Tools of Trade & Tips Paint Tool Sai - Art Program Photoshop CS6 - Small effects some times Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet - Used forever Wrist guard - Good for those who have carpole tunnel like me or those who roll/easily feel pain with their hand. Tip #1 Waterbottle - Trust me using water while staying occupied for hours at a time working on art its good to keep something with less sugar. Plus you can buy flavor water packets if you really desire something with flavor. Tip #2 Do not sit for periods of time that last longer than 5 hours. You must get around and walk, bad things can happen to muscles and veins if you leave them in one position or not move them for longer than this. Sometimes it can even be life threatening! Take your time on art and be sure to go out and walk even if you desire to stay and draw. Tip #3 If you're like me and stay up late at night drawing you learn pretty fast its bad for your stomach and also health to snack out on things during all hours. I recommend eating light fruits or maybe even nuts if you aren't allergic. Eating junk food or full blown meals can end up making you nauseated and possibly harder to find sleep quicker. Tip #4 DO NOT force your self to stay awake. Work on art at your own pace and do not think you have to rush to get things done and plus disrupting your own sleep patterns can be harmful in it self. Tip #5 MOST IMPORTANTLY... Save your work continuously cause for the love of Celestia I have lost so much work by not saving regularly. This out of the way... *cracks knuckles* Lets get to business.. I guess I'll start from oldest to newest of my recent works. Kayy so this first one is a bit of fan art based from the IDW comics so if you plan to read or haven't read to the 'Reflections arc' then I do not really recommend looking. If you do not care then be my guest! These next three are fan art from Equestria Girls: Friendship Games so again if you do not want potential spoilers.. Then do not hesitate skipping this spoiler section all together. If you notice I relatively screwed up her outfit on most of the images then you'd be correct. It was frustrating for me to even figure those out. Everything else? Piece of cake mostly.. But the clothing just.. WHY This is fan art of Sunset Shimmer, mostly was a practice run really. My theory is her being the Princess of Guidance with element being possibly "empathy" or "forgiveness" Because she was two sides of a coin and knows both walks of life. Plus the fact who knows what hardships she had to overcome offscreen. These two are together because they are kinda a 'mini story' in my mind I could never actually form into words into a fanfiction. Majorly what happens is Discord gets corrupted by his own dark magic arts and begins tormenting Fluttershy with nightmares that are endless. Resulting in eventually her breaking fully and him able to use his power to turn Fluttershy into a sort of Nightmare Moon sort of thing. Unnamed Pony though I have been tempted to just name her Silver Music.. Well anyway ear is awkwardly placed and so is the horn. But hey practice makes perfect! This was my first shot of drawing tirek! Inspired by a animatic by Ink Potts! Just search up "You're only second rate animatic" by Ink Potts ;v; This final image was inspired by a fan fiction. If you wish to know which one I'll gladly share via PM! I am trying to evade directly sharing things publicly without permission to do so out of respect for the authors/Artists. PS. Sketches and other unfinished art will probably be posted via blogging once I have ability to make blogging posts. :>
  4. (Just a character I made for Halloween) Jeckyll Box, or known to his adversaries and friends as "Jack". Jack is a mischievous pony. He comes out on Nightmare Night to prank the little ones. He wasn't born naturally, and there are many mysteries surrounding his existence. As what is assumed to be an Earth pony, his actually abilities are notably limited, however, he loves pranking others by moving his tail. This is one of the mysteries of Jeckyll, as his tail seems to be tethered to his head of all places! His head seems to be detachable, making for a great prank, and maybe (if he's up for it) a trick-or-treat basket! Despite being mischievous, none of it is done with ill-intention, although some ponies don't seem to take it this way. Despite mainly being nothing more than a prankster, he has multiple interesting self-defense tactics. In an attempt to not damage his head, he can whip his head around on his tail to avoid damage to the brain! His tail seems to almost be like a Jack-in-a-Box's spring, as he can extend it at will. He also has a smoke-grey half of his body, which he can use to attempt to camouflage, although the lights from his head, and significant amounts of burlap and yellow will more than likely give him away. Despite being an Earth pony he's not very strong, but he does have one heavy tail that could easily allow for defense with a medieval flail, sword, or something similar, if the situation gets exceedingly rough! As with most ponies, he carries his weapons in his mouth, added onto his stretchy tail, and he has some serious range for attacking! Despite his interesting lineup for self-defense this is rarely ever necessary, only in survival situations. Jack is really just a normal pony, who loves his community, and loves his favorite holiday even more! (This was written kinda on-the-spot, I really cared more about the design than a back-story)
  5. My newest Fan Fic 4 from 4 Chapters done Warning: This is a sad fic. If you cant stand sadness by little colored equines, then don't read. Chapter 1: Happy times Chapter 2: Bad times Chapter 3: The moment you need somepony at most ... Chapter 4: ... then somepony will come to help
  6. I was born in Canterlot. my dad was a unicorn, But my mom was a Pegasus . While my father was a bright orange, my mother was a Lighter purple. I somehow came out red, but thats no bother. I never liked Canterlot, as everyone there was uptight and to fancy and braggy of how many jewels they had, or what there coffee had in it, or whatever. When i turned ten, i did 2 things: Firstly, i acquired a computer. they are super expensive in Canterlot, and mine was almost completely solid gold. Secondly, moved to Ponyville, and lucky me, i got the house next to twilight, so when Twilicorn happened, i never got sleep. i am great friends with pinky, and She holds a big gaming party on Tuesday nights (if you live near the area, just go to Sugacube Corner, and ask Mr. Cake, and he will tell you the address.) I actually got my Cutie mark with pinkie, witch i one Her Minecraft competition ten times in a row, and now my cutie mark is a diamond sword. My house burned down after Tyrek came and "visited", but the town got together and built everyones houses back up, so my home was good as new.
  7. "Oh, you haven't told her have you? She doesn't know who you really are. Doesn't know that you started this war a thousand years ago and you will start a new one for this age." The voice dripped in Trickster's ear like venom as the spirit draped herself about his shoulders. "She thinks you are a good person, someone trapped in an evil spell. But we know better. All this is your fault, a coward and a thief. You traded your past life, who you were, to me. You gave up everything to save your own skin from that dragon queen, and now your life belongs to me." She smiled as his ears pinned back, eyes narrowed down at her. But he could not deny the truth. "Your loyalty is to me, and once you start this war I will have the power to give myself an immortal form. You will lead that little princess to the old city, and I know you would not try to double cross me. For all you are just a thief and a liar, you are no fool my Trickster." I love sketches with little story blips since I can't get myself to write down a whole story XD; My oc Trickster is getting a back story re-write at the moment, and the cat spirit around his shoulders is an old enchantress/genie/magic being something or other from a time before Princess Celestia and Princess Luna claimed, and brought peace to Equestria in my head-cannon. She never had the magic to give herself an immortal form because of her power and so now just sort of floats about like the Cheshire Cat lol
  8. I guess I could call this a spinoff. Depending on how Season 4 of Friendship is Magic ends, I may wind up making Absolute Emotion a Prequel to FiM. Hey, Little Pony!: Absolute Emotion is an animated spinoff in hopes to achieve a more mature version of Friendship is Magic, which shows the viewer the values of a relationship, and morals on more of an advanced, more mature level while maintaining an interesting plot. The plot revolves around an eternal war over what ponies values, emotions, and passions are. To settle the war, the five embodiments of the purest passions attempt and show the world to work together to accomplish their goals. However, one individual who has lost everything meaningful to them has the power of the planet's rage dwelling inside of him, and wishes to lay waste to a land that cares about nothing but war. The five passions set out on a quest to find out what they're missing in life. I have a bit more stuff on a deviantART page ( I'm super passionate (Pun TOTALLY intended,) about getting this finished, It's been in the works for almost two years, and I'm still nowhere close to being finished. The way this started was really weird. I'd a pony drawn for me that was based off of an avatar maker system, I wound up liking her a lot, and I started to make her more of a character. She started out as a rad vampire hunter pegasus, all inspired by Castlevania, which brought her name to mind; Moon Aria, a combination of names from CV: Circle of the Moon and CV: Aria of Sorrow. She then became a beast hunter/pest control pegasus in Equestria, then a fighter, and then a wing buff. That wing buff became a huge part of her personality. Then my friend comes along and introduces me to his own OC, named Sinner Spark. His initial concept was a bit crazy and dark, as he was a pyromaniac discord-worshipping solid red and black pegasus with burned off wings. As you might think, that's a bad design choice now isn't it? I'd helped him make his OC and toned it down a bunch, so now he's just a clumsy cowardly gray coated, black maned, orange eyed pegasus that seems to get very lucky at times. We then thought we could make something out of this, and then Absolute Emotion spawned. It's been amazing to work with this ever since. EDIT: How do you guys like my rip-off-copyright-evasion-name?
  9. So, some friends and I were talking about all sorts of things about ponies, or course we were But anyway, we had gotten into some theories and asking questions about the canon material and the non-canon material that we see on ponies all the time. And thinking about the inner works and asking some really serious and deep questions. Though of course we were arguing over the difference between canon and non-canon material, as well as; Do canon questions/theories sometimes feel very shallow? Yes, you can have a simple question and/or theory, but it be very deep. Or have one that is written shallow but is actually deep, once you have a good look at them. Once you really start to think about them. But that of course is only for canon material. What about all the head canon? Or all the stories and characters that are a big part of the fandom, but not the show? What about those things that you don't see with the mane 6? Or even in lands or times that were never mentioned in the show? What about all those things? Like there are multiple theories and that going on about Doctor Whooves, Derpy, Colgate, Origins of villains/Mysterious Characters. So many things that aren't explained in the show, the fandom does for you. Whether it be through picking the material from the show and connecting the dots, or coming up with your own stuff to answer all the questions. But I would like to ask you guys, what are some really good questions/theories/analytic things you have or know? I would love to hear them, and it would be a great insight to what others perceive through what they find or see. And as well, do you prefer canon stuff or non canon stuff more when it either comes to content or theories?
  10. Well Rainbow Dash keeps saying that she wants to join the wonderbolts and I'm asking you Will she join them?
  11. See, I'm going on a road trip this Friday. The drive will take about 20 hours, so I need something to do during those 20 hours. So I'm looking for some good songs. I'm having difficulty looking for good ones. If you can, post a reply with a link to a good one. Thanks :3