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Found 15 results

  1. I guess here's my art dump for any non-pony stuff. For you Gravity Falls fans and tortilla chip lovers.
  2. Well here is some my gameplay and enjoy it
  3. I have been developing my OC for many years (from writing its backstory and drafting its personality and defining him to finally drawing him out) Melke is a non-pony and non-canon OC of mine that comes from another dimension to the MLP universe. I have many other OCs that I have to develop but this one seems more difficult even though I like this one most. I need help with mostly the color. I want to retain the color purple but I am unsure on how to apply it (main fur color, secondary fur color or power energy). Melke is around the size of Spike (MLP version for his biped stance or EQG version for his natural quadraped stance). His forehead mark has changed since its first conception. Read his MLP story here (you can find more information on what kind of creature is he from the 'others' section): RP Story:
  4. Just because I Like to draw it doesn't mean I only draw ponys. Here's some art that doesn't have a single pony in it! So please rate comment & LOVE Here are some D&D characters I drew ( OC's ) Gloo, The man of Magic. Aeries, the soulforge Smoke, the Aerialmaster ​Here some Other Characters I drew. Lise Ethra, the red dragon Ema Tumblr: *Warning NSFW* DA: Other Post with newer stuff Pencil Drawings on Paper
  5. I love making dragons, especially Cynder. This is my Dragon OC, Glacial Chill
  6. Comment here, too: [Copied from dA journal] I got the urge to draw a Sonic OC and I have most of it planned out, except for one thing. I don't really know what species to make it. I'll have to put it here since only premium members are allowed to use polls. Besides, I'll probably get a better answer out of it, assuming I get an answer at all. All I'm willing to let on right now is that the character is a jack-of-all-trades, a minor technical genius, somewhat into action, and motivated by anger. I'm leaning between these choices: Raccoon Skunk Squirrel Cat Otter/weasel Any hybrid of the above Any hybrid of one of the above + fox. Which should it be?
  7. Basically what the title says. Something to give me another reason to go to my dusty old DA page It could be something original from the artist, photography or fan art from other franchises. For courtesy's sake, please source the images posted. I'll go first. Clicking on the images will take you to the source.
  8. This is my new character.. I haven't really thought of a background or personality for her, so if you guys could help, that would be really great This drawing took about.. 30 minutes??
  9. Here are two pictures of wolves and one picture of a horse. Do you like?
  10. I downloaded Gimp today! YAY! I'm already using it to create awesomeness! I'll be posting more art when I create it. XD 2/28/2014: Horse. (Warning: Very large, don't click on it unless you want to zoom out in thy browser!)
  11. Hey, peeps! I'm writing a dramatic monologue for my AP English IV class, and I'm ready to turn it in and everything, but I'm a little unsure if it's appropriate (not in content, but in style), because it's different from any of the examples the teacher provided. Could someone perhaps do me a huge favor and give a bit of feedback? Thanks, guys & gals! :wubs: You're awesomesauce! The poem itself: And here you see, in the moonlight, my love—my darling— once upon a time. But now stone, a mere shadow, of what she was—could have been— once upon a time. Who can say? Can you tell, good sir? What she once was, beautiful, elegant, poised. Once upon a time. Sticks and stones, lifeblood, hear my words: “with staff, with rune, seal this beast for all time.” Once upon a time, she was here. Flesh and blood. But now she sleeps eternally. Who can say? Can you—anyone—tell? Why she she once was, but is no more. Temptation, once upon a time. But no more. I have made us safe from her.
  12. Okay, so, this thread will be my place to post my pictures. I know the topic title is "Don't Starve Art" - it IS, but it's not in the style. They're
  13. Hiya! So I've been drawing a lot lately, both digitally and on paper, and I've recently begun to record Speedpaints of my work and post them on my channel!! If you don't know what a speedpaint is, it's when an artist takes a screencast of their art as they do it, and speed it up to show the progress of how it was made in a short amount of time. If you'd like to see more like this it'd be appreciated if you subscribe. Thanks if you watch, and if you wanna give feedback or criticism, go ahead!!
  14. Here's a quick drawing I made about one of the most awesome shows back in the day. So yeah, If you don't know about it, Jamie is Coop's (The main protagonist) best friend. In my opinion, he wasn't that difficult to make. And even thought I think the eyes don't look right to me, I'm quite happy with the results.
  15. Hello Everypony :3 I just tought that i would upload some old photoshop pictures I've made a long time ago say what you think and give tips & tricks on how to improve... cuz i have much to learn I know they are all very simple but as I said theese are old pictures from back when i was just starting with photoshop :3 I have no clue on how to put them in a spoiler so please tell me or live with it x)