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Found 22 results

  1. (I keep trying to post an RP session on the Tabletop menu, but each time I submit, it tells me that "the content is below what is required", if memory serves. What does mean? Am I not doing something correctly? Is there a letter character frame as in the Advanced Roleplays section? And how do I use separate threads? I am fairly new performing RP with this site and I think I need some help. )
  2. Greetings there, Muffin status here so you already tell I'm a noob.... Anywho, so my character, my main ponysona, PickFairy is a blank flank adult. BUT- it's listed in the suggestion/topicofrpguide that if your pony is an adult they most likely have a cutiemark... The secret, and she has to regain her gift in a new way.. aka she's rediscovering her true talent. Soo,, with that in mind, can I still play her here and flesh out her character a bit? Or should she just be on the back burner? Here's her design, I haven't made a profile pic of her yet otherwise I'd update mine.
  3. So, I’ve already drawn my OC to look a lot better, but I find the rest of the page to be lacking. Can y’all help me, @Everypony? Here is a link to my OC’s page. Have a looksie, please.
  4. Hey everyone. I decided to try my hand in making animations but I have no idea on how to start making them. Does anypony know how and what good programs to use to start with.
  5. Hi! ^^ So, I've recently taken an interest in drawing pony fan art, and I'm at the bottom of the barrel. I mean, I literally just started drawing last night (ponies, anyways!) I finally got a chance today to put all my practice together and try to put a little something on paper. ^^ The video that helped me learn (or at least helped me get started) was on YouTube, by the Everfree Network. A great piece of advice they gave me, was to do my best, and seek guidance and advise from more experienced artists. I'd really like to start drawing the good stuff, but of course, it will take time and practice. So, here's what I've drawn already. ^^ A few comments of my own on this real quick: I know the front legs look a little bit stubby, and the back legs look a little weird. Just remember, this is my first time and I'm just now learning how to do this stuff. ^^" The mane...I know, it looks terrible. ^^" Just felt like I had to throw something on there so she wouldn't be bald. ^^" Tips, compliments, and advice would all be appreciated. ^^" Like I said, I am very new at this, and I know it may look like crud, that's why I come to experienced artists who can hopefully (please?) give me some advice on what I should do. ^^" I don't know how to ink this, or really what it means. Really, all I can do is draw. ^^" I may smack this on Photoshop later and see if I can pretty it up. So, that's it! ^^ I'll probably keep updating this topic with drawings until I feel I'm good enough to put this stuff on Deviant Art. ^^" Oh, and another thing, if you see kind of a little fade drawing behind the pony, that's just a different drawing behind. ^^" Thanks!
  6. hi im jack im a noob animator. yup heres a picture a deigo
  7. but when I do, I prefer Horse Wife! Seriously though.. I made some fanart for Horse Wife over at, which is a great ask blog if you haven't read through it. I really don't draw that much pony, but I've been having fun with it... so who knows. Let me know what you think!
  8. So for the past few days I was wondering if I could find any brony Tekken players, or just bronies in the fighting game community in general. I don't even think I've met a brony online and it bugs me a little bit.(Actually, quite a lot.) Seeing how this forum is the most pleasant place on the internet, I hope to find someone who wants to have idle conversation about fighting games. Please tell me I'm not alone.
  9. Im gonna start making more videos like this in the future Enjoy!!
  10. Please tell me what you thought o the video Thanks!
  11. hI I am sMaRt_GUn_Ma57er i gET PWneD EvERydAY I pLaY CoD, Bf, and Halo I hA73 t3BAGger5, cAMp3rs, and hACk3rs This is my picture aSK m3 anY Th1ng
  12. I ask this question 'cause I joined skype less than a week ago, and due to it's popularity (almost everyone using it), I feel like I'm missing something. I feel like there is something more to Skype than what I'm using it for. So I ask, what is Skype? Please explain to the noob that is me.
  13. Edit: I decided to start up on this again after a few months, dunno how long my motivation will last, but we'll see. Regardless, this is my first fanfic, i wrote 2 chapters of it, and then kinda lost interest, but i'm hoping to write more and even better this time. I'm still very novice with writing and fanfics, so yeah, any information critique and what not is fine, feel free since i know almost nothing and never will without any critique. Right now its just the two chapters, i did some editing on chapter 1, but chapter 2 is still a bit un edited. So tell me what you think! Thanks for taking the time to atleast skim if you do! Ps. the link does infact work now, i fixed it so no worries! Inform me if its still broken! Thanks again to anyone who decides to read it. And please if you can offer some critique or feedback, i know it has plenty problems being my first fanfic, and me being a crappy writer, so i could easily utilize critique!
  14. First and foremost, if you are new here, welcome welcome welcome! It's wonderful to see more My Little Pony fans joining every day, even better when they stick around and add their energy to the forums. I hope it lasts forever. With that said, here's some helpful advice from a more experienced member: 5 things all new members should know about MLP Forums! 1. The character limit is a good thing. It may seem annoying at first, but we're not texting here. The limit is there to encourage discussion and discourage comments that don't add anything constructive to a topic, like "I agree," "k thx," "lolwut" and "tl;dr." Complaining about the character limit makes a poor first impression. 2. RP-posting is not original. You know the kind of thing I mean: introducing yourself as your OC pony. Stuff like HI IM CRIMSON DEATHSNORT THE ALICORN GOD OF PONY DEATH. I TAKE PONIES TO TARTARUS AND IVE DATED LUNA. WORSHIP ME & I MAY SPAR UR LIVES! It's been done, many times. We'd rather get to know the real you. 3. Greet other newbs! Don't be shy about welcoming someone else to a place you've just arrived at. It's a great show of solidarity and friendship, and that's what My Little Pony is all about! And don't be afraid to explore the board either. Try every section. You'll definitely find something you like. 4. Post for respect, not attention. Gimmicks won't do much for you on MLP Forums. Let's face it, they're not very interesting and we've seen 'em all. The all caps/bold/italics, typing in dialect ('ah sure am happy to be meetin y'all'), squicky avatars etc, the guy who's been on too many Youtube comment pages and can't go 3 posts without talking about *insert controversial topic here.* We have a sense of humor (esp. in Cloudsdale Commons) but the important thing is what you actually have to say. That's why smart cookies like Kyronea can take a topic to the next level with one post, but a one-sentence joke or meme is forgotten in minutes. 5. This is not just another board. It's better. Better organized, better atmosphere, better contributions. And that's the most important point. I've been on a lot of forums and many were kind of cynical or shallow, with too many trolls or members constantly bickering. Don't worry, this place is different. We are a welcoming and accepting community. Liking MLP doesn't just put us in the same place; it draws us all closer together. We really read what you say. Take the things you learned from the show and let them be your guide, and you will make friends here! Don't be afraid to tell us your stories and express an honest opinion. And that's all the advice I have for our new joiners, at least while sober. Welcome and pony on!
  15. Caus i'm nice, if you dont want to read the wall of text, (TL;DR DH...) just read the blue text So here are the basics. I'm 18 years old...and i've dont absolutely sweet F/A with my life so far. I REALLY want to change that. The only thing I can think of to do that I would be comfy doing is probably the biggest and most challenging thing I can think of in the brony community - music. I've never had any previous experience with music making before, but I learn quick and I have some rough ideas of what I want to do. If I see something is going to be worth doing in the long run, i'll stick with it to the end - and I have all the time in the bucking world... Now, here's the deal. I want to get into making music for YouTube, and i'm hoping to (obviously) get quite good at it and possibly become a big name, or at least a moderate name Now I know what you're all thinking by this point - "Kid, just give up. It's been 18 years and you've done nothing, people have gotten a head-start on you and you're plunging in at the deep end here" I agree...I totally feel like that myself, but I REALLY want to do this for several reasons...and these are all what you've heard before. - I like to live in a fantasy world. Of course I understand reality and all that boring crap, but I think my ability to live in my own fantasy world is probably the only thing that has kept me from snapping in the past few years. - I want to contribute something to the community. Bronies have done so much for me in the past without realising it, I feel I should give something back. - I like to draw MLP and anime characters, and I think creating music and using my own backgrounds would be a great way to expand my horizons and talents. (If you've ever heard of Mayhem/Renard, that's the kind of thing i'd like to be doing eventually) Now for the REAL problem. I have no money as such, and i'm on a Mac. The software I want to get (FL Studios 10) is based on a Windows PC, and will not run on a Mac. The solution? Buy a PC. I have £1000 that I got for my 18th birthday, and I dont want to waste it. But I was thinking about buying FL studios and a new computer for my own personal use for creating music. Would you suggest this? Would you suggest I do anything different? Or should I really just give up on my dreams before I waste my time? I am a very lazy person, so for me to actually get off my ass and do something with myself even like this, is a great personal leap...I just dont want to waste it. I was considering starting on Garageband on the Mac, posting a few noob videos on YouTube and developing my talents from there, before I leap into spending all my money. If people could suggest anything or give me some advice or...anything? Even getting a few video views on my YouTube channel (when I...actually post some music) and getting some advice and some recommendations, just the little things to help get me started...if I...get started :/
  16. Well this Christmas I got a new drawing tablet. I haven't been used to one so I have been doing a few sketches. I just got Paint Sai (awesome by the way) And did a few Ponies on there. So tell me what you think of these... things.
  17. In the free game Elsword (I just downloaded) I am a newb. ;A; HELP ME. DOES ANYONE PLAY THIS? If you do, can you show me around on the Forum (i.e in-game or on this forum) and if you have not, can you point me towards a website for help?
  18. Welcome, though i doubt that anypony is reading this. This is more just for my fun and stuff, well anyway... This is what I like to call my cloud, since my pony Star Chaser is indeed a Pegasus. I'm a high school student, and I hate it. My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie, because she's like the pony version of me. I'll basically just post my life by the days and stuff. yeah.... I'm done...
  19. Well, i need help to find good vsts. I am currently using Edirol but its not that good. Any suggestions for good Vsts??
  20. So I've been practicing and here's my latest one. Feel free to give me your feedback and opinions. Did I do alright?
  21. So I decided to finally post something here... Pretty much to see what people thinks of what little I've done done so far~ A recolour of Rainbow Dash, apparently called Holly Dash... She apparently doesn't have wings, but oh well... Forgot that part. Made using outlines and stuff~ A crazy idea/request a friend of mine wanted to see... A hybrid between Rainbow Dash and Spyro. Done pretty much in the same way as Holly Dash, but was more complicated as I needed multiple references. So what do ya think? My dA if anyone's interested... EDIT: So much support... Just while I ate dinner? Wow... Inspires me to try harder on whatever I'm drawing at the moment~ Thanks!