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Found 7 results

  1. Yes, I waited until midnight to say this, but here's the special update. I've decided that I won't be writing RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails on Saturdays because I want to keep it strictly a weekday job. I know it's a bit abrupt and I actually never planned on taking a break. It's fun to write little stories about my mishaps in life, it really is! Don't worry about a thing, because I'll be back with a brand new story Sunday. After that, I wanted to tell a longer, more personal one before moving on. This next Sunday release is a doozy and will (probably) get me a warning, but... meh? It's got to do with Clop, but I've been making sure not to include anything suggestive in the actual story. IF you happen to want the full details, then I'd be happy to answer questions through Private Messaging. I'm hoping to extend this series as long as I possibly can. It will always have the same schedule. If not, I will do my best to catch up. New Issue Everyday with the exception of Saturdays -RealityPublishing
  2. Repost from Here's our problem with all of these big-name companies making MLP games: Let's be honest, Hasbro is probably going to restrict all official MLP games to be E-rated to appeal to the youngest audience as possible. The last time they made "movies" for MLP, they dumbed it down to appeal to the biggest audience, because it's not on TV, it's in store shelves. Kids don't have free access to that MLP stuff like they do (kinda) on TV. They have to buy it and watch it. The reason this stuff is bogged down is because Hasbro is trying to appeal to the young audience that the show was originally intended for, and still makes a considerable portion of the show's audience. Having a big-name game company famous for creating fantastic M-rated games (Hasbro, Rockstar, etc.) will turn off parents because they have a reputation for M-rated games. Even if the game is E-rated, you can expect some more adult references to be in the game to appeal to everyone but little kids (the kids won't get it), and some parents will be paranoid and think the whole game will be like that. Or maybe I'm just rambling. IDK. The point is, the game is probably gonna be EG-level of dumbed-down-ness, so you're all probably not going to get the game you want. One last thing: Fan games made for MLP that is NOT strictly child-friendly will likely not be accepted by Hasbro. If you try to talk to them about licensing your game, they won't accept it if it is over an E/E-10 rating in content. A fighting game? Nope. A pony dies? Nope. Any adult content will be refused, and a good portion of your game ideas will be rejected because it's not kid-friendly.
  3. I try to be good, I try to let the advertisements play on youtube. However there is a point to where I end up keeping ad block on. It's when this happens. ↓ Seeing all those uneven yellow dots on the bottom draws the line. Most of which are appear on the bottom of the video overlapping the subtitles. I mean I'm not hearing impaired but to those who try to watch youtube videos with subtitles or captions; must ad block on a regular basis just to be able to read. It isn't like google is doing it in purpose but one would think they would catch it right away. Not only that, this showed up WITH ad block enabled. So what am I worried about? Lots of little nit picky things, the uneven yellow dots on the scrub bar, the frequency of the yellow dots (then again it makes sense for an hour long video, but I've seen fourteen minute videos with that many dots) or just how frequent I would (if adblock was not enabled) have to close the advertisements that overlap the subtitles for LPs. Am I just being stupid or crazy or what?
  4. Today I broke one of my cardinal rules for using the internet: "Never make a facebook post about your feelings." And right now I'm breaking another one: "Never make a blog post about real life problems." Over the last year and a half, I've been a semi-active member of this community and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of good people. Some of those people I feel know me a lot better than some of my real life friends... Unfortunately, that's all coming to an end. I've been having a decent year of school, but apparently decent isn't enough. I've been losing sleep over trying to keep my grades up, and it's ended badly for me. I've become more irritable and jumpy, and my grades have suffered since I've started trying as hard as I can to keep myself afloat. At the same time, two of the people I thought were my closest friends have drifted from me so they can spend time with their girlfriends, and the closest friends I still have are someone whose only real interaction with me is playing a game or two when he's not completely swamped with work and someone who's just as smart as me but incredibly annoying. After that it's the person I hang out with occasionally and the two aforementioned friends who I barely talk to due to their girlfriends. This combined stress, along with the lack of my usual outlet in playing games, has led to a further drop in my grades. This has led to my parents deciding I can spend no more than an hour on the computer all day, including doing my calculus homework (it's computer based), which usually takes about an hour on its own, 2-3 hours if it's derivatives. For about a month now this forum has been my only real source of fun and relaxation, and I can't use it anymore. Thanks for bearing with me, I know this is a pathetic thing to rant about when other people have much worse things happening, but this is basically raw emotion. This isn't my "fractalmoon" persona, this is the actual me, and the actual truth. To be honest a lot of you people are more fun to be around than any of my friends, and I'm grateful to all of you for tolerating my sometimes funny, usually annoying, antics. Thanks for having me around, Brent Singh
  5. Can anyone tell me why I even started this? Anyways, here we go... This right here will not exactly relate to the happenings at the Boston Marathon, though they are what gave me the final impact to write this. Let´s say it was the one thing too much to still be quiet about my feelings anymore, and yes, expect my feelings, my personal opinion if you go on with this text, if not, then you should turn away now. This will not be a rant against terrorists/ extremists in general (crazy people, I don´t know?). We have enough of those, everyone has his opinion, most of them hold water. It is nothing I could tell you anything new about, so I won´t even try… What I want to talk about is the general relation to violence, what this recent happenings (not being specific about whatever natured motivation is behind that) is just one of the most cruel possible prooves of. I want to ask you, what makes people do this? What makes people build bombs? Take guns and shoot innocent people? Harm innocent people? Do those people even have feelings anymore? Are they still humans? I can´t answer this, I don´t know much. What I know is what a life is worth. I look at the newspaper, I read about gang fights, gunfights, rampages, either politically or religiously motivated attacks/ bombings… but first of all, I read “death”. This term, how it is written down black on white could never express what it means. 2 people killed, 12 people killed, hundreds dead... I can´t relate to it anymore. How could I? Just the thought alone... these numbers, these names (if even!) you read there, those were humans like you and me. They had a story, they grew up, they were brought into this world trough pain by a (in the best case) loving mother. They have been through good times, through bad times, experienced love, experienced hate, fell down, got up again, tried and fought to find their place in this world, with all possible right they had to do so. Over years, decades they were made, they were taught, formed and evolved the best they could (under the circumstances) to make them complete, unique human beings. I`m crying tears of bitterness and I am nearly going crazy just thinking about it. All this, lost, stomped into the ground, without thoughts, without mercy, without right, without even a second standing still and truly understanding what just happened, what they just did. If people are able to do this, and more and more are (apparently), then where are we going? Am I just being hysterical? Maybe. You tell me. But more than hysterical I am worried, right-away scared. I don´t expect answers, how could I, I just wanted to say what I feel. I´m not good at expressing my feels whatsoever, so stay calm, please.
  6. Even Pokemon can't escape our influences! (This isn't like naming pokemon after characters) In Black and White 2 you get your own "avenue". In this avenue you invite people to make stores and whatnot. Once you have invited enough people to visit and check out the shops, the avenue raises in level. Once at level 10 you can edit the avenue name (it was originally Join Avenue). So doing the most sensible and completely not cliche thing I can think of, I name it Equestria. SO ORIGINAL (insert sarcasm here)! In the avenue, you can assign phrases that your residents will say. So whenever something good happens, they yell Celestia! This is a good thing. Right? Right!? Right.
  7. (Topic deleted) /why?\ (The Story became boring and frustrating to write)