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Found 59 results

  1. I recently found a working, downloadable version of Turok Evolution, a game that came out in 2002 (i think)?. And I loved that game to death as a kid, and now that I've played it again, I still do! Some of my other favorite childhood games include Pokemon Gens 2 and 3, The legend of zelda: Ocarina of time, twilight princess and wind waker, Super smash bros. melee, the spiderman games for ps1 and ps2, Timesplitters 2, star wars rebel strike: rougue squadron 3, Sonic adventure 2, Star wars: bounty hunter, and there's probably many I can't remember. My parents used to be gamers, so I've been gaming for as long as i can remember. What are some of your favorite games that you played as a kid?
  2. I was intrested to know what others favorite cartoons from their childhood? Here are my top 5 1. DBZ Toonami Ftw 2. Ed, Edd, & Eddy- "Butter Toast.." 3. Animaniacs 4. Courage the Cowardly Dog 5. Beavis & Butthead
  3. I was trying to clean my room when I found things I drew in class during high school. This lead me to to remember the classes I drew them in, who I shared the class with, and some of the fond memories I have of that place known as High School. One of my favorite memories was when in a film/recording class, I accidentally pressed the record button on the Camera without realizing it. So we got a lot of footage of us walking around, primarily watching my feet walk around outside. When we got to a spot to shoot a scene, you would see me aim the camera at our classmates, and then I'd hit the record button, and everything went black as I stopped the recording.. When we finished the scene, I'd hit the record button, and record my feet walking again unknowingly. So we had to beg the teacher to give us an extension as we had nothing but walking and my feet. We showed him to prove we were not lying, and he laughed so hard when I'd stop the recording when I meant to record our scenes. So, what are some of your favorite memories?
  4. Seems like simpler times in here. Kindergarten, 1st grade, no responsibilities, etc. Good times. But growing up has its perks.
  5. There always people complaining about how things "suck" these days, and that things were "better back then". I'm getting really sick of this. It's like everywhere you go on the internet you'll find somebody who's either 13 or 40 complaining about how "bad" things like music, cartoons, Pokemon, movies, entertainment, living standards, values, etc. are these days. I'll start off with cartoons. A lot of times it's not that cartoons from back then are any better, it's just that you're used to them because you grew up with them, therefor you like them. That being said, the cartoons of today are cartoons that you are not used to because you didn't grow up with them, therefor they most likely don't appeal to you. It's just nostalgia playing dirty tricks with your head. I for one have always enjoyed what's on Cartoon Network, I've been watching it since the days of the original Cartoon Cartoons and I still like it. I really like AT, RS, and Gumball, as well as their precursors Chowder and Flapjack. There's also a lot of great anime out there, and I've always been fond of Pixar movies. If you know me then you probably know how annoyed I get when people blurt out phrases like "Almost all music these days is garbage". What people fail to realize is that the radio has always played garbage, it's been doing it for years and it's nothing new. Meanwhile, the underground has always been a gold mine. All the popular mainstream whateveryouwanttocallthem artists make up a very, very, very tiny percentage of all music, so to say that most modern music is bad based on them is completely inaccurate. Another thing people fail to realize is that as time passes, music gets more and more diverse. Today there are more genres, subgenres, and fusiongenres than there were 30 years ago. Every now and then you'll get some kid who says something like "AM I WEIRD BCUZ I LIEK CLASSIK RAWK INSTEAD OF MODERN POP GARBAGE", that too is annoying. How can you have a weird taste in music? I'm a fan of both black metal and J-pop and I don't view that as weird, not one bit. People assume that "life was easier back then". But no, they're out their mind. There was once a point in time when smallpox was common, polio was common, racism was common, homosexuality was extremely taboo, being irreligious was frowned upon, gender roles were strict, there was the draft, etc,. If anything we've been making progress. Back then there was no internet or cellphones, or video games FFS. So why would anyone prefer to live back then than now? So what are your thoughts on this whole "nostalgia" phenomenon that's been sweeping the internet?
  6. So before, someone posted a thread here about Sesame Street. That reminds me of this other show that was on PBS Kids in the 90's. Please take a look. I was VERY young when I'd get up at 6:00 in the morning to watch this show. This is done by some of the same people you'd recognize from Sesame Street and other Muppet stuff such as Carmen Oshbar, Peter Linz, Jim Martin, and Noel MacNeal. It's targeted for kids older than Sesame Street, teaching kids lessons about being friends, getting along, and different cultures of the world. Here's a full episode. What do you guys think?
  7. As I was born in the 90s, I completely missed the 80s. But... I think a Nostalgia thread for those that were in the 80s should exist. So here is a thread for you 80s folks to talk about movies and fashion and TV and overall other 80s stuff. Here is the 90s Nostalgia thread. And the 2000s thread. In any-case, I now like some things from the 80s, like transformers and movies so I guess there are things younger people can talk about even if it wouldn't be nostalgia for us. As for me, am planning an 80s themed week, where I listen to 80s music, play 80s video games, and wear 80s fashion. Watching 'Back to the Future' is totally on my list. So any-ponies here have any suggestions for 80s week? go ahead and share some ideas please!
  8. This is a show that recently came through my mind and that i haven't seen in almost 2 decades. Starship Sagittarius (in japan called Uchusen Sagittarius) was a sci-fi anime that aired in 1986-1987 for 77 episodes. The series depicts the adventures of four astronauts who travel through space and visit many planets. On each planet they have an adventure. Each adventure seems to have a sort of morality, like the importance of friendship or about the state of the enviroment. It had alot of humor in it, but it also dealt with very mature themes at some points. like war, the dangers of nuclear wars, protection of the enviroment, slavery, alcoholism, etc. This all sounds very serious but it*s done in a way that kids can still watch this. I just recently found the japanese dub with subtitles on it on Youtube with all 77 episodes. It's a very interesting show to say the least.
  9. I made a thread about the 90s, and the 80s... the-90s-nostalgia-thread the-80s-nostalgia-thread So I figured "why not make a nostalgia thread based the first decade of this millennium?" So lets do that, lets talk about the decade that most of you guys were either children in and/or were teenagers in. Talk about TV, movies, music, trends, all that stuff. Animation was rather notable, in that the american cartoon industry boom of the 90s continued into the 00s and then declined as the decade went on. Same with anime, there was a big anime boom in the early 2000s that busted by the end of the decade. This was the decade of invader Zim and Haruhi. Classics.
  10. I grew up in the 90s and so are a lot of the other people on this site, and I was thinking about how fun it could be if there was a thread were we can discuss the 1990s, talk about TV, fashion, Music, trends, that kind of stuff. I was more of a late 90s/early 00s person, having been born in the real early 90s, teenager 90s things weren't targeted at me, unlike my older siblings. For example my sister had a whole bunch of those Grateful dead stuffed bears (at least that's what I think that's what they were), as well as had a bunch of rock and roll stuff like posters and things in her room, so that's what I think about when I think about stuff for teenagers in the 90s from my perspective as a kid at the time. (that and I may have secretly watched an episode or two of things that I was not allowed to watch, like South park and Beevis and Butthead, and Celebrity Death Match). I made threads about the 80s and 2000s too.
  11. As the title goes, What song did you like most when you where still a kid, be it a theme song to a popular cartoon , a Disney song or even one of those really niche bands. To start things off , here is mine ^ ^ My uncle used to play it every time we rode his car. It was EPIC. In fact, I remember the words by heart.
  12. HERE COMES THE SHITLOAD OF OLD CARTOONS !!! hi. i just wanna learn more about u on here (yes i enjoyed MLP late 2015), so tell me the shows off the list u heard or never heard before :DD 1) code lyoko 2) madeline 3) liberty's kids 4) totally spies 5) powerpuff girls 6) ed edd n eddy 7) courage the cowardly dog 8) codename kids next door 9) magic school bus 10) strawberry shortcake (2003 series) 11) clifford the big red dog 12) super mario cartoon series 13) curious george 14) cardcaptor sakura/tsubasa chronicles 15) berenstain bears (2003 series) 16) avatar the last airbender and legend of korra 17) adventures from the book of virtues 18) teen titans 19) sagwa the chinese siamese cat 20) MLP (reason why im here) 21) TMNT (2003 series) 22) sabrina cartoon series 23) anne of green gables (old cartoon ) 24) arthur 25) samurai jack 26) W.i.t.c.h out of all of those listed. share away ur thought on em all. H-YEAH<3
  13. I just had a thought about some toys I remember that were big in my childhood. Such as Lego's, easy bake ovens, and those creepy "furby" things... *Shivers* Anyway, what toys are nostalgic to you? (No gak, gak is too gak.)
  14. Hi everyone, So as the title suggests, how do you feel when you re-watch episodes from earlier Seasons of Pony? As we get closer and closer to the release of S6, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and went back and watched some episodes from the very 1st season. I can't believe S1 aired nearly 6 years ago! I baby-sit a kid who is 6 years old and it freaks me out that fans who were born when the show 1st aired are now old enough to start grade school . It amazes me how far we've come from MLP's humble beginnings. I suddenly feel so old whenever I catch a S1 episode on TV. It was a much simpler time back then. The show could not take as many risks as it can now as writers had to abide to Hasbro's E/I (Educational and Informational) standards. Hasbro was testing out the waters with the show and even they weren't sure that it would last this long. Thankfully, E/I was dropped starting with Season 2 allowing for more engaging storytelling . Going back to re-watch Season 1 is like going back to playing Pokemon Red and Blue on the GameBoy after playing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS. Sure it is nostalgic and great fun, but you quickly remember how far we've come since then . Feel free to agree or disagree with my analogy. It's why I rank the later seasons higher than the earlier ones, and can't stand those who say that episodes after a specific season are plain garbage (which is an entirely different discussion that i'll keep separate from this 1 ).
  15. For anybody that dosen't know. Tabaluga is a fictional dragon created by German Rock musician Peter Maffay, children's song writer Rolf Zuckowski and the author Gregor Rottschalk. He appeared at first in the 1983 musical fairy Tale called "Tabaluga or...The Journey to Reason." After gaining public and critical success, another 4 concept albums came out, a Cartoon Show was created and even a stage musical. Tabaluga is about 7 dragon-years old (which is 100 years in human years). His father died when he was six. Following his father's death, Tabaluga was the last of the dragons and styled the crown-prince of Greenland, a place inhabited by talking animals of many different species. Tabaluga must defend his home from two rival kingdoms on either side of Greenland; a frigid arctic tundra, ruled by the evil snowman Arktos and a searing desert, ruled by an evil sand-spirit named Humsin. Does anybody else remember him? Have you listened to the albums in your childhood, or watched the Cartoon? Here is the intro to the cartoon show: (Spoilers, the german is the better one. )
  16. Looking back throughout the years there were certain songs I remember better than others. Some albums that stuck out to me more so than others as well. For me a album that has always stuck out to me was Breaking Benjamin's: We Are Not Alone album (2004). My older cousin gave me his copy of this CD in that year. That was the first CD I ever had of my own and that album helped me see what genre of music I loved most. Up until that time I didn't really know anything about music or what I truly liked. I used to listen to that cd all the time on my old CD player I had at the time. So whenever I listen to this album it always brings me back to those days when I was in middle school and hanging out with my older cousin, who was like a big brother to me at that time. Was there any artists, albums or songs that you hold close to you from the past? That give you nostalgic memories of sorts?
  17. Time to place all those things from a few years ago that make us say "wow that was awesome" and to see if anyone else remembers.
  18. All right, so there another forum I frequent, Toonzone Forums. It's a forum for a discussion on cartoons. It's been around way longer than this forum, the current state of it dating back to 2001. If you know me, I'm not a fan of arguments based on nostalgia. And oh boy, this thread here is ironic. Now, you might think with the title that this thread was probably posted a few years ago at the most, seeing as the general consensus is that Cartoon Network went downhill around 2006. Nope! It was posted around 2002. So even people back then were complaining about new cartoons.
  19. Spoilers for last episode of Season 3, but not really anything else. So, we tend to hear quite a few fans talk about how the show has lost its magic since Season 3 started, and that the show is now more about literal spellcasting, lasers, and action violence, and fan pandering with meme-ish situations and characters, and that S1&2 had more slice-of-life stories. Well, I've whittled down S3 and S4 into one 26-episode season, divided into two half-seasons of thirteen episodes each. Season 3A: The Crystal Empire (Parts 1 & 2) One Bad Apple Magic Duel Sleepless in Ponyville Wonderbolts Academy Apple Family Reunion For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils Keep Calm and Flutter On Just for Sidekicks Games Ponies Play Flight to the Finish! Magical Mystery Cure (Twilight doesn't appear at all in FWtSBT or FttF! as far as I know, so figured I could place those episodes before MMC, because the feel like they could also be pre-MMC episodes) HIATUS of some length Season 3B: Princess Twilight Sparkle (Parts 1 & 2) Rarity Takes Manehatten Pinkie Apple Pie Rainbow Falls Three's A Crowd Pinkie Pride (remove filly Maud Pie) Twilight Time It's Not Easy Being Breezies Leap of Faith Equestria Games! Twilight's Kingdom (Parts 1 & 2) The point of this list is that these 26 episodes that are Post-Season 2, best exemplify the vibe that Season 1 and 2 friendly vibe aficianados are into. Well, just there, I deleted some of the more goofy and wacky adventurey episodes out of existence, but preserved the ones that "have to stay" in terms of continuity and "giving Princess Twilight some character development. But then again, Testing, Testing, 1 2 3 and Trade Ya! are also apparently important episodes for Princess Twilie's development... so if they are willing to have there be 15 episodes post-MMC up to and including the end of the Rainbow Power/Trinket arc, then I suppose that would or could help people who "wish the show stayed grounded in that sweet, casual Ponyville". What do you make of this? Do you think that the episodes that I removed into un-existence were something that... without them being there, recent MLP just doesn't seem whole? Or do you reckon that there's just some episodes that you don't care for because they don't contribute to the narrative or mess up your vibe of what initially and/or still makes FiM an attractive show instead of a stumbling show?
  20. So, I just recently got my hands on a game for the xbox 360 called "50 Cent Blood on the Sands". This game isn't the most.. well.. mass produced of games out there and I'm pretty lucky to have found a copy at Best Buy for 10 bucks. Aside from this little "gem" I also own a copy of Star Wars Bounty Hunter for the Gamecube, which is pretty rate. An un-used copy selling for a lot of money. Along with that I also own a copy of the Mortal Combat Trilogy for the N64 UN-OPENED and still in it's plastic wrap stuff. Anyway, I was curious what kind of stuff everyone else has that is rather rare?
  21. For Sonic's 20th anniversary, SEGA decided to merge three eras of Sonic history- classic, Dreamcast and modern- into one game, 'Sonic Generations'. In it, both classic and modern Sonic were playable characters, running through stages from previous Sonic games (with updated music from the originals) as well as fighting familiar bosses such as Perfect Chaos and the Death Egg Robot. Simply put, if you had played any of the main games in the series, you were going to feel the nostalgia, hard. What I'm wondering is, what other gaming series would you like to have their own Generations-styled installment? Personally, it would have to be the Mario series for me. There are quite a few characters that haven't appeared again in years- Wart and Tatanga, for example- and it'd be great seeing them and some other retro settings return modernised. Plus, considering its long history, there'd be a lot of material to work from, even disregarding the various spin-offs that it has. What are your ideas?
  22. What contemporary songs will people become nostalgic for a decade from now, to the point where, in ten years, even fifteen to twenty years from now, people like us will talk about how "this is real music this is how good music used to be." Literally the only thing I can think of it "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. I don't see that song getting old. It has the stylistic advantage of reminding people of the 90s or whatever time period. Only song that is approximately ten years old/ from the "early 2000s" that I can think of as being "classic" is outkast's "Hey Ya", and perhaps Eminem's "Lose Yourself", altho not everyone can relate to the message of the rap. I guess perhaps people will praise, like, Coldplay or something as being iconic of our times, but also somewhat enduring beyond our time.
  23. Nostalgia does blind people I often hear that Nostalgia blinds people. And I agree with that. Nostalgia makes people unfair in their opinions towards different media. But it blinds on another way then often is referred I mean that people often see nostalgia as a bad thing, because it influences the opinions on old games like Mario, Ocarina of time, Final fantasy etc. However, I don’t think that’s wrong. The only thing that the nostalgia adds then is a extra thing on why someone likes a old game It becomes a problem when nostalgia clouds the view on new games that come out. There is a good friend of mine, called Youri. Youri and I both love the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We do, however, have different ways on how much we like certain Creed games. The first creed game Youri and I both played is Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. It was a good game with nice graphics and a pleasant feeling to it. And I personally will not compare Assassin’s Creed games with each other. Mainly because it takes place in different times, and therefore the creators tried to give each time his own personal feeling. Because of that, no Assassin’s Creed game will feel the same, because there is different art style, other styles of music and different colors. In short, the atmosphere is different, so comparing Creed games isn’t fair in my opinion. Youri, on the other hand, does compare the games with each other. To him, the first Creed game he played was the best, which was Brotherhood. Now, thinking that one game is better then another game of that franchise isn’t a bad thing WHEN someone can back their opinion up with a real things they found great at the game or major faults at the other games. Only youri sees the other Assassin’s Creed games as less good, because ‘’it doesn’t feel the same’’ And that’s a problem when looking at Creed games critically. Because Youri has that much of Nostalgia for Brotherhood, no other creed game will give him the same feeling, and thus, will never be as good as Brotherhood. This wouldn’t be a problem if Youri could still enjoy the new Creed games. But he can’t enjoy them anymore. He hasn’t even played Black Flag trough the end, because to him, it doesn’t have the same feel as Brotherhood And I think this is the big danger of Nostalgia, being unable to see the beauty in new games, because they don’t capture ‘’that’’ same feeling you had playing an old game. When I heard that the newest generation of Pokémon had a Pokémon that was a ice cream cone, I became pretty angry and said that Pokémon was ruined for me. Now, I can say that Pokémon isn’t ruined: it just changed, like media is supposed to do over time And I think everybody has this Nostalgia blindness for certain media. There is really a blindness behind Nostalgia. Not in the past, but in the present and near future, and we should be aware that there is a threat in Nostalgia
  24. Has there ever been a joke in any cartoon that would fly over a kid's head but an older audience would laugh at it. Here are some examples Spongebob Squarepants- "Look Gary Doubloons *pulls out soap* Don't drop em *wink* Billy and Mandy- "He's an exchange student from the Underworld." "Where's that." "Why don't you go there and find out." Rugrats- "After that everyone started giving presents, even the Easter bunny started giving them until Santa slapped him with a lawsuit." Rocko's Modern Life- "Wait a minute heck isn't that supposed to be.." "Uh censors." The Powerpuff girls- "I created the girls by accident." "It's okay I was an accident too." So discuss away
  25. So cartoons or pretty much anything from the 2000s is pretty much not very liked. I might be exaggerating a bit since many stuff from the 2000s is liked but I know this from reading on a site called retro junk. Ps most of the articles on that site cannot give any show good criticism at all trust me. Anyway going back on topic, what is your favorite cartoon from the 2000s? Mine are Ed Edd n Eddy Spongebob (early seasons and yes it's more 2000s since it came out in 1999 same with previous show) Fairly odd parents (early seasons) Teen Titans Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Codename: KND Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Dave the Barbarian Danny Phantom Jimmy Neutron So discuss away!