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Found 47 results

  1. I looked to see if there was a thread about "Favorite songs" and such, and I couldn't find any . So I decided to create this . Title is self-explanatory. Just list your top 3 favorite songs (They can be from ANYTHING). Mine are...... 1. Republica - 2. The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid 3. Mark Knopfler - 4. AC/DC - Thunderstruck 5. Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing What are yours ?
  2. If you were to pick which Brony Youtuber you like to watch; Which one would it be? Joshscorcher or Vannamelon? As a Non-Brony who occasionally stumbles upon MLP fan content (The Good, The Bad, and *shudders* The Perverted *shudders*?) these two are pretty good despite being MLP Brony Youtubers. I designed this poll intentionally for making it a difficult choice and this is indeed a difficult choice since both of them are really good MLP Youtubers. Vannamelon (Let’s Player MLP Youtuber + Voice Actress) Pros: 1. Likes WaterMelons 2. Aspires to be a Voice Actress (Pretty Good). Can do a good Fluttershy voice + many more e.g. Granny Smith. 3. Cute and Funny Youtuber 4. Consistent when uploading her content and wishes to make them kid/family-friendly Cons: 1. She likes watermelons too much to the point of obsession. 2. While she aspires to make her content kid/family-friendly with her cute/bubbly personality she does have a twisted dark side that is reflected throughout her channel which can deter people off. 3. Possibly a Weeaboo (Filthy Frank Disapproves) since she’s soo into her love for Japan. 4. She became a Brony from the infamous fanwork Cupcakes. Overall: She’s a mixed bag for many, but what I like about her is her motivation to become a great voice actress and the effort shows. Plus she knows how Youtube works so she can consistently upload her videos to be ahead and relevant for her viewers. I just wish she could be herself instead of an MLP Character while occasionally voice acting any other character from other animated shows e.g. a character from an Anime she likes + other, but oh well. If you’re reading this Vannamelon just wanna say this to you, May Vannamelon become the Tara Strong for Future Generations for becoming one of The Best Voice Actresses. Joshscorcher/The Fiery Joker (MLP Fan Critic) Pros: 1. Critiques My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic similar to Nostalgia Critic so his video quality is through the roof. 2. Funny and Charismatic 3. Military Man (No really he is) 4. He’s straight to the point and dissects the good, bad, and ugly aspects out of a show made for 5 year olds + Collaboration with other MLP Youtubers. Cons: 1. Inconsistent Uploads to his MLP Critique Reviews. 2. His vlogs while necessary for updates to his viewers and whatnot are a bit boring to watch. 3. His videos in general are inconsistent since he also does other MLP Fan Projects and Top 10 things about Games since he’s a Gamer as well. 4. He does have a tough guy jerk side to him that sticks out every now and then in his MLP reviews which can potentially deter some people away from his content (he’s a Military Man duh!). Overall: I like The Fiery Joker. He may be inconsistent when making his videos, but man does the quality of his videos is what shines. My vote would be Joshscorcher since he does put more effort into bringing quality content in his channel. Not that Vannamelon doesn’t do the same, but being a fictional character Let’s Player with moderate edits is nowhere as putting more effort in comparison to Highly Edited Videos + Occasionally Collaborating with Multiple Brony/Pegasister Youtubers to critique a show made for 5 year olds in a Nostalgia Critic like fashion. Just my preference. I still like both. However if you wish to point a gun at me and pick who’s better, it would be The Fiery Joker. Your thoughts?
  3. Rather simple, what are your thoughts on the ponies as their opposite genders? The Mane Six as boys/colts, and even Spike as a girl?
  4. I saw these on this Equestria daily post So yeah, if you have a pony waifu, check these memes out. If you have one and your pony waifu is not on here, what would you say to them? Here's the one for my waifu So post away!
  5. What languages do you like? Languages you don't? I don't like English, but I want to know Japanese some time. English is weird.
  6. It worked yesterday. Why wouldn't it work now? The homepage shows a "Topics I've participated in" tab. Clicking "Show More" should show you all of the topics you participated in. It doesn't show anything now. HELP!
  7. I've seen countless people wondering which desktop they should get because they are limited when it comes to cost. I've always thought that it would be much more affordable to just get a cheap gaming laptop and then hook it up to a monitor, it would also be much more easier to transport around the place. So I was wondering....are there any downsides in doing this? Do any of you already do this? and any of you guys play on a 800x600 resolution because you're PC is a pile of crap? Because I do...
  8. For some reason, some of the most recent threads I've made are not appearing in "My Content" when I narrow the search down to only topics I've made. Is there any way to fix this
  9. How do I even post youtube links that are embedded.
  10. So yeah, what is your favourite character(s) from a TV show that isn't MLP. Personally, mine would be: - Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls - Spongebob from Spongebob Squarepants - Finn and Marceline from Adventure Time - Mordecai from the Regular Show - Bart and Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons - Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans ___________________________________________ That is all for now, I still have a couple more. Those are just the ones I could think from the top of my head. (Sorry if there is already a thread on this topic. I searched, but couldn't find anything like this.)
  11. So, I just wanna know if any other forum users here are like me... but does this emote look like a slice of pinkie pie bologna to you? I'm sorry but every time I write that and I see the emote...It goes through my head. every single time. anyone else?
  12. Since it hasn't happened yet, here's a fan club dedicated to one of Twilight's many badass phases, Future Twilight, who has come to warn us of the big disaster that's gonna happen next Tuesday Also this totally isn't a Metal Gear thread in disguise. Totally not
  14. There's nothing wrong with the forums, it's just that I am still kinda new, and.. I have no friends on here It's hard to stay comfortable in a place were you know nobody Like the forums is a sea of fish, were almost very fish knows each other, and have a good time and stick up for each other and cheer each other up, while maybe some other fish, like me, are all alone and not comfortable in a sea were a lot of fish are like strangers to them
  15. Basically, how would you react if you came across a pony from the show? Personally, I'd introduce myself, and try my best to not come off as threatening or dangerous. If it was my best pony (Princess Luna) I'd bow like I would to any royal, introduce myself and comment on what a pleasure it is to meet with the princess of the night (while trying not to d'awww at her socially awkward moments) What about you?
  16. I dunno if this is happening for everyone or if its just me, but I need to reload the page to see my notifications. Which is not much of a hassle but it gets annoying to click my notifications and find out I have a bunch that I need to sort through rather than just addressing them when I get them. (They also don't show up on the tab) Any idea why this is happening?
  17. I have a form of social anxiety. And apparently, a lot of people have it. You may wonder what social anxiety is. Have you ever talked to someone and wondered what they thought of you? Have you ever felt neglected by a friend even though they didn't intend to do so? Have you ever felt too scared of telling your concerns to your friend with fears that they'll respond to backlash? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you've got some degree of social anxiety. I attended a healthcare club seminar about mental illness. It may have been a very illuminating seminar, but what happened afterwards was the epiphany. I was talking with a friend of mine about my problems with Jaimie (Girl from previous blog post). She told me that what I was going through was something that she could relate to. She too would often feel depressed whenever she felt someone didn't give back the same love we give to them. She was also angry whenever she felt she was being treated unfairly, or frightened whenever she felt a friend wouldn't care about what her concerns with their friendship. It comforted me. All this time, I was angry at Jaimie because I thought that she had neglected me. I thought she threw me to the sides when we didn't talk as much. I thought she had seen me as awkward to be with, so she didn't want anything to do with me. When my friend helped me see that I went through social anxiety, I realized that the problem was me. I had overreacted based on my perception of reality which was untrue. I had swayed away from what was reality in favour of my past embarrassments with women. My social anxiety had originated from my past. I had many failed encounters with people, both men and women. I was often scoffed, ridiculed, and shamed just because people called me "retarded". They said all that just because I said I had "autism". I thought Jaimie had done the same to me because she was ignoring me and not talking to me as much. I thought she had thrown me aside like the girls from my past. Boy was I wrong. When I talked to her about how I felt, things couldn't be any farther from the truth. She apologized to me if she insinuated that she didn't want to be friends in any way. She loved being with me. She valued our friendship. I could only stand there speechless before I apologized back. It was one of the first times I was so happy to be wrong about a person. After that, we just kept chatting like old times. I didn't even notice that I was going to be late for class. She had to remind me about that. My prayer now? That I can continue to grow not only with her, but also with my other friends. That I can also overcome my anxieties and realize the truth when it's been laid bare in front of me.
  18. Well, you might have heard, you might not have heard that I was planning on leaving the forums. These plans however, have changed. At the urging of several friends I have decided to stay on the forums for the time being. Their kindness and understanding was the driving force behind my decision to remain here, and I owe them my gratitude. Why did I say I was leaving? At the time of writing that blog post I did in fact legitimately want to and had been in the process of doing so, however, once I had actually stopped using the forums, it took no more than the support of our fellow users for me to see how much I would be losing by leaving. Coming back was no easy decision, I had to spend plenty of time thinking about it. But I was hard pressed to leave with so many users who legitimately cared about me and the things I do and say. This of course means I've reversed my prior decision to cancel all my current writing projects, and I shall resume working on them immediately, so that's good news, is it not? That should be wonderful news for those who are waiting for me to finish Harmonic's Equestrian Adventures 2, this should come as a sigh of relief for you to know that this project has not been abandoned. I'm going to go ahead and give a shout-out here to some of the awesome people who helped me out, although this by no means encompasses everybody who helped: -SCS -Dawn Rider -Nascarfan160 -Red -Artemis -Those who commented on my status about leaving, your kind words really helped. -Anybody else who contacted me by Skype There were many more who's kind words have swayed me, but overall I'd just like to thank everybody on the forums for being there for me. You've all been very kind. On the subject of the death threats, I have for the most part taken care of this issue, which I couldn't have done alone, so I'd like to thank everybody for their assistance on this personal matter. I don't think I would have decided to come back were the issue not solved in a professional and reasonable manner. For those who helped me resolve this issue, you know who you are, and you have my thanks. Resolving this issue largely put away a lot of the stress that was compelling me to leave, and that has definitely helped me This forum's community is strong and overwhelmingly I felt like I am truly cared about by it's members, and I don't think that's a bond that should be broken. I love you guys. We're like a family, there are bonds in this community that simply cannot be broken, by way of disinterest, death threats, or otherwise, I have decided that standing my ground and staying here is both the right thing to do and the ultimate way to spite those who have been threatening and demeaning me. While many people have called me out for having flaws, I would like to say that many have opened my eyes to the fact that we all do, and that not letting these flaws define us or hold us back is the right way to go about things. Just know that if you legitimately cared about me leaving, you are part of the reason I decided to stay. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day. /)
  19. Did I really imrpove on the computer? I dont think so. But, it is really good for improvment on the computer. But, I draw better on paper. Like, alot better. But I need to practice on computer for future PMV's *For example of future PMV's, Fireflies-Doctor Whooves* Anyway, what do you think?
  20. I'm getting real tired of your sh*t, Hasbro.
  21. I'm getting real tired of your sh*t, Hasbro.
  22. It was four days of driving school. It was to be torture for me because it felt like high school again. I was almost done university, and the instructor treated us all like high school students, especially since almost everyone in said class were either finished Grade 11 or Grade 12. It was very... degrading to say the least. But that wasn't the main feeling I had at driving school. No it wasn't all the bland regulations and rules of the road I was thinking most about. I was thinking about all the other high school students there. How I was in their position once... I interacted with them for a bit when we were waiting for the other students to finish their work (took 1.5 hours). Most of the guys and girls there were very... carefree and... happy for the most part, even if the class was really boring. I mean, who wouldn't be bored at some very poorly made driving instruction videos? I mean, the graphics looked like something from the early 1990s. Who wouldn't sleep to that?! But that's beside the point. The kids I talked with were very amiable. They were also very hyper. Both traits I remembered having when I was younger... When I grew up, I was surrounded by a lot of discrimination and was the target of much bullying. When I first arrived in Canada from Indonesia, I could barely speak English. I was taught English since I was a child, but I was poked fun of because I was so smart in anything involving Geography and Math, but not so with English and Art. That happened throughout my whole elementary and middle school years. It was a terrible experience. The only chance I had of being a carefree kid was when I went out with family. I had almost no friends, and even then, they just didn't fit my style; after all I was autistic. That would also explain my delayed ability to communicate with language well to other people. I was eventually forced to move back to Indonesia after I was done middle school. My dad had work to do there for a few years and he needed to take the whole family along. When I moved to a local school in Indonesia, I was hoping that people would be more accepting there. Turns out that I was completely wrong. They were just as bad as the students I endured all my life, except worse. This time, I didn't even fit with my birthplace. Everyone saw me as a Canadian boy, something to take a lot of shame in. It was a terrible year to say the least. I didn't know what to make of it. I wasn't depressed, but I certainly felt very... oppressed and strained. 'When could I ever be myself as a kid? As a teenager? As a person?!' I thought with a lot of stress and frustration as I pushed on... After Grade 11, I moved back to Canada once more. This time, Canada was much more welcoming. When the high school students in Grade 12 noticed I spoke fluent English, they all became good friends of mine. They didn't care who I was before. I was a clean slate. I could show myself in its entirety and not worry about any repercussions! It was great! I could finally show my enthusiasm and eccentricity without being considered a weirdo in public! It was a great feeling that I have as I moved into university! Plus, they all shared my convictions, so we were much better eye to eye than in most other schools that shared a different mindset! Still, when I looked at those high school students in the driving sessions these past few days, I still felt like I missed something. I missed a whole childhood. A whole 18 years of opportunities to be myself without responsibilities! Just to be carefree and joyful even in the face of suffering many adults faced! But you know what? We all can still have that same positive attitude free of fear and worry! Why not try volunteering for a summer camp and have fun with those high school kids?! Help them set themselves in the right direction and inspire them to do good! Or even just open a chat with them! Don't worry about making yourself vulnerable! Everyone is vulnerable when they're making new friends! Kids often make new friends by just chatting with them without realizing how vulnerable they are when they first converse with a stranger! Even in suffering, just realize that things will get better, even if you can't see it! That's called hope! Kids have bundles of hope in their hearts that should NEVER be distinguished (well make sure it's not a false hope...)! Even as an adult, you can still be a kid at heart! Filled with joy and amiability towards others. Make each day count in your life! A kid does that when they have fun with family and friends at parks. I bet you can do that too when you make new friends in a new workplace, school, or even in a library! Just try! It doesn't hurt! That's what it means to be childlike, You're taking the positive of being a child and incorporating it in your life. This is different from childishness, when you take the bad aspects of childhood, especially complaining. You hate it when a kid complains to you about anything right? Or complete naivety. That's also bad. Don't take those aspects of being a child. To end, be smart like a serpent, but humble as a dove. Be curious for the wonderful things in this world. Don't overindulge in anything, even the internet. Be joyful and smiling even in the face of suffering like Pinkie Pie. Then you will go far.
  23. Hey y'all I'm back again with more art for y'all! I decided since I haven't done any art in a while I owed it to y'all to do a little extra, I still might even do more depending on how much time I have free and how I feel. Anyways, if you haven't guessed by my title, I drew Derpy. This is the first time I think I've drawn any background ponies, so yeah I'm gonna be drawing the other background ponies at some point I'm sure to. Not sure who exactly yet, but I'm sure i'll find out. I decided to draw Derpy because hes probably one of my favorite background ponies, even if I don't really have a extremely official opinion on background ponies really, still he is great, and drawing derp eyes was alot of fun Xd. I didn't have to worry about the eyes being drawn to make sense or anything. Felt free with it . Anyways heres the drawing before I start rambling some more. Like always this is drawn with a mouse in GIMP. and I used a reference to, heres the reference. I think this was quite a difficult one in a way to draw, Its probably one of the more complex poses I've drawn really so far, I think this is the first drawing I've done thats not totally facing almost side view or total side view or frontal view, this ones more of a curved view towards the front. Different perspective then I'm use to. I think I also did the wings better then I normally do overall, so I'm happy about that. One thing that I will point out is that he looks a bit fat, some reason my bodies always look a bit fat, I dunno why . It doesn't help the perspective kinda curves the body in this weird downward angle, which I kinda failed to do in my opinion. I also thought it was a perfect time to finally use a cloud background instead of some simple grassy hill or something as a background since I finally drew a Pegasi flying. Its pretty simple nothing really special about it. Anyways I guess thats about it. Overall the new pose was a bit more difficult then what I usually do, but I think I pulled it off pretty ok for a first time. The fact I've never drawn Derpy doesn't matter a whole lot since shes pretty similar to other Pegasi I've drawn, and has a mane similar to Rainbows. So like always I'm open to any and all critique or comments, I know theres problems with it because I know I'm far from perfect, so feel free to point them out . And of course tips and tricks and anything else you wanna offer are more then welcome . Maybe you just wanna drop by and comment for the sake of it I dunno xD. I'll see y'all later!
  24. Mortal Kombat: The Movie was barely passable, Annihilation was a steaming pile and the online series doesn't seem worth anyone's time. it's just a fighting game, right? Why can no one do it right?