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Found 7 results

  1. If you could write a small note to your past self, what would it say, using only 2 words? Mine: "Go outside"
  2. For anyone who saw my other post on my podcast: I forgot to note one last thing. This is a school project. Instead of doing a video package every three weeks, I decided to do a podcast every two weeks. Also, my teacher wholeheartedly supports my efforts to build a viewing. Also, he is a brony as well. And he wants me to succeed! If you missed my first post, I run a brony podcast called All Around Equestria. The podcast can be seen here: If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, email me at: Follow the podcast on twitter: Thanks for your support and comments!
  3. Moniker


    Hi everyone I am wondering what do you want to see me review? I'll review it as long as it's not a full fledged romance. So it's up t you now everyone. Please respond.
  4. I've never been one to write extended stories, so I hope this may inspire others. This note was found on the person of Babs Seed. She had apparently chosen to hang herself with her message around her neck. Suacide Note.docx
  5. I will write my own review of this anime, if you haven't seen it, and want to know a bit more about it, then read this! This is just my personal review. (may contain spoilers) So imagine that one day, your sitting in school just like any other day, nothing seems out of the ordinary, when all of a sudden a mysterious notebook falls from the sky, on to the school yard, but this is no ordinary notebook, if you happen to write a name of any human being in that notebook, they die, you can deside how as well, crazy isn't it? Well that's just what happened to Light Yagami. Basically the notebook is a Shinigami's book (God of death) it has clear instructions on how to use it, when Light decides to test it out, he tries it out by writing down the name of a criminal, to his surprise he dies, Light is shocked, and from that moment on, he vows to rid the world of the criminals that are a vile waste of space, while under the alias of 'Kira', once the Police notice these mysterious deaths of all those criminals, they call in a very skilled detective, who goes by the title 'L', L doesn't agree with the way Kira (Light) is handling the issue of creating peace in the world, so he sets out to find Kira, and take him out. Now the artstyle I find is what makes this anime even more enjoyable, it seems to suit the anime well, it has a realistic style while still maintaining the anime feel, it really is quite something, so if you are a fan of quality art, then this anime is for you. As for the voice acting, it is pretty decent, the Shinigami's voice fits quite well with the character, being hoarse and deep, just as you'd expect a god of death to have, eveyone else has a decent voice, just as you'd expect from any anime. The characters each have their own uniquness about them, for example Light rarely shows any emotion while killing his victims, which can show how the power has taken over his mind, and then there's L, his unique way of sitting on chairs is a trait you can only associate with him, he also loves sweets, as you will see him eating pretty much any type of sweets when trying to bust Kira. Death Note is a very smart anime, it requires some thinking while veiwing, as the writers sure know how to show L and Kira outsmarting each other, so you will need to pay attention to this particular anime, it's really quite interesting nonetheless, and that's what makes this anime so enjoyable and different. So overall, I enjoyed this anime, if you are a fan of lots of thinking and not as much action as say, Naruto or Bleach, then I'd recommend this anime, it really is well done. My final rating would be 8.5/10 So if you haven't seen it, then check it out!
  6. Behold the masterpiece created by seriously this is just a practice draw after i decided to start draw.