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Found 9 results

  1. So I just randomly wanted to start asking stupid questions. What is your favourite emoticon / the one you use the most. Is there a special reason for this particular one? Mine is this little fella: :I I have no idea why......
  2. I was wondering if anyone else played the amazing game "Osu!" on the computer. If so, what's your favourite beatmaps? How good are ya'? What's the hardest beatmap you can legitimately beat? What's your favourite game type? What's your accuracy? Do you use a mouse or a different device? Any other questions that I can't think to ask right now? Personally, my favourite beatmap (which is also the hardest beatmap I can play without mods) would be this: My accuracy is 86.70% on standard Osu! mode, and 89.(some decimal, I forget)% in Taiko mode. I don't like catch the beat. Taiko > Standard... My best Taiko performance would probably be beating this: I almost full combo'd it.. but no, I had to go and miss 3 on the last section. Probably the most bittersweet victory of gaming history for me. I think I'm pretty good... I mean, for as little I play, I think I'm okay at the game.
  3. Hey guys! Welcome back to My Little Blog: Writing Is Magic! There are times that I'm on the forums while none of my friends are. This makes me think about the lives they have, and how they often seem to have things to do, places to go, and people to be with. Why isn't my life like this? I don't have many friends. To be completely honest, I have about two "real friends" that I talk to offline. What do I mean by "real friends"? I categorize people I talk to by how often we hang out or have conversations within the categories of "real friends" and "half friends". A "half friend" is basically an acquaintance. A person who I talk to once in a while, but never really have conversations with. Just someone who I talk to for the purpose of passing time(Usually in school), and don't talk to once the day is done. A "real friend" is just what it is, a friend. Someone you love to hang out with. Someone who you can tell nearly anything to. Someone who you enjoy being around and who enjoys being around you. A person that you talk to anytime, and not just to pass time, but because you enjoy talking to them. Why don't I have more "real friends"? Two reasons: 1. I'm pretty shy. 2. A lot of people around me are annoying, disrespecting, obnoxious, mean people. I honestly couldn't be friends with some of these people if I tried. This is why my life can be boring, because I don't have many friends to spend it with. Since I'm on the topic of loneliness, I might as well go all the way. One question I've been asked semi-recently in school was "Have you ever had a girlfriend?" The answer is: No, I've never had a girlfriend. In fact, I've never even been on a single date in my life. Why? Basically the same two reasons I don't have many friends. I've only ever asked a single girl on a date...through a valentines card...that was made by the school...and given to her by some stranger...with such a vague message that she probably didn't even know it was asking her on a date...that was also signed anonymously. I don't think I'd feel so bad about this if it weren't for the fact that the few people I know and talk to have had girlfriends. I can't even escape this on the forums as some of my best friends on here are also dating. Maybe one day, if I could get really lucky, I can find someone I really care about who cares for me too. Or in the very least I could make some more friends who are "real friends". That isn't too much to ask, right? Well, that's all for now. Talk to you guys later
  4. What would your life be like without MLP FiM? what would the world be like? I don't know about you but I am so happy that this show exist. if it never happened I would have continued down my road of severe depression, anger issues, substance abuse. but now I'm beatific as can be, clean, and stronger than ever mentally and emotionally! (merely a opinion) the world without MLP?! sad to think of, but if it wasn't then most people wouldn't open up to the possibilities of kindness and friendship. most would perceive it as a false believe that has no iconography, no image that pops in their heads, and would continue going on with little effort of good intent. give me some feed back of what you think the world would be like with out it, or your own life, or even both!
  5. NOTICE: SInce this is my first video game review as part of this series, I'd like to take a moment to tell you a few things you'll probably want to know. First of all, if I'm going to give away the ending or something I'll warn you and put it in Spoiler tags. The second thing is more obvious, which is that this series contains my opinion and thus I'm not claiming that you won't enjoy games I find bad, everybody's taste is different. ___________ Alright, so today I'm going to be reviewing Mirror's Edge. For those who don't know what the game is about, basically it's a game about parkour and combat. Here is the E3 Demo, to help those who don't know understand what the game is like. __________________ Gameplay: This is Mirror's Edge's strong point, the gameplay. The maneuvering is fun, the combat is intuitive and the game feels great. For example, the fact that enemies can actually block your attacks if you just button mash makes strategy required. Disarming an enemy is really satisfying. The movement fills me with adrenaline and the various ways to go through the levels give the game a high replay value. But it could have been better. Let me point out a few flaws. First of all, the game is too short. The game is WAYYY too short. I have beaten it two times (Once on Medium and once on Hard) in a matter of seven hours of gameplay. That is a hint that a game is too short. A better direction for the gameplay style would have been open-world. If the game was open world, with simply the option to do the missions, it would be perfect. There were several points where the movement was glitched/unpolished to the point that certain pipes would not be grabbable (Or even solid, with Faith flying right through them like some kind of Spooky finger puppet parkour ghost). Over all, I'm happy with the gameplay mechanics but I'm not happy with how little gameplay there actually is. Let's just say that the game looks way more interesting in the trailers than it is once you actually get your hands on it and play it. 7/10 ________ Story (All Spoilers Contained within Red Lines) This game is truly lacking in story, it really is. That is perhaps the game's biggest weak point. It just throws characters at you and expects you to care about them even if you only interact with them for say, twenty seconds, In addition, the whole background abut why the city is totalitarian, what exactly the oppressive laws are, and other seemingly crucial details are left vague/not mentioned at all. The next part contains spoilers, but if you don't read it you won't quite understand how I'm going to rate this segment of the game. SPOILERS IN THE PARAGRAPHS BETWEEN THE RED LINES __________________________________ ___________________ 2/10 _______________________ Graphics I'm torn on this one, the harsh colors are unique but bore me. I mean, the environments are not at all varied, to that extent that if I had mashed up a video of my playing experience it would be hard to tell which level is which. This game needs more varied graphics, I know the city is supposed to all look similar, but they at least could have had some unique-looking interiors. The laboratory-like place under PK was a great opportunity that they turned into a three minute long hallway. As for the quality of the graphics, meh, they're not the best, they're not the worst. I'd say they're fitting for the game. 7.5/10 ___________________ Soundtrack Mostly just ambience, doesn't suit my tastes but on the other hand I can't just flat out call it bad because it achieves the ambience level it was meant to. I'd say that to improve the sound track it would need more variation, much like everything else in the game, the soundtrack is repetitive and by the end of the game it's just plain boring. The soundtrack isn't memorable at all, and once more, don't get me started on the ending song. If I had uploaded the ending video was "Mirror's Edge has a shitty ending while I play unfitting music" nobody would be any the wiser, if they hadn't played it, they might not realize I had not edited it at all. It's not at all memorable in any way, I don't think anybody would go out of their way to listen to this and I think that if the Mirror's Edge soundtrack was on DVD only Hipsters would buy it. 4/10 ______________________ Controls The controls are responsive, the player moves at a good speed, I did not find myself having any trouble doing anything, there isn't much to say about these, except that the game is well-programmed. If I had one complaint it is that sometimes when trying to jump over a railing, you'll instead end up stepping over it and falling to your death. While you could back up and curl your legs up upon jumping, this is not always an option on smaller areas like say, a fire escape. 8/10 ______________________ Summary This game was okay, that's all I can really say about it. Let's just say that it had potential but it really failed to reach that potential. The game looks way more interesting in the trailers than it is while actually playing it. While you will find that it can be a fun way to waste a few hours, I wouldn't recommend checking it out if repetitive gameplay and environments are something that really gets to you. If you're looking for something new and unique, this is a place to find it, but if you're looking for a game that will blow you away, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. Mirror's Edge is really a swing and miss game, I mean, somehow, they managed to take an incredibly unique concept, and make the game in such a way that even with unique gameplay, Mirror's Edge is nothing special. It has it's fun moments but the game was so repetitive that anything interesting was grinded out in favor of more copy and pasted environments. This is not to say that I dislike this game, in fact, quite the opposite is true. What I'm really getting at, is that Mirror's Edge could have been so much more than it ended up being. Let's hope that Mirror's Edge 2 fairs better. Don't buy this game if you're expecting it to be the best thing ever made. That isn't to say that you won't enjoy it if you're looking for something unique and adrenaline filled. This game might make you happier than Snoop Dog if it was raining Cocaine, nobody knows. Final Rating: 7.5/10
  6. “Alright this next test chamber is looking phenomenal and with you here as well as the way you test, we've got all the test subjects we'll ever need.” Sounded one of the scientist loud and clear over the intercom. At this comment the young adult Pegasus snorted in frustration. “While that is a complement in its own right, it also means I'll be here forever. Completing theses tests for what you freak shows call “Science.” Amita walked over to the elevator getting inside heading down to this supposed “Phenomenal looking test chamber.” with the lift continuing its descent downward only one thing came to mind for the white colored Pegasus. “When I find a way out of here you're going to wish you had picked a different test subject.” As the door opened for the Pegasus to enter the testing chamber a loud screech like roar was heard. Amita froze and stood in her place to listen. Making sure she wasn't hearing things. Seconds later a loud blast then the facility began to shake violently. A second screech from the creature was heard fallowed by an announcers voice over the intercoms “Explosion immanent reactor core meltdown this place will now self destruct within six minutes.” That's when the roof of the camber she was in begin to crumble opining up for a way out. She darted out of the air now out of the facility. “Our best test subjects just escaped.” One of the scientists declared in astonishment. As he put his front hooves on the window from which she was being observed. He looked at his partner. Who was staring up at the opening in the roof. He must have been observing there test subject even as she escaped just now. “Are you even listing to me?” He said with frustration in his voice as he shook his partners shoulder. “Yeah I am listing.” His voice was calm and at the same time sounded dazed as he refused to take his eyes off of the opining in the roof, were the pony had used this as an escape route. His partner shook his head in frustration. “Never mind that the facility is going to explode. We have to get out of here NOW.” “Yes I know its just....This whole thing just...” “Just what?” “This whole thing that happen a few moments ago just doesn’t shock me.” “Why?” “Nothing shocks me I'm a scientist.”
  7. wsup it's me again metal. I was doing this skin for 4 months so don't... if u don't know how da fack open this PM me. Simply use maya2012/13 or if u have Dargon/SIU. ~metal
  8. I was having some weird feelings, coupled with some philosophical issues a while back, and I wrote this. I know that it may be confusing, but it is how I felt. I don't know if I've lost these thoughts or just supressed them, but I don't feel this way much anymore. "Nothing" I'm still in my youth, Yet I'm older than dust. Here is the truth: I'm neither "me" nor "us." You see, I have grown Oh so sick and alone. I've ventured into darkness, And I've made it my home. And somewhere along the way My soul's gone astray Now, here is the message thatI have come to convey: My life has been dimmed And the dream here has died; I'm living on Earth, Yet I'm not alive. Everything in the world that used to mean something Has been shown to me now, And revealed to be nothing. Oh, I'm not depressed, though that's what it seems For all of this nothing also includes me. Now I know you're confused, but please don't get irate. Perhaps to my feelings, none can ever relate. Within loss I've gained peace; A solemn black dove But peace can mean nothing Without hope and love. Oh, I know, I could try to escape, But it seems this dark fate Is within me, innate. My mind is not yours; A blessing, a curse, And as time goes on My thoughts do grow worse. My soul screams out, not joining others And as much as I try, no man is my brother. So it seems that I'm here, Stuck in this void Until I breathe my last breath, And my black heart is destroyed. So I'll just sit around, killing my time And enjoy empty pleasures up here on cloud nine. For now, I just want to fade into sleep Oh, a sleep so deep and also so sweet…
  9. IDK. At first I wanna draw this dude as a pony OC, but I just wanna check on my human drawings. IDK why, I just did. :/ Here you go, I guess.