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Found 26 results

  1. Sparklefan1234

    Suggestion to improve birthday listing

    I think there should be a "Birthday" banner under a users name. I'm sure I've missed wishing a lot of my friends happy birthdays because I didn't know when they were. @Tacodidra also came up with the idea to receive birthday notifications for the users that you follow.
  2. If somepony subscribes to a thread that you post in, does s/he get a new notification every time you edit your post? Or does s/he only get notified if you make a new post? Thanks. Edited for testing.
  3. Alrighty. Here's a suggestion. Let users identify what topics they are interested in ( aka minecraft, cs go, art ) and send them notifications in private messages ( because I mean, who's gonna look through the clusterf*ck of status updates ) when an event that should interest them pops up . For example, the making Christmas merrier gaming stream marathon. I only knew such an event existed because I was stone bored to the pint that I was looking through the recently discussed topics. Even then, only a very small portion of bronies attended the event. I got to know serveral gamers through the mlp forums and they were in the dark of this event's existence. But then again, I'd imagine that it'd be impossible to implement a new feature like this given that the forums runs on some 'ips communities' thing, but what the hell, a suggestion's a suggestion
  4. I have a little suggestion about post edits. I am not sure whether I think it is a good idea to implement it or not but I thought I would share my thoughts to see what you think: Whenever a user edits one of their posts, everyone who has given this post a brohoof (a like) will be given a notification. Pros: If a user likes a post and the author makes major changes or additions to it, this user will not be aware that the changes has been made. There is a possibility that one of the people who liked this post may not agree with the statements made in the edited post. Adding this feature allows users to read through the changes and decide whether they still wish to "brohoof" the post or if they want to "un-brohoof" it. When someone creates a thread where he/she/it wants information or suggestions about something, the user who gives the "best" reply with the most detailed or relevant information is usually given a brohoof. In most of the times, the OP will then be satisfied with the answer and never return to the thread again unless more people post. This is very common among new members or in the "Site Questions / Tech Support" section since the thread usually is locked shortly after the question has been answered. If the person who gave this detailed answer wants to edit their post for various reasons (additional information, important things for OP to be aware of, etc.), rarely anyone will notice. With this feature, OP will receive the (hopefully) useful additional information. In the "Site Questions / Tech Support" section, posts has to be approved by a staff member in order to be visible for other users. Once your post has been approved, you can edit it however you want without the need of approval. I certainly doubt this would ever happen, but hypothetically you could make a proper reply just to gain approval and then turn it to a bunch of bullshit which can hurt OP if you so wish to. With this suggestion, a few modifications can be made to notify the staff members that a post that they approved has been edited. You can turn these notifications off if you want to. Cons: Giving users a notification for every edit can also be a bad thing. Sometimes there are people who make a lot of minor changes to their posts every now and then because of spelling errors. This would give the brohoofing members a shit load of notifications from the same post. This feature could lead to thread-revive spamming. Since this feature will not only apply to recent posts but to ALL posts you have ever given a brohoof to, the feature can be exploited to give attention towards older posts. Even if this is unintentional, there is a bit of a problem with this. "Want more comments on the drawing you made? Well edit your post and add like one character just to give everyone a notification and you got yourself some free advertising." See what I mean? I think this feature would be an obvious addition if there was a way to set a minimum amount of characters that is needed to be changed before people are given a notification so you don't say "hey everyone, look at my edited post" when you just want to fix some embarrassing spelling mistakes. Also, it would be great if there was a way to make the system ignore posts that are older than... let's say 5 months in order to prevent thread revival. So what are your opinions on this suggestion? Is it a good or bad idea? Do you think it should be added? And to the staff-techies: Yes, this feature is available for free download here:
  5. Absolutely the same trouble like here: I've changed my email, but keep recieving notifications to my old address. Thank you for attention.
  6. I'm not sure if this is a technical issue or that I missed something but here it goes anyway: So I've been having some trouble with my email and receiving notifications. I changed my email address a while back but for some reason the notifications (like new content from a topic I follow and all that sorta stuff) are still send to my old email address. I changed my email address in the settings and according Poniverse the messages should be rerouted New issues will be delivered to the email address we have on file for you, [insertemailhere], If you update your account's email in the future, we'll automatically reroute your newsletter emails there. but the notifications are still send to my old one. Maybe I did miss something or maybe it is a Technical Issue. Anyway, I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me with this small problem.
  7. When I press to try to view my notifications the button becomes active but my notifications wont appear, or when I try to hover usernames the hoverbox wont appear Also in the navigation bar hovering the options doesnt open up the menus Tried to upload files here but it doesn't seem to be working either, also when i respond to topics the rainbow Dash icon appears there and loads forever However when I check the index my post has been posted already I cant edit my posts either as the edit function makes nothing appear attaching files seems to work but it doesnt seem like its working since nothing graphically changes to the site after I uploaded the file My media and smileys wont open up either or any other pop ups like that Issue was not present when I tried to use the site on my phone The issue only appears on my chrome, tried Edge and Firefox looks like its working on them Updated my Chrome to version Version 44.0.2403.157 m Still not working The issue appeared about 5hours ago after applying the windows updates into my machine, however it doesnt seem to be affecting any other sites than this I Solved this cleared the cache and it works fine now!=)=)=)YAY!
  8. Spacethunder

    Use of Google Chrome Notifications

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to improve the notification-system with the Google notification-function for those who use Chrome? I think it's more useful if you can see what's going on if the browser is closed then switch everytime just to check if there're new messages or notifications. Here's an example. And here is how it could look like: It would be more convenient for the users and I belive it isn't that hard to do. Simple PHP with variables and the JS code should do it. Hope that's something that can be added to the forums. Respectfully Marcel / Spacethunder
  9. You Heard Nothing

    Notification Organization

    I was only on this site for a few days now, and i'm already getting at least 50 notifications overnight. So I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a sorting system? for instance, my forum games notifications would go in one folder, my fan club notifs in another. or does the IPS coding make that impossible?
  10. my notifications don't automatically appear anymore unless i refresh is this normal now?
  11. Just a small error but I thought I should report it. Everything is normal...Until suddenly! THE MAGIC DOT OF IDEGAF HAS APPEARED! Srsly Idk what to do bout dis.
  12. I know the problem, however, just to confirm, can someone (if you have notis set for both here and email), quote me, b/c for some reason, I see the notifications here, yet when I set it to appear on my email it, no longer shows up. I believe this problem occurred once the Search Content was recovered, yet I only realized it when I got PM's.
  13. Okay, So every time I have a notification I go to click it like so, [ And when I click on it, this happens. And it just stays like that. I always have to Rightclick and click Open in New Tab. So...what do I do to fix this. I've already cleared my browsing cache, restarted my computer and reset my router.
  14. Notification messages sometimes aren't coming up when there's a reply to a PM...but then sometimes they do. I don't know what the derp it is here XD, but I kept having to refresh to see the new message instead of getting a notification. It might have to do with that updating yesterday, it hasn't happened before. Anyone else having this problem?
  15. Sugar Pea

    Blog Notifications (suggestion)

    This is more of a suggestion more than a technical difficulty, but I think I should address this either way. I have noticed that your notifications tell you if you got a comment on your blog, but if never tell you if you have been quoted or you got a brohoof on your blog/comment. I noticed this for many months now, and I think that I can suggest that maybe we should get those kinds of notifications, like we do when we make a thread. Hopefully i'm not the only one who's noticed this. Thanks for your time!
  16. As of right now, I'm getting notifications(like when someone quotes a post I make) to my email. I'd like to opt out of that, but I couldn't find the option in the settings. I'm sure it was right infront of me, but could somebody point me in the right direction?
  17. So even after Feld0 said that this issue was fixed, it has not been fixed for me. I still have to refresh or go to a different page for them to appear. Is it because of this "heartbleed" thing?
  18. This has been an issue for me since yesterday. Ever since the Ddos attack from yesterday, notifications don't pop up right when they come. I have to go do a different page before they show. Is there any way to fix this?
  19. Miss Light Diamond

    Technical Issues Notifications

    I dunno if this is happening for everyone or if its just me, but I need to reload the page to see my notifications. Which is not much of a hassle but it gets annoying to click my notifications and find out I have a bunch that I need to sort through rather than just addressing them when I get them. (They also don't show up on the tab) Any idea why this is happening?
  20. I've been wondering for quite some time now. Until around three days ago, my messages and notifications have been updated automatically without needing to refresh the site. Now I have to refresh the site everytime I want to check, is there any way to get it back to how it was before? Thanks in advance.
  21. Supposedly, when you friend someone, you should get a notification when they update their status, right? Well, it doesn't work completely for me. I'll put it in an example: I friended ~Lugia~, and should get a notification when he updates his status, right? Well, I don't. And it happens with many more of my friends too. Is this supposed to happen?
  22. The top of the drop down menu is always cut off when viewing the forums on Chrome on my iPad. Subsequently, my mail and notifications don't show up and are not clickable. I'm not sure if this is a forums issue, a Chrome issue, an iPad issue, or yet another clueless Apple user issue but I thought you would like to know. The forums title image doesn't show up either. It's not really a huge deal to me because I can view the site just fine in Safari, but Safari kind of sucks, that's all. Here's a screenshot
  23. the musty book

    General Questions HELP!

    How do I stop getting email notifications? It's really annoying me, and I unchecked the box where it says do you want to receive notices, but I still get them! Is there a setting I need to change? PLZ HELP ME!
  24. For the love of Celestia and all that is holy, when I reply to a status I don't want to see 10 notifications later filled with pointless spam, it gets annoying. I could have thought that notification was alerting me that I received warning points or I got a brohoof on a post. I think I speak for many people when I say please give us an option to "unsubscribe" to status updates so we don't have so many notifications. @_@ How it would work: After you post at least one comment on someone's status update, an option saying "unsubscribe" will pop up in the top right of the status update. You can click this button to unsubscribe, you will no longer get notifications when someone replies to the status update. Is getting 500 notifications your cup of tea? No worries, if you click the unsubscribe button, you can click the new "subscribe" button to get notifications from replies. You can even subscribe to status updates you haven't replied in! What do you think about it? Like the idea?
  25. chattydash

    make more notifications room

    so what i would like to know if it is a good idea to increase the number of notifications to 1000 (20 pages) insted of 500 (10 pages) because i have somany friends and i have not got enoth time to always go on a pc because i have not got one to increas it so i do not miss any important notifications because it always gets filled with staus up dates when i am waiting for a reply on a topic or status i like reading the statuses so if this happens it will make things easyer so what do all you other ponys think about this idea is it doable and is it good leave a comment below