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Found 28 results

  1. The Novel Series has Now Grown to 24 Books and Counting... However this depends on weather books are combined or Separated. Anything can happen.. Been Quiet for a While.. Busy on An Illustration Storm and the Stories... Here is a Sneak Peak update on titles of each novel and a scatter story here and there new stories.. 1.) Our Little Miracle 2.) The Story of Crystal Frost......Sneak peek.... ( When you wish upon a star Weather you are near or far.. Shining hope up in the sky Makes you tear up want to cry. Want to stay with all my heart Sadly I have to go depart My little child listen to me Your mother loves you so fondly. Yet the time has come to past Your father you will go at last My dearest child one last verse I say I love you with my heart, you will always forever stay... ) 3.) Challenges of Being a Father. 4.) Return of Crystal Frost 5.) The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone 6.) Family Unity Tragedy Shatters..........Sneak Peek....... ( Seeing her father obsess over only work and her baby brother wanting to hold him all the time, starts to feel left out resentful for the baby... While her dad is at work, holding her sketch book, she hears her little brother now 2 years old, crying in the nursery, She goes inside,sketch book in her hoof, looks at him with tears in her eyes '' what are you crying For, mom held you in her arms for one full year, and she held on to me only once'' Tiger Lilly hearing the whole thing play out, tries to help Star Shine. However She Quickly turns on her'' what do you know,'' thinking back to that kiss at the festival'' you just wanted mom out of the way so you can have my dad all to your self.'' in tears she runs out of the room sketch book in her hoof..) 6.) Beyond the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone.. 7.) Star Knight Shines Journey 8.) A Dragon in The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone 9.) The Final Battle 10.) The Challenges of Sudden Change in Life 11.) The Truth will set you free 12.) Knight Wings Greatest Challenge. 13.) Frost Knight Storm Journey 14.) Visions of the Blind 15.) Varian Frost Swirl 16.) Romance and Tragedy........Sneak Peek.... ( The last day Varian, has to leave back to Military Base, seeing Hopes Mother Amanda, Confessing to her.’’ I love Hope more that anything,, I just don’t understand why her Father will not let us be.’’ Amanda respond.’’ He is Just afraid he will loose his baby girl.’’ Revealing to Varian, Adrian’s dream to have a big family. However the accident she been in, resulted in her unable to bear children ever again. The two still kept in the dark about the truth. ) 17.) Out of the Shadow and Into the Light 18.) A Struggle to Survive 19.) On a Journey for Home 20.) The Burden of Knowing the Truth 21.) Luke and Lucas..........Sneak Peek..... ( Hearing a rustle in the forest, heart racing, as Anita Appears in his view, walking to towards Lucas her mane and tail decorated in beautiful blue and pink Ribbons, holding in her mouth. A bouquet of fresh picked Golden orange Flowers kept in place with a beautiful blue ribbon. Walking to the place to sand by Lucas side... The Priest begins '' We gather here, in the presence of nature and her beauty , before God and his Son to join these two in holy matrimony,'' continue on, looking over at Anita.'' Lucas wishes share his vow he wrote just for you.'' Lucas feeling nervous, yet with the passion in his heart, gains the courage, reaches for his paper. Looking over at Anita..... ) 22.) Snowfall and the Prince......... Sneak Peek... ( Hearing a rustle in the bushes, seeing Richard hoof out motioning her to leave. Turns around for one last look. A tear falling from her eye, dropping on the newborns face, waking up the infant causing her to open her eyes, seeing a clear view of her mother, The Newborn making baby cooing sounds happy to see her mother. Quickly leaves her baby behind, running into the woods, crying, heartbroken as she hers her newborn cries. Richard seeing how emotional Snowfall was through the whole situation quickly chases after her. Prepared to fight to defend the creature he is forbidden to love. ) 23.) Glacier and the Princess.... 24.) Charity and the Guardian... I was Inspired By Charles Dickens ''A Christmas Carol.'' to Write no own version of the Well Known story. Raw Written Material in 5 days '' Once Upon a Christmas Tale.''18 Chapters long.. Here is sample to First Chapter. .......Once Upon a Christmas Tale........ .........Ch1........ "'Once upon a time, many years ago. During the time of Christmas, Frost, Ice, and, Snow. In the City of Forest Shine, A creature obsessed in business, That loved gold, With all his heart. Oh how he would quiver, At the thought to be apart. True his partner of long ago. Passed away within their successfully prime. Leaving the creature with everything, only wealth consume his mind. Yet let's continue further. For there is much to tell. How this creature went form obsession of greed. To being caring thoughtful and sharing with those in need.'' This one is Raw Written Material, Full of my Poetic works. However I want to go over it again and write in more Depth and Detail. Granted is Off from my 24 Novel series.. I Love the Story of the Twin Clyuniasus Sisters.. And yes there is Way more Rich Stories to Tell. Here is My You Tube With each Character officially tethered in the stories.. Clyony.. In summer their coat is very short, when fall comes and the weather gets cold the Clyonies coat would start to grow nice and long. When winter arrives their long coat will keep them warm and cozy. As the Season changes and Spring comes along their long coat sheds and becomes nice and thin. This cycle continues.. As the events in their history change them from wild to more civilized they not only build homes from wood, and cultivate the land for crops they cut their fur during fall and winter, keeping it nice and short, resulting them with the need to wear cloaks and other warm clothing. Painted Feathers is native to the lands. as her tribe sticks to the old ways of their ancestors. Novel Character Name : Painted Feathers Species : Clyony © Illustrator Designer : Laurie Ann Garland Novel Character Name : Ross Forest Species Clyony © Illustrator Designer : Laurie Ann Garland Ross Forest is what my species would look like with their fur trimmed or naturally shed... Granted all species Male and Female will have Furry legs, Furry underbellies and Fur in their ears. Only difference to look is build and the scruff under chin and painted look trailing from forehead and nose. yes I Plan to Trademark My Creation in Future.. And will announce it here. once I Achieve this Goal as well. What do you think of my New Design Look.. I'm aware that Hasbro is Changing their designs of MLP G5 .However now that I Published my Chosen Final Design Work they can not use my Exclusive Designs from what I created. More Sneak Peaks and Surprises on the Way...
  2. I almost didn't post this thread but I feel I've written enough of my epic fantasy series to post a promo about it. "Swords and Roses" is a medieval-napoleonic fantasy series about what would happen if napoleonic soldiers invaded a fantasy world. It's got love, torture, revenge, etc. I posted it on Tapas and Wattpad if you wanna check it out: Updates will be sporadic due to my job situation but there will eventually be 16 books in total. Happy reading! :-)
  3. So I'm working on a novel. I'm also working on a video game. Both the novel and the video game share the same story, but are obviously going to be told through completely different mediums. Before I actually get to work on the game, I started to write a novel, that covers the first 1/3 of the story, to basically advertise the game. Sometime after I finish the game I have plans to continue the novel series as well, and finish it up. But right now, I'm fixated on book one, and I need someone or some people to possibly take a look at what I've got so far and provide advice. Technically speaking, this isn't my first novel. I started storywriting back in elementary school, but I have yet to write something original and engaging rather than book re-tellings of nostalgic video games I've played in the past. This is basically my first attempt at making a true piece of literature. The story I've been working on has been constantly revised and added upon for several years, and I haven't even managed to put it all into words yet. But now, I'm working to finally present it to the world. So far, I only have the prologue and first chapter down. 2500 words, and an average introduction. If anyone could give me their thoughts, that would be greatly appreciated. Some criticism I've already gotten was that the Prologue chapter lacked a defined perspective from any specific characters, making the chapter feel like it had no true point-of-view. The situation is different for chapter 1, but I did acknowledge the fact, anyways. The perspectiveless intro was semi-intentional, but if anyone still has a problem with it, I'll do my best to revise it soon. Word of warning: This story is actually kinda dark. That's an understatement, this story gets REALLY dark REALLY soon, at least in the prologue. It has blood, gore, and one or two small alcoholic references here and there, which is why I only recommend 18+ people to read this. Children and the faint of heart should read at their own risk. Advent of Elysium A WORLD OF BEASTS Written by Devon Flynn ("Redeye") THE BURDEN OF MAN The sky was a shade of ochre, not too bright, not too dark. The sun was slowly fading from view, with a small sliver just peeking its head above the horizon. Patches of dying grass and groups of multi-colored trees dotted the plains of Kingsdale. Towards the center of the plains, those small tree clutters began to merge and develop into a small patch of woods, peacefully sitting beside a fairly noticeable high hill. A small settlement the folks named “Southgrove” sat in the central thicket of the woods. From the top of Lord Hill, you could see the entirety of the village. About a dozen homes circled around the inner rim of the thicket, forming a cul de sac with a simplistic brick well in the center of it all. Directly next to the homes sat a handful of marketplaces, and a humble inn towards the end of the dirt road. Many of the townsfolk were scrambling to return to their homes for the evening. Parents were trying to find their children, who were busy playing around in the woods. Merchants hurried to gather all of their wares before the moon rose. Among the little display of chaos was a middle-aged woman and a young boy, most likely her child. The woman scowled as she hurried down the road, towards the local inn, with her kid in tow. The confused six-year-old briefly took a peek at the sky to see a murder of crows flying over the settlement. Their annoying caws echoed across the sky, encouraging the townspeople to make haste in their efforts to close up for the night. The child’s mother proceeded to throw the front door open to see a burly middle-aged man sitting at the tavern. He was wearing sweaty commoner’s clothing, and had a bottle of ale in hand. The man turned his head to look at her a few seconds after the door swung open. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” the woman hissed, “It’s almost night-time, and we haven’t seen our daughter in hours!” “Don’t raise your voice, I’m workin’ on it …” the intoxicated man replied with a lazy voice. “‘Working on it?’ You’ve been busy chugging down beer all day, like the useless fool you are!” Across the desk, the bartender decided to head into the back, trying to ignore the heated conversation. “Oh, shuddup,” the father said, “I’m the only one who keeps this family runnin’, and you know it.” “Don’t change the subject!” she shouted, “They’re coming, and they’re gonna be here any minute now. The watchmen saw them charging in from the north!” The boy listened to his parents’ arguement. He could feel his heart pounding from the recent tension, yet he was unaware of the true danger at hand. The fact that his sister was apparently missing didn’t help the situation. Suddenly, a man’s blood-curdling scream emerged from the back of the inn. The family immediately turned their heads in horror. The gruesome sound of flesh being torn open could be heard soon after. The boy’s heart was racing faster than a speeding train, and his heavy breathing began to intensify. The father struggled to get up from his chair before slowly inching towards the door where the scream came from. Shards of wood immediately flew from the now-broken door, where a large wolf-like creature on its hind legs stood. Cries of horror flew out of the mother’s mouth as the werewolf pinned the father to the ground, sinking its teeth into his neck. The man cried out in pain as blood gushed out of his wound. Before he knew it, the ferocious beast tore his throat out, and devoured it whole. The boy could only look away as his father ceased to move. Soon after the man’s death, faint screams of terror were heard from outside, followed by the distorted moans of abhorrent Fiends. The mother quickly looked back at her husband’s corpse, when her heart skipped a beat. He was standing upright, as if he never died at all. His eyes were completely blank, but the woman could feel them staring into her soul. Black mist arose from his undead body. A few seconds later, another creature emerged from the hole in the wall. It was the headless, mutated corpse of the bartender, who now had jaundiced skin and malformed claws. A few seconds after that, the werewolf stood up, just having finished chomping at its meal. All three of them stared at the mother and her child. She quickly grabbed her child and ran, with her eyes wide open in fear. But before they could make it to the front door, they were tackled and overwhelmed by the beasts. Blood splattered across the walls as they were eaten alive. A man stood on the summit of Lord Hill, overlooking the horrific scene. He wore a grey trench coat over his commoner’s clothing. His slightly long, black hair nearly camouflaged the back of his head in the night sky, while his violet eyes glowed in the darkness. He wasn’t mortified by the massacre, instead it almost seemed as if he saw it coming. He was one of the few people in this world who understood the grim truth of mankind. He quietly watched as the Fiends slaughtered the townspeople one by one. Several homes began to burn, possibly due to stray lanterns and candles being knocked over during the chaos. The mix of horrified screams and abhorrent moans echoed throughout the woods. The man turned around and walked away from the massacre before anyone, or anything, could notice him. He understood the burden of man. The Fiends, malevolent beings born from malice and death, plagued the world of Dystopia. Those who die at the hands of a Fiend are transformed into one, themselves. For eons, they preyed on the weak, and scared the strong into their walls of safety. Wherever they go, doom follows close behind, for that is mankind’s curse. ROY Staring out into the open lake, Roy felt his usual sense of tranquility. The lake moved just like the ocean, with ripples and waves crashing against the shore. Just beyond the horizon, he saw the sun slowly rising from behind the mountains of Argenvale. The morning lake always kept him at peace. Roy inhaled the mildew surrounding him, letting it all out after a deep breath. It was just another typical day for him. He opened his eyes after his brief meditation, revealing his crimson irises. His short, pitch black hair barely moved with the incoming breeze, unlike his Saber tooth necklace, which was violently flailing in the wind. He readjusted his tanned leather jacket, which blended in with the color of the tree trunks sitting behind him. A familiar voice suddenly emerges from behind him, “Hey, Roy! What’re you doing out here?” Roy turned around to see Seth Iscariot, one of his childhood friends, standing behind him. He immediately noticed his slicked-back, almond-colored hair, and his icy blue eyes. Seth was wearing his usual everyday attire, a buttoned shirt under a fancy blue swordsman’s garb. He had a belt running along his waist, with a scabbard at his side that contained his trademarked sabre. His playful smirk tied his entire persona together. Roy replied, “Just taking in the scenery.” “You’ve been taking in the scenery a lot lately,” Seth remarked, “In an adventurous mood, I take it?” Roy smirked, looking back at the lake. It was no secret that he had a knack for adventure. He had always hoped that one day he could leave this village on his own, and traverse the vast world beyond the water. That opportunity was barely in his grasp, with his twenty-first birthday arriving in a few months. However, his training had to come first, or else he wouldn’t be prepared. “The Master’s waiting for us,” Seth said, “so we should probably get going.” “Alright, then,” Roy said as he leapt off the large boulder he was sitting on. His simple-tailored shoes collided silently with the verdant grass. The scabbard strapped to his back rattled during the impact. He owned a weapon as well, a hand-and-a-half sword he specifically named “Ember”. Leaving the shoreline, Roy and Seth walked back into the village of Lorelei, a humble farming town named after the lake it sat beside. Dragging himself along the dirt path, Roy greeted some of the familiar merchants that were at work. “Simon agreed to meeting up with us after training,” Seth reported, “we’re going on a little monster hunt, if that’s alright with you.” “Sure, I could use a little extra practice,” Roy replied, letting out a little stretch after his moment of relaxation. “They said it was some sort of plant-like creature as big as a shack, and that it takes the appearance of a sexy lady,” Seth joked. “You mean a Mandragora?” “Yeah, I think. I don’t know my Fiend types very well.” “And that’s why you have me,” Roy said, boastfully. The residential district of Lorelei was dense with oak trees. When noon came around, the sunlight that shined from the canopy created a beautiful display of green and gold. At the end of the dirt road, Roy and Seth came across a large building with two side houses attached to it. The building was made out of mahogany, and its main entrance held two seven-foot-tall doors. It was the Training Hall for swordsmen that they regularly practiced in. Roy placed his hand on one of the knobs, twisted it around, and pushed. The large building was layered with stained, unbroken windows. Straw training dummies and sword racks were neatly placed along the mahogany floor. At the end of the hall was another door that led to a stairwell leading up into the second floor. In front of the door was Mordred Achilles, Roy’s swordfighting master. He was busy meditating on a small, square rug, with his sheathed longsword laying on the floor in front of him. The old man had grey hair that reached down to his shoulders, and he had a full beard growing on his face. He wore a white martial artist’s robe that reached down to his ankles, and a black belt that wrapped around his waist. His pants were white as well. Roy looked at his Master in awe, as he always had for years. His mere presence inspired both fear and respect within others, even if he was in his most serene state. Stepping into the hall completely, Roy and Seth confronted their Master, and proceeded to sit on their knees in respect for his meditation. Mordred slowly opened his hazel eyes, “Twenty seven seconds late.” “Forgive us, Master!” the students apologized, lowering their heads in shame. “Stop apologizing, you blasted fools,” he retorted, “I swear, you two take me too seriously.” With a sighs of relief, Roy and Seth wiped the sweat off their faces. Crisis averted. Mordred rose from his meditation rug after grabbing his sword. Taking a few steps to the left wall, he dragged two of the training dummies to the center of the hall. “Today’s lesson will not be easy,” the Master informed them, “so we’ll begin with the fundamentals.” Bits and pieces of straw were scattered across the training hall. With three dummies torn to shreds, only one more remained. Roy stood in front of it, with his left arm out, and palm wide open. An orange light glowed around his hand. “Good,” Mordred acknowledged, “Concentrate on your palm, and allow your soul to give you strength. That is how magic is formed.” Seth and the master were standing behind Roy, observing his spellcasting lesson. Roy has been dabbling in the art of pyromancy, the magic of fire, for years. In order to create a flame, he needed a spark. Creating a spark without a flint and steel is a difficult obstacle to overcome, but magically producing one was an entirely different challenge. He focused on his inner being, channeling the force from within his soul in order to transmute it into magical energy. When the time was right, Roy snapped his fingers, excreting the energy from his body. Sparks flew from the tip of his index finger, shooting towards the dummy at incredible speeds. The sparks then reached the tip of the straw, igniting them. The ochre flames quickly spread across the dummy, until it was completely overwhelmed by the blaze, head to toe. Before the flames could spread farther, it was quickly extinguished by a sphere of water. Roy looked back to see that Mordred was the one who casted it. “Impressive, you seem to be getting better at this,” the master said, “But beware of your flames. Fire is the most unpredictable of the elements. You may try to save people with it, but you must know the consequences of letting it go out of control.” Roy turned around to face him and bowed, “Thank you, Master Mordred.” He glanced back at the dummy. The once-beige straw was now charred black. A mixture of smoke and vapor rose from its head. Roy was almost surprised at how perfect it was. To him, it felt like dumb luck. Catching his breath after a long, rigorous training session, Roy turned to Seth and boastfully smirked. His friend rolled his eyes in response. “Don’t relax just yet,” Mordred cut in, “There’s more to come. I expect to see you two back here in a few hours.” A sense of disappointment overcame Roy and Seth, but nonetheless, they obliged. Saying their farewells, they stepped out of the hall, and noticed the beams of sunlight emanating from the trees. On the side of one of the trees sat a short young man with his face buried in a book. He was an elf, as one could notice by taking a gander at his pointed ears and jade-colored hair. Elves were always known for their unnatural hair colors, but other than that, they closely resembled humans in every other way. Readjusting his rectangular glasses, the elf noticed Roy and Seth strolling towards him. He was Simon Vortigern, another one of Roy’s close friends. “There you are! I’ve been wondering how long it would take you to finish,” Simon remarked. “Good to see you, too, Simon,” Roy sarcastically replied. The three friends chuckled for a brief moment. Afterwards, they went ahead and strolled back towards the marketplace, until Roy felt a light grumble emerging from his stomach. “Mind if we grab a bite to eat before we go hunting?” he asked, slightly embarrassed. “Not at all, where to?” Simon inquired. “Vashi’s food cart, obviously,” Seth pitched in. He knew about Roy’s undying love for spicy curry. It’s no wonder why he desired to eat there at every opportunity. Roy only smirked, acknowledging his friend’s insightfulness. All three of them joked around as they strutted towards the food court. ------------------------------------------------------- So this is all I have so far. Damn this forum for not allowing the Tab key to perform its intended purpose! Right now, I'm kind of happy how the first chapter turned out, but for some reason I don't have much confidence in my dialogue. I just feel weird whenever I write it, like I'm unknowingly doing something wrong. But anyways, thanks for reading. Hopefully I can get some good criticism from this.
  4. This might sound like a stupid question, but I have always written story's in the present tense, for example: 'The ship jolts as it settles on its landing legs, the engine humming as it winds down'. With my novel, I am trying to write it in the past tense, but because I have always written in present tense, I am having some trouble. ​There is a sentence in my novel that reads: “These beds are too small” she complained, shifting her position again. Is that acceptable? to say 'shifting' after she 'complained'? or should I say: “These beds are too small” she complained, and shifted her position again. Another example is: One moment she was lying on her side, her wings folded behind her. The next, she was lying on her back, one wing hanging over the side of the bed, the other creeping up the wall. Should I say 'hung' and 'crept up the wall' instead? Any advice would be helpful The first two I can understand the latter is correct, but with this example: Raven continued to stare up at the stone ceiling, studying the fine details. I feel like it explains that when she was staring up at the ceiling, she was studying the fine detail as she did, so I feel its fine. Am I correct?
  5. The mystery novel I mentioned a while back is finally on its way to being written. I managed to finish my other project, "Dear Friends", and it's allowed me to think of other things. So! Without further ado, I present the first ever teaser for my upcoming fimfiction novel: "NoteWorthy" It'll probably come around in early 2017, so keep an eye out! -RealityPublishing
  6. Hello evrypony! I gathered my courage togheter and decided to write a novel about my oc's lifestory, and show it in public for the very first time! The novel may not be good, since tekst goes away pretty fast, you will have to pause the video somethimes if you are not very good at fast reading subtitles. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appriciated!
  7. I feel like I want to do a review of this Book called My Little brony; An Unofficial Novel about finding the Magic of Friendship. I bought on ebay like last week and arrived this week and finished it today (13rd Thursday July), to me, it good and addicted that want to carry on reading, even took it with me to work. Never knew I loved it and enjoyed it. As I going to tell my review and have my opition, it be by me and won't put too much details and there be also spoilers. Story about a boy in high school and has a father who football coach. A boy named Drew, was useless at sport. He force to watch My little Pony with his little sister (which they don't get along) but thing change when he watch the show, he become into the show and start watching more episodes and draw ponies, but didn't know everything about bronies, yet. There a pegasister called Skye she become a target cos she into MLP, Wanted Drew to become friend with Skye but there time she was angry at him and accuce him of spying. Drew become friend with Emma. His sister find out he like the show. Then Skye finally find out he like the show and become friend. Things went bad for me as kids at school give him a hard time and lost friendship with Emma. Drew went to brony meet-up but he didn't tell his parents and things went worse with his dad, it got worse that drew had to find himself home. Apart trouble with his father, Emma become friend and also enjoy the MLP and so did his two male friends, His mother don't mind him for liking MLP and wanted to be artist. Things got worse when his parents went in argument and Drew stand up to her father, (he's sexist and an a**) and the got weak when Holly, Drew's little sister show up, Drew's father got weak when his little daughter show up. They all watch the show, even dad still have little problem but let Drew go to Brony meet-up but only with Holly. Oh forgot to mention about the builles that beat-up Drew for standing up against them and for Skype, gald they got suspended cos Drew show a video to principal of the buillies busing Skye. At the end it Drew end up having friends cos of the show about ponies and friendship. As I was reading there many mentions about MLP, Equestria Girls and stuffs, of course there is, it a bovel about bronies after all. Okay that my review many not too good, I'm not a good reviewer just want to. Brony State said it was misaimed focus (What ever that mean?). Even Anti-bronies start criticing it. Favorite Character: Skye, she a person I want to met. She goes to school in cosplay as different ponies. Her famliy also into MLP. Just this character interesting and wantede Drew to her friend which it did. Least Favorite Character: Drew's dad, was annoyed, I did mention he's sexist cos he say it does matter if girls specially Holly (Drew's sister) watch boys show but not okay for boys to watch girls show. It annoyed me. He also went weak when Holly show up when he argue with Drew. Best bit: Brony Meets-up, it made me want to go to one. But I'm kind of not a people's person and not un-social. Don't being in one. Okay, Never expect i enjoy this book and finished in one week. It make me read again. Now it make me want to read more books (instead of just magazine or on internet).
  8. If I get enough positive feedback, I may consider writing an entire novel or novella out of this. I don't want to give too much away but this the prologue of a sci-fi story that I've been working on for over two years. Let me know what you think. From Here to Eternity(Prologue) The Sun was beautiful. It was always beautiful. It was timeless and ageless. Even after an incomprehensible passing of centuries and millenniums, even after what seemed like an eternity of eternities, the Sun remained. If God had chosen to have a daughter, it would of certainly have been the Sun. The Sun was the eternal spring of life and its scorching flames have been erupting from its molten and seemingly immortal pool of super-heated gases since the beginning of the book of time. This glorious ball of passionate fire and light had existed before the very worlds it gave birth to. It was destined to be the center, a core of origin, the symbol of a beginning. It was one of the many genuinely burning bright marbles dropped intently by God into the sea of utter darkness, for the grand purpose of giving meaning to the blanket of void and despair. As a result, the first and the foremost greatest gift to ever have been given was given, and that was: the gift of life. Nothing in existence can ever hold as much as a profoundness of meaning as the very essence of Life itself. And no kind of life could have ever been any more grateful for having the opportunity to exist and enjoy the delight of this privilege as much as humanity. From the earliest points in ancient history, humans had always valued and praised the Sun for its everlasting warmth. Some saw it as a divine deity, others saw it as a lively world of its own; many legends and folklore stories sprung out of these various uncertainties. Spiritualists and philosophers had pondered endlessly on the Sun's integrity and origin for many centuries. This lead to many romanticized theories and ideologies, which continued on until the rise of scientific advancements and early astronomy came about. Despite the death of these legends and deism of the sun, her beauty and mystery continued to kindle the amazement and wondrous inspiration of astronomers and cosmologists alike for numerous generations. The more that they had learned, the more they discovered, and the more uncountable monumental discoveries they had made, which momentarily lead them to believe that they knew all there was to know, the more that they had discovered how little they knew. The Sun had inspired the world. Not only had her warmth granted life to the human race, but her presence in the blue lit daytime sky was always a great timeless blessing to the hearts, minds, and souls. The Sun was a beacon of hope for mankind, their one and only candle that never ceased to burn out, and their sole provider of life within the endless and formless ocean of darkness. She had always prevented their fate in the ice from befalling them and She had always reassured them that the long eerie nights would come to an end. Her beautiful brilliance and rays of life had forever inspired a wholeness of beauty, romance and hope for humanity. She had spurred a sense of happiness in the artistic minds and passionate hearts of naturalists, writers, and philosophers of culture, art, and literature all throughout history. And most of all, the Sun was the beautiful and timeless symbol of the beginning of day. At Sunrise, the world smiled. At Sunset, the world mourned. The Sun's eternal presence and ceaseless existence had been one of the very reasons the human race had lived and thrived for so vastly long. And just as the Sun was timeless and seemingly eternal, so were the worlds that revolved around her, and all the life that her warmth had allowed to exist. In some unique perspective, one could argue that the Sun had ultimately been the grand source of time for humanity. The history of mankind wouldn't have been possible without her. Life would have never began. She had selflessly granted them such a longevity of time that went far beyond any comprehension, beyond all expectations. Nonetheless, even through all that time, this common memory of the sun had never changed: At Sunrise, the world smiled. At Sunset, the world mourned.
  9. Trying to upload a new chapter daily. A digestible little story about an awkward, cynical human living in a world full of weird monster people. Would love you to read but would love Love LOVE you to follow. Safe for work. Any relationships will leave things to the imagination. Love you all!
  10. As an AJ fan this really made my day, I thought it would take a bazillion more years before they made a book starring Applejack. I am going to pre order this sucker ASAP.
  11. Almost 2am, post post post! So I had a blog the other week featuring the following as a random cover for a novel. I've had this idea going in my head for a while, but haven't done it yet. So I've been drawing up some ideas so that way I don't forget the moments in my head. I'd give captions and reasons for the following pictures, but I have no interest on having things stolen. (I've run into enough fans that have done so with my work.) Lets just say that down the road, this will be much more than a war story--with deep politics, insurgency, religion, lore, and pony PLOT twists-it will be potpourri , something for everyone. I'm also considering getting a few people together for a dev team if anyone actually shows interest in this. I'll probably need someone else to help with all the art and someone to help with the story. But, first! Tell me what you think of it with the pictures so far! If interested in one of the two positions open on the team, PM me. I've been drawing these random sketches/panels all day. Hoping to get more done tomorrow as well. All progress will be posted here. When the stuff is set in stone. I'm hoping to release these in a similar fashion to "Romantically Apocalyptic" Where panels are released here in there that slowly add to the story. But hopefully in larger chunks than just a single panel release at a time.
  12. NaNo is over for 2013! Hope you enjoyed the frantic writing, and see you next year! For those who become daunted by NaNoWriMo through reading this thread, read the last bold question. What is NaNoWriMo in a nutshell? NaNoWriMo, despite its name, is an international contest that anyone can participate in. In a nutshell, it is this: you have the entire month of November, from midnight of November 1st until 11:59:59 of November 30th, to write a novel. Sounds easy, right? Of course, there is a word count: 50,000 words, written entirely in those thirty days. Plenty of "pros" double or even triple that word count goal in those thirty days, so it IS possible! Sounds cool. Do I need to sign up? Not necessarily. If you want to be official about it, follow the link above and sign up for an account. It's quick, easy, and free! Once you have an account, you can talk about writing with other writers on the site and upload your work as you write to show off your speedy typing skills. What do I write? You can write about whatever you want. You can write in whatever style you want. You can have one 50,000 word chapter or fifty 1,000 word chapters. You can write an MLP fanfiction or a series of journal entries loosely based on your life or WHATEVER. There are zero rules when it comes to what to write, aside from to continue writing whatever you begin. Why should I even consider this? Obviously, not everyone has time to write a novel in thirty days. For those that do, however, NaNoWriMo is one of those awesome things you get to brag about to your friends and coworkers: "Yeah, I wrote a novel in one month. Nothin' too important." In addition, the feeling you get come December 1st is a relief like no other, especially when you get to share the fruits of your labors. What do I get for completing NaNoWriMo? Bragging rights and, most likely, a severe addiction to caffeine. I'm also going to poke around the Forum and try to cook up something special for anyone who reaches their goal. Couldn't I just type a single letter 50,000 times and submit that? Yeah, but where is the fun in that? NaNoWriMo is all about you: no one counts your words and no one judges your story. You either complete your personal goal or you don't, simple as that. Remember the honor system? What if November 1st comes and I can't think of anything to write about? Start planning now! The challenge is to write a novel in thirty days, not go through the entire process of thinking up a full plot. You can have dozens of spreadsheets and sticky notes and character dossiers -- so long as you don't start writing until the clock strikes midnight, you're golden. What if November 30th comes and I haven't finished editing? Same as before: no problem! It is laughable to expect everyone to write a novel worthy of publishing in one month. Consider NaNoWriMo a rough draft speed write of sorts. As long as you hit 50,000 words (no matter how crappy your story may sound), you've succeeded! Can I write a joint story with some friends/Forum users? Doesn't matter how you write the story, so long as you credit everyone involved and hit your goal. I have this story I've been working on for two years! Can I write another 50,000 words to that and call it good? You can, but that removes a lot of the fun from the event: writing a novel from start to (almost?) finish under intense time constraints. If you have a piece that you're just dying to work on, then go for it. Otherwise, start with something new and fresh! Who knows? You might find a new project to dote on. I want to participate, but I can't do 50,000 words. Is there a smaller NaNoWriMo that I can do? I haven't seen any similar events (aside from the Young Writers Program, linked below), but that shouldn't stop you from participating. Maybe your novel idea is only capable of 25,000 words. Rather than dissuade anyone, we'll be treating November a little differently here on the Forums: you can set your own goal and we'll keep track of it here. Complete that goal, and we'll consider you a NaNoWriMo champ. Shooting for 30,000 words? We'll cheer you on. Want to write a 15,000 word story, but challenge yourself to never use commas? More power to you. I'd rather get more people interested in a fun writing challenge than a few people who want to attempt the "full" event. However, remember this: if you write 1,667 words a day, you will finish on November 30 with 50,010 words. Some days, you'll hit a dry spot. And some days, you'll pump out 5,000-plus words! Don't be nervoucited: you'll have every writer, NaNoWriMo participant, and member here on the Forum egging you on. Don't be afraid to shoot for 50k! Even if you miss the mark, you'll still get a lot of writing done and be more experienced for next year. Links: + Official National Novel Writing Month site + Pep talks from famous authors + List of NaNoWriMo stories that were published + Young Writers Program (for younger any users who want to officially set their own goals) 2013 participants / goal: # Handsome Jack / 50,000 # Dusknight Haze / 50,000 # Rudy Redlin / 50,000 # Sepia-chan / 50,000 # 00Pony / 50,000 # TwilightCircuits / 50,000 # lincolnshirepony / 50,000 # ILetThePoniesIn / 50,000 # Anishna / 50,000 # Fluttermena / 50,000 # RarityRainbow / 50,000 # Geminii / 50,000 # NeverNeverland / 10,000 # Scootadress / 50,000 # Oleg / 50,000 # Nightmare Diamond / 50,000 (Unless you state otherwise, I'm just going to assume that your goal is 50,000 words) News and Stuff: I managed to get a little somethin'-somethin' for those who complete the challenge. @Bronyette cooked up a cool pony-themed pixel badge that you can show off to all your Internet friends, real-life friends, animal friends, and imaginary friends. I'm creating this thread now so that people who wish to participate can ask/answer questions and begin planning. Two months may seem like a ways away, but it can creep up on ya', and planning helps a ton. And anyway, I can't be the only user here interested in NaNoWriMo. Anyone else want in?
  13. i personally like them i find them at barnes and nobles there are old ones and new ones the old ones are filled with comedy and cutaways the new ones have acton and adventure i recommend this one SPOILER ALERT!! knuckles is a cyborg in this comic and is married
  14. See * for disclaimer Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare (Novel, January 7th 2014) I'm continuing to do these novels, as the prior ones each did have something interesting in them that was picked up by the show in some way. I'm not sure if that's going to continue to be true, but we'll see. Summary: Yet again, Rainbow Dash has to prove she is the Daring-ist Daring Do fan. Heh. Big Mac is also a Daring Do fan. And dabbles a bit in cosplay. This author really like the idea of Mythica, Neigh York. I wonder if the author is from Ithica? I... okay. Bookworm. Sentient. Fine. It's Fluttershy, so ... fine. Yeah, this one is going to annoy me a little, isn't it? It's parodying what I do in a way. Here, the ponies are talking about the realism of Daring Do, where I talk about how Equestria might work realistically. Okay, that's subtle. This is indicating that this is taking place after Daring Don't, but isn't doing so flat out. We get the Ghastly Gorge again, with the Quarray Eels. In this, the distance from Ponyville to the Gorge is a brisk walk but no more. Froggy Bottom Bog again. Interesting. Rainbow Dash doesn't like hot peppers at all. The peppers in question come from South Amareica, past the San Palomino Desert. Cute. Zecora had in her possession yet another artifact. This time the 'half-gilded horseshoe' which is a key to a Spirit Circle... Half-gilding is a real art technique, using the gilding basically as a pigment, and the bare base material usually being polished to provide a contrasting color. Spirit Circles are vaguely like group meditation, usually treated as a séance-like event, but not always. And the ponies have the concept of generic malevolent spirits. Colossa-gators, about the size of the Ursa Minor. Pity the author wasn't in-the-know of current series events, or it likely would have been Rockadiles. Given the way this thing is set up, I was expecting this all to be a con of some sort to re-teach Rainbow a lesson. But they don't follow through with a reveal, oddly enough. If Braze was just a recolored Zecora it would be a lot easier to write off as all a set up, which would make sense. But the only pony Braze could really be if this was a con, is Big Mac under a *lot* of makeup, as the description Rainbow Dash gives of Braze is way too male for Zecora. Which they have done before in the show, again with Zecora involved so it kind of hangs together. But he would have had to do all that rhyming as well, which he... might be able to do, but you'd think they would have stuck a reveal in there at the end just for the reader if nothing else. We seem to be being asked to take this one straight. So I'm a bit confused. If we are to take this straight, then the Castle of the Pony Sisters has a lot of other odd things going on, including a gateway to a spiritual realm secured by a key that *Zecora* has possession of. So... the shadow figure shown at the end of Castle-Mania would reasonably have been Zecora... or this Braze if they do in fact bring him into canon some time later. Hrm.
  15. All right here's one of the few book series I used to read for fun. The diary of a wimpy kid series. I read it in late elementary school and middle school and it was a fast read. So what are your thoughts on it? I think it's okay but hasn't aged the best.
  16. Howdy All! Picked up the book at the local B&N store today. Got to say GM Berrow did a pretty good job in writing the book. It adopts Megahan McCarthy's screenplay of the film onto the book. With GM adding a few other things. (Wont say what it is no spoilers) Its worth picking up. Cant wait what IDW does with their comic version of the movie. See ya!
  17. Well I have only recently joined these forums, but I thought I should put this up somewhere simply because any feedback is good feedback. Since I discovered 'Welcome to Ponyville' I was pretty impressed. Then I read that the team had been hacked and disbanded. I was really disappointed to say the least. A couple of days later, I discovered something called RenPy, a Python based visual-novel scripting engine. an Idea started to form. Now I can honestly say, I am terrible for starting projects that I get bored of and never finish. Which is why I have not mentioned this anywhere previously (combined with the dozens of other 'I'm making a pony game' topics in sure are floating around. Somehow, however, I kept at it. Slowly but surely, Project Harmony is chugging away. It's not Welcome to Ponyville. Its not got its own custom engine. Its not meant to 'rip off' or 'beat' any game, project or anything else. Its simply something I have wanted to do since before becoming a brony even. Anyway, If you see any topics about, you know what it is: LITANY OF MAGIC (Previously known as Project Harmony) A visual novel based, choice and decision heavy simulation / text based adventure based in Ponyville which I have been working on since March. The plan at the moment is to keep building, setting small, reachable goals so that if progress stalls at any point it can be rounded into a playable state. The current system plan is to give the player a set number of days (Currently planning 100, will almost defiantly change depending on the amount of contact put in. I'm hoping to produce a playable beta with 50.) How will it play? The game is text based, with images. Anypony played Ace Attorney? Like that. Each day, events unfold, you make decisions which influence the events of the story, yourself and what ponies think of you. You know nothing about who you are - a blank slate which will grow depending on your actions. Days you play are sectioned into three types. STORY DAYS. Story days are set dates where specific, mane quest events take place. For example, day 1 is a story day which introduces you to the game - set events happen and you are given choices to make. Story days will feature the most game changing choices. EVENT DAYS. Event days play out like story days, certain scripted events take place. Event days will be (somewhat) random and will feature some story changing choices, but mostly will effect what the ponies of Ponyville think of you. Event days will have requirements: If you told Pinkie Pie you hate Parties, don't expect a surprise party event! If you meet the requirements then any day that is NOT a story day will have a chance of being an event day. STANDARD DAYS. Any day which isn't either a story or event day will then be a standard day - a 'filler' day so to speak, where you don't have anything special to do so can feel free to work, train skills, shop or just see who you run into. I have put a LOT of thought into the day system and think it will work well, but ill keep everypony updated as and when. Ponies track a LOT of variables. So far I have implemented variables for about 25 ponies, including Friendship, Trust, Health and Love. Also includes flags for whether you are Friends, Enemies and even if you have never met at all. The theory is to build an adventure, something impressive with choices which affect game play - not just by changing a few words but by making it so that you may meet completely different ponies on a second or third playthrough. If I do this properly, you should be able to play for say, the third time and say 'Oh look, Such and such a pony is in this game!'. Thanks to the Event days, meeting a new pony will open up new stories which involve them! (In theory). So yeah, mostly a 'Choose your own Adventure' with a little 'The Sims' and a dash of dating sim (Which, if thats not your thing, can be ignored quite easily, Romance is great but friendship is magic.) (Also, forget about anything cloppy, some scenes may be slightly more grim than the show, but I'm hoping its something everypony can enjoy.) But Cinderscribe, how can we trust you? Where is this at now? The basic frame of the game is done, at least to a playable standard though no doubt I will decide something needs to change. Variables are set up and I think I have enough ponies to make a 'lite' version, with time. Whats really holding me up is that I lack resources - I'm currently using placeholder vectors from MLPvectorclub on deviant art - specifically chosen from those amazing people who marked them as 'Feel free to use for whatever' and while this is all fine and dandy, I still don't like using somepony else's work without express consent - and with (so far) about 10 vectors per pony, well, thats a lot of permission to get. As such, I taught myself to vector - my work is passable, but slow. I also have no music (Which I have some ideas in mind but don't want to make presumptions so will not be voicing them.) or voice acting (Which is such a large task it will not come into the picture until I'm happy with the rest of the game.) What I DO have is a working affinity system, enough placeholder vectors to start crafting the mane story, along with some of the event stories (Mane 6 are effectively covered atm). I have a Stats, Inventory and health system. I have the early bones of the magic system and I have confidence in myself. Here is a very low quality video of the Charater Generation process (Alpha, may change. Probably will.) and the battle system (Unfinished, only have 3 Abilities fully coded at the moment): Hopefully I'll continue with this enough to get a working prototype out. In the meantime though, because I'm terrible at writing long forum posts, you might not see many updates. that dosent mean its dead, I just work slowly! Peace out Ponies!
  18. Hey everyone! As very few of you probably know, I am actually a big writer. I love doing a lot of writing about fantasy sorts of stories, and have had a lot of ideas inspired by my two favorite authors. (Tolkein who wrote Lord of the Rings, and C.S. Lewis who wrote Narnia.) One thing that always amazed me about their stories, is that they created entire worlds. They made up history, locations, history for said locations, and even more beyond that. Sometimes even entire languages. This has always been a mind-blowing concept for me, and as of last summer I began researching it. Since last summer I began work on a novel series labeled "The Ytrialum Records" This series was inspired by Tolkein and C.S. Lewis (and to some extent various anime/manga) and revolved around a world I created called "Ytrialum" (pronounced it-try-uh-lum) I slowly began work on this world's history and how it worked, including the creation of a system of magic, and a basic history and thesis on where the world came from and how it's creation went about. (And faintly delving into a much deeper concept I'll expand on in a moment.) This evolved into the first novel, called The Ytrialum Records: Keepers. (Classic fantasy novel name as I discovered after I finished it, noticing three other books in my school library with the name "keepers") I tried sending it to one publisher, who rejected it. Fair enough. I'm an amateur author and I doubted my book or books would ever reach bookshelves anyways. However my true talent I think lies in my creation of ideas, concepts, and yes, worlds. The Ytrialum world is very vast, and although the map admittedly isn't very big, the other features of the world that I have developed (and some not listed on the visible map.) make up it's complexity. Recently, I began to develop an idea for the creator of the world. (Think of him sort of like God, Aslan, something along those lines.) A concept came to mind when I made plans for the final book. This concept evolved into something larger when I wrote a short-story, involving a conversation between the main enemy of Keepers, and the creator of Ytrialum, titled "The Tyrant and the Angel." This concept, was as follows. The creator of Ytrialum is not God, however he could have gained his powers because of a previous life before he created Ytrialum. It's pretty far fetch'd, but I personally am finding it great fun to work on it. As this has developed I discovered something... In order for the creator of Ytrialum to have a prior back story, there must be another world that he lived on himself. This world, has earned itself the name of Bylitta. (by-lee-tuh) I only recently began work on this, and what I'm going to be doing over the next couple blog entries is post my progress as I create a new world (almost) from scratch. This world will be different than the first one. Big time. I know most of you people aren't that interested in reading a 16 year old highschool students ramblings of his concept and ideas, but I figure some people may be interested in it. If you guys like Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth I think you may find this interesting. I'll also be drawing some pictures and concept art for a few things as well, so I'll be posting those with it when they come available. So with that, I shall begin writing and story-boarding for this new world. Here's a list of how I'll likely split the blog. Entry One: System of Nature & World Itself - What is the norm? (This'll be large) => How fantasy driven is it? => Does it involve magic? => Does it involve mythological/made up creatures? => How was the world created? Entry Two: Geography & Time Periods - Location, advancement, etc. => What sort of locations does the world involve? ===> Natural geography? ===> Settlements and cities? => Time Period? ===> Is the world locked in an eternal time period? (E.g. Like Middle Earth) ===> What Time Period? Entry Three: Races, Civilizations and Culture(s) - How do people live? => Are there different kinds of people? ===> What differences? => Civilizations? ===> Who gets along with who? ===> How are they different from each other? => Culture? ===> Clothing? ===> Buildings and architecture? ===> Preferences? ===> Religion? ===> Language? Entry Four: History => BUCKING HISTORY Entry Five: Wrap Up So there you have it. Big plans. I'll be going over this stuff for a little while before posting it online. Brainstorming and such will be frequent. I'd appreciate it if you guys could leave opinions to let me know if this even interests any of you. See you all soon! (Or not so soon!)
  19. So I've been writing books based on this fictional world I invented, called Ytrialum, and I've been working on the second book in a series revolving around this world. Long story short it's a fantasy world locked in a medieval time period. (kind of like middle earth in lord of the rings.) Lately I've been drawing a lot of picture about this world, including a map and lots of character concept art. Even a couple comic-style scenes that I have planned or have completed. Recently I drew this picture of one of my favorite characters. (Buck you I can have favorite characters in my own novels!) This character is one of the Keepers, which is a small group of four people who control the elements of the world. Her name is Madia Farule, and she is the Keeper of Dream (Mind). This is probably one of my best drawings I have ever drawn. It doesn't get much better than this for me really. I'm not a skilled artist and I can't do digital art for the life of me. Ruins the shading scanning and retracing them, and I don't have a tablet. Plus I have other creative pursuits that are of higher priority. Anyways, yeah. This is my art. I'll likely post some more stuff soon since I did a lot of drawing over the break.
  20. Doesn't have to be about ponies, yeah? Yeah, I'm in the right place..... Anyways you can criticize this or tell me how to improve it because it was done in sort of a quicky, the way right involves getting the basic plot written out then add details and other things later. And some foreshadowing. Description: A military leader misinformed, brought his best squad to something that should of never have been thought of again. James, John, Nick, and Carver find themselves in a whole different world filled with mystery and evil. Can they stop the uprising? Stop the denizens of that world from passing through the portal? No. That's not what they should be worried about. It's a bigger power that should have them running for their lives. Chapter 1: The Tale of Unforgivable Choices “You know I’m on break Chavez?” A brown hair colored man said whilst sitting at one of the tables at a local coffee shop, the sun shined through the window he sat next to. It was a beautiful afternoon in the fantastic state of Washington. “It’s important, I can’t tell you everything, not even on a secure line. We have to chat in my office” A Spanish accented man said through the phone. “Interrupting a wonderful cup of coffee for some business talk? I’ll be there in 20 minutes.” The man ended the call and waved for a check. The sun was more bright than he expected, he checked his pants pockets and grabbed that Aviators that hung, he put them on and smiled.Not even a single cloud in sight and yet the place had a dark vibe floating around. The man got in his military colored Jeep, turned the ignition, the engine roared to life. He switched gears into reverse and backed out of the tightly squeezed area and continued to switch gears into drive mode. The Jeep lept off with extreme horsepower and headed North. “Hello James, Chavez called you in again? Haven’t you ever had one interrupted break?” A man in a camoflaged military gear, he had a M16 strapped to his back with 3 clips on his belt. The place was heavily guarded place. James rolled down the window “Thinking about it, I’ve had one, which was only for four days” He smirked and waited for the Military personnel to open that gate. “Well, better hurry, we just received word he gathered your squad back together” The man added and waved his hand through “Well, have a good day Smith, seems like you guys are being fortified ever since this call” James added back and drove into the Washington state special services Headquarters. “Yeah, I bet, how about a side of insanity?” Said a familiar voice, I walked around the corner to find Carver making a smartass remark to Chavez “Started the party without me?” I said and walked out of the shadows up to the steel table with a couple of file folders marked Classified. “Glad you joined us, I was just doing a early brief of why I called you in here, but couldn’t finish because Carver here had something to say” Chavez said looking at Carver with that kind of face you see in those movies where you should just bail. “Okay, so that we’re all here we can finally begin. Without any interruptions” He stared at Carver and went back to the rest of us “Doctor Alex, one of the greatest minds of the 21st century, this kid is even smarter than 100 thousand combined copies of Einstein. He cracked the code to the universe, well that’s what he likes to say, I just call it the end of us all. He created a portal without any permission from the U.S. Government, the project was named Eternal Night for some odd reason. He finally sent in a request, a request to have it activated since that thing takes up a shitload of electrical power and releases radiation whilst activated. I read over it and denied for the good of all of us. He ignored it and activated, he’s been gone ever since” Chavez looked down at the files on the table and spread across the photos that laid inside. “Well, he isn’t your natural stereotypical nerd” Remarked John while looking at one of his pictures. “Here’s the good part, you guys get to experience first hand what went down in that lab. The officers that briefed me said that the lab, what am I saying? Its in the middle of nowhere in the Atlantic ocean with a base hanging on some islands. Well the place hasn’t been searched ever since and you guys get to be the first” Chavez finished what he was saying and waited for one of us to respond, none of us spoke due to our thoughts being collected also with our blank stares. “A VTOL is waiting outside to deliver you to the base, it’s a three hour flight, so get packed up tight, you’re in for a surprise tonight. The VTOL made a loud humming noise as we walked closer to it all in our black kevlar vests with standard military M16s and Berettas including night vision goggles. Chavez told us to bring the firepower since he didn’t know what will be waiting for us. The pilot was positioned outside the cockpit waiting our our arrival, the breeze of the propellers were colder than usual, something was going down tonight. “You guys Delta Team?” The pilot said as we gathered near him “Yeah” I responded “It’s going to be a rough night, the flight is going to be a bumpy ride due to windstorms” The pilot informed us and jump in the cockpit and sat in the pilot seat We all gathered in and made ourselves comfy and strapped our gear in tight and sat down and tightened up. The interior was cold and dark, the hull vibrated to the engines. The sound of the propellers went faster indicating we were taking off, there was a bump and we were of the ground. The intercom turned on “Be prepared for any wind turbulence in flight to the island, Delta, you’ll be parachuting in since we can’t take the chance of lifting this baby off the ground again. Parachutes are located under your seats, and remember, stay safe” The intercom shut off, I dozed off.
  21. Hello everypony! It's me, Sky Warden. I'm thinking to make a kind of weekly writing tutorial to help Bronies who likes writing, but needs some tips or guideline on writing. It will be about writing styles, storyline, and the other elements in the art of writing. Don't worry, I will explain everything as detailed as possible. You don't have to leave a feed back to this thread, but you may if you're willing. Just read and follow it if you want. I write this because I'm bored though. Okay, lets begin. It's not about writing style yet. Before we start, I want you to write down your whole story and finish it. Why? You must write to learn how to write right? At this phase, forget about writing style, boring variety of words, etc etc. Those are just guidelines, not rules. Well, just don't forget about grammar and spelling. Writing is an art. Art is something to express our mind and creativity for fun. Just express your mind in that writing. Why? Because we like it! Write everything in your mind freely! Law protects our right to express our mind, so don't worry about any rules. If there's any, well, screw the rule. Once again, those are just guidelines. I know, I know. It maybe sounds like a pirate. Forget about hooking the reader in the first paragraph, before you have your entire story written. Even though your outline or synopsis is very detailed, you don't really know what your fanfic or novel is about. It's good to have a hooking first paragraph, but you’ll never know how to write the beginning part until you write through to the ending of it. I mean, if you haven't finished your story, how can you know what themes (Or things) are going to be important to introduce early? How can you know what secondary characters or subplots are going to come into play that need to be worked into the beginning part of your fanfic? Even though you really understand the main plot, write it. Write any scene, anything in your novel you can remember. Express your mind. Before you post your story and get feed backs, how can you know that your story is already has enough conflicts, plot, thrill, without even writing it? The best way to learn how to write is by writing. Savvy? Also, don't get too focused on going back and trying to make what you've written perfect. Just write it. Next scene, next conflict, next character, next point of view, next plot. When you're in front of your computer (Or paper) to write, do some re-read on what you wrote yesterday and you may do some light revision on it. Wrong spelling maybe, but don't do anything more than that. Just continue writing. Next scene, next conflict, next character, next point of view, next plot until you finish your story. Challenge yourself to write more than yesterday. You will write everyday, and that's how to be an expert. A pro is someone who writes, whether inspired or not, and keeps writing. Don't buckin worry to write a garbage. In drawing, it's your first sketch. In music, it's your first, uhm, music. In martial art, it's your first move. In writing, it's your first draft. No need to worry about your garbage, because no one is going to read it, seriously, even proof readers. We will polish it as this writing guidelines goes and we will turn that garbage into a masterpiece and you don't have to be ashamed that no one is going to read that garbage before we turn it into a masterpiece. Now complete your story! If you have finished your first draft, I want you to get a wooden chest, keep your story there, lock the chest, bury it somewhere, and hide the map and the key, so you will be too lazy to look at it again and again. Why? I will explain it in the next writing thread. I guess I forget to mention something about this first move, but well, I have a bad memory and I think that's enough already. This post is already so long after all. Don't hesitate to ask any question, even the silliest one. Seriously, you can't write anything if you don't even know how to hold a pencil or how to type.
  22. Well in only a few hours now it will be the end of Nightmare Night/Halloween and the beginning of November. For some it will be the beginning of NaNoWriMo. I have explained it before, so I shall do a short explantion. On November 1st, quite a few people from all around the world will begin writing there 50,000 word novel, due by the end of the month. I am one of those people. That's really all to it, just write a novel in a month, at least 50,000 words. Now I don't really know what else to say, but I guess I can tell you about my novel, as in what it will be about. My novel will be about a game, a game in the future. People are sent, took, volunteer, to participate in this game, and the winner, well I have yet to decide that yet. 8 people ranging from 15 to 21 shall be competing in one of the games. Well that's really all I have so far. Anyways that's it for me, and good luck to any other writers out there. -Shadow Stalker
  23. So... I got this idea, right? An idea that, at first, was just a joke -- something I typed up because I was bored and lacked something of interest to do. However, I think I actually could make something (sort of) gigantically (alright) miraculous that might be considered the greatest graphic novel of all time (maybe even up to Bone standards!) It will be filled with quirky scenes and borderline insane twists (perhaps), all wrapped up in a neat little (nonsensical) storyline. Read up on my OC page to scratch the surface of my intentions. What I need: a quality artiste who can effortlessly sketch/draw in typical Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (PSWG) format. Include in your post: A sample of your work (preferably current), why you would like to hop on board this project train (obvious reasons are fine), and a living human head (not really). If nothing comes of this, I'll simply dedicate my free-time to learning the ropes and carry out the arduous/thankless process (sure you still want in?) of sketching, designing, and the other whatnots of creating each flavor-filled pane of classic Mossai madness. Well, have at it, kids. I hope to see invested greatness emerge and worthwhile partnerships form. *Ka-chunk* They finished readin' tha whole thang. Good... Now, we wait.
  24. Hey, guys! I'm relatively new to the fanfiction community, and I really feel like I need to share this out loud with y'all, if you don't mind... http://www.fimfictio...y-Walk-Among-Us It's my very first fanfic. Ever. Actually, it's more like my very first story that's more than 2000 words... So... I really need as much feedback as I can get. I know it's long (really long), but please read the first two chapters so I know how I can improve myself. Thanks a bunch!
  25. Me and two other bronies are developing a Visual Novel set in an alternate Equestria, where Discord wins and everypony but the mane 6 is 'Discorded' (we had a four hour discussion about the plot, characters, etc. I can post it if you want.) Basically, some things we made canon are: 1) It's anthro 2) Music prevents the Discordation (Ocatavia and Vinyl are still sane) 3) You can play as all the mane 6, so that you get the full story only by playing them all 4) Discord and Gilda are in it So basically we need: 1) Writers, we only have one 2) Artists. Remember, it's anthro 3) Musicians 4) Programmers, I can do the basics in Ren'Py* but we need a GUI and might need some advanced stuff 5) Any other jobs that someone could think of Can you tell I like lists? Now I know most fan projects never get off the ground, but I think this could work. And I hope that we can get some more support to help so that we can make this. So if you think you can help in any way, jump in. *We aren't necessarily using Ren'Py, I just have some experience in it