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Found 7 results

  1. Iam

    Double it

    Oh, another minigame based on numbers. Not so original :v The rules are very simple. The game starts with number 1, your goal is to writed doubled number of the user above and user below has to double the number you've written. How big number we can get? Notes: -> Using only full notations to write the number, in case of extreme numbers consisting of over 30 digits you can write (or be forced later to write) the first few digits of number with exponential notation to the power of 10, or letter "E" (example: ~1,392 * 10^188 or 1,3923463798895859431888341081849e+188 or 1,3923463798895859431888341081849E188) -> If multiple people are writing posts, be sure to edit answer, if you had got a surprise post, while you have been posting Have fun and enjoy number craziness. 1
  2. Okay, not many people if any wanted to call it a wrap at season 3. soooooooooooo lets fast forward. Not including season 4 cause it's already coming, and in fact likely finished, How many more seasons do you need? I'd say two more, because that would double the current amount of episodes we have access to. Notice i said need lol. And asking for double seems like a good place to start.
  3. dmolken

    The complicated counting game.

    This is the complicated counting game. Rules: Start counting in roman numerals until someone posts a pony picture at which point take the number that was last counted and divide the number by 2 and then count on the square root of the number (round it up if it is a decimal) Formula: The square root of (n/2) = c n is the last number that was counted. c is the number you start counting on. Example: I II III IV V II III I'll start I
  4. Alright, for this forum game, you will list a random keyword (whatever word you want) and the next person to post will search that keyword in their music library (e.g. iTunes, MP3 Player, Windows Media Player, etc.) and post how many songs come up. Then, that person will come up with another keyword, and so on and so forth. The keyword can apply to the song title, artist, album name, and/or whatever else that may match the keyword. Alright, I'll start with: Rain
  5. meow

    Daring Do Books?

    Does anyone know how many different Daring Do books there are? I can't seem to find an answer :S
  6. Now, here’s something for all you “Ponyphonic” artists out there looking for new ideas for songs. Many of you have probably heard the Disney version of Lou Bega’s Mambo No. 5 (; but what would you think of a “Pony” version. Now I’m not talking about videos the likes of which I recently saw on YouTube which is simply random clips from the show with the original Mambo No. 5 dubbed over; I’m talking about a real “Ponyphonic” version of the song. It could go a little something like this: A little bit of Twilight in my life, A little bit of Pinkie Pie by my side. A little bit of Rainbow’s all I need, A little bit of Fluttershy’s what I see. A little bit of AJ in the sun, Celestia and Luna all night long. A little bit of Rarity how divine, A little bit of Spike who says “She’s mine.” On a side note, I’m not saying Spike and Rarity are meant for a “serious” relationship; I just think that last line gives it a kick. I’ll leave it to you to adapt and come up with the rest of the lyrics; please don’t put anything too intense for the show’s standard audience. Let me know what you think and anything you all come up with. I look forward to hearing about it.
  7. Sterling Crimson

    The Cruise of Your Life (Sneak Peek)

    Well hey guys. I'm a huge musician, and I've always been a pianist at heart. But sometimes, I like to compose. So here. It's going to be a musical number based on a roleplay that's recently finished: "A Tropical Odyssey". It's a bit turgid but the vocals make everything drag. I can't sing, so yeah. It's a work in progress and I was hoping you guys could give some constructive criticism on how to make it more tropical and playful. Thanks! For this song, what happens is that the alto singer (a small foal) goes into a cave and finds a ship. He brings it out with DJ for everypony to see. That's when the musical number starts. Here's the first verse lyrics: Being stranded on this island, Nowhere to run or hide. Not wanting to be near the sand, I went to the jungle with stride! While we were searching for a way back home, our lives were a misery to see! But e'en our sorry sight he went out to roam, and found us a ship to be free! Here's the link: I hope you enjoy!