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Found 17 results

  1. What does everypony think of the binary counting system? I'm learning a lot about it in my computer classes, though what would it be like if it was the only counting system we had? Would you want to always write a number like 10 as 1010, or 55 as 110111? Maybe we should just use hex all the time, and write those numbers as A and 37. (I sure hope I got the number conversion right )
  2. hello everypony PonygamesFluttershy here tittle is self explanatory here is mine Favorite: 65 Least Favorite: 34 Lucky: 4
  3. I know its pretty minor but I think that the numbers that are shown would look lot better and more easily readable if shown with thousand separators. What im talking about: Vs I think it enhances the readability especially with bigger numbers
  4. Y'think we'll ever get some 80s style music in the show at all? Like maybe during a chase sequence or something, or even a musical number with an 80s style beat to it, like 80s classic rock or new wave? Like a Kenny Logans style musical number, or Madonna! That would be awesome!
  5. Hello! I need as many people as possible to think of a good 4-numbered code, so that I can crunch some numbers and get results! (I have got too much time, I know. ) I want to know what people think is a safe code. Once I have some data I'll put up a link to a document containing all the data and the results, which I'll try to update frequently. So please, gimme some numbers to work with! Yeah, I'm a data-freak. Yeah. EDIT: The results are now online here.
  6. Okay, so the game is to rate the user above you, or anyone, with one of these numbers. View their profile before posting, please. Also, post a picture if you'd like. Please, no mean comments!
  7. I was watching a video hosted by Jeremy Clarkson earlier called “Inventions That Changed the World: The Computer.” It got me thinking about just how amazing these machines have actually become. We started with machines capable of computing a couple numbers at a time to the Colossus which used a series of 1,800 valves to perform computing functions all the way up to ENIAC with 17,000 tubes to the microprocessors of today, which have moved past those archaic valves and tubes to hundreds of millions of tiny and reliable transistors capable of performing a lot of math very quickly. It got me thinking about some of these specs we take for granted. A computer (as stupid as it is from time to time) is a brilliant machine. A true modern marvel. At one point in time, the only SI prefix we really used was kilo- or 1,000. Other SI prefixes like mega-, giga-, and even tera- have become pretty commonplace thanks to the computer. But how big are they? To illustrate this, I asked myself the question, “What if we used these prefixes in other applications? And how big would they be?” What if we used them in distance? I’ll start with a meter. A meter is pretty easy to wrap your mind around: the rest of the world knows it, but for you fellow American types, it's about 40 inches - right over a yard or 3 feet. A kilometer is pretty easy to wrap your mind around too - just over a half a mile. On the highway, you cover this distance in about half a minute. But what about a megameter? It’s 1,000 kilometers or 1,000,000 meters Well that would be like driving from Washington, DC to Bangor, Maine. From Salt Lake City to Albuquerque. From Los Angeles to Sacramento. Or From Amarillo to Corpus Christi. In Europe, it’s like driving from Hamburg, Germany to Geneva, Switzerland. If you live in Australia, it’s slightly longer than the distance between Sydney and Brisbane. A gigameter? It’s 1,000 megameters, 1,000,000 kilometers, or 1 billion meters. At the equator, the earth is 40,008 kilometers around. So we'll call it 40 megameters. A string one gigameter long would be enough to wrap around the planet at the equator twenty-five times. A tetrameter is 1,000 gigameters, 1,000,000 megameters, 1 billion kilometers, and 1 trillion meters. That is equivalent to a round trip from the earth to the sun........ ... ... ... three times. And that's still only 90% of it. You'd make it 2/3 of the way back to the sun before you complete your terameter run. And most of your computers these days have at least 500 gigabytes of storage. I've got 1.6 terabytes myself. And yet we throw these prefixes around. But when you take a second to think about just how far we've come in the field of computer science, you can't help but admit that they're pretty amazing.
  8. My favorite number is 8 Don't ask why, It just is What's yours?
  9. Alright guys, I know this looks familiar, but it's NOT just some who is best pony thread. It's a who is the most popular for fans among the mane 6. You all get one vote and also get to post a prediction of who you think has the most fans. I personally like dashie the most of course, but despite that I think either rarity or fluttershy will win. And also, Please don't go around rounding up your friends who agree with you just to get your favorite to win, I want this to be a 100% accurate poll for the forums. So please enjoy, and don't forget to vote and post your prediction on the winner :3 (Also, I wasn't really sure what section to put this in so sorry if it's wrong.)
  10. let's start counting numbers i begin 1
  11. The numbers, what do they mean? I can't sleep now, they beckon me. They whisper to me yet incomprehensibly. The more I try to focus on them, the blurrier they become in my mind. Yet they've told me all there is to now, but there is no room to retain it, no, only the numbers remain. They live in the numbers, you know? The ones from beyond. They retain inaudible screams on their charred, forsaken faces. I only know one thing: Follow the steps to salvation. But what are the steps to salvation? _______________ (Several pages later) Do you see them too? They inaudibly scoff at my attempts to resist. They are held captive in my mind, and they want out, I have no way to refuse. They have showed me the signs, the bird, the arch, and the sword. Those are the steps, but I can't decipher them. Whenever I try to think about and decide what they mean, my mind screeches to a halt, I develop a severe pain, and a loud screeching noise is created. The doctors tell me only I can hear them, but I knew that, the ones from beyond told me. They say they don't exist, that's where they're wrong.
  12. Ok, a very random question, but here it is. What is your favorite number (or numbers depending on whether you have more than one) and why? Here are mine. 7- My favorite number. My birthday is on the seventh and I like how seven is considered a lucky number, so that is why seven is my favorite. 42- Second favorite number. I like the meaning behind this number (reference). So, post your favorite numbers and why below.
  13. ... on my part, that is. so, i try to get the best view of the pony through the small hole in the corner of the blind bags. and my mom was looking with me, and she gasped and shouted "THIS ONES SPARKLY!" ... i cried and just, threw it in the cart without looking. i found another two, but thought the one i had in my hand was purple, when it was either pink or blue, so i put the purple one down and left with my batch of 7. i got pinkie pie and rainbow dash. and left twilight. you can't even imagine the amount stupid i am feeling right now. anyone else got blind bag stories/fails/rages?
  14. This year has a lot of 3's in it for me... In my timezone, I am minutes away to the end of my birthday. It is on march 23rd, I'm turning 23 today, march is the 3rd month of the calendar, and we are in the year 2013. I think I'm missing more 3's but these are the ones that I can think of. like I said before, my numbers are aligning and it looks like it is 3, it happens once in a lifetime! anyways, it's a bummer because my favorite number is 6 ...but I know I'm liking 3 more XD, though 2 times 3 is 6 so that can mean something
  15. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors This game is a Pretty Rare game, and I was wondering If anyone had played It. If you haven't well... Basically, Without spoiling anything,You play as a young college student called Junpie. you and another 8 people wake up on a cruise ship and have to participate In a game callled the nonary game. . All 9 people are all somewhat related , not in a bloodline sense, to each other.They all have to co-operate TO THE DEATH, as weird that sounds.The game has several Different endings and all endings rely on the information you have gathered from the others. Also the opening is awesome This is probably the worst explanation ever, so heres the wikipedia page,_Nine_Persons,_Nine_Doors
  16. It occurred to me how lucky we were to live in the early 21st century. For the last twelve years, we enjoyed the twelve in a lifetime privilege of writing out 01/01/01, 02/02/02, etc. But after today, the jig is up. Unless you're about six years old or so, today is your last chance to write triple digits for the current date. At my age, the only thing I will be doing on the next 01/01/01, if earth still exists, is pushing up daisies. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to write out some checks just so I can put 12/12/12 on them...
  17. After procrastinating for quite some time, I finally got around to creating a vector of Numbers, my OC in the Shifted RP. To make a long story short, Numbers is an earth pony with a talent for figuring out complex things and making them more efficient. He is also a little bit off. The original drawing was drawn up by my younger sister after I begged, pleaded, and bargained quite a bit (I now owe her some custom vectors). Then, I scanned in her drawing and used it as a reference for creating the vector. I'm including both because I found the process of vectoring from hand drawn art to be quite fun, and it's interesting to compare the two images. Original Drawing: Vector Image: (As a side note, yeah, his mane and tail are intentionally disheveled. )