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Found 7 results

  1. Is it just me or has AMD really started upping its game recently? Whenever I've been asked for advice when it comes to building gaming pcs, I've always answered that it's easily worth spending the extra premium on intel cpus (i5/i7) and getting an nvidia gpu, as amd's bulldozer micro architecture can only seem to compete with the equivalent intel cpu by adding more cores pushing its clock speed to the point where you could use it to heat a medium sized house, and its gpus just don't seem to match nvidia (at least the high end of things). But then, AMD released the RX480, which was a very competitively priced mid tier gpu (and the cheapest entry into pc VR if you're interested in that sort of thing), which I think is a sign of things to come. Their Ryzen cpu's are apparently going to be on equal footing with the equivalent intel offerings, but at a much lower price point (their $500 8-core/16 thread processor matches, and even exceeds, the $1000+ intel Broadwell-E 8 core). Assuming these prices, benchmarks and demos are all accurate - that is a phenomenal price/performance ratio (especially considering they have an 'auto-overclock' feature that keeps upping the clock speed while thermals are safe), and they are meant to be even more energy efficient than intel too, so no more furnace running inside your computer A demo of their Vega gpus also showed a single card running Doom at 4K on ultra at 60fps. Granted Doom runs on Vulcan, which apparently plays better with AMD than DirectX, but still! If they can price their Vega gpus as well as they can their Ryzen cpus, Nvidia should be worried. I dunno, I feel that all the Nintendo Switch news has kinda overshadowed this, and while I am interested in the Switch, I think this is a lot more exciting as I feel that with Intel holding the monopoly on the CPU market, they haven't had that need to innovate as much, and the result of that I feel is that their desktop lines have suffered for it. I'm hoping that AMD, now back in the game proper, will force them to start focussing on their desktop lines more - which will benefit us all, especially those who need a powerful machine whether we are into gaming, video production, audio production etc etc. (Their recent announcement of a hyperthreaded i5 might be a result of this already) I am interested with what will happen with Nvidia too, as I don't feel they have become as complacent as Intel, as the release of their 1070/1080 GPUs was (imo) a good step forward. So, what do you guys all think? Could this be the start of an exciting new arms race, or do you think that it's all just hype and once released, Ryzen/Vega will quickly be forgotten? Also, is anyone thinking of making the switch to AMD because of this?
  2. So on top of the recently released Nuka World DLC for Bethesda's Fallout 4, it would seem that GPU manufacturer Nvidia have decided to release their own custom mod for the game titled "Vault 1080", and are basically using it to showcase some new volumetric lighting effects that could be utilized by their '1000' series of graphics cards and implemented into future Fallout games or similar titles (Elder Scrolls with that lighting, anyone?). Now I know this is something that will probably only interest players with top of the line PC systems right now, I know for sure mine couldn't run this without a significant frame rate loss, but my real question here is; What do you think of these companies using mods like this to test new graphical capabilities? Do you think it could be more than just a glorified tech demo? Does it show that you could potentially go back and get much more out of games like this, even after they have started to age in a few years? I personally think it's a nifty feature to take advantage of, to let players themselves experience the effects in a properly finished title rather than just pre-generated imagery or a 'built for display' game that will never actually be released. Here's a couple of more images from the mod itself. I must say that it definitely lends itself to making the environment much more atmospheric:
  3. Seems really promising. Nvidia is showing it's capability with the new 1000 series. It even played the new Doom with more than 100fps . Are you planning to get one, or going to the competitor?
  4. Just curious. because I am a major Linux fanatic when I'm not watching ponies.
  5. My ASUS GTX650-E-1GBD5 My DIABLOTEK DA series 500 Watt PSU Both of the boxes side by side They are all here inside this machine! Awesome! /)^3^(\
  6. If you ask me, not really. It's more of an epeen boost than anything imo. Now, don't get me wrong, There are some benefits of Overclocking, but the increases vary quite a bit, and often times not enough to be worth it. Before I jump in, I have 2 overclocked machines. an Intel core i5 2500k @ 4.6 GHz and an AMD 960T @ 4 Ghz. Do I need them overclocked? no I do not, I just choose to give them an overclock. To start, These overclocks might be impressive... but they were not at all easy to get. It took A LONG TIME to get my 2500k stable at 4.6, under linux ofc. It definitely would have been easier to do under Windows... but that's not how I roll. Either way, the voltage I had to use was a wopping 1.375, and if my Cooler wasn't good enough, it would still be at stock. My 960T, that is currently @ 4 GHz also running linux. It has a big potential of being a stable 6-core, and I could spend all of my time to get it stable. But It might not happen because It's already pretty snappy as a 4-core at it's current speed, only when it becomes compelling I'll do it. Generally, it is not exactly a good idea to overclock under Linux ( or any *nix now that I think about it ), since linux and other *nixes are more sensitive to overclocks than a Windows machine would be. Back in my Windows days, I had my 2500k Overclocked to 4.1 Ghz, and to be very honest, I saw little to no difference between that and stock. Then again I had a crappy board for it back then as well lol. Well either way, Even though I do overclock, I don't exactly "Enjoy it" so much as I just simply do it. With that in mind, I have been speculating that for my next machine, I'll get either a locked i7 or an e3 xeon because they would be enough for my usage. And quite frankly, I love to have an excuse to make a new machine every couple of years lol. AMD is not out of the question, but at this point, I don't see them as a possibility. Sorry for the extensive ... opinion, but I just thought I would share my opinion, thank you for reading. happy clacking!
  7. -Attempted to fix a 1280x1024 monitor by replacing some capacitors on the monitor's PSU. it failed though. -unlocked all 6-cores in slackstation, overclocked it to 4Ghz, and installed slackware on it (hence the name Slackstation). -Drove around town in a car. -Installed Arch w/ i3 WM in my thinkpad. -used my mechanical keyboard during the whole time. and that about concludes it... btw... Mechanical keyboards or BUST!