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Found 7 results

  1. Rules are simple, you throw a random object at the person above you. example: *Throws apple at -insert name here-* i have nopony to throw anything at, so... *Throws TV at wall*
  2. This is kind of a object to you left or right, only it's not just there, it will save your life, how bad is your life in danger that the object behind you is the only thing able to save your life. Me it's in great peril because I have a knife behind me, have fun.
  3. Hello, Im gonna try out a little forum game with you guys. I found this on Facebook, and found it pretty damn fun. So, do you want to find out your secret superhero identity name? It is simply the color shirt you're wearing plus the object to your right. This is now your permanent superhero name.
  4. Long story short, after scouring the Forum Games using the CTRL-G function and the search engine, I found that no such forum game exists. This is based off a forum game whose title was sufficiently descriptive (20K uses for a sock full of spaghetti), but since that by itself can get boring and there a bajillion more things in the universe, lo and behold, this forum game. The goal of this game is to find a use for the object the above poster gives you, then you have to give another object for the next poster to find a use for, and so on. Example: Poster 1: A sock. Poster 2: Sock monster. Tripod. Poster 3: "You can make it as a weapon and pretend you're firing at a zombie horde." An empty pudding cup. (Please keep things SFW, for the sake of keeping things SFW. Making sense doesn't have to be mandatory. It helps if the items are actually tangible.) I'll start off with the empty pudding cup from my example. Find a use for that and continue on from there.
  5. If you had the ability to yank away small objects from any fictional universe (yes, including Equestria), what would it be and why? I'd like to get my hands on the Magatama (From the Ace Attorney games, which allows me to tell if someone is hiding secrets from me), The Genie's lamp from Aladdin (Wishes! Obviously), and finally the Oghma Infinium (from the Elder Scrolls games, a book said to hold incredibly vast knowledge in it's pages). What about you?
  6. I could't resist sneak peaks, Here is what I've got so far. drawn in Digital, Drawing one of mah Vinyl Figure, Just for practice. Though I am still working on it. What do you guys think? Critiques are welcome Tell me what you think?
  7. Hello everyone. It's pretty simple. Whoever posts above you will be killed by you with any random object, weapon, superpower, etc.. From a chainsaw to a juicebox you can use anything. I'll start off. I kill myself with a slice of moldy bread.