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Found 10 results

  1. This is a show that recently came through my mind and that i haven't seen in almost 2 decades. Starship Sagittarius (in japan called Uchusen Sagittarius) was a sci-fi anime that aired in 1986-1987 for 77 episodes. The series depicts the adventures of four astronauts who travel through space and visit many planets. On each planet they have an adventure. Each adventure seems to have a sort of morality, like the importance of friendship or about the state of the enviroment. It had alot of humor in it, but it also dealt with very mature themes at some points. like war, the dangers of nuclear wars, protection of the enviroment, slavery, alcoholism, etc. This all sounds very serious but it*s done in a way that kids can still watch this. I just recently found the japanese dub with subtitles on it on Youtube with all 77 episodes. It's a very interesting show to say the least.
  2. I ponify things sometimes. Even rarer, I may draw that ponified whatever-it-is. On those rare occasions, I'll post the finished pony things here. Yes, I'm horrible. No, you may not throw tomatoes. Anyway, here's the only one so far. Tailor from The Property of Hate. I like it too much, but I'm fine with that.
  3. I wanna see if someone can find me anything more obscure than this favourite of mine! This show was NEVER, EVER on DVD in North America! (Only in Europe though...) BUCKY! CAPTAIN BUCKY O'HARE! Also, discuss if anyone remembers this cartoon.
  4. Was there ever a cartoon you liked that no one remembers? Or one that didn't last that long? Well here is the thread to post it. Pick the most obscured, forgotten cartoon you can think of. Here's mine. This has an ironic title. I remember finding this show funny as a kid. Ignore the annotation this is the only one I could find So discuss away!
  5. Quick, just say your favorite obscure band and an example of one of their songs! As for me: Verax. Song: I just wanna burn. Now, Begin!
  6. LSD (It stands for Linked Sapien Dream) : Dream Emulator is an obscure and rather creepy game that was released in Japan a while back. Since while the game is kind of obscure but it's popular for it's disturbing imagery, I thought we should have a thread to talk about it. Mostly, I opened this thread so that we could collectively gather things we know about it, as well as make speculations about the game. I haven't gathered too much info besides what everyone knows about it, but I don't know much in the way of specifics. I know that Japan's rating authorities rated it a D (The equivalent of M in ERSB) so it's rated 17 and over. It's almost impossible to come across copies of it since it's so obscure and was only released in Japan. So let's discuss it.
  7. WARNING! CONTAINS MILD LANGUAGE! Pancake is a cat critic who just likes to hate on everything. This Episode she will be playing Sonic Adventure 7, an awful pirated game that deserves to get hated on. Tell me if you like it and if you also know a bad Game/Movie/TV Show tell me about it and I can review it!
  8. I am a really big music fan. And in my listening, there has always been one or two people that stuck out to me as really ground-breaking/innovative musicians. So I decided to make a thread for discussing people like this. If I had to name one, I'd say Chuck Schuldiner. This guy was one of the pioneers of the death metal genre. Though he originally wrote about gore, like many death metal lyricists, he took his music to new levels with songs that explored more realistic, yet dark themes such as the human mind. Not only this, but this guy could shred. How about you guys?
  9. Do you know of any background ponies that seem to be forgotten or are just not noticed at all? Post there picture and name here and explain why you like them! I think this pony named Oakey Doke is pretty cool looking in her design.
  10. So recently, while on a quest to find some new bands, I discovered a "genre" of music I had never heard of before. One is Witch House, the other is Ghost Drone. If you are into weird and obscure music....I suggest checking these songs/bands out: