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Found 4 results

  1. Sometimes she acts like a fangirl, especially near Dashie. She might also freak out when she is alone, or if nopony attends her parties. Why is she an over-social pony, to the point of obsession and madness? Her childhood?
  2. Here is a another sketch I've been working on. I think I'm a little obsessed o_O NOTE: Sorry about the quality, again taken with my iPad. Please leave a reply, critique always helps ^^
  3. Right now I;m obsessed with drawing my OC Fireball Rush. I actually drew a second picture of her in one night! And it's a school night! How crazy is that? Usually I only draw 2 pictures per weekend... I don't know what's gotten into me.. Anyways, enjoy.. bon appetit, whatever. I think the eyes came out kinda Derpy-ish, as my sister pointed out (not that it's a bad thing! Please leave your comments, and try to keep them positive, though constructive critisism will be accepted.
  4. The new boy band 1D has gained momentum over the year. Now, I can't bash anyone who likes them or their music, but there's a line between liking, loving, obsession, and just downright crazy. For example, as a brony I fit in the loving/obsession (it changes based on what episode I just watched) My sister is past crazy, however. We are in church and she invited a fellow "Directioner" to come. The entire time, all I hear is "OMG Nike is soooo hot! OMG he's so sexy!" (I've wanted to shoot myself for typing that.) This is what I mean by crazy. I mean, I love MLP and RD, but I'm not all "OMG filly AJ is freakin adowable!" While she was, I'm not going full blown crazy over it. Anyone else have crazy siblings like that who giggle and swoon over an Irish singer?