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Found 9 results

  1. Where I got this question from: One of my favorite video game commentators. :3 Pretty much what the title says, what is something that you've said you were going to do, but you end up never doing? For me, it's to learn a different language. I've said plently of times to everyone that I was going to learn a different language, but dropped it about a week later. xD What about you guys?
  2. The reason I thought of this thread is because my sister is exactly that type of person. Running into one relationship and getting her heart broken, just to repeat the process over and over again. This seems to be a thing among most younger teenagers like myself, and it seems kind of dumb to me. This is kind of my general reaction whenever my sister gets a new boyfriend whom she says she loves. But really, this has come to affect some people's grades and become a way bigger part of their lives than it should at such a young age, or at any age! Do you agree, disagree? I like to hear opinions!
  3. The question is simple. Are you a germaphobe? For those who don't know what I mean, a germaphobe is someone who obsessively cleans everything in case of germs. I am a major germaphobe. I wash my hand about 20 times a day and clean objects before touching them. A little freakish I know but what can you do right? I just find the thought of germs... Disturbing. So now I ask you. Are you a germaphobe and why? If you aren't you can still post and explain why you made that choice!
  4. By early days, I'm talking about S1 -S3. Year 2010-early 2013. I just want to know what you think and if you have felt the same thing as I have. I'm very strong and passionate about my obsessions. Like I get really serious about a series or hobby and my obsessions are long term. I've been a proud brony for 3 and a half years and I've been a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean ever since the first movie. I'm starting to feel effects of being involved in fandoms for a long time. It seems that these fandoms just kind of die and I feel like the only person who is still standing strong. A lot of people I knew in these fandoms when I first joined moved on to another obsession or fandom. The fandoms I'm in are getting old and I've been watching them be replaced by new ones. I've easily felt it every time I walk into a Hot Topic. Each time I walk in there are less and less pony merchandise and the wall where the MLP section was has been replaced by The Avengers and Doctor Who. Don't get me wrong, MLP is still popular and the brony fandom is getting bigger everyday. Idk. I became a brony during season 2 when the fandom was at it's peak. I guess I just miss the fandom the way it used to be when I first joined. How do you feel? Do you miss that peak? When everyone shit themselves over Derpy, AliTwi, and EQG?
  5. I havent met many huge Harry Potter fans, so I was wondering if there are any. I'm OBBSESSED with Harry Potter XD. I have been to the exhibition in NYC the same day James and Oliver Phelps were there *eep*, but I didn't get to meet them because the line was too long. I am in love with George Weasley XD. So, are there any other people who share the same obsession?
  6. Hi everybody, I'm Sunset Shimmer. A long time ago I was Princess Celestia's student, and... well some things happened and I did a few things that I probably shouldn't have done, but that's all in the past and I'm doing my best to be...good now, and everything. I only just got back to Equestria a little while ago, and I'm really curious how everything's changed while I've been gone, but for now I guess I don't have anything better to do than answer any questions you might have -_-. Just remember, whatever anyone thinks, I'm completely trustworthy now!
  7. Hello everyone! Do you happen to have a strange or just slighly unusual obsession with random things or objects? TELL US ABOUT IT! :3 I, and possibly some others, would like to hear and share our obsessions. I'll start. BASEBALLS Ever since i was young, i have loved baseballs. I don't know why really, but when I see a movie and somewhere in it there is a baseball, I just get elated. Take the movies "The Sandlot", "Rookie of the Year", and "Angels in the Outfield" for example. Aside from them being stellar movies on their own, the fact that there were baseballs in the movie (Especially that one scene in the sandlot with the giant pile of baseballs o_o ) I would just get uncotrollably excited. Having Baseballs in real life is even better, and I still don't know why. i am honestly not a fan of the sport all that much, just like every other sport. (meh... sports -_-) Honestly, just sitting here thinking about baseballs is getting me excited. .... ! So, what are your obsessions.
  8. I've been speculating lately, How far does a brony have to go before he is marked obsessed by even his own kind. If you have a dozen things is that obsessive? and if a teenage girl, such as myself watches MLP is it normal as opposed to a guy watching it? I've had these questions ever since I heard about bronies, They make my head hurt I think that, at least in america people shouldn't be judged by a TV show they watch, all the hate is just from people with predetermined social standards. such as that all guys have to watch sports and stuff and girls have to watch things like MLP or Strawberry shortcake, I hate stereotypes!
  9. ~asdf~

    the line

    I've seen some weird rumors about us Bronies/Pegasisters lately, apearently a Brony went on disability so he could do nothing but watch MLP all day, probably a lie but it brings up an interesting question. In your eyes where would you draw the line between pony fandome, and pony obessesion, and dare I say down right disgusting? (like not doing anything that doesn't directly involve MLP) Personally I don't think I would ever buy the figures or some other merch items but if they released a game for the 3DS i would get it. -I should have worded this differently. Where do YOU personally draw the line. Do you just watch the show, or do you Ponify your stuff?-