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Found 2523 results

  1. Hiya there! I've seen a HECKUVA lot of OCs, and a number of them remind me of different things... so I got to wondering what particular influences (if any) brought your original characters out of your mind to play among the rest of us? What was going through your noggin when you came up with them? As an exapmle, I'll go through my OC family: The Blackwaters. Dax Blackwater: I sort-of modeled him after myself during my teenage years, but he draws a heavy influence from both Peter Parker (not Spidey) and Scott Pilgrim - both lovable dorks who end up being the underdog. Harcourt Blackwater: He was built from numerous screenings of The Princess Bride - there's a LOT of the Dread Pirate Roberts (Westley) in him, as well as some Robin Hood and some Zorro. For his stint in Sombra's Shadow, I also borrowed some Bruce Willis (particularly from the movie Red). Oglevy Blackwater: One part David MacAllister from Home Alone, one part Jimmy Neutron, and two parts Corey Feldman from The Lost Boys. Vylia Blackwater: I borrowed a bit from Rarity for her, but I sprinkled in some Bette Midler and a dash of Catherine O'Hara from Beetlejuice (Mama Deetz). And just a smidge of Luella Parsons (if any of you legit know who THAT is without Googling, I shall be IMPRESSED). Luther Blackwater: I pulled his look and his attitude from Judge Doom off of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Mr. Freeze from the original Batman animated series. But for what it's worth, he's FAR nicer than they were.
  2. I haven't posted anything in quite a while but i thought that i could not bring much to this forum. Anyway, I did an art in a different style? I've remebered the ones in canterlots castle and thought I'd make one. Complements the full fledge story i have in mind pretty well. Maybe I'll tell the tale in the future, who knows
  3. @Emerald Heart, @Samurai Equine, @Scar, @Bakugou is my Man, @CloudMistDragon, @Windy Breeze, @Jesse Terrence. Welcome to the meeting place on what will happen to our OC in chapter 2. I placed it here so other people can interact in the story... If they want too. And the main cast can still have a private message if you guys want. And the title fail safe is still just a working title. chapter 2 is gonna be about destroying a corrupt dimension and cloudshroud( @CloudMistDragon ), @Windy Breeze are one of the stranded ones that needs rescuing.... And thats what i still have on chapter 2 XD... i make stories on the fly.... And when an idea comes i just draw!
  4. What would happen if all of the original characters you've made.... From MLP, from any other fandom, from any tabletop RPGs you've played, ALL OF THEM! Met together in one room? Would they get along? Would they fight amongst themselves? What would the resulting chaos be? Sooo, my characters include Hocus Pocus: My ponysona and only fandom OC. Nephelus: A Sylvan Wizard and Wind Listener that I created for Pathfinder. Echo: Another Sylvan Wizard Wind Listener created to be an NPC, and was the reason I decided to make Nephelus as a PC in a friend's campaign. Nymdas: A reclusive smoke-fairy ranger, Butler the Doorman: A human fighter who's preferred weapon is a door, still on its frame. Smokey the Sorcerer Sylph: Another Sylph, made for a PVP Pathfinder night... Has no weapons or armor, spent all his money of alchemist's fire and bags of holding, his initiative is through the roof, and he's immune to fire due to his draconic bloodline sorcerer ability... always goes first, and detonates next to his opponent. Rikki: Homicidal Ratfolk assassin vampire, who surrounds opponents in darkness before attacking so nobody sees her commit the murder. Beef Studpile: Half-orc barbarian who is as unpredictable as he is strong. Muffin: A halfling in which I exploited Mythic Teir rules and the slight of hand skill to allow me to launder infinite money... Craig: An Oread monk who exists to help other people and infuriate my DM by making puns.... so many puns.... Unnamed Zealot Cleric: A cleric that doesn't even know her own name that attempts to cram her faith down everyone else's throat... another character started telepathically communicating with her, claiming to be her goddess, and she believed them, following this character's every command and ticking off the entire party when she commits acts such as throwing buckets of goat's blood onto the Barbarian. Dan (AKA The Dapper Dastard): A Shadowrun Elf, created to infuriate my DM (The same one that Craig was created to tick off) who wants to keep his Shadowrun campaigns "serious"... Dan is a stereotypical evil magician with a long, thin, curly mustache, a tophat, from which he summons spirits by pulling them out, a tuxedo and black cape (with red lining on the inside), and the most powerful foci you can buy in the game that takes the form of a crappy, plastic, black magician's wand with white tips. Brain: another Shadowrun character. He's a troll that was once the muscle of a group of pretty successful runners, dim witted (they call him brain because he's quite proficient at removing brains from their owners), but loyal, Brain's Shadowrunning crew was arrested while he was away creating a distraction to keep bank security occupied. Brain now seeks to find a new crew so he can exact his vengeance. As for my characters, most of them would probably get along.... With the exception of my evil or chaotic neutral Shadowrun and Pathfinder characters.... ...In fact, at least half of the rest of my OCs would probably wind up dead due to Rikki... But after she was dealt with (probably from her trying to stab smokey, which would result in her exploding), the rest of them would probably band together and become pretty good friends. I'm sure my Ponysona and Echo would get along especially well; both are rather reclusive, curious, magic obsessed individuals, and.... Well, come to think of it, both Smokey and Echo know the "Wish" spell, so any dead OCs wouldn't remain dead for too long, anyway! It'd definitely be an interesting sight to see; the whole merry band of misfits together in one place Edit: Added a list of characters because that seems like a smart idea that others are doing :3
  5. It's true, there are many OCs, good and bad. But there is a problem. Many people create over-the-top OCs That are very unlikely to be part of the show, yet their "Backstory" has something to do with the Canon. Mostly, it is DARK Alicorn OCs in relation to the princesses. Yes, I am TOTALLY guilty for creating an OC that is almost impossible to be part of the show. But my character is actually set in an alternate universe. For a show about brightly colored ponies, there are a lot of OCs that look too Villain ish, or dark. Most Ponies in the show have simple and bright designs. OCs Normally have Complicated mane, or are just........ *Sighs*.......... Recolours. Not all though. Some OCs do have a look that fits the show. I'm not insulting complicated Ponies, and I appreciate the designs and sophistication. If you really want a pony that looks to the show's designs, then try a simple mane design, matching colors that don't clash, and you could use a dark tone with a bright colour, but not all dark and edgy. You could also use a dark color with a light one. Put at the most 3 colours in the mane. Do not go for an Alicorn, and keep horn and wing proportions normal. Do not make the pony too large or too small. At the least make it an Average ponies height, and at the most, Luna's height. Whatever you do, DO NOT MAKE THE EYE COLOR BRIGHT RED! Keep the eye design simple, and fitting to the face shape. Please, do not take this as a must. So, In conclusion, make whatever OC you want!!!! No one should stop you. But if you want to make your OC part of the show, keep the design up to the show's standards. Thanks for reading .
  6. Did a drawing of sketch to practice drawing my beanie and jacket.
  7. Note: this is a problem with OCs or self inserts having a 7th element, this in no way presents any form of opinion about characters that are already in the show possibly representing an element. The Problem: A Lot of people hate the idea of the 7th Element of harmony, including myself but there is a good reason for this. First off, the main problem (like most things) is the way it’s presented. When people put it in their fanfictions they make it so their OC has it and already it hurts because it feels like wish fulfillment, it feels un-creative because they could not have made him special in a different way rather than making them one of the heroes. Honestly when there is a story when a OC is the 7th Element and they are equally important it makes me feel like it’s a special snowflake or like a self-insert, giving them an excuse to befriend the mane six. Another bad way to present this idea is to make the 7th Element have special properties like having powers besides the rainbow death laser, this includes special weapons and magic that can be used independently. Even if you make the ability only work when being with all the elements it still is terrible because the other elements don’t have separate abilities that they can use. You see what I mean? IT NEEDS BALANCE Even if none of these things happen (which is unlikely) it still hurts me because it makes me feel like they are forcing the mane six to befriend this character, no matter their personality which makes me feel like no matter what, no matter what you do it will always feel like wish fulfillment because the 7th Element was built from the temple of self-inserts that don’t reflect on their flaws. The name of the 7th Element also greatly hurts the idea; there are 2 reasons why this will definitely be hard thing to overcome. The first reason is originality, I remember reading a fanfiction that had the element of hope and while this is fine at first it started to get repetitive as i switched to a different fanfiction only to find another story that also had the element of hope. This is the problem, originality of names and how the author uses those names to make a story. The second problem is that the functionality is the same; Hero gets the 7th Element of harmony; Hero defeats nightmare moon with little to no changes in the timeline; Hero either finds out his Element has different properties or the rest is just the Hero befriending the mane 6 or solving problems in a more crass way but ultimately still having the same timeline. These are just the stories types that I can name off the top of my head. Even if none of these things happen (which is unlikely) it still hurts me because it makes me feel like they are forcing the mane six to befriend this character, no matter their personality which makes me feel despite changes you make or what you do it will always feel like wish fulfillment because the 7th Element was built from the temple of self-inserts that don’t reflect on their flaws. How I think people can fix this cliche: One of the ideas I had was to make it an artificial Element, the reason for this is to explain why it is different if you decide to make it have special properties, it also makes it have different possibilities as to where the hero gets their Element. Another reason for this is that there are quite a bunch of possibilities that sprout from this one change, maybe a villain made this element and it’s evil so the hero is forced to kinda have a permanent enemy, maybe Equestrians see it as a monstrosity since it mimics the elements and if someone can make similar elements and give it to everyone then everyone in Equestria is armed and that type of power can corrupt people’s morals. Another interesting you can do is to make your Element faulty, so conflicts are not easily resolved and the element is not a safe net for the character if something were to go awry then the hero has a real reason to be worried. A more universal way to approach this is to have the characters know that there is no 7th element and due to some uncertain circumstances are now against each other but have the same goals, kinda like superheroes and the government in a weird way. Look I suggested a lot of things but the bottom line is that if you create an Element, BE CREATIVE. This is not hard people, the whole point of fanfics is to show someone various ideas that differentiate from the show but are for fans. Change it up, maybe use cliches as a support beam to subvert the reader’s expectations so they are surprised and the story sticks out to the reader. Remember, BE CREATIVE -Bloco100 P.s sorry if the format is weird, this is the first time I’m approaching a problem and I’m not quite an expert at it yet… but at least I tried and please don’t be afraid to voice your opinions on the matter. I don’t expect this to have many views but if someone does visit wherever I post this then please comment your opinion, I like seeing that I made any sort of impact on people or the world.
  8. Did a sketch for my partner, did 2 attempts at it with different methods.
  9. Decided to do a sketch(might color this in later) for a friend.
  10. What is that makes your MLP OC so unique? What is that sets him or her apart from all of the other OCs?
  11. I've been drawing drawing for a long time now and I should have made my very own topic here to dump my drawings. Oh well, Never late than never. A short introduction from me. Heya! I am Nihi The Brony. You can call me Nihi or Naiya, I have been drawing for a long time now and never had the Idea to create one of these Topics here. So yeah, You'll be seeing a few of my drawings here from now on. Let us start of posting my OC, Her name is Summer Solair. She's been my OC since I've joned the fandom. Summer Solair, Fairly old drawing of mine. Also, Here is DA, NihiTheBrony Give me a little watch if you want to se more.
  12. I've seen many bronies and pegasisters ship their OC/Ponysona with either another one of their own OC/Ponysonas, or someone else's. What about you? Do you ship your OC with another one of your own, or someone else's? Or do you not ship your OC at all? As for me, I now ship my Ponysona, Lucky Bolt, with @ScruffyTheStallion's oc pony :3 What about you guys?
  13. Wanted something to do this morning so I made icons of these two (really, I just made Granite and colored over him to make Thorns, Thorns isn’t that hard to make). Had a little fun with the shading tool as well now that I finally discovered it.
  14. ExplosionMare: I’m opening up asks, so why don’t you guys introduce yourselves? Pencil: Okay! I’m Pencil Pouch, the purple unicorn in ExplosionMare’s profile picture, but here’s a better one anyways: Um, I like drawing, writing, hanging out with friends, and various other things (I forgot what those were, heh). Uh, that’s all I have to say, right? ExplosionMare: Yep, you’re good! Granite: Okay, I guess it’s my turn. Hi, I’m Granite Rose. My picture is right here: My hobbies are gardening, sketching, listening to music, and doing anything outdoors. Uh, that’s it, you can move on now!! ExplosionMare: Um, aren’t you forgetting somepony? Granite: Nope!! ExplosionMare: Look, I know you’re scared, but he’s part of this ask, too. He has to come out. Granite: Ughh! Fine! Okay, before he decides to show up, let me tell you a bit about Thorns. He’s, to put it simply, somepony only I can see. He’s also...not pleasant. But, well, I guess I’ll have to bring him out anyways for this ask. Just remember that if you do ask him anything, I’ll have to answer for him. He only talks in— Thorns: Escape from here. Leave nothing behind. Let pain fade away. Granite: Aaand, this is what I was talking about. Not great for conversation. *siggghhhh* Since I have to speak on his behalf, his hobbies include staring through my soul, speaking in a strange three sentence pattern, and convincing me to do bad things to myself on a daily basis. Yay. Now, so I can stop talking about him, here’s his picture: ExplosionMare: Aww, now that wasn’t so bad, Granite! Okay, now that everyone’s been introduced, here are the rules: - One ask per character at a time (this just keeps things running faster. Asks are unlimited, but if you have asked previously, please wait until others get their chance to ask) - Nothing beyond a PG rating. That includes information from the fanfic these characters come from called Behind Him that contains a few themes that aren’t allowed on this site. Allusions to darker events are okay, but the answers to those types of questions will be kept vague (A link will be provided via PM if you ask for one) - Wanna ask ExplosionMare something? Well, she’s not really part of the ask, but you can ask her something about the ask! (Make sure to use a tag if you have that sort of question so I know you’re talking to me and not my characters)
  15. If someone was able to make Browser Ponies a reality, with Artificial Intelligence that thought like/acted like/looked like ponies, would you use the browser? I would, and I hope as we get better at making AIs, that those will become a reality, anyone else? (Moderators, if this is in the wrong location, can you message/move it for me? Not sure if this is the right place.)
  16. Now this question is more specifically towards pegasus OCs (or batpony OC's). If you have a pegasus OC, what is his/her wingpower number? In the episode "Hurricane Fluttershy" we were introduced to the concept of wingpower, which is a measurement for how strong and fast a pegasus's wings are. It's hard to tell what wingpower would equate to in mph, but we do know that the average wingpower for a pegasus is around 9-10 (at least that was implied in the episode). So yeah, I'm curious to see what the wingpower is for your pegasus OC, if you have one. If you have more than one, like me, feel free to share the wingpower for as many as you want. I have tons of Pegasus OCs, so finding the WP for all would take a while. Instead, I just picked out some of my more prevalent pegasus OCs. Double Flame: Somewhere in between 18-22 Rivetwing: 7 StormFlower: 9 SparkFire: 11 Savvy Splash: 6.5 Flutterblue: 4 Mystic Flight: 4.5 WindSkipper: 16 Midnight Eclipse: 15.5
  17. I need help. I just began to feel more atracted to my OC and others OC's than the rest of the characters, im still watch the show only to imagine what my characters do in every situation does it make me a bad brony? Have you ever feel the same thing? Hope you guys tell me because im begin to fell guilty about it
  18. This is my OC Blizzard Storm, She is covering because of the cold, I use some basic effects in photoshop. Please! i really need your opinión and feedback about this, good or bad it doesn't matter, Oh! and by the way the symbol on the top right of the screen is her cutie mark,
  19. (Coverart by Midnight Scribbler) Good afternoon, everypony! These chapters have been up on FimFiction for about a month now, but I figured it's high time I finally shared my latest updates to my ongoing fanfic "Batmare Begins" with you all. Below you'll find the link to "Batmare Begins" Ch.'s 22 and 23, "The Princess and the Prodigy" Parts 1 and 2. It took me far longer than I wanted to get these chapters written, edited and posted, but I'm very pleased with how both chapters turned out. To any longtime readers, I'm excited to hear what you all think of the latest updates, and to any new readers, feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have on my story, either here or on the fic itself. Thank you all for your time, and have a great day, everypony! Batmare Begins - Click 'here' for the fic
  20. You ever go to a pier or some type of gathering and get a caricature of yourself drawn? The artist may make your head comically large or nose extremely small, or anything of the sort. And all that's asked of you is a bit of cash and time. I also understand that people like to get their OCs drawn. Well, why not let ME draw your OC for you? I'll do it for free with a smile on my face! Here's the tiny little microscopic problem: I'm absolutely terrible at drawing. Four year olds might make smarter artistic design choices than I do. And there in, I think, lies the fun. Why not cut loose and let me make a bad picture of your OC for you? Just describe what you think I'll need to know (please keep it somewhat concise; you WILL lose me in long paragraphs), and if you have a suggestion to make it a funnier picture, send it my way as well. Are you a bad artist too? If so, why not volunteer some of your own bad pictures? This is all in good fun, of course! No offense intended on any of the works. So hit me with your best shot!
  21. How did you come up with your oc's ? what inspired you? Pandora is my ponysona, she is based on irl me. Scars and all. Derpy, clumsy, somewhat mental issues.. smiley, bouncey, careful, shy.. totally awkward. Kind most of the times but not all the times. Because I feel like i'm walking a tightrope all the time at night I gave pan a sprout on her head, this one breathes life into her. Hurt it and she'll be hurting. Pan hides the sprout by hiding it under her panda beanie and almost never taking it off unless she is with close friends. I currently have panda's high up in my list as a favorite animal therefor.. panda pony.
  22. @Emerald Heart’s OCs have costumes already, and that has me thinking. What is/are your OC(s) going to wear?
  23. I just thought about this one today and I was wondering. How would ponies feel if they see their OC in the background or with one of the Mane 6 of the show? Think about how cool and awesome it would be to see your OC in the show. For example, I would want my OC to hangout with Pinkie Pie while we are both having a fun time dancing, sharing laughs, and becoming friends as we party together at one of her parties🎊🎉🎈!!!!! Or my OC can hangout with trixie and help her with her magic show! Or my OC could chill with one of the background ponies. What does everypony think?
  24. You all know that my OC or ponysona is an earth pony, I was thinking about it yesterday, why is my OC an earth pony when the other two races have such cool abilities? I thought of everything, the first that popped to my head was the idea that I wanted to be special so I chose what I thought the less loved race. After that I would constantly be trying to say that I love earth ponies for this and that but in the end its all just an excuse to feel special. Another thing that also came to mind was that I don't like earth ponies more, but I can freely choose between all three races without feeling inferior to any, no matter what they're abilities are. That would be caused by the fact that I love myself as I am, so I wouldn't need the ability to fly nor use magic to feel special. Those were the main ideas, I still don't know which is the real one though, after all the second explanation could be just an excuse, or perhaps it is the truth. So, if we take a look at those people with unicorns and pegasi, are they happy? If you have a unicorn or a pegasus for ponysona, answer please, are you happy? The answer being no could somewhat prove my point, the answer being yes could bring down my theory or perhaps mean that I do like earth ponies more. This is all very tangled, if you have an opinion I would love to hear it.