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Found 2 results

  1. Here's what I found today (translation mine): ------------------------------- Hello Kitty and My Little Pony banned from school for promoting occultism At one of schools in Poznań, Poland, wearing schoolbags & pencil-cases with some cartoon characters has been forbidden because of supposedly promoting occult practices -- reports MM Poznań. "Regarding the grim scenery and occult practices carried on by the cartoons such as "Monster Hight" [sic!], "Hello Kitty" and the "My Little Pony" series, I appeal to the educators to schedule in their class register in bold red ink to prepare a talk with students on the above-mentioned subject (satanism, occultism, vampirism, magic). At the same time I inform, that at the area of KSW school complex, kids should be absolutely forbidden to bring any gadgets related to the above-mentioned cartoons (schoolbags, pencil-cases, notebook covers, shoe bags etc.)." Although "Monster High" really can bring some dark associations to mind, since its characters are related to werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein's monsters etc., then suspecting white & pink kitties from "Hello Kitty" or colorful ponies from "My Little Pony" of praising Satan -- the most famous cartoons from the childhood of many little girls -- could be very surprising. - I read about the dark face of these cartoons in the "Exorcist" newspaper. In fact, one of the parents also brought my attention to that article, since many children were coming to our school with gadgets from these cartoons, especially the children from the first grades of primary school – explains Monika Więckowska, the principal of that school interviewed by MM Poznań. – We will talk more about this case at the meeting with parents, but I've already made a statement to warn parents not to buy any more such gadgets to their kids. The principal assures that the ban will not enter into force overnight, because parents need to have time to buy new shoolbags and pencil cases. - Of course it's not obligatory. I can understand that not every parent can afford to buy a new equipment to their kid just like that, so we won't punish our pupils in any way if they continue to bring such gadgets to our school – assures the Principal. But what if some parent will not agree with the opinion that "Hello Kitty" or "My Little Pony" have anything to do with occultism and will insist that his child has the right to bring such merchandise to school? - When applying to our school, parents sign an agreement to obey the rules of the school's authorities – says Monika Więckowska. – To this day there were no problems with it, and I don't think there would be any problems regarding this particular case too. There's a priest, rev. Sławomir Kostrzewa, which deals with tracking occultism and satanism in cartoons and toys. In one of his online presentations we can read, for example, that the characters of "Hello Kitty" has been created by Ikaha Shimizu as a thanksgiving to Satan for the supposed help in healing his 14-years-old daughter from cancer. In "My Little Pony", in turn, there's a motif of transforming into a unicorn – a symbol of the New Age movement and the Antichrist. As especially harmful he also mentions book about Harry Potter and the "Twilight" saga. The MM Poznań has checked if at the other Catholic schools in Poznań "My Little Pony" and "Hello Kitty" are also banned. - We've been receiving informations about destructive influence of those cartoons too, but we've solved it in a different way – explains Anna Piątek, vice-principal of Public Salesian Primary School – We invited rev. Kostrze­wa to our school, who showed his presentations on the meeting with parents. Parents has been informed about the dangers, but the decision of whether they want to allow their kids to have such gadgets or not, is all up to them. Our school doesn't enforce any prohibitions in this case. There's no such prohibition also in the Public Primary School of the Order of Piarists, but the school authorities refused any comments in this case. Author: Jarosława Szmarowska Original source [in Polish]: ------------------------------- I just have no words for the level of stupidity and devious manipulation techniques they use to ban these cartoons and their message from kids in a way they parents will be convinced that this is their own idea ;-/ Looks like they want they kids so much to be mindless zombies washed out of any empathy and positive emotions. I wonder why don't they have anything against the brutal cartoons full of evil and stupidity. Edit: I sent this link to Twilight Sparkle. Take a look at what she replied
  2. What is the Ponynomicon, you ask? Well, to those uneducated in magick it would seem like a bunch of random hocus-pocus with ponies thrown in. That's exactly what it is. Deities are nothing more than aspects of the self that we have given a human philosophy to, and I plan to work that same mentality into the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magick. Here's the thing, kids: Everything is real, even a thought. Everything exists as long as you believe it to be true. The more people that think about a certain idea, the more real it becomes. The same mentality is used in advertising, with results that manifest into the physical world. Just like Christianity - many people believe in Jehova, many people are healed by "his" power. In the mundane world this power is labeled as placebo. So, when creating a spirit, god, or whatever, you need to first have a body to support the spirit. This is known as an idol. And we have six of them. We know them as the Mane Six. Yes, motherfuckers, we are going to make the Mane Six real in the astral plane. They are going to be able to be utilized for magick and friendship alike. Thus, I'm going to attach a symbolic meaning to each one, along with Faust's original design for each of the characters, an entire mythology spanning back to the first generation, and methods of how to summon them in order to create changes in one's own life. So far, this is what I've come up with for each god: Twilight Sparkle - Wisdom and leadership (The Fool) Applejack - Strength and Determination Rainbow Dash - Loyalty and Dedication Fluttershy - Peace and Tranquility Pinkie Pie - Silliness and Laughter Rarity - Fineness and Morality For God Itself, I plan on utilizing Luna and Celestia and integrating prayers and invocations as daily rituals. Granted this whole project is still in the planning stages and there's a WHOLE lot more I plan on getting done. But I will keep everyone updated on how everything is going.