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Found 155 results

  1. What is that makes your MLP OC so unique? What is that sets him or her apart from all of the other OCs?
  2. Sometimes, I get really disappointed in pony OCs. I always see the same stuff. Same concept, 'race', color scheme, you name it. I can live with the overall design with OCs, but what really gets me the over abundance of Pegasi related characters... not to mention some of the inspiration is bound to come from the facts that Rainbow Dash is the most discussed pony in the fandom and also Fluttershy, who recently won the 'Best Pony' poll from The Hub. I just... really want to see originality and diversity in this fandom.
  3. I remember doing two for Homestuck. An indigo blood troll (because Sagittarius) and a derse carapacian. And back in the day I used to have a sailor moon sailor scout. Oh! And a Pokemon trainer persona too. Most of them where personas thought. Representations of myself in universe without an specific backstory or roll within a story. How many have you had?
  4. Hey guys. I was planning on making a music video for a song im working on. I was wondering, if I'm using my own art style, the only thing connecting it to mlp is the fact that the characters are ponies, they are all my ocs, and I'm not selling it or anything, would it still be copyright infringement, and am I at risk of getting struck down by Hasbro? Also, what if I copyright my song, but not the video? Does that increase the chance of getting struck?
  5. I don't know if this has been brought up before. Oh well. So, some stories opt to happen separate from the mane six (apart from the possible easter eggs, I suppose) and instead focus on an entirely different cast. So, when you hear about an OC only fan fic, what impression does that alone convey? Have you also read one yourself? How's your experience with such fan fic? Positive? Negative? Any recurring patterns?
  6. °˖✧ Deerie's OC's ✧˖° This is where I will post the rest of my OC's, including artworks of Deerie that I commissioned. I've got many OC's to show and some also have a simple backstory to go with them. I've already shown them to a friend but not to users here so here we .. go! You are not allowed to use my OC's for anything, do not use them for RP, do not use their art as your avatar, etc. I am only posting them here to show them. What is mine should stay mine just like what is yours should stay yours. If I catch you using them still, you will be blacklisted and reported. To a Mod who sees this: I talked about where i should place this with TheTaZe and I was recommended this folder So if It is not allowed here, I'm very sorry and I'd like to be told. These OC's are never going for sale.
  7. It's my oc Moonlight Toccata
  8. Anyone here care to name off OCs you've liked that other folks have created? Y'know, those OCs that stand out among the crowd for you? Whether you've RP'ed with 'em, admired their look when you saw their artwork, or just got to know 'em through the diligent hard work of their creators - this is where you can let those characters know who loves 'em! Who's your favorite OCs? I've only been in a couple of RPs, but I do have a few favorites: Rave Darkmane The character's fascinating, what with his background. Destiny Savvy An absolute sweetheart, and quite a good RP poster. Fracture Drip *chuckle* I haven't actually interacted with him yet, but I am intrigued by this OCs thought processes. It's a bit of a short list, but I've only been active in two RPs (as of this post). Don't be shy - call out your faves!
  9. Hi everyone! Im Voseerie, formerly mylilpegasister, my Username, and accounts are changing to keep everything separate from eachother. Please call me Vos, Eerie, Vee or Voseerie. I dont like my irl name being used. What I'm looking for are characters that are not being used currently in any story or timeline to be recycled into characters in a graphic novel im creating. I need characters, and its hard to keep creating ones whom are too similar or have the same traits as my own. Therefore im asking for old OCs that are not in use, characters who have been neglected and you wish to see them used or characters who you simply dont want anymore. If the characters are fitting and we both accept, credit and links will be beneath each page in the description, where the page includes or references them. and inside each overview and informational piece about the GN. What id like to make very clear is that if I'm allowed to use your OC in my story, their personality, name, race and some design tweaks might be made. This is just to make them fit better into the story if need be. Ill run any tweaks by you first to see if you are okay with their ' Voseerie AU' Self. However, i will try to keep the character as true to themselves as i can. If any tweaks are hard NOs then i can try to use them elsewhere. When submitting an OC please make YES and NO tweaks clear. PLEASE also include your characters age, gender, pronouns, sexuality, and beliefs, Also include if they are eligible for Romance, children, conflict, and Death. Some characters may die, some in flashbacks others just mentioned. If the direction of the character takes a turn you dislike, please contact me and i can try and change the issue(s) while the pages are still being developed. If the issue goes unnoticed and the page is uploaded or finalized before the issue is resolved i can try and salvage the issue in the next few pages. If the issue is serious and you are completely against the alternative salvaging pages the character will be removed from the story as soon as possible where necessary this can include simple or extreme methods such as character death. A disclaimer will then be made explaining the issue and where the character has gone. If the character takes on an important role in the story then they will remain until they can be either safely removed or until a replacement is made. The replacement will have the same Name, gender, and basic personality traits until they announce their new alias in the story. While this may seem extreme; The same way you are your characters creator; I will be their publisher and i don't wish for my novel to have any loopholes or issues because of poor communication. If you wish to withdraw a character please give me 2 weeks notice and (optional) allow them to remain until the end of the chapter, this allowes me to tie up loose ends and give them a fitting goodbye, You will still be credited unless specified not to for your contribution. Moving on ! The story is about my headcanon of batponies and their society after the Rise and Fall of nightmare moon and then their adaption to lunas return. The story will have talk of racism to the batponies, scenes or war, blood will be a regular occurrence, and mentions of sexual content and reproduction. Nothing explicit will be seen however as i don't feel comfortable in drawing gore and NSFW scenes. All pages will be appropriately tagged. The characters im looking for will be background characters and minor characters, many will be made into my batpony race, and others will remain as they were. As apperance goes, dull and natural tones are preferred. No neon colours will exist among the batponies execpt with eye colour and hair. If your OC is brightly coloured, their coats will be desaturated to fit in better with the society. If they remain their original race, only a few tweaks of colour will be made. If after reading all this and you still would like to submit your character, please include a clear visual, and basic information about them. Include a basic outline of who they are, their goals, likes, dislikes, cutiemark, tect... please also include as stated above; age, gender, pronouns, and sexuality. Having many characters can lead to confusion after all! and i don't want to offend anyone or misinterpret their character in any way! Thanks for reading everyone!! --Voseerie.
  10. I got a new drawing tablet, and to test it, I recreated one of the drawing I once made. I'm not seeking critique per say, but if you have something constructive to say, go ahead. The original drawing:
  11. Hello everypony, i'm currently in the process of making an rpg game and would like to know if anypony would like to see their OC included in the game as an extra (Shop keepers, quest givers, and crowders) if you would like to be included please use the attached base EDIT:please note if you wish to make an apperance in the game I do need you to make the sprite yourself using the base
  12. A silly little project I doing. This is my first serious effort at a story. it is sure to turn out interesting. I would love to hear comments on it. Currently 2 chapters are out. Even though this is based on Fallout Equestria, this won't be anywhere near as violent as the original. This story will always be T. Break Point is a simple earth pony that wants a simple, easy, and safe, not dangerous in anyway whatsoever, life. Unfortunately, this is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of Cosa Nostra, a powerful and dangerous crime lord that rules her town with an iron hoof. Now she must find a way to survive in the Equestrian Wasteland, a place that tears weak ponies like her to shreds. Little did she know that she would become the powerful and feared figure known as the Black Cat. A crossover between MLP, Fallout Equestria, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Based on Kkat's Fallout Equestria. This is set 50 years before Littlepip started her adventures. Wonderful cover art by ShimmerKoi. Thanks to GreyGuardPony for prereading this.
  13. Just a couple of Steven Universe and other related stuff drawings I've done in the past days.
  14. Since my last blog that had the art of my ponysona along with some other characters got deleted I decided to try and repost it. These pictures were done by my cousin chaosprincess/bringerochaos (thats her DA name) This one was done by Prophet And this final one was done Witch This is Aria's stallion friend which is also drawn by Prophet Kohana is Aria's adopted daughter. This one was drawn by me though I still need to draw a full body version of her Aria found Kohana when she was just a newborn foal. She named her Kohana since she was just as lovely as the flowers that she was found in. She is always making her mother nervous with her feats of bravery. Especially when it comes to copying what her adopted father does. She has the ability to communicate with nature so it's not unusual to see her just standing there staring at a tree or talking to herself especially when she's talking with her bug friends. Extra I know it is not drawn out but her CM is a heart made out of flowers that make a rainbow with a bee on the left and a butterfly on the right. Daphnes By day he is your typical unicorn businessman keeping his real identity a secret from his colleagues and employees alike working hard to run his publishing company. Once night falls he turns into his old demonic self and lets loose. Which means he stays home and reads or decides to care for his little rose garden. He is a huge homebody but he does go out sometimes when his friend or Laurel makes him. You see this new modern life bores him quite a bit he misses his glory days. As much as he cares about his business and his loved one AKA Laurel he still reminisces about his time as a commander. Extra He does have night vision and his fangs are only used in self-defense. Being a master of shadow magic he can shapeshift, make his wings or horn disappear at will, teleport or he can turn himself into a shadow. He is also a master of his own realm which is called the shadow realm not much is known about it but it has been rumored that it was sealed to keep to some dark secrets hidden about his home country. When he is extremely angered or near death, his demonic side takes over and well it does not exactly end well for whoever caused it. First was drawn by Prophet The second was drawn by me and the third is drawn by my cousin chaosprincess/bringerochaos This last one is a picture of Daphnes and Laurel together which was drawn by me. Laurel herself belongs @chaosprincess
  15. My Birthday Gift to featuring two of his OCs
  16. Soo, here's all my art gathered in one complete thread. No more sprinkle posting for me, but there might be some art of mine you've already seen, I'm just going to gather it all up in here. If you want to find my art, here it is! My own little art dump.. Thread. If you like my art, feel free to follow the thread for more updates. Excited??? I sure am! Let's get started! First off: Canon ponies! <3 Generation 2 darlings~ One little OC family: I didn't upload all of my art, but at least that's a whole bunch of them.... I've drawn a lot of gifts, more OCs, etc, that I won't show here. However, I hope you likey! Cheers, have a good one!
  17. until
    Synopsis: Foal in need of help? Just burn a letter to Tempest Poppins: she'll show up to set things right.
  18. Hello! I was wondering if anyone could do some good show style refs of my ponysona, preferably without a base: (click image for toyhouse page) I'm not looking for anything super fancy! I'm offering a fullbody drawing like this in return: I was also wanting to see if anyone would be brave enough to give my nextgen oc a shot in the show style: (click image for toyhouse page) Please only respond if you can do the show style! Id be willing to haggle with what i draw for you but please be fair!
  19. I don't wanna flood ya'll with like, 20 new posts right off the bat so I'm going to make a couple posts that are compiled art works and when I make new works I'll post them individually! but for now here's a bunch of my favorite trades and commissions that I've done commission for purple-blep Contest prize for Moonrose95 commission for lavilovi12 Pixel icon commission for xnoodledragon my half of an art trade with Idoartz Commission for RummyBunny of a pony version of her Fursona my half of a trade with LolaDitz
  20. Chapter One Howling like a ferocious beast, the wind pulsed against the rocky cliff face. Protected from the worst of the winds by the cliff walls, the little town of Doneighgal was quiet, but cold. It was in this town that twins were born to a unicorn mare named Orchid Rain and a Earth pony stallion named Solar Storm. The older twin was a yellow unicorn filly with a purple and blue mane and tail. She was named Star Spirit. Her younger sister, named Thriving Lily, was a creamy white Earth pony with a light green and pink mane and tail. Their lives began happily and with great celebration from their extended family, which was practically the entire town. Solar Storm adored and was adored by Star Spirit, while Thriving Lily was the apple of her mother's eye. Star, as she was called by her friends, took an avid interest in astronomy and magic, using her magical skills to aid her in her studies of the skies. Eventually the unicorn filly, confident in her abilities as an astronomer, predicted a spectacular meteor shower the next night and told the entire town to be at the courtyard of the old fortress that stood roughly half a mile from the town about an hour after sunset. The next night, she was a nervous wreck. What if my prediction was wrong? she wondered. What will everypony think of me? She almost considered not going to the event, but if her prediction was correct, she'd miss out on something amazing. Eventually she swallowed her fear and trotted with her family to the selected location. It was the perfect location, as the whole thing was elevated above the land around it the walls and roof of the fortress had crumbled leaving a perfect view to almost every part of the horizon. Suddenly, as the last few ponies quieted down, the hour struck. Nothing was happening at first, but then Lily spotted it: dozens of colored beams of light shooting across the sky to the east. Everypony sat in complete awe as the light show flickered across the sky. Star was snapped back to reality by a gentle light near her and she turned her head to find a cutie mark on her flank: a silver telescope pointed towards a purple shooting star. A smile spread across her face as she turned her head back to the skies, filled with color and what seemed to be dancing stars. Let me know what I can improve upon; I want to practice my writing and get better so feedback would be much appreciated!
  21. Hi, so, finally after some time I got much needed inspiration and motivation to draw, and I created 3 new OCs, and here's the drawing of them. The font used in 'He' is from, but otherwise everything is my handiwork from sketch to color, internet used as reference. As one may notice, there is no shading, and reason for that is simply that I don't enjoy doing it, so instead of hours of annoyance with trying to make okay-ish shading, I just didn't shade, after all, I draw only because I enjoy doing it. And besides, considering that all of these ponies are in a way ghosts, would they even have shadows? Also, for clarification, the things between They isn't solid thing, it's more of a this type of thing, but magic or something similar. Also the plants are not part of 'They', it's just there as a illustration. And lastly, the names are He, It and They, because the idea for their creation came from my already existing OC, 'She'
  22. What are your opinions of pony characters that have natural coat and mane colours? Like Pipsqueak, Troubleshoes and Dr Whooves (also Bulk Biceps and Derpy to some extent), to name a few. Personally, I don't mind them at all! Actually, my ponysona is a natural-coloured mare. I picked her colour palette to match her personality and I think it works just fine. But I've seen some strong opinions on natural-coloured ponies. Some bronies actively hate them for being "boring" and "unimaginative". What do you guys think?
  23. Well... I decide to create a post where I upload my art stuff 'cause I want to share it with everyone I leave here a drawing that I finished recently of this amazing trio! And this is what I'm going to continue with now, It's a little sketch but I will finish it as soon can I posible. It's a traditional piece and... I need time and patience to do it So... hope you like it! I will update the gallery as I finish new things!
  24. OmigoshOhmigoshOhmigoshOmigoshOhmigoshOhmigoshOmigoshOhmigoshOhmigosh SoIjustgotmyfirstfanartpictureofmyDraconequusonaOCandI'mlikesupertidooperytooexcitedaboutitbutnooneIknowisonrightnowformetogushoveritbyrepeatedlyrammingitinto theirfacessoIjusthadtomakethisthreadreallyreallyquicklytopostthepictureandthenitoccurredtomeaboutwhatIwantedtocombinewithmyactualOCwhenIdoputitalltogetherthencameheretoasky'allifyouthinkitsagoodideathentheporrigespilledoverandthen That's How Equestria was founded! *Sharp inhale* *Poofs a paper bag into his claw & hyperventilates into it before accidentally inhaling it, choking to death & falling over dead. Minutes later he pops right back up.* Hoh-kay now! I'm good! Here's the picture! Now, I feel his tentacle oughta be bigger then the claw, but I'm fine with that. As a magical being, I can sorta fiddle with proportions quite a fair bit. Something I've noticed while drawing him is that it seems, like, extraordinarily hard to draw a lobster claw. What's your opinion on how the claw oughta go? More knobbly? More segmented? Maybe smaller or larger then the head? Eh. My original idea was yellow pupils, like the inverse of how Discord's go ( ), but I do kind of like this too. Think full glowing eyes might be a bit too much? Like, when I think of solid glowing eyes like that I think of the magical Forsaken zombies or Death Knights of Warcraft, something that's held together by magic, which he is of course, but would that make him see a bit too much edgy? Wanted to get opinions on that too before I write it into his Bio. Speaking of which! Before you read Widdershin's Bio, you might want to gird whatever you use as loins! As... elaborate as he goes, it's kind of a sinch that a lot of detail would go into his page too. Aaaaand also... I think of him as a fourth-wall breaker that's fully cognizant of his being a character that I created, much in the same spirit as Pinkie Pie, Deadpool & Animalman. Buuuut, that can likely be very grating if not... controlled very well, but being uncontrolled is sort of Widdy's shtick! You can find his Bio page here! In Widdershin's Page! Might come back here much later with my other OCs as I have a habit of making things needlessly complicated!
  25. Last time I posted about my fixfic concept, I announced that Draft #2 was done and I was going to return to the basics. Rather than completely go forward, I want to take the issues that I discovered while looking back and fix them. A good project doesn't get finished in one go, and I want to make it good. Earlier this year, Parental Glideance introduced us Rainbow Dash's parents: Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles. This episode shows how families don't have to have a naming convention in order to officially be family. Previously, it was speculated that many families (specifically parents) needed one, either as a prefix or suffix, even though there might've been exceptions (ala Twilight Velvet and Night Light, Twilight and SA's parents). PG's leeway gave me an idea on the family names. Originally, Sunset's family (all OC's) was narrowed to a Shimmer surname. As structured in Drafts #1 and #2, her family was like this: Mom: Sunrise Shimmer Dad: Dawn Shimmer Brother: Solstice Shimmer I decided to change that. Their new names are as follows: Mom: Venus Sunrise Dad: Dawn Shimmer (still the same name) Brother: Summer Solstice Moreover, I decided to do something that I haven't done in years: draw the characters. This is where I envy the artists. I don't know how much they practiced, but a good chunk can draw ponies regardless of the pose. Drawing has traditionally been a struggle for me. Twenty years later, I still can't draw a realistic thumbs up! (Thank God for painting nature landscapes. Unless you're Picasso, everyone's gonna notice that one square eye.) After watching a few amazing tutorials, I decided to give myself a stab at drawing Venus and Dawn. After I was done, I scanned them and vectorized them in Illustrator. Here's the result: (Link to the drawings and credits.) Dawn's on the left, Venus on the right. Not bad after not working on any pony drawings, period, for over four years. Their bios remain the same: Dawn: a stay-at-home dad. Venus Sunrise: a lifeguard during the warm and Summer months. The Shimmer family lives in Grazewood, a small village along Equestria's west coast. Their two-floor home's perched at the top of a hill southward, with a patio and each of their bedrooms facing the ocean, providing an excellent view of the sun as it sets. Venus and Dawn raised Sunset, but five years after Sunset ran away and seemingly put her Equestria past behind her, Venus gave birth to a colt, Summer Solstice. After Sunset reunited with her Equestrian family eleven years later, she was able to successfully mend her relationship with all of them and became close with them, especially Solstice. Before moving on to Solstice, Caveno, and others, I'm gonna practice first.