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Found 5 results

  1. I feel like I really overachieved with this one. One of the instruments is disguised as another - I'll be darned if you figure it out!
  2. I drew my oc and Pipsqueak because they look similar. they are also pirates I made it in a program called inkscape. i hope you like it.
  3. As the title of the post indicates I would to know where I am to post a cover to a song that has nothing to do with the show itself. I see that there is a place in Octavia's Hall to post non-Pony Artwork, but would this be considered something to post in there?
  4. .... bananas are good!” Ladies, gentleman, and Daleks ... I present to you @Odyssey and Blue Moon (the guy appears to be a today ... what a wonderful holiday). Two unique companions, well liked, bloody talented, and possessed of all the knowledge they need to know to survive as a companion ... Namely, I am definitely a mad man with a box! Both Blue Moon and Odyssey have been seen for a long time by staff as the epitome of great contributors to MLP Forums. Genial, approachable, intelligent, active, mature, and respected by the community. All of this and they both know that at the end of the day this little corner of the internet is about connecting with people and having fun. It is for these reasons that we have asked them to join the MLP Forums staff as Sectionals in some key areas where proactive moderation is important. Blue Moon will be working alongside PathfinderCS and the FiM Team Leader DashForever (Kiboat) in Ponyland. For a long time have we watched him grow, and I have no doubt he will continue to do so as a member of staff. Odyssey will be jumping into an area where we have sorely neglected: Octavia's Hall. She has been instrumental in assisting in the upcoming tweaks to the section, and will be one of the guiding forces for the artists (current and future) that use that as a platform to share their creations and ideas. Join me in welcoming them to the Forum Staff! To both of you: these are the best words of advice I could give. “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” Obligatory Rarity emote
  5. It is no secret that Creative Resources has been somewhat of a dumping ground for both members and staff alike when trying to find a place to put topics that don't have anything to do with the sections that surround it. Unfortunately, the use of Creative Resources as a 'general purpose' forum for threads that couldn't find a home in the Pony Art boards has turned it in into a mish-mash of art resources, suggestion threads, collaboration topics, contests, and the like. In a bid to mould our vision of Creative Resources as a place where our members can look for tips, tricks and art resources without having to sift through a mountain of request threads, the staff has decided to create a dedicated sub-forum solely for requests. Observant members should have noticed by now the addition of a 'Requests Guild' sub-forum in Octavia's Hall, followed by the mass exodus of about 500 or so topics (about 12 pages worth) from Creative Resources into it. Nothing major has changed to Octavia's Hall, however all new request threads (whether offering or asking) should now go into the Requests Guild. What then, should go into the main Creative Resources board you ask? Well, exactly what it says on the main page description! Members looking for project collaborators, tips and tricks on different art styles, tutorials for using programs, requests for help on a project, art resources that you have created, are all welcome. For those still unsure about exactly what goes where in Octavia's Hall, look forward to a posting guide that Vexx and I will be releasing shortly. Since there has also not been an announcement regarding the formerly pinned "Free Signatures for Everypony" and "Free Avatars for Everypony" threads, I figure now would be a good time to make it official. For all those who missed the last post by ~Chaotic Discord~ before the threads were closed, here's the rationale behind it: