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Found 24 results

  1. Okay, some people find certain things adorable. Pretty normal. But some of the those certain things are kind of unusual to be cute, and in this thread; you need to post some of those things. So, post things that you find to be cute that are unusual. A picture would be nice as well, but is not required. Here are mine: 1. Watermelon I don't know exactly why, but watermelons have always been cute to me for some reason. 2. Eggplant What's not to find adorable about this little purple food? 3. Sea Pigs I probably wouldn't have found this cute unless I first encountered a video game version of them, but since I did; I think they are adorable.
  2. What is love? Baby don't hurt me..........................................................
  3. well, today while i was searhing around the web, i typed in "Vladicarus" My original character and the name of my youtube and psn, and it turns out is also the name of a fossil,so you know. I clearly named my oc. off a fossil.
  4. So I had this odd idea in my head I wanted to share with everyone, I thought there is google, but then there are people who know things. Those little tips and odd tricks to doing things that are helpful and so on online. I wanted to start this thread with the idea that you (Yeah you reading!) know any odd thing about internet use or a PC (Mac too) trick you've learned you can share it here. I will link guides or the tips, etc here on the first post as they are listed and people can go on to contribute more as they learn. Think of this as a resource topic. Guides: Here is my contribution. How to take screen shots of specific sections of your screen. (This guide is for windows 10)
  5. I recall reading before they say some geniuses have quirks. Then some of my more intelligent people I know like some weird shit. Granted it could be due to things like being a nerd makes us smarter, and increases our odds of weird stuff, or I am weird and find other weird people to talk to so my personal experience data is biased, as all case studies would be. However the first fact I shared leads me to believe its possibly not just me. Then I thought well what are taboos to the mind? The mind when you have a prefrontal cortex (25/26 years old its finished expanding/developing usually) then that part of the brain generally has a few uses but the primary use of relevance is that it can restrict thoughts and behaviors. This in some people can be like, idk an example is like a villain who enjoys doing bad things, but irl serial killers tend to have prefrontal cortex issues. This means they do not restrict alot of their irrational decisions- they act on them. So perhaps intelligence is tied to villainy in movies for a reason (that's more likely due to the subconscious mind archtypes being portrayed in media, or related to satan ideas which satan was deemed to be smart, so if its mostly in western or western-influenced media that'd be why is because of the satan thing) but that's not true about smarter people always being bad because serial killers are stupid (prefrontal cortex problem = rationality problem). So the conclusion I get from that is, if there are a type of smart people who are odd-balls and its related to their intelligence, its due to using their frontal cortex differently. This means they could for instance be more curious- About more things that others find repulsive or fear. So they end up liking more things because they are, simply put, more open minded. More open to reality disproving them. More tolerant of the truth, any of these things. Their minds may be more comfortable pondering about uncomfortable things. Then they find out, hey, I actually like some of this weird stuff and I'm not just doing it for attention. Granted this concept only works so far, theres a point it becomes inaccurate which is when is it too weird? When should I not be weird? Knowing when to do certain things, and not other times is related to the prefrontal cortex as well. And social isolation alone could be reason for weirdness, not necessarily a sign of intelligence. It could be they simply had more free time on their hands to acquire weird tastes, and develop their knowledge or rationality on their own- school doesn't teach rationality or logic classes for instance. Alot of parents even do not. Just some food for thought.
  6. It was a dark room. Or, rather, darkness surrounded me; the figures at its center were easily visible. There was a man - older than myself - speaking. Addressing me. Asking questions. I was standing back to back with another man. I had the impression of him; of who - or what - he was. Either I couldn't see his face or didn't want to; though I felt strongly that his "face" would be bare and skeletal. The talking man inquired, "Who is this?" Despite my initial feelings, I experienced a sense of relief or of comfort, and I responded without hesitation. "This is my friend, and I will meet him someday." I met death in a dream.
  7. While i was stumbling around the internet one day i came across an ad that struck me as rather odd. It was for a Brony themed dating sight, and to be honest i found that a little strange. What do you think of the fandom having dating sites specifically for Bronies, and do you believe it is good or bad?
  8. So I thought to do a Next Gen-Verse after looking up pairings you don't see or rarely used and this is who I made so far. Looking also to using the idea of bloodlines from Gen On in the next Go Around:
  9. Every so often, I will stumble upon something online that's adequately goofy or sufficiently strange or interesting enough to actually surprise me (in a way that doesn't inspire me to immediately flee from my computer screen). Some embellishment follows: And, with a curious, sideways cock of my head, I will inquire earnestly of the internet, "Why? Why did you lead me here? How does this affect my destiny?" It is my hope that this topic shall be a place to post such unexpected web-based discoveries. The things you happen upon by accident and by luck when you're searching for practically anything else. Here's the video that inspired this topic:
  10. I find a few unconventional things attractive/not attractive. I find pale skin very beautiful, not being racist, but very pale skin I just happen to find beautiful. I also think longer noses are beautiful, and wish I had that rather than a childish button nose. One last and very uncommon thing is I like guys that are around my height. Really tall guys are scary to me.
  11. Hi i found this cute Rainbow dash Plush in town today, I had never seen it before i bought it. Does it look it a fake at all ? I don't think it is because all the labels and logos are correct here are some pictures, please tell me what you think
  12. I'm not sure if there is an actual thread or topic or whatever for this already, but... I figured I'd star this one just in case. I've had a few odd experiences, after all. ^-^ Let's see, some rules... 1. Keep it Safe for Work. And that's all I can think of right now.. Think of this as a place to share and comment on odd experiences you and/or others have had. I'll start.... Once when I was still in middle school, I was walking home from... The library I think? Anyways, I was walking home sometime around 6-8 PM when a car pulled up next to me on the road. The End. Odd, right? Just kidding, that's not the end. After the car pulled up I was then offered a ride by the occupants, which was a group of clearly drunk girls... Yep that's not something I ever expected to happen, let alone in middle school. And yet... Not even close to the oddest thing that's happened to me, in my opinion. Feel free to laugh and comment on mine, and post your own odd experiences...
  13. Title says it all. This is a list of some I have found thought my music library. The artist is listed beside them. Whacko Jacko Steals the Elephant Man's Bones (The Fall of Troy) Shhh!!! If You're Quiet I'll Show You a Dinosaur (The Fall of Troy) Suicide In Progress (Melvins) Miss Mary Gets A Boob Job (Mondo Generator) Meth, I Hear You Callin' (Mondo Generator) The Fun Machine Took A Shit and Died (Queens of the Stone Age) I Think I lost My Headache (Queens of the Stone Age) You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire (Queens of the Stone Age) Bales of Cocaine (The Reverend Horton Heat) Wave of Mutilation (Pixies) Gouge Away (Pixies) Cake (Who Shit On the ?) (The Desert Sessions) Punk Rock Caveman Living In A Prehistoric Age (The Desert Sessions) Going To A Hangin (The Desert Sessions) Subcutaneous Phat (The Desert Sessions) You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it's your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat (Death Grips) This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song (System of a Down) Violent Pornography (System of a Down)
  14. Is there one shipping in anime that just dosnt make sense to you. also try to use characters who are in the same anime but hey I cant stop you if you dont. also leave an explanation as for why for those who haven't watched the anime your talking about. 1. Belarus x anyone who isn't russia. I mean cmon one of her main character traits is that she stalks russia and will kill anyone who gets in her way. well Happy commenting
  15. Hopefully I started this in the right place. I wasn't "on the scene" when all this occurred, but I asked someone to pick me up a little Rainbow Dash figure on a store run. In the past, I've "jokingly" said things like, "Yeah a loaf of bread, two cans of tuna... A pony." But this time I actually wrote down RD's physical characteristics and said, "This one. The blue one. She gots wings." Your mission, should you choose to accept... And, as they told me upon returning empty-handed, the quest for My Little Dashie was a group effort lol. The person with whom I'd entrusted the task, a neighbor that was also present in the store, an employee I think, and the store manager (or manager of a different branch, Idunno)... They were all involved. If the information gathered is reliable, there were two Apple Jack ponies and a Pinkie Pie available. Sadly, RD was nowhere to be seen. The higher-up was determined to get that specific blue pony! Perhaps she had flitted over to another store and remained in stock, and could just as easily flit her way to this other branch. My neighbor also volunteered their phone number so they could be contacted if any such flitting occurred. If it weren't so darned funny and unexpectedly nice (though I'm a bit cynical about the whole thing), I might be just a little horrified right now lol. I actually encouraged the potential purchaser to "out" me as the pony-coveter should things get hairy, but I don't believe they ever did. And darnit I have to wait for an RD restock / transfer / emergency pegasus pony relocation!!1! Though I only experienced this adventure vicariously, what surprising pony merch adventures have you had?
  16. I posted my line art for this a while back, and I worked off and on for several days to color it in AA: Sketchpad for Wii U. I think it turned out pretty well, myself. It's very... Green.
  17. I haven't done much freehand lately, and apparently I've got ponies on the mind lol. This is actually a teeny drawing, as I lack a proper surface upon which to draw. I thought it bad and / or strange enough to warrant the "lols" of potential passers-by xD.
  18. Enjoy this mess Yeaaaah
  19. I know this seems odd to think about but do you think parasprites would make good popcorn chicken, i mean they are made of meat right?..right? they replicate so fast that all you would need is a flame thrower and poof food. Sure ponies can't eat them but i'm sure the griffins would. Not sure if this is in the right section though
  20. In the same way that sometimes Pinkie's behaviours are dismissed as "Pinkie just being Pinkie", do you have any characteristic odd behaviours that people just dismiss as being a "you" sort of thing?
  21. Share funny or odd names you've heard in real life. I get a lot of people who come in order food from my work so I hear a lot of different names, plus I've been to 9 different schools. Anyways a few names worth mentioning are Poon, Mike Hunt, and an odd name I've heard was Montgomery, don't get that name too often. I have a japanese friend named Nori; which means seaweed in Englsh. However my favourite name is Luigi, because it reminds me of this guy. ^^^^^
  22. An Italian toy maker has teamed up with the makers of Evangelion to create a range of inflatable pony toys based on the various Units. So, Shinji Ikari as a brony, confirmed??? Just something for you anime fans out there