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Found 60 results

  1. For me, most people think I'm much older than I actually am. I'm 14 but most people say I'm like 18 How about you guys?
  2. What is everyone's worst fear when they get older? Mine is becoming more forgetful. Cause all this time, as you enjoy life, you create memorys that you charish. Only to know when you get older, to the point where your brain gets weaker, to the point that you begin to forget things. My biggest fear is not death, but how I may one day, lose my memorys. As I get older and forget my cherished memeories. That is my biggest fear. We collect pictures and mementos just to REMIND us of the good times we have together... What about the rest of you?
  3. As i get older, some feel need talk abut the past with my unger generations and something want to pass on is some nice soundtrack i heard in my youth. So here you go with some samples. Alundra Soundtrack - PS Ceasar III Soundtrack - PC Zaus: Master of Olympus Soundtrack - PC Shadow Man Soundtrack - PC/PS Unreal Soundtrack - PC System Shock Soundtrack - PC If you are also an older guy our lady, feel free post your game music you experienced in your youth.
  4. Well? They seem rather unpopular nowadays, so I was just wondering. I used to use one until my mom found a way to open it, told my family my secrets, and they proceeded to laugh in my face....wasn't a good day. So, how about you all? Still use one?
  5. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of these legendary ponies in the upcoming episodes, so let the discussion begin! As for me, my favorite (so far) is Mage Meadowbrook. Not only is her character design lovely ("I really like her mane!"), but I love listening to her accent. I think it was neat how her legend has been mentioned as early as the start of season 5. I included Stygian in the poll as well, as I expect he's got some fans. While he's technically not one of the pillars, he is responsible for their existence, and, indirectly, the Elements of Harmony too. So, who is your favorite, and why?
  6. I have no idea what this site was called, but I can clearly remember using it many years ago. It was an imageboard kind of like Derpibooru, but all the posts are gifs and you can search for these gifs specifically by character or mood. Does it sound familiar to anyone? I really need to find this site again!
  7. Prior to the forums converting, there were more emoticons than there are now. Some are missing, such as Crackle. Is there a chance of them returning?
  8. So, the season 3 finale was kind of when the show began a new, Twilight is an alicorn, season 4 premiere takes place 1 year after the season 1 premiere, and I use to see a lot of hate *primarily during season 6) and people saying that the show was way better in the old days, I am curious what people really think, do you prefer seasons 1,2, and 3. Or do you prefer seasons 4,5,6, and 7(so far) For me personally, I consider 4,5, and 7 to be the top 3 seasons of the show, followed by 2, 3, 6,1 so for me it's 4-7, I think besides season 6 which I still enjoyed, the show has been on mostly a constant uprise.
  9. It all started for me at /b/ when there was no other place to chat about pastel-coloured horses. Then, things began to move forward and Ponychan came to life. I made a bunch of friends there but, as always, we all got split up and I was never able to find any of them again. I went by the name of Raiden-Zero (forgot my tripcode, sorry). Then, the site spawned a bunch of alternate boards (like Everfree) and things changed, so I left the fanbase for a while. Am I the only Ponychan survivor around? I'm almost sure the answer is "NOPE".
  10. So, the video in "Hurricane Fluttershy" was AWESOME, lots of people said it reminded them of Fallout 3, and it certainly had the feel of a 50's cartoon. So, what were videos actually like from that time? I decided to youtube up something, and I found this. It's... Hilarious, in an appalling kind of way. My parents say they remenber being young - and being taught to "duck and cover" under the desks in the event of nuclear attack. Sheesh. Imagine children's cartoons trying to cover such serious things nowadays! (Well, actually, I dunno how much "Bert the Turtle" was considered a kids' thing, since cartoons=childish is a really recent stigma, but anyways...)
  11. Hi Everypony Am I allowed to post in old threads, such as ones where the last post was in 2013 (or so)? Just want to make sure, as I was a member of another forum that doesn't allow this. Plus, I don't want to make a new thread that has been frequently discussed, if that is discouraged here. Thanks. ChB
  12. Yo people! I forgot to post this one, but yh. I've decided to redraw a old oc of mine called Sugar Pencil, and yes, she's supposed to be Sweet Pen's young sister. I changed some stuff, but she's the same on personality. Before 2013 After 2016
  13. It's been a while since I last updated or published a fiction, and, here it is! It took an emotional push to get this one out, so I hope everyone enjoys it for what it is! See you on the flip side! -RealityPublishing
  14. Post if you know any old websites that used to be famous but are no longer used. I'd like a bit of internet history.
  15. I think you know how this works. I'll start: I was gonna make this topic, but then I took an arrow to the knee
  16. I have some old Windows-only games. Whenever I feel like playing them I use my very old Windows laptop. But it is very noisy, has small screen, and about to give out. So I decided to Install Windows on my MacBook Pro. I know that I will need a Windows Installer for that. So my question is: which Windows XP version would you recommend for games? Note: I am planning to play only old games. Let's say, everything that came out before 2006. Nothing newer than that. I'm saying this because some people complain about Windows 7 compatibility issues.
  17. I find there is surprisingly few people who know of the World of Darkness, be it the original Classic/Old or the rebooted New. Which is a real pity because if you're into to dark and gothic modern fantasies, it really is a great choice. Well no more! This is the largest community I know and there are bound to be more of you ponies out there who enjoy this world. So let us congregate here to discuss it, and with luck perhaps even assemble a crew if there are such entrepreneuring ponies. And if you don't know of the franchise? Please ask! I'll gladly answer questions to the best of my abilities and I'm sure if others reply here, they might too. No but seriously, this thing needs more attention.
  18. The show never really told us how old ponies are, and although EQG shows the mane 6 as 16 year olds, that could simply be chalked up as their human ages. A cat that is 3 years old is practically a young adult, you dig? BUT after watching A Canterlot Wedding (a personal favorite) part 1, one particular line caught my... ears I guess, since my eye cant catch sound, but anyway. The line was Cadence, who was actually Chrysalis saying "This would be good, if it were a six year olds birthday party". That means that ponies still consider six to be an immature age, thus it wouldn't be too far-fetched to say ponies in Equestria have a similar lifespan to humans, no?
  19. The old version doesn't necessarily have to be better than the modern version. Personally, I find CRT screens and muskets are cooler than flat-screens and modern rifles Oh and also old computer games, it wasn't just a bunch of good-graphics shooters that were on the shelves of the local store. What about you?
  20. So, are there any old school gamers on this forum? Man, I see everybody has this XBox 360 jazz, the Wii, Playstation 5, Kinect, whatever. And I'm sitting over here with the newest system I own being a PS2. XD So, who else likes kicking it old school, and what's the best system? I hope I covered all the most popular ones in the poll.
  21. This is something i've been meaning to post, but could never find the time. Here it is! Do you prefer the older seasons (S1,2,3) to the newer ones (4,5), or vice versa? I kinda prefer the old ones. They make me laugh and smile a lot more. It seems an innocent time when the show was more about the growing friendship about a few characters, yet now it's just big ol' Princess Twilight dragging her way-too-serious friends around Equestria where they can do no wrong. Of course that statement was a little too strong, but it's the best way I could word it. The new stuff is still good, hence I'm still an avid fan, but I wish it coul be a little more like the good old days of 2010. So what do y'all think? Smack a reply in the south.
  22. The time has come. It has been 3 years since I've joined the forums. It has been a long, great track. This year, instead of a recap, I'm gonna do something a little different. I'm gonna react to my old posts dating back to 2012 and see how stupid I was back then, and oh boy, do we have some generic posts today. Now, I'm only gonna pull interesting or funny in hindsight posts for this. I'm doing this quickly before the content breaks again, so here we go! This is the earliest one I could find, made on the day I joined. Yeah, I didn't even make a welcoming thread because either I didn't know you could or I didn't feel like it. This post was in a thread asking what the freakout episode of season 3 would be since only 2 seasons had aired at the time. And, yeah the fandom would freakout about it, but the other half would probably say it's "fan pandering." Wow, just wow. This was posted in a favorite and least favorite episodes of season 2 thread since season 2 had just finished at the time. And oh boy these choices are off nowadays. The only reason I said that Secret of My Excess was my favorite episode of season 2 was because at the time, I was sort of a Sparity shipper. What was I thinking? Also, Cutie Mark Chronicles is really only unpleasant in the third act. I find Baby Cakes a thousand times more unpleasant to watch nowadays. This post was in the favorite MLP shipping thread. Yes, I still love SoarinDash but there are problems with this post. One, it's probably the most popular Hetero ship in the fandom, how could I say I haven't seen much of it? Second, did I really put a + instead of an x? That was stupidity on my part. This was in a thread where you give your ideas for an episode. I must have been very into Sparity back then because I thought shipping Opal and Pewee was a good idea back then. That sounds completely pointless. Twilight becomes the mayor of Ponyville? That's funny in hindsight seeing her now. And yeah, Derpygate was recent at the time so that explains the last part. Yes, this was the favorite pony thread. Now, my post may seem normal and you may wonder why I take an issue here. Well, look at how generic it is. I've made a lot better blogs giving Pinkie the right justice love, then just, "She's funny and random and I can relate to her." If I'm explaining my love for something, I go into more detail than that. Thanks for reminding me that at one point I liked My Little Dashie. Yes, I did get teary eyed reading it, but that just reminds me why I now don't like sad fics. I feel like they use emotional manipulation to distract from poor writing so it won't get as much criticism, hence this fanfic. So, this was my life on the forums 3 years ago. I never posted outside Show Discussion and Sugarcube Corner, and I was never social with anyone. I don't even remember who was on the forums back then. I didn't start getting social on the forums until late 2013, where I started to hit my stride, especially once 2014 rolled around. So yeah, happy 3 years on the forums everyone.
  23. Granny Smith Source of vast knowledge and wisdom. Aged and respected member of the Ponyville community. Beloved member of the prolific Apple Family. Stern talker-to of Zap Apple Jam jars. Geriatric comedian. And, believe it or not, she was young once! Post, fellow Granny Smith fans. POST AWAY! Note: for the variety of apple (not the pony), seek out the produce section of the nearest grocery store.
  24. my friends and i were debating on if you had to be an adult or not to be a brony so can anypony clear that up for me? please.