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Found 7 results

  1. So I've recently been thinking about the Mane 6's ages again and basing it on things in the show. I've come to the conclusion that Rarity is somewhere between 23-26. She has a business in a small town recognized by a major celebrity. A business takes some time to get going. It doesn't seem like her family is rich. She was also an adult at Sweetie Belle's 5th birthday (5-7 show years ago). There is a much bigger age gap between her and Sweetie Belle than Applejack and Big Mac. She's always just seemed a little older to me. My full post on The mane 6's and others' ages is here: So do you guys agree? Or who else is the oldest of the group and why do you think so?
  2. I know I promised not to make that many new threads, but this seemed like fun. So, what do you all plan on doing in the future? It could be next week or years from now. I plan (most of which is years from now): Drinking wine (when I'm a lot older of course.) Learning to play the violin Becoming a Scientist, Psychiatrist, and a writer (my three passions. :3) Exercising a lot more and getting in better shape. Going to college Learning to drive Buying an apartment to share with my best friend (she thinks lowly of her family and loves spending time with me. She wants to move in with me later, anyway.) and maybe some others. You all?
  3. In the original MLP TV series, the farmgirl Megan (who was 12 years old) and her siblings, Danny and Molly, went on adventures saving Ponyland from villains. In consequent official MLP works, they were never seen again, except in one Equestria Girls comic where their names are mentioned in a leaflet (under Sunset Shimmer) as being associated with a room. In the context of daily life for people growing up through the 90's and into 2017, I wonder, how do you think Megan and her siblings would have lived to the present day (or even into the future), as they grew up after their adventures in Ponyland? The stories of their older lives, and those of their possible descendants, would be fascinating. Furthermore, how do you think they (or their future families) might have reacted to FiM and Equestria Girls, and its quirky fanbase?
  4. Anyone else find Spike's fantasy version of himself from A dog and pony show, and recently in DPDOMS kind of ugly? Like, I really liked most of the dream stuff going on, and seeing callbacks to power ponies and flutterbat, but I just think Spike's idealized version of himself looks pretty ugly. Not that I wouldn't like to see a really cool adult form for him (Love fanart of him like that!), but I just think that design is just pretty awkward looking. (On that note, whats your thoughts on them ever having spike turn into an adult in the show in something longer than a one shot gag or the Greed thing from SOME?)
  5. Nickelodeon was a network that made made entirely for kids between the ages of 2 and 15, as well as kids at heart. Its programing was diverse, you had preschool shows in the morning, cartoons for elementary schoolers in the daytime, and middle/early high school tween shows for 11-15 year olds in primetime, and Nick at Nite comedies for late night. But Lately I feel the network wants to skew a younger and younger audience. Look at nearly every animated show on the network so far, they're all trying to ride the Cartoon Network surreal train without understanding how those shows worked, and throw butt and fart jokes at the screen constantly to keep 6 year old jimmy's attention (even if its insulting his intelligence). What made the old nicktoons great was that they knew their audience, but they didn't pander to them, they weren't always about butt jokes, and farting, and gross-out. In fact, 9/10 times, that kind of juvenile humor was almost nonexistent, this ment that Nicktoons could be enjoyed by anybody and were some of the best written shows for kids. But Nick thinks kids today don't want that same kind of wit and maturity, which probably one of the reasons why Korra was kicked off. Their live action shows have also suffered. Remember when Clarissa Explains It All could say hell and sex? Or when Are You Afraid of the Dark? tackled themes like murder, death, and truama? Now we have wacky superhero shinanagains and haunted houses filled with ghetto ghosts all with annoying laugh tracks. While Nick's live action shows weren't masterpieces (even in the 90s-early 00s), There was a charm to them, and the kids on the shows were just normal, relatable 12-14 year olds, rather than the high school beenie boppers today. They don't even feel like real tween shows anymore, they feel like fantasies for 8-12 year old elementary school girls. I know Nick is a kids network, but they never tried to limit its audience this much before. Nickelodeon was fine with older viewers watching as long as kids enjoyed it too, now they seem hell bent on making sure nobody 12 and older can watch the network. So what are your opinions?
  6. MLP rightfully has a ton of young fans, but are there any bronies out there like myself who are of the older persuasion? I turned 31 in August and vividly remember watching G1 when I was a little boy in kindergarten. Just curious.
  7. Do you ever watch/play/read something when you are a kid and you notice or appreciate some things when you come back to it after you are older? This happened to me yesterday when I rewatched the Hunchback of Notre Dame(animated version), I always liked the movie for its positive message about accepting those who are different and since I was raised Catholic, I understood most of the religious references and was familiar with the hymns played. Now that I know even more about the historical background of when this took place than I did back then with, how the poor were treated and how far soldiers are pushed to "follow orders" and noticed some other moral and philosophical issues I didn't before or at least not as much made me appreciate it even more. I also notice certain moral and philsophical matters when I go back and watch episodes of Batman The Animated Series, and now that I have experienced the pain of loss I can further empathize with Batman and his desire to honor the memory of his parents deaths without becoming like the monsters he is fighting. I also on a lighter note as I go back and watch some of my favorite cartoons from the 90's like Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy ect I notice certain references and innuedoes that previous flew over my head and got a good laugh out of them.