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Found 43 results

  1. This is just (yet another) poll, to find some information that i'm actually interested in, and to help Authetius in his research paper (thread is here: You can find Brony Census here:
  2. Your opinions on height discrimination / Heightism Have you been discriminated because of height? If you don't know what heightism is, then you can read about it on here:; I honestly didn't even know it existed, that is because it really isn't something that's talked about. It's very easy to notice it once you keep your eyes open for it. After I found out, I've realized that I have been discriminated because of height. Many people feel self conscious about their height, I have never really felt self conscious about it or at least not much. But it's annoying that there are people that seem to look down on us shorter people.. (<-- Literally.. lol ) My opinion is that heightism shouldn't exist in modern society then again there are a lot of worse things that exist anyway but I still believe it's stupid. Especially since height is not something you can change, so judging someone based on their height is pretty naive and some people seem to be a little harsh. I have been discriminated against because of height, but I didn't think it was because of my height but I would rather have thought it had something to do with me as an individual. I didn't really know that people were being discriminated against because of height but I have been reading a little about heightism and apparently it is real and it's a problem in some cases. You can see it everywhere, sports, business, dating, movies and even in advertisements. So I decided that I would create this topic to let people know about these shenanigans. Of course there is no way to stop it, it's in our primitive nature I guess but still who knows maybe this will change how some look on it. I'm sure that there are no people on here that discriminate either very tall people or short people. But because new topics are fun, why not make one. So what's your opinion on this? Have you been discriminated for being either too tall or short? You can share a story about it if you like.
  3. On a scale from 1 to 10..... Rules: You must Judge something about the pony above you. No mean things. Low rating is allowed, but don't make fun of them in anyway possible. You must put 4 things about you for them to judge you with. Have sprinkles fun!! Also, the judgement can be about anything. Like if they are a 10 because they love Derpy, or 1 because they hate muffins! I can't judge the forums, but I can put 4 things about me! I love chocolate cake I hate insects I love fantasy and sci-fi novels I have no girlfriend at the moment GO!!
  4. I'm not any good at Hearthstone much myself. Can barely get past the minimum 20 rank, so I could probably use a teacher about it. But I am looking forward to the new Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion. You can see the details about each of the gangs over on the offical website, if you want. (I'm sure it'll be the first thing up on google, don't make me do the legwork, I just got done eating!) I'm on the fence between two of them so I was wondering if the rest of you already had your minds set on which way you were going! Also, who gets the reference?!!?
  5. What the heck did we do yesterday, whatever it was we are stuck here, but at least we have company!
  6. I tried to stay neutral between all the characters, but what really sold Applejack as my favorite was in the episode "The Best Night Ever". When Rarity and Prince Blueblood when to her apple cart to buy some food but Blueblood refused to pay and Applejack said not too worry and gave Rarity the fritters for free even though it meant she would have lost money on sales. Making money for Sweet Apple Acres was why Applejack wanted to go to the gala but she gave that up to help a friend in need. To me it really showed just how generous and caring Applejack is So how did your favorite win you over? Was it through song, a funny joke, a touching moment or something entirely different? I'd love to know down below.
  7. Megaman Legends is a very interesting game. Before it every Megaman or Megaman X game had always been an 2D action, side-scrolling platformer. Megaman Legends, however, was a completely alien experience for fans; rather than running from one side to another on a 2D plane shooting every bad guy and taking on an army lead by madmen, you were instead put into a full 3D world exploring ruins and discovering treasure while making your way through mysterious robots and thwarting pirates. It was a wholly unique experience from the Megaman franchise at the time and since it's release it's developed quite a cult following, and today, it's finally made its way to the Playstation Network Store. How well does it hold up? The story takes plays several tmillenia into the Megaman timeline(though no prior knowledge is needed to play the game). You take control of a new incarnation of Megaman called Megaman Volnutt(who is also referred to sometimes as Megaman Trigger), a 14-year old digger who travels a world covered in water with his surrogate sister and Spotter Roll Casket, her grandfather Barrel Casket and a little robot monkey named Data. The game begins with Megaman escaping a ruin after successfully getting a refractor(which serves as both money, and an energy source in the game). After escaping, the groups ship (called the Flutter) has an engine failure and crashes into Kattelox Island, where they meet the locals and a small town up ahead to meet with the Mayor. During their stay there they venture through several ruins, meet antagonists(though not bad guys) the Bonnes, a lovably goofy family of pirates who tries to find all of the treasure they can at any cost, and they learn from exploring the island's ruins that it contains a dark and ominous secret. This is probably the first time since the original Megaman X where the story in a Megaman game is actually pretty fun and engaging. The build up to the game's climax is fun to follow through and the characters are the best. Megaman and his "family" all have some pretty fun quirks and are great to be around, as well as some of the Kattelox's residents. But the real stars are the Bonne Family, who are some of the funniest characters in the game, Tron is feisty and stubborn girl with some temper problems(who also totally has a crush on Volnutt), Teisel is her crazy, hot-headed older brother who emotions are all over the place(which leads to some hilarious moments) and Bon Bonne who is the youngest of the 3 siblings because he's literally a baby, and and yet can operate a giant robot(He is likely inspired by Baby Commando, a character in the Capcom beat-em-up Captain Commando). Then there's their henchmen(and the game's pseudo mascots) the Servebots who are absolutely adorable despite their incompetence. They're some of the best adorable yellow/blue henchmen out there(suck it Minions!) Also Wily makes an appearance, but as a normal boat salesman rather than a crazy scientist Gameplay As I said before, Megaman Legends is a much different experience from the traditional Megaman games. This is the first Megaman game that lets you experience the world in a 3D adventure game. As far as controls go, they work well. Movement and shooting work fine, and you can interact with different objects, sometimes they do nothing, sometimes they explain game mechanics or the story, and somethings, usually boxes, trash cans and treasure boxes, contain items. The shoulder buttons move the camera, and the R2 button allows for targeting enemies. One glaring issue however with the targeting is that you can't move while targeting enemies which can make it difficult for targeting enemies, and sometimes it's difficult to switch enemies when there are multiple ones at once. It's takes a while to get used to and simply becomes a minor inconvenience once you do, but I can see this turning off some new players. There are also some situations where some enemies can become unreasonably difficult and overwhelming to deal with at times, which can lead to a few cheap deaths, especially for newcomers. As for exploring, you can enter ruins and search for hidden items, treasures, buster parts and money(which can also be obtained along with health from defeating enemies) with some items being harder to find than others. Some ruins may have areas where you can't progress further until certain items are found(such as the Drill Arm or Jump Springs). Some items can be taken to Roll to be turned into buster parts, special items and special weapons. Buster parts can be used to upgrade the stats of your buster, which is your standard weapon and you can upgrade either your attack, energy(the amount of shots you can fire at one time, with 3 shots at the start, like every other Megaman game), range, and rapid fire and are completely unlimited. Special weapons are weapons that can be more efficient than your buster given the situation and are completely unique to each other, they range from machine busters, to rocket launchers, swords, vacuums(which is more useful than it sounds) with a laser being your strongest special weapon. Unlike your buster you have limited ammo for most of your weapons until your refill your weapon energy at the save point or have a Hyper Cartridge and you can upgrade your special weapons with money as well. You can also obtain Special items, some of which are either key items or items that improve your performance(such as Helmets, which protect you when you fall on your head, armor, jump springs, which improves jumping, and jet skates which allows you to move faster). Other items include energy canteens(refills health), chameleon net(which makes invisible and avoid enemy detection), Adapter Plug(which lets you equip more parts) and a shield repair(which lets repairs your shield when it gets too damaged). There are also various shops and vendors where you can buy more items, parts, increase your life gauge, energy canteen, etc. Items and parts can also be obtained by doing side quests, that can range from fun to annoying. Visuals Visuals are a bit of a mixed. They game is very polygonal, and definitely shows its age in a lot of areas. On the plus side, the world is very colorful, some areas such as the town, shops and ruins are very detailed, as well as some cameos here and there left by Capcom. Ruins are made to be very dark and mysterious with a draw distance that adds to their ominousness. The game also uses cutscenes played in game and was very anime-like(not quite cel-shaded though), it allowed for characters to give some very good facial expressions, which was pretty impressive, not to mention rare for a 3D game at the time(keep in mind, not even Metal Gear Solid or Ocarina of Time had that). The character models on the other hand could have used some more work,while the main characters looked fine for the most part(which is probably because they focused mostly on them) most background character models had some ridiculously massive limbs and normal towns people look pretty ugly(and not intentionally). Sound Music is quite different compared to most Megaman titles, but it's still a very impressive soundtrack. Memorable tracks the Apple Market theme that plays whenever you're in the main town or in the small shopping arcade in front of it, it's very relaxing and will put you in a shopping mood. Most of the ruin's music definitely add to their mystique, though the definitely gets bonus points for adding some suspense to it. And lets not for get the , or the Flutter vs the Gesellschaft, both of which are up there with Dr Wily's Castle and X Vs Zero as some of the best tunes in the franchise. This is also one of the few Megaman games that doesn't have awful voice acting. They aren't anything special, but they get the job done pretty well. Some characters can come off as a bit hammy, but with some of them they work very well and fit the character perfectly(again, Tron and Teisel are easily the most memorable performances in the game) Also Megaman finally sounds like a boy Overall This game is an odd one. Visually it shows it's age, and I could see the shift in gameplay being a turnoff to some people, especially hardcore fans of traditional Megaman gameplay. But the controls still hold up well(despite targeting issues), and the story and characters are a blast to experience. For a new player it could be beaten in about 10 hours and beating it unlocks the Hard difficulty which allows for more replay value. Despite it's issues it's still a really fun game that I still say is very much worth giving a chance, especially now that it's on PSN(which means you won't have to donate an organ to buy the original PS1/N64 copy), though the best way to experience it is either on the PS1 or PS3 due to the lack buttons on the PSP/Vita, and because the N64 controller is seriously fucked.
  8. Take a look at this: To this I say, BRING IT!!
  9. Hey, anypony wanna just talk about random crap?
  10. Much like video games based on movies, games based on cartoons also have had a stigma for having....not so good games, some of which can be legendarily bad. But much like games based on movies, there are still those cartoon-based games that will break the mold and show us that there can also be good ones too. 10) Tiny Toon Adventures: Montana's Movie Madness(Gameboy) This game really surprised me when I was a kid. Unlike most others, I actually never got a Pokemon game with my Gameboy until much later. While my top games for the system were Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda A Link's Awakening, but one other game that got as much attention as those was Tiny Toon Adventures: Montana's Movie Madness, a surprisingly challenging platformer with various movie themed levels. I adored it, a lot. Early on, both Capcom and Konami actually had their fair share of strong licensed titles and this was one of them. 9) Goof Troop(SNES) One of Capcom's many Disney games back on the SNES, and it is also the first game designed by Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil franchise and the Father of Survival Horror. Basic premise is that Goofy and Max were trapped on a pirate island and you have to save Pete and PJ. What makes this action-adventure game fun is the co-op mode where one player controls Goofy and Max respectively, and co-op mode can lead to some seriously great times. Playing it alone is a lot of fun too. 8) Sailor Moon: Another Story(SNES) A game that unfortunately is Japan only, Sailor Moon Another Story is a surprisingly good JRPG. Having an original story that takes place between the 3rd and 4th story arcs, the biggest selling point(at least for me) of the game was being able to control the Sailor Senshi as much like the anime, they all have their unique abilities that make them useful depending on the situation. And there's also multiple ending encouraging replayability 7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time(SNES/Arcade) Another game from Konami's Licensed Catalog, Turtles In Time is one of the very, very few SNES arcade ports that didn't get neutered*coughfinalfightcough*. Despite not being able to play up 4-players in the SNES version, it's was actually able to add a lot to the SNES version like a couple more levels and tons of cutscenes and visuals faithful to the cartoon airing at the time. 6) Mickey Mouse's Magical Quest A Capcom platformer starring the Iconic mouse himself, it kept visuals that was some of the best on the system as well as staying true to Mickey Mouse as well as featuring some very fun and solid platforming 5) Ducktales(NES) I think the best way to describe this game is that it's basically a Megaman game if it was produced by Disney(helped by the fact that Keiji Inafune and most of the staff behind the series worked on it). It boast similar visuals, and a soundtrack and difficulty on par with Megaman. Plus Ducktales was the birth of the legendary pogo bounce. If you can there's a remake on the PCPS360U by Wayforward that's fairly faithful to the original game 4) Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom(PS2/Xbox/Gamecube) Another game that took me by surprise. Battle for Bikini Bottom is a strong platformer in vein of Super Mario Games like SM64 or Sunshine, where you collect golden spatulas in order to unlock more levels and defeat Plankton and his robot army. Has a pretty fun physics engine, tons of references to past episodes(back when the show was still good), and excellent use of the 3 characters Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy. The Spongebob Movie game is also pretty similar and just as good 3) South Park: The Stick of Truth(Xbox360/PS3/PC) What makes South Park The Stick of Truth so memorable to fans is that it is a South Park episode in almost every single way. The humor, the visuals, the voice actors are very true to the series. Tons of fanservice and being an overall fun RPG makes this game a favorite for fans as well as being a solid RPG 2) Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 First off, DAT THEME SONG. That said Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 is both a great love letter to fans and a solid fighter. It marks a high point in the Budokai series by getting rid of some of the fluff the first two games had, having a giant roster, and having tons of content that keeps you going. The movesets are much more manageable to make the game more balanced than the past games(though admittedly it's still unbalanced) and the Dragon Universe lets you play through the main story(as well as some movies) with multiple characters(though it's still a step down from Budokai 1's story mode). It also has a fairly large roster(at the time) featuring characters from every saga, as well as the movies and even a couple from GT and the original Dragonball. Also, again, DAT THEME SONG before I get to no.1, here are some honorable mentions, either because I never got to play them(but other people liked them) or because they just missed the mark: Honorable mentions: The Simpsons Arcade game the Sailor Moon Arcade game X-Men Mutant Apocalypse Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku 2 Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers The Spongebob Movie Futurama The Simpsons Game Kim Possible What's the Switch Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law a Megas XLR game that'll never happen a decent Friendship is Magic game that'll never happen 1) The Simpson Hit and Run(PS2/Xbox/Gamecube/PC) When I say this is one of the best Grand Theft Auto games ever...I mean it. While it was a blatant GTA clone(much like how Road Rage=Crazy Taxi, and Skateboarding=Tony Hawk), one thing Hit and Run did what the other two failed to do was copy everything that made the original game good. While obviously the gratuitous violence isn't there, it's still a GTA clone, but a very excellent one. The game has it's own charm and fun that makes it stand out. The gameplay and car controls feel surprisingly great, missions are fun and diverse, exploring Springfield is a blast and the fanservice is glorious. If you love the Simpsons, or just GTA-style games, and haven't tried this game yet, you are doing yourself a huge disservice Also the soundtrack is excellent, which is something I don't say to most licensed game's OST EDIT: I'm pretty sure if I remade this list, Transformers Devastation would be no.1. Sorry, I still can't shut up about that game
  11. Question:"Are you a Brony? What is your opinion on Bronies?" Results: Negative: 6, Positive: 2, They're Weird/Neutral: 4 Don’t Know What A Brony Is: 4, Bronies: 1, People who think I meant brownies:1 Total Participants: 18 Neat Results: Non Bronies: 50% Anti Bronies: 33% Umm...Brownies?: 5% Bronies: 11% 50+33+11+5=99 (i rounded decimals) Looks like Omegle might not completely hate Bronies! What site do you think might hate/be completely ignorant to ponies on? Do you prefer the Brony community to be known? Or not?
  12. If this has already been posted, I apologize. You know when you're just surfing the web, minding your own business, and suddenly you look around and realize... I'm in the weird/scary part of the Internet, aren't I? It's happened to me before, mostly with the scary and disturbing stuff. Sadly. I get easily disturbed. There's always where you scroll too far down in Google. And then there's when you hear about something (Cupcakes? What's that?) and make the mistake of looking it up. For me, it was the said "Cupcakes" and also Luna Game... *shudder* I couldn't sleep for days after that. (That is also why I learned not to look up Five Nights at Freddy's. Once I learned it was a horror game, that was enough.) Share your stories! But no pictures or videos, all forum rules apply, of course.
  13. So yeah, some kid lost a game in Call of Duty and got so pissed off, that he called the S.W.A.T. team on the guy that beat him as some cruel joke. My reaction:
  14. So I made a fluffle puff version of the rock version of PFUDOR
  15. Please don't discuss anything further than what the anime has covered. I will honestly find out where you sleep and kill you (with love). This show has been without a doubt the most intriguing series I think I've ever watched. From start to finish (not finish finish but season 1 finish) It had me completely hooked, I've seen a lot of the best received Anime but, it might just be the post Ep.25 nerves talking, this series has blown them all out of the water. If you haven't watched the series yet don't read any further and spoil it for yourself just in case one day you decide to watch it. Here's 5 reasons why you should Animation, bucking amazing Soundtrack, i actually paid for this it was so good Unpredictable story Original Story, no school clubs or plot lines revolving around tea.) Doesn't give in to any fan service (which is actually nice for a change) IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN UP TO EP. 25 THERE IS SPOILER CONTENT BELOW The only thing I can think of that I would have liked them to do a little differently was to make Annie's titan resemble her human form a little less. I think it was only while I was re-watching the first or second episode the Female titan appeared in before I worked it out (the nose gave it away). Unfortunately I figured out which of the other characters are the Armoured and Colossus titans as well which I wont go any further into. Which is a real shame because without even trying I've spoiled future episodes for myself, but that's the only problem I have with the show. I was pretty satisfied with the ending how it didn't leave me anything to think about (just because it would make waiting for the next season excruciating) and then this happens...... When the part of the wall crumbled and I saw the titan buried in it it made me jump in my seat a little bit. I really enjoyed how the wall became more of a focus in the final episode too that little story about the man that tried to dig under wall Sina and went missing extremely interesting (sudden thought, maybe that was him trapped in the wall??) Ill finish with a screenshot of my favourite scene in the series (even though every frame was badass.) So where do you think the series will go? Where do you want it to go? I'm going to have to use every fibre in my being to stop myself from reading any of the Manga.
  16. It seems that Attack on Titan ,or Shingeki no Kyojin if you prefer the original title, has just recently exploded on the scene. Yet it is rapidly becoming a multimedia franchise with the original manga, videogames and even novels hitting western shores in the near future (not to mention the imminent DVD and Blu-Ray release and the live action movie in the works). But what is the reason for it’s swiftly garnered popularity? This series paints a bleak picture of the future of humanity. A future where we were almost hunted to extinction by a „giant like” race called Titans. Not much is known about the new natural predators of humanity. They don’t seem to be very intelligent and their only goal seems to be the endless consumption of human flesh. To protect themselves the surviving population retreated behind three gigantic walls and has lived there in peace for over a 100 years. The story revolves around there main characters called Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Alert as they live their simple lives behind the walls. The tale Attack on Titan tells holds many twists and surprises. Some predictable but most of them are impactful and well executed. It’s characters are not particularly deep but they are all releatable and likeable. As the series progresses the viewer starts feeling real comradery amongst them and fears for their well being as they go through many hardships. For in this series all of their lives are in constant danger. The society, this story presents, is highly militaristic. It’s military split into three core groups one tasked with protecting and repairing the walls, one tasked with upholding peace far behind them and one tasked with making excursions on the outside for resources and information. Some may find this a social, political statement but ,no matter what one may think, it gives a certain feeling of uniqueness to this world and the views of it’s inhabitants. Attack on Titan is a tightly written story. It dispenses with most of the melodrama and filler that seems to characterize a lot of anime. Most scenes have a clear point and relevance in the story, setting up information about characters, build up for later plot points and character development and so on. It still retains that distinctly Japanese feel however (whether you find that good or bad my dear reader I’ll leave it up to you). It explores it’s character’s emotional state well, without it overstaying it’s welcome, themes of hopelessness and desperate attempts to fight back against an overwhelming force. It also looks into the way humans treat each other in a world where their existence is threatened everyday. How they might cope with this and how much they’d work together. The animation of this series is stellar. There are quite a few „wow” inducing moments to be seen here as we watch these gigantic creatures and the ones who oppose them in action. The characters express just as much with their movements and body language and facial expressions as with their words. The action scenes are fast, huge scale and brutal. Every suffered wound feels real and every blow has earth (or more often building) shattering impact. It really is worth the price of admission just for that. This series is an exceptionally well done effort. Enjoyable for everyone, even for those who don’t enjoy anime otherwise. It’s themes and characters are adequately explored and it’s story is exciting and holds quite a few surprises. At the end of Season 1, the current end of the series, we ended on a cliffhanger with many unanswered questions ,yet a still somewhat satisfying resolution. It’ll be interesting to experience where this story progresses and to see light shed on some of it’s mysteries. A truly remarkable anime deserving it’s popularity. Give it a chance and you might just find yourself swept away in this world of Titans!
  17. I welcome you to the this humble article discussing a movie called V for Vendetta released in 2005. What not many seem to remember is that the movie was based on a graphic novel written by Alan Moore. Since there are significant differences between the movie and book, in fact so significant that Alan Moore refused to be credited in the movie, I’d like to cover the comic book separately. For now, let’s take a look at the cinematic iteration of the story. The movie takes place in an alternate future England under the rule of a fascist government. Controlling the lives of it’s people with every tool at their disposal. Constant surveillance, curfew, propaganda and Fingermen ( or political police) are a common day occurrence in the average citizens life here. Under the reign of this regime lives the main focus of our tale Evey Hammond played by Natilie Portman. Evey is one of the best written female characters in cinematic history. A perfect example of how to write a female character well. She is a mature and strong woman who sees the wrong doings of the government of her country to a degree, but has comformed to that world and has no interest in changing it. Until, because of a series of coincidences, she has to go through a journey from being a cog in the machine of oppression to becoming a truly free person. Uncovering many secrets some would prefer not to remember. All thanks to a mysterious man called V. Although Evey is the main focus of our tale, the character who steals the show is V ,played spectacularly by Hugo Weaving. A masked freedom fighter or terrorist depending on your view. V is a sophisticated and elegant individual who suffered much during his life. He is theatrical, intelligent, extremely charismatic and very firm in his beliefs of free speech in equality. He has a great appreciation of art and philosophy and the value of expression. By his own admission he uses violence for good. He is also driven by a personal vendetta against some of the members of the government. However, V is not cruel being perfectly is capable of forgiveness. He is one of the most inspiring characters in fiction and that’s exactly his goal. V’s main aim is to inspire the greatest force in human history. The people. Although, I'm against spoiling scenes in advance, this clip summarize the values, beliefs and intentions of V better than anyone else ever could (if you haven't seen the movie yet though, I suggest you watch the full thing first): The movie is full of symbolism including the letter „V” and the number 5. For an example of that inspect the name „Evey” more closely. You might miss a lot of it watching the story for the first time encouraging repeated viewings. The dialogues are very quotable and the whole story is extraordinarily well written in general. Combining that with the atmosphere of oppression the movie very conveys to it’s viewer and the stellar performances from every actor involved to make an emotionally fulfilling story which not only makes you feel for it’s characters but also ponder your own standing on matters and the affairs of your own country. But the movie itself is almost dwarfed by the mark it left on our collective culture. You see, this movie has a clear message to it’s audience. A message each of us should take to heart. A message perfectly signified by this mask: The mask you can see above existed before the movie of course. It was made to resemble the face of a man call Guy Fawkes who tried to assassinate King James the First on the fifth of November in1605. Many see him as a hero others as a terrorist but no matter what anyone thinks with the help of this story this mask has come to mean much more than that. Today it signifies the fight against oppression and the abuse of authority. Not a desperate fight,as shown by the smile, but a fight through sophistication and determination. A confident fight! The realization of the fact that only the people ,and the people alone have the power to decide their fates and place the power into sombody’s hands. For this reason many movements embrace this symbol as their own and it has the chance of becoming important to each and every one of us ,which no matter what the future may bring, nobody can take from you. Today behind this mask is not only flesh but an idea and ideas are bulletproof. Whether what it helped bring into the public awareness outshines this movie or not is ,of course, for you to decide my dear reader. I highly recommend that you dedicate a bit of your time to this piece of cinema nonetheless. It’s characters are deep, representing different ideologies and social standings and it’s plot is full of emotions and moments which will stay with you for a long time. I leave it for you to explore the rest of what it has to offer. If you give it a chance I guarantee it will make you do one thing. Something that a lot of people might not want you to do. Think...
  18. This is probably coming at a bad time considering the other quite recent resignations of the team but it's something that's going to have to happen. Unfortunately in the recent months my time has been stretched and stretched to the point where everything is in a constant rush, my work is giving me more and more to do and my own projects and social life is suffering due to this. I'm becoming irritable and lethargic and there's a sheer lack of motivation to do anything. I don't have time for my other hobbies anymore and it's getting on my nerves I'm having to turn down nights out because of a lack of time. Becoming a moderator fell at an awkward time to start with, I had recently started dating my girlfriend and I was a full time job at the company I had previously done work experience for. Even the whole Brony aspect was still fairly new to me and then I was suddenly asked to become a moderator for a massive forum. However after a few weeks I felt I'd managed to settle in properly and just got on with it. I'd actually never had to opportunity to be a moderator on any forum and I have to give a huge thank you to the other moderators and admins who helped me get to grips with the system, I've learned so much on how to deal with all manner of things, even from just hearing about some situations are dealt with. The team is full of awesome people, none of them have a bad bone in them and they all have hearts of gold. It's been a good run and for my first moderating experience, it's been a blast. However there's no point in me staying if I'm not doing anything, it's just not fair on the rest of the team. In the last month or so I've come online and had to leave 5 minutes later due to other affairs. I want to do something but I'm either dragged away or I can't get on in the first place. So therefore it's with some regret that I'm handing in the old resignation form. As much as I've enjoyed it I think it's fair that I'm going to prioritise my friends and life over a forum, I think many will agree with that. It's no-ones fault but my own for taking on more than I could handle. Other things are going to be shelved as well, it's just unfortunate that my moderating duties are included in those. I'm probably not leaving the forums entirely but my interaction will be very limited. I never really posted much anyway and spent most of my time reading rather than posting but even so my time being spent on the forum in general is having to be cut down. Again I am thankful for the experience and the opportunity to help the community. I think that the team deserves more thanks than they are given, as someone who has seen what happens behind the scenes they do a lot more than people realise. So yeah...thanks for the ride guys but it's time that I left. Plus as I'm sure many people know, the girlfriend/wife always gets priority . It's going to be weird not having all those extra little buttons on my screen anymore. Cheers! Aaramus
  19. Now I know there are adults here, and teens and the such like myself. However as long as I've been here I can't say I know of any people off the top of my head who are parents. Or if any are here even. I'm just curious frankly. Since i don't know if there are any at all. But regardless maybe if you are here I'll know your a parent after this thread . There's not much reason besides curiosity for this really, so yeah. Are you a parent? And if you are feel free to talk about whatever pertains to parenting I guess that you feel comfortable discussing. Maybe how parenting is, if you like it, what's the hardest part, how many kids you have, and how old they are. Whatever . I guess if your expecting you can also count that. If your not a parent, well then idk, either ignore the thread or um idk I guess as long as it isn't going to cause any issues talk about whatever without straying the topic to if pigs can fly or something... Again just curious but yeah. Hopefully I don't make this only to feel dumb and get 0 people who are parents posting. Oh well, I tried . Ps. (I am 16 in case anyone doesn't know and is curious. I do plan to be a parent in the future though.)
  20. Please forgive me if there was already a topic covering this. I tried searching and I skimmed through fifteen pages and saw nothing... I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have the gender of each member displayed on their posts, perhaps underneath the user's avatar next to where it says 'Members' or 'Moderators'. (Check Shifting Gears' second post below for an idea of what I mean) As one of the rare females on the forum, I'm constantly being called everything from "dude," to "man," and "he," despite the fact that my gender is listed on my profile page. I don't mean to be a sourpuss, but this is frustrating, because I want people to see me for who I am and as I am. I think that not only would it be more convenient, but it would help clear up some confusion all the way around, because a lot of members don't read profile pages before using incorrect pronouns in discussions and posts. And from my experience, other people just forget about it entirely. Thank you in advance.
  21. Name: Lack Luster Gender: Female Race: Pegasus (Broken-looking horn caused by genetic disorder) Age: Teenage Backstory: Lack Luster was born as a mostly normal (But blind) Pegasus to her father, mother, and two older sisters. However, as she grew older it was discovered that she has a rare disorder. The disorder has several effects on her, for example, she grew a partial (Non-functioning) horn, was born blind, and did not develop a cutie mark. Doctors estimated the disorder would kill her very early on, however, so far she has survived, against all odds. She is dependent on other ponies due to her inability to see, and cannot and will not develop a cutie mark. She currently lives with her family in a small house, where she is taken care of. She has gained a slight ability to know about her surroundings, and for this reason is able to navigate around with only minor difficulty. She has no idea what her true purpose is, and spends many nights simply wishing she could look up at the stars and see the beauty therein. She spends many nights trying to get her horn to function, even though the doctors told her that any attempts to do so would be completely futile. She often vents about her frustration to her family, but there's not really any way they know or feel they can help her. Personality: Lack Luster remains optimistic and hopeful, as those are the only two things that are impossible to be taken away from her. She tries to make other ponies smile, even if she is unsure what a smile actually looks like. She remains extroverted, or at least tries to, as most other ponies avoid her. Her circle of friends is rather small but she feels that it's enough. She does not like to meet new ponies as most ponies she meets shun her. If she does find a stranger that doesn't run away or poke fun at her, she is very open to becoming friends with them. She is very philosophical and often ponders about the meaning behind things that happen in life, such as why she is in such a predicament. She values beauty on the inside, as internal beauty is the only beauty she has ever known. For this reason, she does not judge other ponies based on anything other than their deeds and personality, as those are the only things she can really be certain about. She has confidence in herself, even if she really doesn't have (Or at least know if she has) any talents, she feels that the fact she has survived this long is a miraculous event in it's own right.
  22. Alright, so I thought it was time I made this post, it needed to be done, I shall explain in detail why Celestia is so amazing. I mean, she really is. Alright, so let's start with her design. She is beautiful, she is simply beautiful. Her color scheme is great, the soft warm colors highly reflect her relationship with the sun,her royal attire is great, the crown is just amazing, everything about her design is great. Fanart has done her a lot of justice in this regard. She looks quite beautiful. Here are a few of my favorites: As you can see, she just looks beautiful. I especially love the colors of her mane and how they flow the way they do. I love her eye color as well, it's beautiful. _____________________________ Now on to perhaps what will be the longest and most important section, aka the second half (But more like seven eighths) of the review, her personality. One of the things I like about her personality is her Innocence. People tend to say she is a "Mary Sue", I'd argue with that on the grounds that she has some negative traits (I'll talk about those later). In a way, she represents everything the show is about, benevolence, friendship, love, compassion. She encompasses these, not as a poor choice of character personality, but as a way to tie the entirety of the show together. Another thing about her is her good sense of humor (Seen several times, most noticeably in A Bird in The Hoof). She is very easy-going and shows a good trait for a ruler, she takes things in stride. Anybody could tell you that in real life, totalitarian rulers who take time to sit back and ask questions for before acting, and act in a benevolent and wise way, are not exactly too common. (See; Why there are not many Kingdoms around anymore). Her wisdom and forgiveness are showcased more than once, and are great traits for any ruler to have. First of all, I'm going to turn to the Canterlot Wedding and point out how she does not, say, arrest Twilight even when Twilight is basically threatening Chrysalis (Who everybody thought was Cadence at the time). Think about it, any ruler who saw somebody, even a close friend, threaten the royal family would probably do a little bit more than ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. But Celestia actually in a way, while not exactly believing Twilight, is seen to at least show a bit of faith or trust in Twilight. Another example of this is in the pilot episode, where Celestia accepts Luna back immediately, even after the trouble she caused as Nightmare Moon, which is not exactly what most would do when being kidnapped (Even by a sibling). She ends up making decisions that a lot would be reluctant to, and she does this all for the good of her ponies, for this reason, she is a great Princess/Ruler/Pony. One thing you might notice, relating to her sense of humor, is that at times she can be quite childish, but again, I feel that this is more a component of the innocence than anything. For example, the whole event with Philomena could have been handled better. I will now address some of the points people bring up when insulting Celestia; -"She is unwise/unfair because when Discord came back, she sent the Mane Six along, and did not go with them" There are several reasons she could not do this. One of them is that she kind of rules a kingdom that does not magically stop existing when she lives the Castle, she has politics to attend to, politics that her kingdom's existence relies upon. You can't risk your ruler getting captured or killed, no matter what's at stake, no different for Celestia. In addition, she could not fully comprehend the situation, but she did know that the Elements of Harmony could be used to seal him away. For Celestia to know that the Mane Six would get in trouble, she would need to have some kind of advanced foresight, which she doesn't have. Ironically, if she did have this trait, she would be a Mary Sue, something people arguing against her often call her, even in the arguments addressing her flaws. -"She was ignorant/arrogant about the Nightmare Moon situation" Okay, hypothetical person I'm arguing. Do you really expect that anyone would reasonably think that their sibling would turn into some kind of powerful evil being because they were not too popular? It's ridiculous to assume that she would have guessed this. In regard to the arrogance, that's kind of a core part of being a ruler, period. -"|Insert some Generic comment about how she's an inferior princess to Luna|" Luna has no character development. I tried to see what people liked about her, but other than her sweet character design, I failed. She was in like what, three episodes? At least Luna has more personality than Cadence, I suppose. But still, Celestia is supposed to be the exact opposite of Luna personality, just like the Sun and Moon, they're opposites, she fits the bill perfectly, and I just don't understand why people hate her for it. -"Celestia is emotionless' No, she's not. She is full of pride and has good posture, but she shows quite a bit of emotion, like her concern during A Bird in the Hoof that the guests are treating her too royally, to the end where she is legitimately laughing at Philomena's joke that she pulled on Fluttershy. In addition, Celestia has quite a close relationship with Twilight, not something an "emotionless" character would have. -"Celestia is a Mary Sue" Really? Celestia has actually made more bad decisions and displayed more negative traits than Luna has. Let's list them, Celestia: -Lack of foresight (Negative according to Anti-Celestia bronies, usually) -Childish -Stubborn -Arrogant Luna: -Envious -Vengeful I'm not saying that these traits make either character bad, they don't, I'm just trying to point out that in actual episodes of the show, Luna is actually more perfect than Celestia, so the argument that she is a Mary Sue does not make sense. As for Luna's list of flaws, I was only trying to list ones that people actually view as negative, I can't list things like social awkwardness because that's a LIKABLE trait. -"Cadence is a better Princess" ___________________________ Celestia, like any ruler, has made bad decisions from time-to-time. But overall, I'd say that she is a pretty wise ruler, and a great character overall. I just really really like her a lot. And for this reason, she is best Princess and best pony in general. Thank you for your time. I know that some parts of this were repetitive but the amazingness of Celestia was distracting and I got carried away.
  23. Did I really imrpove on the computer? I dont think so. But, it is really good for improvment on the computer. But, I draw better on paper. Like, alot better. But I need to practice on computer for future PMV's *For example of future PMV's, Fireflies-Doctor Whooves* Anyway, what do you think?
  24. Do not let the name fool you,this song is heavy in bass and the drop will and i repeat will catch you off guard,wear you're bass helmets everybody because you are about to get blowed the shit away,i hope you will enjoy this song,this is great progress to me and as left a good mark inside me a scar of pride, enjoy this bass music my good audiophiles Original Animated
  25. I made a Facebook page for my OC, Cascade. I feel I may have created a monster. But now that she's there, she'll never leave.