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Found 33 results

  1. Very similar to "Describe the avatar above you with one word" except in this game, you must describe the user above you with just one word! Try to keep it somewhat nice! And no double posting!
  2. Create a two-word phrase using one of the words from the previous poster and replacing the other word with your own. (Cannot be compound words, like: basketball, football, bookshelf, Applejack, etc). Example: First poster: problem child; Second poster: child care; Third poster: day care. Let's start: Party hard.
  3. I prefer Burger King over McDonald's, BTW.
  4. To clarify, this is excluding your "home country", i.e. where you were born and/or currently reside (whichever of the two parameters you consider most important for such status). I think I'd go with France. It's such a massively diverse country from one region to the next - beautiful architecture, beaches, mountains, forests are abundant and whether you want snow, sea, or sun you'll never be left disappointed. Each trip you take could be completely different. Plus then that'd give me a reason to actually stop being lazy and improve my French, which is currently quite shocking. How about you guys?
  5. The rules are simple: You post a single word and eventually i will type all the words together into a story. ive seen some pretty funny ones on a different forums. You may add punctuation. You may use a multi-word name (names only) lets start: Once
  6. What the hell did Celestia do a thousand years ago? it seems like Celestia was just pissing off every major Villain a thousand years ago. Nightmare moon sent to the moon, Discord imprisoned, Sombra and the Crystal Empire, etc.
  7. Here is the Super Mario Bros. OST Collection (1st Movement) on the Organ. (Alternate title: Super Mario Bros. Medley #1. Arranged for Organ)
  8. As some of you might know, i am into fighting games. Some people say that shooters are the most competitive multiplayer games you can find, but for me Fighters just stump them all. So i was wondering, what are your favorite fighting franchises? I took the ones that are the most relevant and some underrated franchises that i consider very good. Don't hang me if i left out a franchise that you might like. I am only human. D: You can also choose more then one franchise you like.
  9. Hello everypony! It's your old pal, Flutterguy here, with a question for all of you? What is YOUR favourite episode in season one, and why? Is it the lesson at the end, the general situation, the humour? Just name the number, name, and why when you reply! Sincerely, Flutterguy27
  10. Just out of curiosity. Is Twighlight the chosen, in some way?
  11. One Applejack episode this season? :/
  12. Summarize the user above you in one word.
  13. Should I get QuakeWorld or Quake Live? I just would like to know your opinions.
  14. This is a poll on what your favourite game companies are, if you need me to add any, please mention me with @Lag Spike and I'll be sure to add it as soon as I can. Remember that the forum rules still apply here and that it is preferred that there is no in-fighting, if you want to argue about certain companies please take it to PM, thank you. Also something I should mention, this is a poll about the company as of now, not what they may of been in the past, please take this into consideration when answering.
  15. This game deserves a thread. This game deserves your money. This game deserves your time. This game deserves YOU.
  16. Post one cool thing you discovered/did this day/week/month, be it pony or not. I just tried out the Lone Wolf book series. IT. IS. SO. GOOD. And the combat is the most edge-of-your-seat thing I have ever experienced. Seriously. Try these out. They're really good. (And it's super long so it will last you a while)
  17. Ok, in this forum game, you must provide two characters; fictional or non-fictional. They can be anyone and anything except for users of this forum. They can be from MLP if you choose so or anything else. Basically choose anyone you want, just no members of this forum. Once you have the two characters post their names and pictures if needed (If the character isn't a famous character that almost everyone knows, it would probably be best to add a picture.) For this forum game, I will start out with two characters. The person below me will then post which one they would rather date and then post two more characters. Then so on and so on. Ok, I'll start. Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash? (Using MLP characters to start out with.)
  18. Well, this is it, I guess. When I first joined forums I did not expect to ever reach this point. I joined this place as it appeared to be a friendly one and at that point of life I desperately needed friends. I was unsure about my english, confused about size of forums and on top of all very shy and unable to approach total strangers even on the internet. I won't lie, my first days here were not easy, but it was already a relief, because from very first day I had friends who I could rely on and who allowed me to forget about all the stress I've been through in my real life. I got support, we were also having fun and in all of this my english was improving. Not to mention my shyness slowly disappearing, at least on the internet. It was honestly one of best decisions in my life to come here. Before forums being a brony was uneasy experience to me. I knew no bronies at all (the one who introduced me to the show... we barely even talked shortly after that) and it made me feel insecure around others, I wanted to get out of closet, but at the same time I knew that people like even my parents would be very angry about that part of me. I needed place like this, place where I could be 100% myself withot being worried of someone judging me over such trivial matters. Now I write all this... year after joining forums. It was a long year, full of changes in my life. But also full of fun both irl and here. I won't be bugging people with all the meetings with friends irl and stuff like that. It is not why I am writing this. But I remember all that happened during me being here. I remember silly truth or dare games with some of my first friends (and how I dared Sugar Cube to post a love poem on Artemis's profile roflmao), I remember all the randomness I took part in in forum games or status updates. About how I spammed people with hugs. About how Sugar Cube dared me to change my old name (Sajtan92) into Hugoholic unaware of the fact that soon everyone here will know me as Hugoholic. I remember my first friends, Blue Bay and our Borderlands 2 playing, SkyStorm and how she kept trying to get rid of my shyness (and how it ended with success, because she is just to stubborn to give up XD), Friendship Cannon, who sadly is not with us anymore and all the others who joined me later (it would take forever to write down all names lol). I want to say it to all to You, thank You. Thank You for being as awesome as You are right now, for all this funny stuff I saw there, for being with me both in good and bad times. For milions of hugs I got (xD) and... overall for everything. I suck at writing things like this lol I'd also like to mention "few" users by their names. I hope they won't be angry, if they will be I will hug them to death :comeatus: So.. *COUGH COUGH* Special thanks to: -Blue Bay - You were my first friend here. Literally first friend so You will be first here as well xD We don't talk that much anymore (I think it is time to change it) but I still consider You a friend. Thank You for being the first one who managed to survive with as annoying human being as me XD *hugs him* :v -SkyStorm - first pegasister friend (who I was so freaking shy to send PM to first XD) - like before we don't talk as often as we did anymore (even if we still are in touch) but You honestly helped me a lot on my first days. Because of You I started to feel more confident about myself. You were always a great friend to me and You can count on me every time You need help. Also You know, that I love Your OC, silly filly :comeatus: *TACKLE HUG FOR SKYSTORM* -Sugar Cube - one of my best friends here <3 creator of my current username, silly filly (one year older than me, but I don't care, filly You are, deal with it! ), another very supportive person and awesome moderator for few months. Creator of almighty blog entry "100 reasons why I love Applejack" and poor victim of my evil poem which she posted on Artemis's profile. You are lucky You don't live any closer or I'd hug You to death :3 *hugs tight* :3 -Dsanders - we don't talk that much anymore, but it's because of You why I became friends with Sugar Cube and for that fact itself I am grateful. You also were a fun guy who I always enjoyed to talk with (even if timezones were against us 90% of time) and also supported me on my worse days. We kinda talk less often now sadly, but I still wish all the best to You and that You and Pink Mist will eventually meet irl and Your relationship will go outside the internet *hugs* :3 -Wingnut - one of my older friends here (I can call him my dad lol) but also a great guy and recently - a moderator. You helped me a lot in some points in my life, I always could've trusted You with all my personal problems. Such things I do not forget. BUT I STILL AM ANGRY ON YOU FOR PRETENDING TO BE SUGAR CUBE XD *hugs anyway* fineee xD -CadetGrey - SKYNEEERD and owner of one of cutest OCs on forums. Despite young age You are one of smartest people, somebody I can always rely on and You prove that the Netherlands are indeed a great place. I really wish that one day I could come over there, hug You irl and try some of Dutch dishes :comeatus: Also, I love Your voice *huggles* <3 -Felix - a young silly filly who I can always rely on and a great friend. We had our long break (sadly) but now everything is back to normal and I hope You enjoy talking with me as much as I enjoy talking to You You will always be one of my besties so don't even suggest that eventually You will be alone. You won't be alone for as long as I live. Deal with it. *hugs* :3 -Lightwing - creator of my fanclub (lol) and good friend who I can always laugh with about... everything actually. Trying hard to prove I am in love with Fluttershy or with any other pony. Don't worry, Lighty. I won't let You win in Your little game :comeatus: Oh, he is also my acolyte in hugs XD *hugs* -Anilewe - polish pegasisterrr <3 You are just awesome photographer and person and we really have to meet eventually. I remember times when You were supporting me and I always enjoyed talking with You. You are one of few people from Poland who I know as members of this fandom, but You are really one of best examples of them BIG HUG TO YOU *hugs* -SCS - marry me irl. topkek. lol ... ok, now seriously, You too were very supportive of me and are best admin I ever saw :comeatus: I also enjoyed our ridiculous conversations that had no point at all xD *hugs* -Spirit Rush - one of my newer friends, but a really cool guy and great artist. :comeatus: And I can't wait to see more of Your drawings :3 Oh, also You are great friend too! *hugs* -Nature of Fluttershy/Peachie - real sweetheart who too was very helpful at some points of my existance here, fellow Fluttershy fan and fun, lovable person :3 We need to talk more often! *huggles :33* -Blue Snowfire - You helped me a lot recently, and I am not going to forget that. Besides I love our conversations xD ehh..guess... *HUGS* xD -Diva Pony - probably oldest member of this forum who always offers me great advices, support and a great chat. I was unsure about messaging You first, but I definitely don't regret it! *hugs* -Amelia The Writer - person who I have most often talked with via Private Messages on forums :v You are always great friend to me and Your OC is so cute :3 Thanks for being there for me all the time *hugs* :3 -Nihi The Brony - another great friend of mine who was very supportive recently and overall was great friend... sadly once again nothing original to write haha *hugs* -Wind Song - real sweatheart with very positive attitude :comeatus: I am glad to finally have Your skype name xD *hugs* -Quirky Username - great friend who I love joking around with. I miss our times when we were playing Prop Hunt XD Maybe one day Princess Luna will hug You irl :comeatus: *hugs* xD -The Leafon Pinkeh - what can I say to You... oh, I know... *HUGS* XD -LatinoChurro - we don't talk that much anymore, but You always was a great friend for me. And for that You have a hug *hugs* :3 -Naomii - one of newer friends who I love talking with and who is just exploding with overly positive attitude XD *hugs* :33 -Jennabun - great supportive friend and fellow Fluttershy fan. I just fail to see a single bad thing about You *hugs* -Artemis - You first helped me to get around forums a bit and You deserve a cup of coffee from me for being a good and helpful friend xD *gives him cup of coffee* Oh, and also *hugs* xD -Wolfie - You supported me greatly in most recent days, without You and few other people all this would probably go a lot worse and for that support I am eternally grateful :3 *hugs him tight* -Sparklie/Swirlie - we had our harder days sometimes, but in the very end we are and hopefully always will be friends *hugs* :3 -Wubsy - young silly filly, but also great friend. Don't worry, we will play Prop Hunt xD *hugs* x3 -Miss Reaper - because she too is a sweetheart and her avatar itself makes me like her so muuuch :333 *huuugs* -Otty - cuz she is just awesome :3 *huugs* :33 -And same about Cacklefruit -And Rising shine xD And everyone else on my friendlist and outside it. You all are awesome and You all have a big hug from me Sorry if I forgot about someone... I did my best not to, but there are just too many people to mention xD And hopefully this year on forums will be awesome too TOO LONG DIDN'T READ FOR WOLFIE It was great time and hopefully future too will be. Thanks and hugs for everyone XD
  19. Just read a post on the MLP Facebook page that to celebrate 1 million retail-sold MLP comics IDW is teaming up with Heritage Auctions and putting up for auction a one-of-a-kind MLP comic with all proceeds going to the Give Kids The World charity. The cover was designed by fan-favourite Sarah Richard. This is what it looks like. Pretty. Damn. Awesome. I thought it would be cool if we had a go at guessing how much it will sell for and see who gets the closest . I'm not in any way familiar with the comic book industry or how high these things can sell for but I do know that they can get pretty ridiculous expensive. So my guess is very uneducated (and probably very silly). $10,000 USD The winner gets the satisfaction of being the winner as well as a life-times supply of bragging rights. Obviously edited posts wont be counted and if two users guess the same amount, the person who posted first wins.
  20. If you could change or make up more emoticons, what would they be? I would give all the current ones a mane! 'Clock is TICKING' Twilight. 'Crazy Twilight. More spike!! Celestia? Cherilee? More ponies! And sarcastic spike face! "An outhouse?"-Winter Wrap-up Squee!
  21. I’ve got that blogging spirit in me! I don’t know if it was due to the last entry I posted, which I really only expected 20 or so views, or cause it’s a part of my major. I’d say it’s a bit of both added in with the enjoyment of finally contributing something to the fandom. That’s enough ranting about me, so for my next project I’m going to do a rundown of all of season 1’s episodes, ranking them with my PERSONAL views while incorporating a bit of how well each episode was told. I’ve seen these episodes at least 6 times each so I think I have a pretty good feeling about the rankings. As always feel free to post in the comments to agree, disagree, or explain why I’m insane because your favorite episode isn’t ranked at the top (I love this one!) So let’s get started. Ranking in as my least liked episode in the season…….. 25. The Ticket Master I have 5 friends, why did you send two tickets? Likes: -Twilight’s character development Dislikes: -Situation could’ve been avoided -Obvious ending is obvious -Why should I care? -Damn you Trollestia The first episode outside the opener took me three days to watch when I first came across Friendship is Magic. We’re all familiar with the plot in which Princess “Trollestia” sends Twilight two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala when Celestia herself knows that there are SIX elements of harmony (sorry Spike fans). The mane 6 fight over who gets the two tickets, much to Twilight’s dismay, and she decides to send them back, only for Celestia to send 5 more tickets by the end of the episode. To be brash, I didn’t give a single shit about who got the ticket during my first run through. When watching the episode a couple more times, I still had that lack of interest. Sure it built up the season finale, but for Twilight to receive 5 more tickets at the end made me think ‘I’m sure twilight should know Celestia wouldn’t have a problem sending more tickets to her prized pupil.’ What I did like though was that my thought was answered by Celestia in the end through her “Why didn’t you say so?” letter. The situation could’ve easily been avoided like that. I want to give the episode some credit, I noticed through my second run through of the series that it does a good job developing Twilights character. That bold decision to send back the two tickets shows that she is not selfish and truly cares about her friends. Now I know the show likes to use the post-season opener episodes to add a bigger element to the season at hand, but I feel that the same story could have been told a better way. Its ending left me feeling like the whole episode was pointless. 24. Applebuck Season The derp face…. Likes:-Shows that Applejack is hardworking but stubborn and prideful Dislikes:-Repetitive -Feels dragged on, unnatural flow Applejack. The element of honesty. Ponyville’s most friendly and trustworthy pony. Also the most overworked, stubborn, and prideful pony to the point where it gets super annoying (only in this episode of course). The episode starts with Applejack and Big Mac, who is injured, (note I was happy to finally see a stallion in the show) overlooking the apple orchard. Big Mac calls out Applejack who insists that she can harvest all the apples, ultimately starting this repetitive cycle of Applejack overworking herself which in turn affects all of Ponyville. Even today I am very reluctant to watch this episode. To me, it feels as if I am watching 3 scenes repeat itself over and over again. The amount of joy I felt when Applejack finally asks for help was equal to the time I tried molly. If the writers point was to show how stubborn Applejack was then I completely got the message. The problem was that the episode gets caught in the same situation 5 more times. The plot feels extended like the writers were just scrambling to fill in the appropriate time slot. On a positive note, it made me appreciate Applejack’s hard work ethic and how too much of it causes an overindulgence of personal pride. 23. The Cutie Mark Chronicles These innocent faces…cue the “hnng” Likes: -Lore on the mane 6’s cutie marks -Enjoyed the humor Dislikes: -Nothing was really learned Unlike the previous two episodes there’s not much I really dislike about this one. Its placement this low on the chart probably has to do with the fact that there was no true lesson learned. While it was cool to see how all the mane 6 got their cutie marks, it didn’t give a hint as to what the CMC’s would be. Again, I like how they incorporated that the sonic rain boom was integral to all of them achieving their cutie mark, but the episode comes off like a history class to me. Although I did enjoy the episode’s jokes a lot seeing that Rarity’s destiny is a rock and Pinkie Pie is responsible for Equestria being made. 22. Over A Barrel “You gotta share……You gotta care…” Likes: -Even two enemies can get along through compromise -A battle, in a little girls show? -lots of conflict, even within the mane 6 Dislikes:-none This Episode made me think a lot about how the early Americans treated the natives, albeit a completely different ending irl. With Spike’s disappearance and being able to see two sides of an argument, it left a lot of questions to begin with and was able to answer every single one by the end. I was very surprised with the way this episode turned out. It was the one that made me realize that this show is truly intended for all audiences. The conflicts between the native buffalo and the appleosians/Rainbow Dash and Applejack, leave a lot on the table which results in an ending that could’ve gone either way. While watching this I constantly found myself picking sides as to who really deserved the land. At the first scene when Bloomberg gets taken, I was on Applejacks side. But when hearing about how the buffalo were forced off their land because of the apple orchard, it made me reluctant to agree with my old opinion. It caught my attention when they went to battle because I believed that only one group would come out on top. For the buffalo and ponies to end the battle with a resolution really supported the message that even enemies can come to a peaceful compromise. Sorry Pinkie Pie, your cheerful songs couldn’t save the day this time.
  22. It has been one year since I joined the forums. It's been great, thank you all. You're all awesome.
  23. Ok, now i don't actually mean this literally(Atleast i hope not) but i just wanted to say that I feel like IRL and alot of other places i'm like the only one who isn't diagnosed with some kind of disorder or something. Don't get me wrong! Its not like i necessarily want one(Well not exactly, its complicated) and i also have lots of respect for those diagnosed with different stuff. I mean i already have enough trouble dealing with my "Normal" life. But like, i feel like i'm in the minority alot of times, it seems like all the people i know have something from a more common and known disorder, to a more abstract one. Again i mean not to offend anyone, i just feel.. Alone almost? Its a weird thing to describe. but like, i'm not the only one not diagnosed with anything? I'm pretty sure i'm not, but i just felt like it was the easiest way to express my feeling. I have kinda found the thought of having a disorder interesting to think about, but i know that i don't want one, because i'm sure they present many challenges. But you know, anyone who knows me knows i'm curious, so maybe its just that. So anyways, again i hope no one is offended by this, i'm just curious. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts ;p. Have a great day!
  24. That's right, two lessons in one episode. Daring Don't was a really enjoyable episode. I was a little mad that Daring Do treated Rainbow not the best way when they first met through. I believe that there were two lessons in this episode. The first lesson deals with Dash's lionization of Daring Do. Just because you're a fan of someone, doesn't mean you put them on the highest pedestal there is. It might appear that they are cool, but as shown in the episode, Daring's attitude towards Dash was of self-centeredness and wanting to work alone. Dash's main flaw was that she was SO fixed on wanting to be alongside her favorite hero, that she forgot her OWN value. Rainbow Dash is awesome because of her loyalty towards others. Daring's awesome because of her bravery and antics. On Daring's side, she was too cloistered in her own shell. The fact that she was focused on completing the task at hand, blinded her from what Dash really wanted. This ended in her blaming Dash for being captured, which was not true. The other problem was, that Daring Do was sort of OVERestimating herself, which is why she didn't want to trust others. She was consumed by her records and past completed tasks, that she stood on her OWN high pedestal. Daring learned that even if you think you can get it done by yourself, you can't, and it's always best to accept help when you have the chance. This episode was a well written episode and had great development for Rainbow Dash Thoughts?
  25. Yes, another one, WIth a weird gif, too. Deal with it. 1. Do you have any regrets? - A couple. Not any of the huge, life-changing type though. 2. Do you have a deep, dark secret? - I have a secret or two, but nothing deep or dark o: 3. Have you ever hurt someone? - Yeah... 4. Have you ever self-harmed? - No. 5. How would you like to be remembered? - Not sure. I don't really think about that kind of stuff very much. 6. Who are the three most important people in your life? - My mom, my stepdad, I'd like to say my real dad but we've kinda grown distant recently... 7. Was there one event that changed your life and the way you think? - I think so. 8. Would you sacrifice everything for love? - Well, not everything. But then again, you never know. 9. Are you afraid of dying? - Death is a natural part of life yo. I can worry about what comes after when I cross that bridge. 10. Have you ever been abused? - No... 11. Have you ever been in love? - I like to think so... But probably not. 12. Are you happy with who you are? - Yeah, mostly 13. Would you ever give up your life to save someone else’s? - Depends who it is. 14. Have you changed at all in the last year? - Probably. 15. Would you ever settle for someone you didn’t feel was “the one”? - Probably not. 16. Is there someone you can tell everything to without fear of judgment? - Yeah, of course. You know his name by now, I'm sure. 17. Are you pursuing your dreams? - Ehh. 18. Do actions speak louder than words? - I think that depends on the situation. 19. Is there something you would never do? - Murder, rape, drugs... 20. What makes you uncomfortable? - These questions. So there you have it. If you didn't know me before, now you do.