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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I was listening to that Onerepublic Song, and guess what? The riff completely ripped off the riff from Art of the Dress. When I Listen to it, I always think of it. I'm not too keen on this and I wish they used a different riff. In all fairness though, Art of the Dress is derived from ''Putting It Together(State of the Art)'' by Sondheim. What do you think? I'm not too keen, I hate it when a song ripped off another song, the only songs I am OK with that use the same chords are the ''These Four Chords'' songs and the ''Doom Chords''.
  2. Doing the Millennial Epilogue, there was no way I was going to get out of talking about OneRepublic. A couple years ago, I was absolutely obsessed with this band. It and Imagine Dragons were the only things I listened to, and this was my favorite song in the world. OneRepublic always struck a chord with me simply for how eclectic they were. It seemed like they took influences from everything, and still managed to combine it all naturally into a tight package. That's not to say they've never had a stinker, but what band in history can say that? OneRepublic was the band that I wished would be the sound of my generation, rather than all the crap that seems to represent us. Today? I'm not gonna lie, this song is still up there. It's seriously shocking for a late 2000's poprock song, it's epic, operatic, varied, powerful, and masterfully composed. It reminds me that there's still good music left in this world, we've just gotta go find it. All The Right Moves. It's still epic.