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Found 88 results

  1. Recently, I've been really good friends with someone I met online, actually better than anyone I know IRL, but I've been wondering, do you find online friends just as important as real life friends? I bring this up because my parents keep saying how online friends aren't real, but what about pen pals? Weren't they considered real friends? And if someone I met online is a better friend than I know in real life surely that says something? I'm not saying this as if I have no real life friends, I'm just saying that I prefer my online friends.
  2. Anyone in school right now is probably experiencing some level of confusion, whether it’s dealing with online school or social distancing rules in actual school buildings. Whatever it is, it’s probably stressful, so that’s why I created this thread to talk about it. So, for those of you in school during 2020, how has it been for you so far? Are you stressed, anxious, or scared? Are you actually excited or looking forward to something? Feel free to discuss it all here! Might as well lay down a few rules before anyone starts: - If you need homework help, there’s already a separate thread for that. Talking about, for example, how homework is different for you now is completely fine. - If you want to vent, go ahead, but please do not discuss anything overly political or toxic. You are welcome to share your feelings, but let’s not start any fights! - Obviously the virus will be a big discussion topic in this thread, but like the above rule says, nothing too political is allowed or anything that would start a big fight. Just be mindful of each other and everything should be fine Now that all the rules are out of the way, feel free to share all your thoughts and experiences about the new year. It’ll definitely be different, but I believe in all of you! Good luck to all students this year!!
  3. Last week, the second ever PonyFest Online convention was held. By the sounds of things, everyone here who went had a good time. Well that has opened the floodgates and we now have a list for similar online pony events running all the way through June. Midair Pony Fair May 1st, 2020 BABSConline May 8th, 2020 Burning Mare Music Festival May 16-17th Ponies Online May 23rd Quantum SeaponyCon May 24, 2020 PonyFest Online 3.0 May 30th, 2020 Second Life Ponycon June 1st BronyBash.Online June 19-20th
  4. Many people one encounters over the internet have/use online personas. Persona : the mask or façade presented to satisfy the demands of the situation or the environment and not representing the inner personality ofthe individual; And if you've ever made a friend on the internet and then met them irl (in real life), you sometimes find you don't get a long with them as well because they are different in person. I'm just wondering if anypony uses an online persona and to what extent ~
  5. Mine: Check DeviantArt (because I'm watching like a hundred people) Check Youtube (charms, japanese magic food) Check the Welovefine Facebook page (for a date when they'll have the next giveaway) Check Club Penguin (for Whats New stuff but never actually play because I'm too lazy) Check Equestria Daily (for comics mostly) Check MLP Forums (roleplays and other stuff I posted) Stay on MLP Forums (post on practically all the Forum Games, go check) On occasion I also check: Stardolls (sometimes I'm too lazy but I check my guestbook) WattPad (hope someone read my story and commented) Boardgame Online (check for when they'll use my idea like they said they would)
  6. This thread is for talking about the game Call of Duty Warzone. So what do you like about Call of Duty Warzone? What do you dislike about it? Have you played it yet? It's a free game, so if you haven't played it I recommend giving it a try!
  7. What was the most embarrassing moment you had in your life?? I don't really have much experience in my life, But maybe...I was at a Nickelodeon event, and my friend was introducing me to some directors and important people. I was talking to a guy who created one of my favorite nicktoons from the 90's and I spat in his eye and he tried to make me feel better about it. It was pretty embarrassing but now, we're good friends!!
  8. Just curious and in the market to try a new game out myself! does anyone here bother to play any video games online, or any mmorpgs :)?
  9. Hey folks, As many of you might be aware, anonymity tends to have "interesting" effects on people. A shy person might suddenly become a stand up comedian and a Reddit user might inadvertently sprout a fedora. Whatever the case, we tend to act differently online to how we act in real life. I (and seemingly many others) find this interesting, so I thought I'd create a thread for people to talk about the differences between their online and offline personalities. My personality isn't hugely different here, but there are a few things: I use the greeting "hey folks" a lot on the internet, whereas I would never say something so corny in real life I'm actually a lot more shy on the internet than I am in my day-to-day interactions. In the real world, I have absolutely no problem going up to random people (or groups of people) and just casually talking to them. However, on the internet I find approaching people to be extremely awkward. In all honesty, I think it's mostly to do with the fact that what we write online is semi-permanent - meaning that you get too much of a chance to scrutinise what you say/write. Anyway, I'm interested to hear from others so do fire away.
  10. One of my good friends Jeremy was on this hotline where you chat with random people and he met a girl named Sabrina there and they exchanged skypes and facebooks. Then he skyped with me and he added her to the call and we talked and now we are really good friends have been for a few years. This guy Kevin added me on Facebook randomly because of some issue his friend had with me and he looked at my profile and called me about it because I had my number public (not such a smart thing to do), and then after that he would call me a lot. We met in person, got pretty close and almost dated. I could keep going for a while, lol. I think its ironic how I've been taught not to talk to strangers online but some of the people that mean the most to me used to be just strangers online.
  11. Well this may be news to some, but it's been known for a few weeks that TES Online is on the way in the future. With the information already released about it, what are your opinions about what has been released. I am honestly not too excited and not looking forward to this Mmo. From what I understand, The progression through the game I will find quite uninteresting for an Mmo, even worse than that of Sw:ToR (Which I didn't enjoy at all). I also don't personally think that it will feel like a good addition to TES. I am quite a fan of the series, and all the things that make it an Elder Scrolls game I feel will be lacking. Simply because it wont function the same way at all gameplay wise. I really do think that TES should be just a different game with a different story. It just comes off as a theme park mmo to me, like how ToR is a theme park mmo. and I just don't think many TES fans will enjoy the game for what it is other than playing with friends and perhaps the lore simply because it may feel like a bad spin off or something. I guess that it is way too soon to have a final opinion, but I just am not impressed at all. But what do you ponies think for what has been discovered about TES Online?
  12. Hopefully this is the right section for it but Playstation Network has FINALLY added My Little Pony avatars! They are $1.99 each which is a bit steep but I for sure am gonna buy all of them. Twilight Sparkle!/en-us/games/avatars/twilight-sparkle/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000016 Applejack!/en-us/games/avatars/applejack/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000009 Fluttershy!/en-us/games/avatars/fluttershy/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000010 Muffins!/en-us/games/avatars/muffins/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000011 Pinkie Pie!/en-us/games/avatars/pinkie-pie/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000012 Rainbow Dash!/en-us/games/avatars/rainbow-dash/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000013 Rarity!/en-us/games/avatars/rarity/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000014 Spike!/en-us/games/avatars/spike/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000015 Now when you shrek some scrubs or go on jolly co-op adventures with your fellow ponyfriends and strangers alike, you can do it while showcasing your pony pride! I was so excited when I found out cause I wanted this for a loong time and thought i'd share with everypony.
  13. I am very mad at how little sword art online is here. As we all know sword art online is the best show and that is fact. Please fix this problem. Thanks. #Openrp
  14. As I said before, as crazy as it may seem, it's a win "win" win all around. 1. It's a win for Hasbro, because they know that the fan base will want to go and see the movie on the big screen, because it would be for most/if not some a once in a lifetime experience to see the MANE 6 on the big screen. 2. It's a win for the fan base, especially if we do, did, and will see the movie on the Big Screen, but can't see it again, either due to financial reasons, or the cinema too far, etc..., this may be another way to watch the film over and over again. Especially if they want to have a more comfortable way of doing so. 3. It's another win for Hasbro, because they know folks will still go and buy the Blu-Ray/4K/DVD release next year, so they can view in crisp 1080p or 4K at home, but also to have it for the extended and deleted scenes and other bonus features. So in the end, everyone wins all the way around. Hasbro wins overall with fans supporting the movie thru both releases and the fan base wins, because while they wait, they can still enjoy the film again and again (if they've seen it in theaters) in the comfort of their own home. And Hasbro knows that they really have no one to blame but themselves and those that leaked it online for this happening. But that's just my written take on what I've said in the video.
  15. Hi guys! I've become an addict of League of Legends since half a year back and I've fallen in love with so many of the champions, etc. My mains are Tristana and Xayah. I've also made good friends in the game that I play with everyday. I love it! However, I thought I'd make this thread for people/bronies to find more friends to play with in League, or just to have a general discussion! Discuss favorite/new champions? Favorite lores? What you think about the new patch/update? What pro team are you rooting for? Which champion is your main and what's good about that champion? What rank are you and how long did it take for you to get there? How long have you been playing? Want to share your username and find new teammates? Share everything in here! Just don't fight, is all I ask of you. Keep the peace, thank you! GL HF!
  16. I am more of a WoT player myself and I looooove the Jagdpanzer E-100, The Leopard 1 and AMX ELC bis, for too many good reasons, mostly just cus they're fun tanks with a lot of carry potential in the right matchmaking heheh.
  17. Hey, anypony still plays Ace Combat Infinity? I've just be able to play it a few weeks ago because my shitty internet in all those years didn't allowed me to play it, and as result, being late to the party. Still, I wanna know if there are still aces around to take a flight or two
  18. Every so often, I will stumble upon something online that's adequately goofy or sufficiently strange or interesting enough to actually surprise me (in a way that doesn't inspire me to immediately flee from my computer screen). Some embellishment follows: And, with a curious, sideways cock of my head, I will inquire earnestly of the internet, "Why? Why did you lead me here? How does this affect my destiny?" It is my hope that this topic shall be a place to post such unexpected web-based discoveries. The things you happen upon by accident and by luck when you're searching for practically anything else. Here's the video that inspired this topic:
  19. Hey guys! Just wanted to share this with anyone interested. Ross Scott, aka the creator of the Half-Life comedy series Freeman's Mind, has started up a campaign to fight against the practice some gaming companies have of killing their online only games. A staunch supporter of the preservation of gaming history, Ross has had enough of the destruction of so many games, particularly by good old EA. Ross has a show called Ross's Game Dungeon, and the last third of this video details his plan to fight against this practice he hates so much. I recommend watching the whole video. Helps with context. But you can read his pre-typed form letter for a faster (albeit less entertaining) summary of his points: Now I'm not the most avid gamer in the world, but I am all aboard with this plan. The destruction of gaming history is as harmful as the destruction of the history of any other art form. And Ross couldn't make this any easier for casual viewers to help out. So yeah, give the video a watch if this is something you're interested in and see if you'd like to help out. I'm just doing what I can to spread the word a bit. Even if no one helps, I'm glad to promote Ross' channel in general. He's an endlessly entertaining man. Have a great day everyone! #stopkillinggames
  20. What is the worst responce you got on a mlp profile picture? I got kicked once and they said alot of weird stuff
  21. Wii U: kings0mbra That's right ladies and gents. I will invite you all, to play Super Smash Bros. Wii U with me. Anybody can challenge me. Friends, Foes, unknowns, etc. I will all play against you with pleasure.
  22. Hello, we're looking for a crew member for GTA: Online, so we can do heists. Must be at least rank 12+, and have common sense, know how to at least drive and shoot somewhat, i.e. don't crash into everything. Liking Pokemon is a suggestion, but not required. Being a higher rank is a help, like 25 or something, too, but not necessary, Crew name Hoenn Elite four. Let me know if you want to join and I'll add you on R* social club network. Thanks! This is for the PC version, btw.
  23. The last thing I bought online were some packs of XY pokemon cards, a card binder, and some of the card pocket pages.
  24. This site needs no introduction. It is awesome, it is amazing, and best of all, it is free! The site is called Manyland. It is a in browser, infinite open world 2D building game. The way I see it, it is like Minecraft, only better. I say that because it is like Minecraft because you can build stuff and create stuff in blocks like Minecraft, however, it is better than Minecraft because you can build new stuff, it doesn't have to be blocks, you can make your own skin in game. For a better idea as to what this is, look here: EDIT: I forgot to mention that it is 100% free!
  25. So I recently finished the story mode of Grand Theft Auto V, and I want to get into the online now, but all my friends were smart and bought it on ps4 or pc, so I don't really have anyone to play with, my gamertag is Frank da Tank99, anyone interested?