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Found 9 results

  1. Basically what I said in the title. Yeah, I honestly don't find Fluttershy to be all that cute. Now before you all come at me with your torches and pitchforks, let me say something very clear. I don't hate Fluttershy. Sure, she might not be on my top 5 favorite ponies list... or even top 10... or even top 5 in my favorite Mane 6 ponies list... but I don't see anything massively wrong with her. I just feel that she gets a lot of undue praise because "she's adorable", when I personally just don't see her that way. As an example of (I think) overrated praise, here's a video from the Brony Notion as to why he thinks Fluttershy is best pony. Notice the first reason he gives as to why Fluttershy is best pony. "Well, *sigh* she's adorable..." (Which, mind you, is a subjective opinion...) Heck, Fluttershy even got her own video for her top 10 cutest moments in the show. There are very, very few moments in which I find her to be the OMG SUPER CUUUTE PONIEE (yes, I do squeal that sometimes) that bronies make her to be. I've had moments like that with almost every other pony -- Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie all make me squeal from cuteness overload every now and again (some more than others...), but I just don't get that with Flutters. (Admittedly I don't find Rarity super cute, but I don't think she's trying to be all that cute, so...) Is there something I'm missing? Maybe I just don't enjoy her (IMO) unrealistic personality, or don't appreciate her design, or her mannerisms? Now I wanna hear what you have to say. Do you think she's cute? Do you think she deserves as much praise as she's getting? If there is something I'm missing, could one of you awesome-faced people kindly point that out? Let me know, I'm curious to hear what you have to say. Stay frosty!
  2. One Applejack episode this season? :/
  3. Title says it all. Anyone who does not watch Top Gear is welcome to read this thread, and try your hoof at making your own. Basically, think up your own intro to Top Gear, and a description for the Stig. Both can be as random as you like. An example is shown below. Top Gear intro Tonight on Top Gear, I wear a hat, James wears a hat, and Richard wears a hat. Stig description Some say, that he invented an new energy drink from the urine of a baby tapir. *brief pause* Others say, that he invented a time machine using a ladder, and a shoe. *Another brief pause* All we know is, he's called the Stig. Now its your turn!
  4. Is anyone who does not have a skype and is fed up with people that say you can contact me only on Skype?,I'm kinda fed up not everybody has a Skype account and some don't want a Skype account. I do not have a Skype account but when I try too participate in a roleplay or something else some of the times they say you can only contact me on Skype and Skype makes it easier for the roleplay. I wondering if some of the people are fed up with this. Update: I forgot too tell why I don't have one we'll my dad and I maybe see if Skype works on this intel mac,I'm sorry if I forgot too and stuff this is why I was fed up because of two things my dad is busy and takes free time of his but I told him the other day.
  5. For me, it pretty much is one of the only few shows I watch. (Would even dare say all time favorite.) The only other stuff I really watch is YouTube videos and I thinks there's overall not much to watch on TV right now. The only other thing that would be in my only few is rewatches of Spongebob and Homestar Runner.
  6. Ok, now i don't actually mean this literally(Atleast i hope not) but i just wanted to say that I feel like IRL and alot of other places i'm like the only one who isn't diagnosed with some kind of disorder or something. Don't get me wrong! Its not like i necessarily want one(Well not exactly, its complicated) and i also have lots of respect for those diagnosed with different stuff. I mean i already have enough trouble dealing with my "Normal" life. But like, i feel like i'm in the minority alot of times, it seems like all the people i know have something from a more common and known disorder, to a more abstract one. Again i mean not to offend anyone, i just feel.. Alone almost? Its a weird thing to describe. but like, i'm not the only one not diagnosed with anything? I'm pretty sure i'm not, but i just felt like it was the easiest way to express my feeling. I have kinda found the thought of having a disorder interesting to think about, but i know that i don't want one, because i'm sure they present many challenges. But you know, anyone who knows me knows i'm curious, so maybe its just that. So anyways, again i hope no one is offended by this, i'm just curious. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts ;p. Have a great day!
  7. FWD: I'd like to point out that I think that instead of using this as a purely "MY FINAL WORDS BEFORE I COMMIT SEPPUKU" blog, I might as well add some IRL stuff. So, the first paragraph in my first entry? Kind of a lie. Anyway, back to the shit! -- And now it's time to tell you about my adventures to the Opera House! So yesterday, I left the house to go meet my cousin at the station (since he wanted to do something as well near Broadview station) and as soon as I make it to the station who do I fucking meet? A metal head that graduated from my school two years ago. So to feel enjoyment when I'm saluting the horns to the dude and talking about Jeff Loomis (since I was wearing a Plains of Oblivion t-shirt) to who is basically the equivalent of my god in school is a good start to the evening (which hasn't even begun). So I meet my cousin and we're basically talking while on the subway for a good 45 minutes until we reach my stop. We're out, taking the street car and we wind up meeting one of my cousins... cousins... (who as I learnt, was actually the son of a good friend of ours that moved away a while back and never heard from again). We talked for about 5 minutes, and we arrive at the Opera House, the venue carrying the most amount of Folk Metal I'm ever about to get bombarded by in the next 4-5 hours? My cousin left (because he needed to go to a dinner WITH HIS GOILFRIEND) and I was on my own. Anyway, after a bit, I'm in the venue for the second time, wondering what was gonna happen as I wait in the merch line to pick up my Manala NA Tour t-shirt and Tyr's The Lay of Thyrm album (which by the way, is pretty sweet. Listen.) I'm waiting in the back of the main viewing area, kinda hoping someone doesn't coming up to me and going "POSER" for whatever reason. And then came the acts. Metsatoill METSATOLL FINALLY GOT THAT DAMNED NAME SPELT RIGHT!!! WHY CAN'T I GET THAT NAME SPELT RIGHT?! Anyway, from what I've seen, the guys from Metsatoll had a solid set, and the bagpipe/miscellaneous player Lauri was such an actor on stage. Very fun to watch him play, and overall, was great to see those guys playing. My biggest problem was that the crowd didn't give them the proper reaction they deserved (have you ever seen a mosh pit opened up, just to see NO ONE moshing in it?). It's a shame. But otherwise, a great set. 7.8/10 from me. Tyr I'm not gonna lie - I only knew songs from Korpiklaani and Tyr. I was bat shit clueless about Metsatoll and Moonsorrow (who I'll get to in a moment), so when Tyr came on, I knew what was gonna come, and as a result I went up to the front of the crowd. They played a great set, and speaking from a technical standpoint of concert standards, were probably the best band that night. For instance, their ballad they played "Evening Star" (from that new album I mentioned earlier they released? The Lay of Thyrm?) had people's lighter's out. It was epic in a "cry for joy" kind of way. It's pretty good on the album, but better live. Anyway, they played a few more songs, and I lost my shit when they played "Hold The Heathen Hammer High" (it took me a while to post that...), which is probably their biggest "catchy" song they have in their catalog. I digress, they played well and their bassist Gunnar was the active one of the group - trying to get the crowd moving when the frontman Heri wasn't getting them too. They finished strong and they had everyone in the venue chanting their name. 9.1/10 (Shit, Evening Star just came on...) Moonsorrow Again, I don't know much about these guys, so I have little to say about them, all honesty. I kinda went to the back and drank some water since my old man senses were acting up again. They played the fewest songs of the four playing, BUT Moonsorrow songs are generally long. And epic. Like, really epic. The band (as far as I remember) didn`t do much in terms of getting the crowd interactive, but they had the blood splattered faces and they had the anthems so they didn't need to do much. Also, I think most of the crowd was their for Moonsorrow if not for Korpiklaani. 8.4/10 Kordicklaani Korpiklaani Where to begin... The band that got me into Folk Metal in the first place. And who do you have to thank for that? Vicke (by the way, thanks for the shout-out man.) It was easy to tell that people were excited to see these guys come on, and the reaction they crowd had when Jonne came out in his usual act, holding his mic stand like a maniac as usual (which is a shame, because he broke his hand and would've been playing guitar instead of doing such). But the guys played a phenominal set (a little too many from the new album Manala but hey, anything to promote an album), and I basically spent the most/rest of my energy in their set (I almost lost my damned shoe in the pit! Tie your shoes properly when in the pit!). I was super pleased to hear "Happy Little Boozer", "Vodka", "Rauta" ( ) and "Tequila" come on, which was a sweet bonus for me. But the highlight of their set? Wasn't even for their songs to begin with! It was for the fucking violin solo - VIOLIN SOLO. Admittedly, I was kinda sad Jaakko left the band (on good terms though, don't get me wrong), but seeing Tuomas rip on that violin... holy shit... Other than that, some other hilarious antics ensued and closed the night beautifully. 9.4/10 -- So after that, my dad came to pick me up, we went to eat pizza at midnight because he was hungry and we both didn't have dinner yet, and then I came back home, tired from being in a sweaty as hell venue. To sum it up, it was a good night. Now, whether or not to go behind the parents' back and see Vektor live...
  8. Guest

    The Last Brony

    "The majority have no other reason for their opinions than that they are in fashion." -Samuel Johnson I hold this quote to be true. Most of us wouldn't watch a kids show if it weren't for everyone flaunting the fandom around everywhere on the internet. And in some cases, real life... My question: What would you do if you were the last and only brony? How would you react if MLP was simply a fad but impacted your life to the point where, if the fandom died and everyone left, you would still carry on being a brony? Do you think people would accept you for being "that pony guy"? Would you really stay because of the show, or is it the community that makes being a brony so worth the judgement? Personally, I don't mind the show. I watch anime, so I was a geek to begin with. If MLP ended, I wouldn't care too much. However, I adore the MLP community. It's the first time I've ever seen people on the internet so in touch with one another. It's like a strange, distorted second family. (Almost) ... Cloppers are the silent uncle nobody likes to talk about. P.S. Grim Started it... not 4chan.