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Found 4 results

  1. Four years ago Princess Twilight and her friends defeated their most powerful enemy left, losing their lives in the process. The Elements of Harmony became long and forgotten, leaving Equestria defenseless in one of its most important times of need when an old villain from Ponyville's past shows up hungry for revenge. How exactly can Equestria be protected without the six ponies that wielded them before? -- (NOTE: I'll be needing two of each Race: Earth Pony, Pegasus and Unicorn)., Kindness: Mariposa (Pegasus) Generosity: Hot Cocoa (Unicorn) Loyalty: Rose Beast (Pegasus) Laughter: Copper Strikes (Earth Pony) Honesty: Ivy Winds (Earth Pony) Magic: Dynamo Pad (Unicorn) Villain: King Cosmadian (Alicorn) Tell me which element you want to be, and please include a link to your OC page (or a description of him/her if you don't have one). Oh, and the Element of Magic has to be a unicorn. The other races don't matter to which element they are connected to. Hope to see you guys soon! Edit: Just so y'all are aware, the OC I'm using (Hot Cocoa)'s dominant feature is that she doesn't have a tail. That's usually what gets everypony's attention. I know it isn't the biggest deal, but I thought I might as well say it here. Roleplay Link
  2. @@Blitz Boom Here's the OOC thread, you already know the premise. Null and Void have been abducted by a secret science organization, now they look to escape. Here's the RP Thread!
  3. This is the OOC for the New Heroes: My Hero Academia Role Play. Members: @Renegade the Unicorn @TBD @Dynamo Pad @Jedishy @Arid_Blitz @Drago Ryder Please post here so I know you know this is here! Hey, guys! Welcome aboard to this brand new role play inspired by this awesome anime. Let me lay down some rules/regulations... - Please post taking turns. Make one post and then wait. This will help prevent confusion and unnecessary subplots. - ASK BEFORE EXECUTING SUBPLOTS. - If you would like to exit the role play, please let me and everyone else know before resigning from the role play officially. - I will take the role as a made up instructor (name and quirk pending). Please provide recommendations if you have any! - The existence of canon characters will be discussed at a later time. Check back for more details soon! I am pretty busy but I will always get to things.
  4. @Arid_Blitz and I are dual-DMing on this RP; he created it and I adapted it. [EDIT: I am now sole DM. Your fates rest in my hands alone. Bow before your master, o dungeons.] IC thread can be found here. I will be playing using my character Dr. Duality Wave-Particle, or, rather, a human water-elemental version (employed at the University as the dean of water magic and one of the school's main teachers of both glyph theory and hydromancy). Introduction: Rules: Be respectful of others and their characters, No one-liners (at minimum five sentences per post), Romance is allowed and encouraged but do please keep it within forum rules. Categories of Magic: Fire, Earth (subcategories: metal, crystal), Wind/lightning, Water/ice, Light, Dark, Special cases (shamans, witch doctors, power-resisters, multipowered, etc.). Character Types: Students (1st years, 2nd years, 3rd years, and 4th years), Teachers (one for each power and several others teaching special courses), Vice Principal (Lilith Plowse is the principal, but the vice principal spot is up for grabs), Villainous accomplices (see final paragraph). Everyone starts at first-year level, regardless of how powerful they are. 4th year students can stay 4th-year and continue their magical studies for as long as they like; graduation from the school isn't mandatory and there are no higher tiers of studenthood. In the interests of fairness, no-one is allowed both a teacher character and a multipowered character simultaneously, regardless of how powerful the teacher is. As a corollary, multipowered characters are generally only permitted up to 3 of the powers listed. There is an overarching storyline to this RP, involving a man named Shahal Blackrose and his accomplices (many of whom mysteriously manifest multipowers), who are devoted to destroying a powerful runic spell hidden within Salem University itself. This spell was created to seal away a dark plane of existence and prevent its demonic occupants from breaking out and destroying the world as we know it, which means it is imperative that Blackrose be stopped. Several character positions may be applied for within Shahal's group of accomplices, although they will only be playable later on in the course of the RP. In addition, character fatalities may be incurred on either side, due to the violent nature of Blackrose's campaign, but not to the point where people will be excluded from the RP because all their characters were killed, not without extensive PM discussion with the people involved, and not because we have a grudge against you/your character; it's purely for plot-progression purposes. List of Extant Characters (may include some non-extant characters or exclude some extant ones, all rights to inaccuracy are reserved): Application Format: Link to character/s you want to apply with, Their magical category, Their character type (including whether they're human or Pelajae). Please clearly describe all outstanding features of your character in your application, including above-average power, strength, size, intelligence, etc., as well as any sort of interesting scars, abilities, or items that they may possess. This is so I can get a solid picture of your character in my mind and so other people's characters can react properly to your character's incredible amulet/cape/hairdo/polka shoes if they're meeting them for the first time.