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Found 9 results

  1. Ok, so I'm updating to Windows 10 from Windows 7 SP1. The upgrade went smoothly after I finally downloaded the windows media creation tool found here; The upgrade took a while and then Windows was slow after the install. If youopen up the Windows Store app (Windows logo on a bag icon in the task bar), you'll see it's still doing a bunch of stuff in the background. Ok, no problem, until I noticed a lot of the apps that it was downloading were failing. I figured it maybe needed another reboot, so I rebooted and found problem number one. When you upgrade to windows 10, the default login will be your windows live login, not the computer login you were using on windows 7. After digging through LastPass on my phone, I found my live login and got back into my machine. You will be given the option for logging in with your live id or a local account. Cool, no problem. I checked on the apps that Windows Store was having problems installing...still failing. A quick lookup of the error code pointed to a windows activation error. So I went to the settings app, Update & Security, Activation and click on the Activate button. 'Windows can't activate. Try again later. F-en great. After digging, I found a way to activate via phone. Here's the steps; Hold the windows button and push 'R' to get the run box. enter 'slui.exe 4' without the quotes and you'll be given a window with a phone number and a bunch of numbers. Calling that number gets you to an automated system where you enter all of these numbers to activate. It didn't work for me, so I was transferred to a call center (probably in india) , where the person explained to me that I would need to reinstall Windows 7 and upgrade.....bulllllllshit! I advised the lady with the indian accent, who was obviously reading from a script, that I had used the windows upgrade tool that microsoft had provided for performing the upgrade. After some silence from her, and hearing her talking to someone in the background, she told me she would transfer me to someone who could help. When I got to this new department, the useful automated announcement told me that I had at least a 20 minute hold time. Right now I'm still listening to that crappy microsoft jazztastic hold music. This must be where musicians go to die. More after I've escaped from this technological hell. ~update!~ After finally getting to someone else, they told me that the activation servers were completely overloaded and to keep trying. Seems like Microsoft underestimated how much bandwidth they would need for this...figures. Hurry up and wait.
  2. What device are you using to view the forums right now? If you want, you can even post the specs of the device you're using too. I am using an HP Chromebook 11 G4. Operating system: Chrome OS Chrome version: 54.0.2840.101 Platform: Linux x86-64 Display: 1366x768 man it's hard to find specs on a Chromebook
  3. Hello there and thanks for clicking on this post I hope you can help me on my project, Its called PonyDows It is based of Windows 7 and is currently in Alpha (V1.3 Trusty Trixie) The places that are currently avaliable are as followed with there requirments below it (I tried to keep the requirments as low as possible so everyone can help) Theme Creator *Moderate skills in art *Able to make .theme files not just images Custom UI Sounds *No special requirments Wallpaper Creator *Skill in photoshop, Gimp or microsoft paint Program creator *Must be able to create apps that use a installer *Must have 6 months+ expirence in creating apps (sorry I cant have buggy apps in this os ) Registery tweak creator *Must be able to make useful registery tweaks *Must have some kind of expirence in making tweaks Linux team *Must be able to competently port this to any linux distro *Must be able to work without any help from me (I wont help the linux porting team) Beta Tester *Must be able to give feedback on bugs Download current latest release:!xpZSGSZZ!RcWIfFOCLVlavq6unm4IwKNdPgAatSPRKx95EGrRfI4!RcWIfFOCLVlavq6unm4IwKNdPgAatSPRKx95EGrRfI4 (Must select Windows 7 Ultimate on install screen) Youtube Playlist:
  4. I think OpenGL has it's benefits, like being faster with certain programs. But I'm really attached to DirectX since most of the games and software I have don't work on OpenGL. How about you?
  5. So while I'm still saving for a proper PC, I was thinking that maybe I could just download bootcamp or run windows on my Mac. The thing is, last time I tried that I ended up getting locked out of my computer all together and had to have it restarted at a store. Could somepony perhaps take me through a brief tutorial of the whats and hows of running windows on my mac so I can actually play some of the games I want?
  6. There's a notification for upgrading to Windows 10 on Windows 7 and 8.1 devices and will arrive on Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 as a free upgrade, so that will be after my birthday by 1 day I'm getting Windows 10 and will finally upgrade to that OS on my device. This one is better than it looks on Windows 8! Share your thoughts about Windows 10 OS here!
  7. So basically, I want to decide whether or not to keep windows 10 or revert back to my previous OS, Windows 7. You know, before that 30 days are up and I can no longer revert to 7 (conveniently). I can't quite bring myself to make a decision so I figure I would get some opinions and feedback on what to do. I am really tired right now, but I want to get this thread started so I can start getting some opinions. Answer yes or no in the poll, and state reasons on why if you so choose. Here is a thread on the one problem I have had with Windows 10 so far. You know, not including the controversies and questionable decisions Microsoft is making or made, etc. I will be back and polish the thread later. Side note: I use ONLY an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet, however there is a possibility I may have to buy a wireless card or adapter for the desktop. I bring this up only because some people apparently have trouble with using Wi-Fi on windows 10 for whatever reason.
  8. So I'm thinking of getting a gaming computer. Which of these operating system is optimal for gaming? I do find Windows 7 a lot more user friendly. I hate it when I have to go to that alternate screen to get a memo pad and calculator (lame). On the upside Windows 8.1 seems to let you keep all your programs and files running even when you log off, leave it running before it goes into screen saving mode. Of course the most important thing is performance.
  9. It looks like Steam will be entering the world of consoles (or something like it) in the near future with the new and mysterious "Steam Machines". Do you think it'll just be a generic console? I certainly don't. I think the Steambox is going to be a completely new type of console, though due to the lack of information this far I cannot speculate accurately. It's also noteworthy that while Nintendo has been circling the drain in the console market and Sony/Microsoft seem to be creating rather generic devices I certainly think that there's a gap there that Valve could definitely fill. I think the Steam Machine could be the future of console gaming. I also think it will be a blend of the PC and the console, which will attract crowds from all around. Also, Steam is making a new operating system. Presumably, this will be primarily for the purpose of their new console line.