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Found 206 results

  1. -It took me half of the first season to become a brony -I didn't hate Mare Do Well -I found the Crystal Empire extremely disappointing -I prefer Celestia over Luna -I hate Just for SIdekicks with a passion
  2. Moderator note: To minimise the number of repeat discussions regarding the Furry fandom, this thread can be used to discuss all aspects of the Furry Fandom - whether that be with respect to the Brony fandom, or the Furry fandom on its own. This thread is for discussion of all furry related things. (SFW obviously) A few starter questions: What furry artists do you follow? (Like on Deviantart, Furaffinity, Tumblr, etc.) What furry series do you follow? (Webcomics? TV? Fictions?) What's your favorite type of furry? (Mammal? Reptile? Avian?) Do you like when non-anthropomorphic characters are turned into furries? (No right or wrong answer here!) What is your opinion on the notion that bronies and furries are one and the same? (Once again, no right or wrong answer) What do you think of anthropomorphic versions of MLP characters? Remember that not all furry related material is of a sexual nature, characters like Bugs Bunny and Sonic the Hedgehog are indeed furries and there's nothing sexual about them, so let's get some variety in here! I don't think there's any particular problem with showing something a little risque, and as far as I know it doesn't go against the rules of the site, but absolutely no NSFW images as they are against the site rules. Any NSFW discussion should be taken into personal conversation elsewhere. NOTICE: This topic is for furries, by a furry (myself). If you are uncomfortable talking about or with furries then please kindly leave the topic. We want no flame wars or trolling here and we are not intentionally trying to cause discomfort. Also, this is not an RP thread. Keep all Roleplaying in it's respective board. Now to answer some of the starter questions myself to get some conversation going! I follow a lot of furry artists; some for their furry work, some for other reasons and the fact that they are furry artists is just a coincidence. I'm not gonna bother trying to name them all but some of the ones I follow are: Blacksen, BleachedKitten, Jolly Jack (Philip M. Jackson), Jay Naylor and Slugbox. Some of these you might have heard or or follow yourself. I haven't seen a lot of activity from Blacksen or BleachKitten lately but I follow Jolly Jack and Jay Naylor's webcomics religiously. As for Slugbox I go on his Tumblr every once in a while for his pony art and sometimes his really funny reblogs. I am a webcomic maniac so I follow quite a few furry webcomics (usually find them through ads but I find them nonetheless lol) A few furry webcomics I read (And definitely recommend for any who wanna check them out) are: Better Days/Original Life Better Days comes before Original Life. Both done by Jay Naylor Unlike Minerva/You Say It First Unlike Minerva came first and jumped from artist to artist before it settled on Isabelle which continued on through You Say It First and still going strong Pretty much everything on There is a group of artists that came together and created this wonderful site that hosts a small group of webcomics (drawn by said various artists) each one of them furry webcomics. I have yet to read Draconia Chronicles or The Eye of Ramalach but I absolutely love Las Lindas and the recently added Yosh! Catena Manor This webcomic is hilarious and though it's artstyle gets gradually less realistic over time it seems to be better that way anyway in my opinion. It's been on hiatus for over a year now I think. They are doing a redesign of the series so anything in the past comics will not relate directly to whatever they do next. The artist has been keeping herself busy with other projects though. VG Cats Here's one many people will likely know. VG Cats is popular not for being a furry comic but for being a video game comic. That should be good for now. There's many more but I'd like to leave some for others to talk about! I don't wanna be the only one talking here. I don't particularly have any preference on what type of furry I like but the one thing I don't appreciate is when furries look too human. And I mean this in the sense where they have realistically shaped human faces where it looks like someone just painted their face to look like a cheetah or something. I find those particular kinds of furries ugly as sin. I prefer them to have a more anime/cartoony air to them. Of course I love when non-furry characters are turned into furries, that includes ponies, and generally they are some of the best kinds of furries imo. Furry pokemon are fun, for example. I don't believe at all that bronies and furries are exclusively the same thing. That doesn't mean one can't be a furry when they are a brony or vice versa, just that being one does not automatically label a person as the other as well. They are very different fandoms that have very different focal points. Phew, took a while to type this up. Let's hope it was worth it and this topic doesn't get buried! xD
  3. I recently started watching Tales on DVD from Shout! Factory, and I can't believe I missed out on this one back in the 90's. It has some interesting characters, even though it seems kinda cheesy, but I still like it somehow, despite being a 26 year old male. The theme song is very catchy for me, believe it or not. What does anyone else think of this show?
  4. Alright, here we go again. A theory I’ve come up with from too much overthinking the episode and listening to “This Day Aria” on repeat is that Queen Chrysalis is not as evil as the episode makes her out to be. This theory is based on a lot of personal interpretations from the actual song and some of the things in the episode. I would like to start by saying; we know only that Chrysalis intended to invade Equestria to feed her subjects, the changelings. This is an act of survival, and an act of selflessness because she was actually in the front line and the one at risk through the entire episode. We see that she only wants her race to survive, since she clearly says that they needed to feed on love, and seeing how they hungers for it, they must’ve been starving. In the song, I feel that Chrysalis is not only singing against the real Cadence at the time, but also against herself. Her part of the lyrics can easily be interpreted to contain two actual opinions on the matter. She sings that she have been looking forward to “this day” since she was small, a thing we can interpret as that she’s not only doing this to feed on love, but also because she have a personal dream of marriage, as is often the dream of a princess, the title you have before becoming a queen. She sings that she wants him to be all hers as well as she want them to be together. This would seem like she actually wish for love, but have no other means to get it other than through her evil means. She is a rather awkward species, and we see that she’s the only true intelligent being amongst the changelings we meet. “Finally the moment has arrived For me to be one lucky bride” This was what triggered my initial thoughts on this theory, she actually sings this. That she’s going to be a lucky bride. This is what I see as the proof of her dreaming about marriage since she was small, since she was an innocent little princess. I believe that she have been brought up to have the evil opinion she have, since all princesses must’ve had parents. I think she was taught to be evil and therefore proceeds to fulfill her wishes through the only means she have been taught. As we see, she doesn’t harm the mane six when she captures them, she actually didn’t wish to hurt anypony, she just wanted to have love. All she did was trap what was standing in her way of the love she thought she could gain by fake means. I presume that if one were to give Chrysalis real love, if someone loved her for who she was and “fed” her natural love, she would have no reason to be evil, since the only reason she was evil to begin with was to acquire love for herself and the other changelings. She ends her son with “Mine, all mine” another thing that can easily be interpreted as her wish to have the source of love all for herself, and the reason she acts as evil as she does could be from jealousy towards the couple who felt immeasurable love for each other. If Chrysalis was to find love of her own, I personally think she would have no further reason to act as she did in this episode and she would retreat to being a more tolerable pony/changeling.
  5. The word 'beautiful' is not something people would normally use to describe a confident tomboy like Rainbow Dash. But, in my opinion, I think she's just as gorgeous as Rarity or Fluttershy are often seen as. I mean, I can't take my eyes off that amazing rainbow mane and tail and her purpley eyes, and that scratchy voice of hers is SO ADORABLE. Just because she is more boyish than a lot of other mares doesn't mean she has no right to look absolutely drop-dead stunning. <3 Who agrees?
  6. Here you shall post opinions on stuff anything you guys want. And we shall argue about it and then resolve it in a nonviolent friendly way gooooo NOW !!
  7. This could apply to anything from how magic works, the history of Equestria, to even just life in general for ponies. There's a number of things in the show that I personally wish had been more elaborated on, namely the era of Celestia and Luna's original reign and the time before Celestia took the mantle of raising the sun. I also think it's quite strange that only one chosen pony is responsible for raising the sun which drastically affects the entire world. I feel like some interesting stories could have come from tensions between other races and ponies this way. Obviously as kid's show first and foremost it has the privilege of being able to just introduce new elements as it pleases for whatever story they want to tell, but when it goes on as long as MLP:FiM you end up raising a lot of questions. Of course showing less can be more but some questions, for me at least, when left unanswered just feel unsatisfying even if you can come up with a good headcanon to alleviate that. I'm curious if anyone else agrees or disagrees with me and what there reasons are, and maybe hear some good headcanons while we're at it.
  8. What is your opinion on teenagers? I'm one myself, so I am curious to know.
  9. I think I've made a few comments on the topic saying that "I don't necessarily blame people for leaving here, as there's been a lot of political extremism and divisiveness lately". I'll clarify something that sort of contradicts what I've said there: I likely won't leave here. Even if Pony Life seems like hot trash. There's really some nice people in this community and a few friends I've made on here that I would prefer to keep. Also, generally speaking, my experiences with this site have been positive, even if lately it's becoming more of a mixed bag. This really has been quite a great place for me to vent about things I don't generally talk about anywhere else, personally or online. Whether that be my gender identity (though my BF knows and is very much accepting of it, even if he prefers to think of me as a he which is fine), certain issues of mine, or whatever. MOST of the people here are very accepting... BUT, I will NOT ignore the facts: there's definitely a problem. I personally have seen a lot of divisive and extremist comments, from the far right and PC liberals alike. And frankly I will also say, there are people who I WISH would leave this site. And some of them have, in most cases complaining about the very thing they've perpetrated themselves. These people are a very harmful influence to what is otherwise a generally friendly site. The homophobia needs to stop, the racism needs to stop, but so do baseless accusations of either. The racism I've seen on this site has been staggering in recent weeks, and I've seen homophobic nonsense from even moderators (even an admin has demonstrated homophobia) on this site. This kind of behavior should NOT be okay to, let alone promoted by somebody who's SUPPOSED to be a role model for other members to follow, as well as somebody in charge of ensuring people behave themselves. I can tell you, though, this list only covers roughly 15 or so members that have been problematic and divisive in such a way. These are also very two-faced members which makes it even more troubling. They will put on a tolerant, loving face one moment and then the next spew blatant hate and divisive vitriol. All the while usually pretending other people who aren't, are. I have addressed the politics of recent events a good few times, and I must say both extremes are very deeply wrong about these issues, even if the far right is more wrong about it than the PC crowd is. But both of these groups on this site are becoming very, very divisive. And I will say if anybody claims I'm being divisive with this, it can be assured that it's them and not me being divisive. In fact, I'm just trying to be reasonable and trying to say we can't accept these sociopolitical fringe groups' divisive agendas if we want to keep our community friendly. I may be done with non-allied straight pride, people worshipping blatantly racist traitors to the US, and people calling others terrorists for no justifiable reason, but I'm also done with people being called racist for not supporting an extreme movement. I'm done with the misinformation that every protestor is violent (when actually the cops are more violent than the protestors), but also the misinformation that anything remotely close to disbanding the police force is anything but a bad idea. I'm seriously f***ing tired of this $#!+. Not this site, but the political, clearly agenda-driven bull$#!+ some people say on it. If you are one of these divisive people, which you likely know who you are, you are a bad influence, and yes you SHOULD leave. You are actively making this site worse for everyone. Otherwise, we should band together and try to remain a community of people who like or liked the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We should try not to stress these issues and make this site more about them, while in the process ignoring the REAL meaning of "love and tolerate" and the lessons the show has taught us. Just stop the divisiveness and bickering already. Both sides of the mainstream are wrong, now deal with it and move on. I just want a place where I can be without this nonsense, and I think the rest of us should too.
  10. okay so i have a pet for my OC called Nova she is a fox squirrel like the ones from 'nausicaa of the valley of the wind' here shes is: Isn't she cute i've had a few people tell me that i shouldn't have a pet that isn't cannon :okiedokielokie: so, i ask, what is your opinion? :comeatus:
  11. Feeling that Sherem's/Sheoreth needs a new look...and yet I wanna keep the base of some of the colors, any artist there that would make a criticism even if it means destroying the few self-steem I have left XD need comments, shitting me posts for my mediocre work and constructive critisism as well. Need the help of artists that would look at my shitty work to know what to change and what to keep, perhaps we can discuss it. here are my crappy works
  12. What a thought right? Let me preface by saying that no answer is a wrong answer, but there are certainly crappy ones, so lets try to limit those. Do you think happiness is simply being as successfull as possible? Or as successful as you need to be to live comfortably? Maybe you only make $25,000 a year, but you're happy because you can have that Red Baron pizza every night? Is happiness getting to a point in your life where you feel you can not progress further? Is it fullfilling a lifelong goal? Do you feel like happiness is judged by how much you give back to the world? Is it judged by what you leave behind? Or what you bestow upon others? Think about your answer first, then read mine. I believe happiness is measured by how content you are, not by how often I feel pleasure. Pleasure is short-lived, and easily broken. But contentment is a long-lasting feeling, and if it can be broken, then I wasn't truly happy. I think happiness is, if I were to die on the spot, I could look back and say, "I did well". How do you define happiness?
  13. Just like the title says. What is your opinion on facial hair? If you are a guy, Do you have facial hair? If so, what kind and why do you? If not, why not? If you are a girl, What do you think about guys with facial hair? Which way do you prefer males, clean-shaven or hairy? (These are just some ideas to get you going. Feel free to express your opinion on the topic.) I personally have facial hair. Have had a full beard for almost four years now. I usually keep it about 1/2 an inch to 3/4 an inch long, but I haven't trimmed it back down since No-Shave-November, so it's quite a bit longer now.
  14. I personally like Fluttershy because she reminds me of myself because I'm more of an introvert. Not to mention she's so ADORABLE imo. My best friend dislikes FS and RD, saying Fluttershy is so shy that it gets annoying and it's so unrealistic and Rainbow is an egotistical braggart. Oof, if they didn't have their flaws, what would you want them to be? Mary sues stranded here and there. lmao Is she best pony? Does she have a good color scheme? Should she be shown more, or less? Do you like her personality?
  15. So what do you think of the spookiest holiday? I personally LOVE Halloween! Its so much fun!!! You get to dress up as anything you want and go out in public to show off your cuteness/spookiness! Whats better is that you get treats for it!!! I may be 19 but I still go out in costume and eat delicious candy! This year I will be an anthro kitty character (not my fursona). Some people think its an "evil" holiday, which it pretty silly to me. To each their own I guess. What about you?
  16. Humor is one of those quirky things that makes humans so different and interesting. As far as we know, no other creature has such a wide spectrum of types of humor as we do. So from anti-jokes to one liners, slapstick to spoonerisms, tell me what you prefer and why! As for me, I am not above making puns, even intentionally bad ones. Literal humor is my bread and butter (someone asks for a hand, I ask left or right). Dry humor gets me the most excited though, because it never acknowledges that the situation is humorous even though it clearly is. Case in point:
  17. This was a top 10 list with lengthy explanations for each choice, but then I realized that it would be way too much of a hassle to get through the rest of it, so have this tier list instead. I'd rather not deal with just having a perpetually unfinished list and not really being able to do what I had otherwise planned to without it weighing me down. Not to mention, I'd pretty much just be repeating myself with different statistics and a different dumb line at the end so it isn't a wall of facts, and I'd have to rearrange the list to keep up with certain things. Also your welcome Mr. Nitpick (that grammatical error is there on purpose). This list is primarily based on statistics, though there is a little bit of personal bias here and there. S+: None S-: Washington, New Hampshire, Vermont A+: Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Virginia, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho A-: Minnesota, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Wisconsin B+: Florida, South Dakota, Delaware, Oregon, North Dakota, Rhode Island B-: North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Wyoming, New Jersey C+: Indiana, Illinois, New York, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina C-: Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee, California, Kentucky D+: Arizona, West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alaska D-: Louisiana, Alabama Washington D.C.: D+ (It's not a state, I know, why it's not on the actual list) Changes: Utah (-1): I didn't entirely take into account the bias this state has for Mormons. Hawaii (-2): Tulsi's beginning to make her state look a lot worse with how she keeps cozying up to the right for no real reason... Starting to think she should have ran as a moderate Republican, because at times she actually sounds like one... She's definitely not a progressive like she pretends to be sometimes. Also Washington has moved down a tier, because I'm really losing faith in the country as a whole.
  18. Rick and Morty Episode Tier List (Apparently not remade?) S: Tales from the Citadel, Rixty Minutes, Total Rickall, Rick Potion #9, Mortynight Run A: The Ricks Must Be Crazy, The Rickshank Redemption, Rest and Ricklaxation, Rattlestar Ricklactica, Meeseeks and Destroy, Look Who’s Purging Now, One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty B: A Rickle in Time, Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind, Pilot, Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat, The Whirly-Dirly Conspiracy, Rickmancing the Stone, The Old Man and the Seat, Pickle Rick C: M. Night Shyam-Aliens! (not how it's spelled, but how it should be spelled...), Morty’s Mind Blowers, Something Ricked this Way Comes, The Wedding Squanchers, Big Trouble in Little Sanchez, The ABC’s of Beth D: Auto-Erotic Assimilation, Interdimensional Cable 2, Raising Gazorpazorp, The Rickchurian Mortydate, Lawnmower Dog, Get Schwifty F: Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty, Anatomy Park, Vindicators 3: the Return of World-Ender, Ricksy Business
  19. Note for this list I'm only putting in characters that are not characters that I absolutely do not want to be in the game, like Minecraft Steve, the TF2 Heavy, and Master Chief (sorry but neither of them belong in Smash, particularly the Chief and the Heavy) and also characters I don't really particularly know of or know of any interest of being in the game. This list also includes a couple of characters I would want in the game that have had zero discussion about them (Cecil Harvey and Rabbid Mario (though Rabbid Peach has been discussed, and frankly Rabbid Mario would be a better idea)). Also NO FREDDY. Please NO FREDDY. S [What I really want to and think should get in]: Geno, Cecil Harvey (Please Sakurai), Marx, Lloyd, Shantae A [What I would be also happy with getting in]: Rabbid Mario (One can only dream), Crash Bandicoot, Bandana Dee, Phoenix Wright, Eggman, Shovel Knight B [What I would be a bit meh for getting in]: Hat Kid, Paper Mario, Rayman, Doom Slayer, Tails, King Boo C [What I wouldn't care to or sort of don't want in]: Shadow, Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, Waluigi, Dante, Sora (Think of who else this would allow in for a second) Please don't come to my house with torches and pitchforks
  20. Personally, as a vegetarian, you can image I don't like meat...which includes bacon...please don't kill me. Meat Onions Tomatoes Pickles Sunflower Seeds Mushrooms Eggs Any type of chips Burritos Can't think of anymore. I generally love candy, sweets, vegetables, and fruits, so... How about you all?
  21. I decided to do an opinion list off of every Pokemon of my favorite type (I don't think it's a big secret that Dark is my favorite type, considering how I've basically proclaimed that to be the case multiple times). I will count Alolan forms, but not mega-evolutions or Hoopa Unbound for this list (Grouping them with what they are megas of in the case the original form is still Dark type). Alolan Ratata- Don't really care for it. (Neutral) Alolan Raticate- I didn't like the original form, this thing looks really, really ugly in comparison to the original. I think somebody needs a refund on their root canal. (Dislike) Alolan Meowth- Better than the original, but not much. Don't really care for either that much. (Neutral) Alolan Persian- Why does this exist? Regular Persian looks MUCH better than this ugly thing. IT'S HEAD IS SHAPED LIKE A F***ING WATERMELON! (Hate) Umbreon- Best Eeveelution, not only because it's Dark Type, or because it's unique among that type as a pretty solid support Pokemon, but also because the design is amazing. (Love) Murkrow- I like this pokemon to some degree, because of the design and there's even some humor in gen 2 involving it. (Like) Sneasel- Shiny looks weird (if the feathered parts stayed red I'd really love it though), but otherwise, kind of like it. (Like) Houndour- I kind of like the design, though I never really use it that much in playthroughs. (Like) Houndoom- Fantastic design, although the stats leave something to be desired. The Mega is a fantastic special attacker though. (Like) Tyranitar- I may not really like Rock types much at all, but this godzilla of a pokemon is an exception to that, and a big one at that. (Love) Poochyena- I'll just say meh. (Neutral) Mightyena- I don't really like this pokemon. I don't necessarily hate it, but I definitely don't like it. Stats are bad, and the design is really meh. (Neutral) Nuzleaf- I'm just going to say it. It looks funny, and ugly at the same time... (Dislike) Shiftry- I kind of like the design, and it's quite original to say the least. But it just doesn't do it for me. (Neutral) Sableye- I absolutely love this pokemon. Not just because of the design, but also because it had no weaknesses until gen 6, and their PMD2 appearances. Mega's great too. (Love) Carvanha- I get it. It's a piranha... Design is original and so is the name, but I don't really like it to be honest. (Neutral) Sharpedo- Interesting design, that sort of works for me. Also the mega looks bad@$$. (Like) Cacturne-Another pretty meh one for me. (Neutral) Crawdaunt- This pokemon is absolutely amazing. I love the design, and it's a really good physical sweeper, even if it is on the slow side. (Favorite) Absol- I really don't like the original form, outside of a couple of the pokedex entries... But I like the mega, so I don't exactly hate this mon. (Neutral) Honchkrow- Absolute bad@$$. Also, this pimp crow hits like a TRUCK with a crit moveset and Super Luck. Also my favorite Flying Type. (Favorite) Stunky- Absolutely, very ugly. It just stinks pun intended. (Dislike) Skuntank- Absolute @$$hole in PMD2, design is better than the basic version but I still don't really like it. (Neutral) Spiritomb- Cool Pokemon, and probably one of the most original to date. Design is absolutely amazing as well. (Love) Drapion- The design irks me slightly, but looks cool. Not entirely against using it to be honest. (Like) Weavile- A huge improvement on Sneasel's already great design. And the stats are so great, it doesn't even need a mega to be great competitively. (Love) Darkrai- Not my favorite legendary, but I absolutely love the concept and design of it and its power is frankly utterly absurd. (Love) Purrloin- It may be absolutely adorable, but I'd be caught dead using one of these on my team. It's so awful stat wise unfortunately. (Like) Liepard- Now this is how you do a cat version of Mightyena. Stats still are a bit lackluster, but it's OK. (Like) Sandile- Cute Croc? I also name every female mon I get from this line "Bea" or "Beatrice" in reference to the Night in the Woods character. (Love) Krokorok- Cool Croc. Also, when I get a Totodile, I always name it Krokorok simply because this evolutionary line is superior in every way. (Love) Krookodile- My favorite Dark Type and one of my absolute favorite pokemon ever. I absolutely love sweeping with this thing.(Favorite) Scraggy- Design could use improvement, and I wish it evolved sooner. (Neutral) Scrafty- When Scrafty evolves (at level 39...) it's somewhat worth it just to see this design. If only this mon were better competitively. Still really like it. (Love) Zorua- Interesting design, and I think it looks kind of cute at this point. (Like) Zoroark- Yet again, interesting design, but I don't entirely like the appearance of the evolved form. (Neutral) Pawniard- I don't know how they could possibly make a basic with this concept not look just off to me in a way I can't really explain. (Neutral) Bisharp- Defiant is a very powerful ability against defog, and it has a really cool design. (Love) Vullaby- Kind of ugly and really annoying to be honest, to battle in the wild and to evolve both. (Dislike) Mandibuzz- Much better design than its pre-evolution. Pokedex entries are bland AF though. (Neutral) Deino- 10/10 Creative name, Nintendo. Also take all of my meh on this one. (Neutral) Zweilous- Naming based off of German numbers? I don't know whether I should find that interesting or uninspired. (Neutral) Hydreigon- Much better than both of its meh pre-evolutons. It honestly is a little dope. (Like) Greninja- Most overrated starter pokemon known to man and thanks to how popular it is, I moderately dislike it actually. (Dislike) Pangoro- Inferior Fighting and Dark type detected. I honestly find it really uncreative. (Dislike) Inkay- Okay. It is a thing that exists I guess. (Neutral) Malamar- Is it just me or does it look like it probably rapes people with its tentacles? Also take my meh. (Neutral) Yveltal- Cool pokemon, weird name. (Like) Incineroar- I can't lie, I like this cat, especially since Smash Ultimate came out. (Like) Guzzlord- Probably my favorite pokemon from Gen 7. He looks absolutely awesome. (Love) (Favorite)- 3/50 (Love)- 11/50 (Like)- 12/50 (Neutral)- 17/50 (Dislike)- 6/50 (Hate)- 1/50 (Despise)- 0/50 Aside from a few bad representations of this type, I generally at the least like most pokemon of this type, and the only mon I hate here is the absolute worst Alolan variant that was made to exist. There are quite a few I'm neutral on, but I feel like this would really be the case for any type, even my favorite of the 18 types. I might do more of these in the future and get an overall assessment of what my favorite types are, but I don't know. This was pretty time consuming as it is. I can't imagine how long it would take to do Water type anyways... A solid few hours I'd imagine...
  22. Welcome to the flash sentry fan club you can say what you like about flash sentry and why I would add more but my computer is broken . What I like about flash sentry is that he is with one of my favorite ponys Twilight and pretty handsome .
  23. Its not necessary to be WORST, but Bored, or disinteresting episode that you have watch, it can be more than one too. For me the most bored episode was S08E24 "Father Knows Beast" The reason is Obvious, very random the way that the "father" of spike appears in the episode, and the way he's gone too.
  24. I did this in the form of a tier list a few months ago, and I've decided that format really doesn't befit rating episodes of this series (at least the first 3 seasons... 4 was alright, but quite a few post-S5 episodes will be in my nightmares). I am redoing it. First off, because I've watched more SpongeBob since and secondly, I was again inspired to do so, this time by a Cosmodore video counting down all the episodes from worst to best (that he posted all the way back in 2017). I will rate these (every episode in the first three season) all in sort of categories, but they are also ranked with short comments on them, or referencing a particular gag or joke in the episode I really enjoyed... Anyways, off to the countdown tier list hybrid... Thing... Horrible 117. I'm With Stupid: Not only is the episode unfunny, it's the origin of the idea of Patrick being a total jerk to SpongeBob. Bad 116. SpongeBob's House Party: Probably the most downright boring episode of SpongeBob there is. 115. Fools in April: I've come to realize just how bad of an episode this is... 114. I Wish I Was a Teenage Gary: Probably the most disturbing episode of SpongeBob's run before Season 4 or 5. 113. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy II: Another extremely boring episode where nothing really happens. Mediocre 112. Suds: Didn't really do a whole lot with the concept of SpongeBob being sick. Also, very ugly. 111. Pickles: Let's be honest, all of us are at least a little like Bubble Bass. 110. Pressure: Forgettable episode where everyone is mean to each other for no good reason. 109. Squirrel Jokes: The only thing saving this episode from being bad was the ending. 108. Doing Time: Why are they so mean to Mrs. Puff? 107. The Sponge Who Could Fly?: Ehh, it was kind of boring. 106. My Pretty Seahorse: Other than the one visual gag with Mr. Krabs, it's forgettable. 105. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy I: Probably the weakest introduction in the series. 104. Dumped: Gary is a total B!+c#. All that over A COOKIE? 103. Pranks-A-Lot: Ghosts! GHOSTS! ...Toast... 102. Plankton's Army: Yeah it's mean to rednecks, but it was a little funny... Sort of... 101. Bossy Boots: I really hated Pearl in this episode. 100. Jellyifshing: Overall, I don't know how better to describe this than mediocre. 099. Krabby Land: Mr. Krabs in this episode is definitely like Todd Howard. 098. Valentine's Day: Spongebob x Patrick is such a cringy bromance ship. 097. The Bully: How some forum moderators handle trolls in a nutshell. 096. Krusty Love: Mrs. Puff would come to realize that he's just a possessive greedy crustacean after all. Decent 095. No Free Rides: I don't think the makers of this episode ever watched a good documentary. 094. Pre-Hibernation Week: I'd rate it lower if the gag with the guy on the bicycle didn't get me every time. 093. Welcome to the Chum Bucket: Validating everyone's worst fears of technology since 2002. 092. Born Again Krabs: *SpongeBob talking Dutchman's ear off* Me: *in Penn* SHUT THE F*** UP. 091. Jellyfish Jam: Yeah thanks for trashing my house guys, now f*** off. 090. MuscleBob Buffpants: SpongeBob really looks weird and sort of ugly with muscles. 089. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: The visual gag with the watermelon really made this episode. 088. SpongeBob Meets the Strangler: Would be a good 10-15 spots higher if it didn't have the part with the cleats. 087. Bubble Buddy: They had every right to want to pop that bubble... Still liked the humor somewhat. 086. Grandma's Kisses: The more I watch this episode, the more I simultaneously want to like it but don't. 085. Boating School: A rather weak introduction to Mrs. Puff, but props because it was the My Leg guy's debut. 084. Home Sweet Pineapple: D@mn nematodes. 083. Ripped Pants: The more I think about it, the more I think this episode is really overrated. 082. The Paper: Not like they could have made this episode better with the boring premise it has. 081. Scaredy Pants: Decent special, but it's nowhere near as good as the Christmas special. 080. I Had An Accident: Yeah, Bob, how CAN a gorilla exist underwater? Writers have some 'splaining to do. 079. Sandy's Rocket: I think the people raiding Area 51 would really like some of that Alien Repellent. 078. Dying for Pie: It would be higher, if the premise weren't turned into an excuse for fan service. 077. Nature Pants: I like how Squidward is just celebrating SpongeBob's disappearance. 076. Jellyfish Hunter: Unfortunately, Mr. Krabs did not really learn his lesson. 075. Karate Choppers: Pursuing a hobby is a horrible reason for firing somebody. 074. Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm: IT WAS BIG, SCARY, AND PINK! 073. Hooky: This episode has great humor, but the muddled moral prevents it from being the great episode it could be. 072. The Smoking Peanut: Patrick would be the worst detective ever known to man. 071. SpongeGuard on Duty: Larry is rarely ever NOT entirely one-dimensional is he? 070. Bubblestand: The Bubble Dance reminds me a lot of faked cheats for some reason. 069. As Seen on TV: Old Man Jenkins apparently has a really bad case of Dementia. 068. Texas: Aside from Sandy's singing, this is a sort of okay episode. 067. Gary Takes A Bath: Most Creative Episode Title Ever. 066. Walking Small: Yeah Plankton's NEVER going to get that second Chum Bucket finished. 065. Squid's Day Off: Also known as Squidward goes insane for bad reasons. 064. Employee of the Month: It has a lot of great references. 063. Naughty Nautical Neighbors: That fork must have really hurt going in. 062. Something Smells: Even SpongeBob should be smart enough to realize a dead plant should never be food. 061. Imitation Krabs: I catch myself singing the Bikini Bottom Anthem from time to time. 060. Wormy: This episode had an amazing musical number, but the episode was otherwise alright. 059. Opposite Day: Patrick is REALLY bad at imitating people. 058. Survival of the Idiots: Who you callin' Pinhead? 057. Reef Blower: Proof that you don't need dialogue to make a great cartoon episode. Great 056. Neptune's Spatula: BEHOLD! ...Okay, if you say so, Neptune. 055. No Weenies Allowed: Patrick has powers beyond our comprehension. 054. Krab Borg: Basically a slightly better Imitation Krabs. 053. Squilliam Returns: That will teach you not to take people so literally... Me... 052. The Chaperone: If my class' prom were like that, I would have laughed in their faces. 051. The Great Snail Race: That sounds like it would be a VERY boring event. 050. Mid-Life Crustacean: Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? Shulk: I'M REALLY FEELING IT! 049. Missing Identity: This episode has some cool Film Noir vibes. 048. New Student Starfish: What's the need for lockers in a boating school? 047. Plankton!: Plankton fared really well when it came to character introductions. 046. Can You Spare a Dime: I really liked how SpongeBob legitimately became upset with Squidward. 045. Your Shoe's Untied: I can relate to that one, brother. 044. Life of Crime: Patrick would make a TERRIBLE fugitive. 043. Just One Bite: My fat already goes straight to my thighs... 042. Club SpongeBob: Me: Oh, Magic Conch, will Bernie be elected President? 041. Squid on Strike: I say "EHH SQUIDWARD?" all the time. 040. Hall Monitor: This episode is absurdly quotable. 039. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: I was the target of "Hi Kevin." If you didn't know, my real life name is Kevin. 038. Clams: Who knew giant clams had such sophisticated tastes in music? 037. Patty Hype: My first thought now when I think of this episode is "Pride patties." 036. Big Pink Loser: This episode is even more quotable than Hall Monitor. 035. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve: Patrick is the emotionally neglectful husband in a nutshell. 034. The Algae's Always Greener: Cool concept, but d@mn is Mr. Krabs being naked so wrong. 033. Tea at the Treedome: I use "I NEED WATER" on an almost daily basis. 032. FUN: It really is a great song that I won't tire of hearing any time soon. 031. Squeaky Boots: I think this is one of the most underrated SpongeBob episodes ever. 030. Sailor Mouth: I cuss about as bad as Mr. Krabs did when he stubbed his leg in real life. 029. Snowball Effect: How long did it take Squidward to build that snow tower at the end? 028. Rock Bottom: If this weren't SpongeBob, an episode like this would be top 10 easy. 027. Procrastination: SpongeBob is me here 100%. 026. Artist Unknown: This episode is a work of art. 025. Ugh!: Probably among SpongeBob's greatest specials. 024. Sleepy Time: Very cool concept with lots of potential for character development. It was also done right. 023. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man IV: We need a petition to make Wumbo a real word. Amazing 022. The Secret Box: SpongeBob sneaking to get the box is 100% what I feel like when I'm going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 021. One Krab's Trash: TF2 hat economy in a nutshell. 020. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man III: I'm much further from socially acceptable than Man-Ray is to be honest. 019. Help Wanted: The first best episode, that still remains one of the series' best to date, even with it's dated visuals. 018. Culture Shock: The audience needs to diversify their tastes. 017. Shanghaied!: Squidward, you're falling through spaghetti! I FAIL TO SEE WHAT IS WRONG HERE! 016. Christmas Who?: Don't get me wrong, it's amazing, but Squidward's a wee bit OoC here. 015. SB-129: I absolutely love the concept of time travel and this episode does an amazing job at poking fun at it. 014. The Camping Episode: I've still yet to sing the Campfire Song Song at the speed they sing it in the show. 013. Squidville: Huh, weird. I know this episode as CANNED BREAD but I guess that's the name? 012. Arrgh!: Patrick is TERRIBLE at reading a compass. 011. Mermaid Man and Barnacle MAN V: Wait, he's Barnacle Boy you say? He deserves more respect than that! 010. Graveyard Shift: This is why you don't read Creepypastas late at night with the lights off. 009. The Fry Cook Games: The visual gags were absolutely on point here. 008. Nasty Patty: YOU JUST GOT... PRANKED BRO! 007. Idiot Box: The box puns are some of the best puns in the show to date. 006. FrankenDoodle: This is probably the most quotable episode in the series. 005. Pizza Delivery: I sing "Krusty Krab Pizza" all the time. 004. Krusty Krab Training Video: This episode was as clever as it was funny. 003. Chocolate with Nuts: I am literally the Chocolate Guy when it comes to chocolate. 002. Wet Painters: The writing and the animation in this episode pair to make it on a whole other level. 001. Band Geeks: Not saying this is the best episode is blasphemous on so many levels.
  25. I would say that I love fedoras but I know there is a lot of different opinions both being positive and negative. I made a small poll on this subject and like to hear the opinions that surround the idea of fedoras. GO!