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Found 205 results

  1. I personally think it's wrong when babies are circumcised for no medical reasons. I think it's a human rights violation, and so I have an ethical problem with it being done to infants. However, I do believe that if an adult wants it done, he can have it done.
  2. -It took me half of the first season to become a brony -I didn't hate Mare Do Well -I found the Crystal Empire extremely disappointing -I prefer Celestia over Luna -I hate Just for SIdekicks with a passion
  3. You all know the great and powerful Trixie! The pony who did her best to try to act powerful, so, what do you think of her? I personally love her, and hope to see her more, anyway Is she best pony? Does she have a good color scheme? Should she be shown more, or less? Post your opinions!
  4. You all know who Celestia is! The princess of Equestria, the one who rise's the sun! She trained Sunset Shimmer, and then Twilight Sparkle. But let me ask you this: What's your opinions on her? Do you like, Love, or hate her? Do you think she made mistake's? Is she best princess? Tell me your opinions!
  5. I don't need to give any evidence of people or things performing this dabbing gesture today because it is literally everywhere. People still dab today or include dabs in their works despite it being a dead trend/meme. Also, dabbing is now one of the most cringey things someone could ever do in many people's opinions. So, should dabbing be banned? Personally, it doesn't really matter to me. However, I would prefer that the dab is not banned since it has provided for me a lot of humor. If you don't know what dabbing is, here is the definition and an example: Definition of a dab (from Oxford Dictionaries): (Noun) "a dance move or gesture, originating in hip hop and often performed as part of a celebration, in which one arm is bent at an angle across the upper chest while the other is fully extended parallel to the first arm, with the face turned toward the bent elbow." Image by Allampanato (DeviantArt user)
  6. Who's your favourite pony from the show and why? Mine's Twilight Sparkle, because I feel I can connect with her very well. She's the brainiac of her group, and is always trying to find a scientific explanation to everything.
  7. So, one thing has kind of bothered me as of late... Anyone remember / know about that fan character Nyx? I think she's originally from that fanfiction "Past Sins" (which I now have a hardcover book of), correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, I remember back in 2012-2014 or whenever, everyone was talking about her, making fan art, plushies, RPing as her, etc; she was a very popular and beloved character it seems. Well to my surprise, after coming back from my multi-year hiatus away from the fandom, I come back to people doing kind of the opposite: making fun of the character, making memes out of her like "compared to this, was I really that bad?", etc. So it has me wondering...what happened while I was gone? x3
  8. Your opinions on height discrimination / Heightism Have you been discriminated because of height? If you don't know what heightism is, then you can read about it on here:; I honestly didn't even know it existed, that is because it really isn't something that's talked about. It's very easy to notice it once you keep your eyes open for it. After I found out, I've realized that I have been discriminated because of height. Many people feel self conscious about their height, I have never really felt self conscious about it or at least not much. But it's annoying that there are people that seem to look down on us shorter people.. (<-- Literally.. lol ) My opinion is that heightism shouldn't exist in modern society then again there are a lot of worse things that exist anyway but I still believe it's stupid. Especially since height is not something you can change, so judging someone based on their height is pretty naive and some people seem to be a little harsh. I have been discriminated against because of height, but I didn't think it was because of my height but I would rather have thought it had something to do with me as an individual. I didn't really know that people were being discriminated against because of height but I have been reading a little about heightism and apparently it is real and it's a problem in some cases. You can see it everywhere, sports, business, dating, movies and even in advertisements. So I decided that I would create this topic to let people know about these shenanigans. Of course there is no way to stop it, it's in our primitive nature I guess but still who knows maybe this will change how some look on it. I'm sure that there are no people on here that discriminate either very tall people or short people. But because new topics are fun, why not make one. So what's your opinion on this? Have you been discriminated for being either too tall or short? You can share a story about it if you like.
  9. Who is your least favourite member of the Mane Six and why?
  10. In general, do you think that people criticize on things too much? If so, why? Personally, I think too much people go overboard and it just dissolves into nitpicking. We even have memes of it.
  11. okay so i have a pet for my OC called Nova she is a fox squirrel like the ones from 'nausicaa of the valley of the wind' here shes is: Isn't she cute i've had a few people tell me that i shouldn't have a pet that isn't cannon :okiedokielokie: so, i ask, what is your opinion? :comeatus:
  12. so the other day i was at college and i over heard a couple of lads( well they are more like the kind of boys who dont have many friends as highschollers whould call them wierdos) talking about bronies well they where more taking the piss and laughing at it as a 18 year old bisexual female the one thing they said really hurt me. some one asked what a brony was and these lads' answer was "well its a bunch of middle age guys who are creeps that like to get off over my little pony" i kept quiet because i didn't want them to think the same of me but yeah would would you do in a similar situation ?
  13. What's your favourite energy drink? My favourite is probably Monster Energy (Ripper flavour). I love the fruit flavour!
  14. This is something I have always wondered because I have always been a quiet/shy person since I was younger. All throughout school I always had others think I was odd/weird for staying quiet for whatever reason. It got very very annoying having to hear from others is there something wrong with you? I just wonder if any of you have had to deal with similar situations as this throughout your life. There is nothing wrong with being quiet and enjoying solitude. I have always said why should have to change myself to be accepted by others?? But honestly do you think in our society that being introverted/quiet is looked down upon?
  15. Ya'll know who AppleJack is, don't chu? The farmer of the mane 6, honesty, and a tom boy like AppleJack! So, what are your opinions of her? Is she cute? Does she have a good color scheme? Is she Best Pony? Should she be shown more? Does she need more love? Post ya'll opinions!
  16. --- Horror fanfiction of cartoon shows? Like MLP, there are infamous horror fanfictions of every cartoon. From demons to cannibalism, there are horrible things written about even the most innocent cartoons. What are some horrid fanfictions have you read/hear of in other fandoms? What do you think of fanfictions like those overall? Tell us!
  17. What are your views on fate/destiny? Is it prewritten by God (mean unflexible). Or is it given in our own hands (or maybe hooves) and we choose our path by ourselves. Just an idea came to my mind. My views are that:- Almighty God knows everything before it happens so He knows what a person is going to do with his life, so He writes his fate the day he born. This means actions of a person is his own choices and not bound by any prewritten destiny. Let me know your views on fate or destiny.
  18. You all know who the fabulous Sweetie Belle is! Raritys sister, part of the CMC, a little slilly filly, kinda. SO, what are your opinions on her? Is she pretty? A nice color scheme? Is she best pony? Should she be shown more, or taken out? Post your opinions here!
  19. I would say that I love fedoras but I know there is a lot of different opinions both being positive and negative. I made a small poll on this subject and like to hear the opinions that surround the idea of fedoras. GO!
  20. All right so recently, a thread was posted for the things you hate that everyone seems to love. Well now lets go the other way around with the things you love that everyone seems to hate. Total Drama: It's more of a guilty pleasure for me. If you ignore all the puke and fart jokes, it can lampoon reality shows pretty clever and have funny parodies. Chowder: It came out at the wrong time so everyone seemed to hated it because it's not as good as the classics. It's got really good 4th wall humor. Wii/Wii U: I'm more casual so I'm gonna prefer more casual games. Plus I don't have a lot of money so the other consoles are gonna be expensive. So post away!
  21. She saved Equestria from being covered in smoke, AND she reformed Discord, the most powerful and dangerous canonical character, both pretty much single-hoofedly. If anypony deserves alicornhood, I'd say it's her--more so than Twilight, even.
  22. I decided to start a thread about people's thoughts on Hulu, I decided to leave my rambling about it below, but do fee lfree to take the discussion where you please! I just felt that my opinion on it would be a good start. So i'v been using Hulu for a while, its certainly much cheaper than cable or satellite TV, but using it is infuriating! anyone else feel the same way about it? Problem's with Hulu's video player Despite the ad revenue they must get, as well as the monthly subscription for the service (and their popularity), why on earth is their player/platform so incompatent!? List of problems I deal with: The video has tendencies of garbling up and "green screen" and you have to refresh the page to fix it When trying to push the 10 second rewind button (or seeking in general) it tends to do the WRONG thing and skip ahead up to 5 minutes I mean seirously, how the hell can you click on 10 second rewind and end up 5 minutes FORWRARD? Sometimes when I try to use the video seeking feature (skipping around the episode), it pauses, acts like its about to buffer the new segment, then goes back to where i was before, and then I have to try seeking to the part i want again! When I push the "fullscreen" button, the video stops and I cannot resume until i refresh the page (and watch all the advertisements again; and it can also happen if you do that during advertisements). If you use that option to watch a long advertisement/trailer and then get that video garbling problem (and have to refresh the page), you have to watch all advertisements again (you'd think it would keep track.) you cant drag the volume up and down (it only goes by a click; it makes it hard to adjust it just where you want it to be) Excessive advertisements? I do rather have a problem with what feels like excessive advertisements (I never really used hulu much outside of hulu+) But i feel that hulu+ doesn't get rid of enough advertisements, for every 20 minute episode of an anime for example, there are 3 commercial breaks each with up to 2 advertisements which total up to about 1 minute (in some cases it goes up to 72 seconds I think). I believe free users get up to 4 advertisements per break, and of course the limited selection of their libraries. I understand why they need to have ad revenue as well though, after all there are some shows that have 220+ one hour episodes, and they have MANY shows with tons of episodes like that. But still ...
  23. Well, here's something a BIT different, and a random bone to toss at @ChB (hopefully that was termed right... If it wasn't, you probably know what I meant to say. I'm trying to say it's a random "gift" of sorts). I thought of this after watching Cosmodore's video ranking every classic SpongeBob episode (Seasons 1-3) from Worst to Best (I know it's over a year old now, but that's what initially inspired this). SpongeBob was once among the best cartoons of all time, and there's PLENTY of reason for that to almost be accepted fact for animation entusiasts. SpongeBob has seriously decayed from There's over a HUNDRED of them, so it would be too difficult to actually rank them, thus the tiered format (and even then the tiering of these is, well, quick considering how many there are). Also, If you don't know, the color scheme is supposed to be all of the colors SpongeBob has on him, aside from black and white (By the way, yes his chin is purple sometimes, like on the cover of Battle for Bikini Bottom) ... Of course, with the quality this series once had consistently, there's really a lack of episodes at the bottom... Phenomenal- Band Geeks, Pizza Delivery, SB-129, Arrgh!, Christmas Who?, Frankendoodle, The Fry Cook Games, Nasty Patty, Idiot Box, Wet Painters, Krusty Krab Training Video, Chocolate with Nuts, Mermaid and Barnacle Boy V, The Camping Episode Great- Help Wanted, Plankton!, Squeaky Boots, Culture Shock, F.U.N., Scaredy Pants, Karate Choppers, Sleepy Time, Neptune's Spatula, Your Shoe's Untied, Squid's Day Off, Dying for Pie, Squidville, Life of Crime, Survival of the Idiots, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III, Shanghaied, The Secret Box, The Graveyard Shift, Procrastination, Sailor Mouth, Squid on Strike, The Algae's Always Greener, Club SpongeBob, Just One Bite, Mermaid and Barnacle Boy IV, One Krabs Trash, Can You Spare a Dime?, Rock-a-Bye Bivalve, New Student Starfish, I Had an Accident Good- Reef Blower, Hall Monitor, Sandy's Rocket, Opposite Day, Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost, The Chaperone, Employee of the Month, Rock Bottom, Walking Small, Hooky, Something Smells, Big Pink Loser, Imitation Krabs, Wormy, Grandma's Kisses, Prehibernation Week, I'm Your Biggest Fanatic, The Smoking Peanut, Welcome to the Chum Bucket, Krusty Love, SpongeGuard on Duty, Doing Time, Snowball Effect, No Weenies Allowed, Krab Borg, Clams, The Great Snail Race, Born Again Krabs, Missing Identity, SpongeBob Meets the Strangler Decent- Bubblestand, Jellyfishing, Home Sweet Pineapple, Jellyfish Jam, Nature Pants, MuscleBob BuffPants, The Paper, Texas, Bossy Boots, Bubble Buddy, Patty Hype, No Free Rides, Squirrel Jokes, Gary Takes a Bath, Artist Unknown, (Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm), My Pretty Seahorse, As Seen on TV, Squilliam Returns, Ugh, Mid-Life Crustacean, Pranks a Lot Mediocre- Naughty Nautical Neighbors, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, Pickles, Suds, Fools in April, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II, Dumped, Pressure, Valentine's Day, Jellyfish Hunter, The Bully, Krabby Land, Plankton's Army, The Sponge Who Could Fly Bad- I'm With Stupid, I Was a Teenage Gary, Party Pooper Pants Yet again, it wasn't really made over a lot of time, so I may not be remembering things the way I thought I did on some episodes. When I initially made this list, for example, there were plenty of episodes I forgot existed, and also some that I actually got confused until I looked at plot summaries. I haven't watched a ton of these episodes I recent times either and that doesn't help my recollection.
  24. This is a post a LONG time coming. Paladins vs Overwatch. Considering that I have perspective on both games (I've played over 600 hours of Paladins, and my brother last I heard climbed to Diamond in Overwatch and I've been watching Overwatch pretty closely), I think it's more than appropriate for me to make the comparisons here. Paladins and Overwatch both have their own sort of appeal behind them to me, and honestly I would love to play Overwatch. But I don't think it's nearly as good as Paladins. Why? I have my reasons. Mechanical Design Overwatch, mechanically, is a game flawed on a very fundamental level... Overwatch does have things like stuns and slows, along with shields and armor, but they lack so much. They don't have things like Healing Reduction, Damage Reduction, CC Reduction, Damage Types, or anything remotely like Androxus' Reversal (well, there are similarities to Genji's Deflect, but Zhin's Counter is much closer to it in functionality). This makes the game seem very basic in that regard. Not even to mention that the aforementioned shield and armor mechanics sort of feel redundant, as they accomplish the exact same thing in a way that doesn't really feel that different.. I'll also bring up another couple of things here: switching and the structure of Overwatch's premier game mode. Character switching is BAD for a variety of reasons. First off, it removes the entire strategy of picking a character that does well on the map or the real impact of counter-picking the enemy team (as they can just switch after they die!). Secondly, It actually encourages trolling, because it allows people to pick a full damage comp with almost zero consequence (as they can change it to a 3-0-3 or whatever is meta in OW right now). And lastly, they also FORCE it on you! That really p***es me off. I've literally heard no real arguments why this is a good thing. I've heard "because one-tricks" but they AREN'T A PROBLEM ANYWHERE ELSE! In Paladins, no problem. In League of Legends, it's done by a LOT of people including streamers, and it's been zero issue. As for the structure of the game-mode, that's an absurdly obvious one. The problem is that Attack and Defense are NOT the same! In Paladins Siege, both teams compete for an objective and whoever captures it then pushes a payload. Here, you either push a payload or defend! That creates a lot of issues, because it polarizes characters like Torbjorn (even new Torb is to a degree) that are good at doing one thing (In Torb's case, defense) but not as good at the other. And these issues are furthered by character switching. Character Customization I don't mean the skins here. I mean how much you can actually tweak your character (hero, or champion in Paladins) and their stats to best suit a certain playstyle. I'll take Barik and Torbjorn for example. Torbjorn is stuck in an offensive playstyle centered around shredding tanks and taking advantage of chokes, while Barik can literally do ALL KINDS OF THINGS. By picking from Talents and building decks of Cards, you can make Barik either the king of area denial, a flanker, a mid-range DPS, or heck you could even make him a defensive tank if you wanted to (although it's not a not even remotely viable option). He can do any of those things if you build him a certain way. Also, not to mention, there are items in the game that allow you to gain stats that could be vital and game-changing, such as Healing Reduction on weapon shots or you could opt for Cooldown Reduction (which is also not in Overwatch!), or you could make your ultimate charge faster, or you can even increase the healing you get from your healers. Those aren't the only options, but a few examples. Character Designs I say this more from a creative standpoint considering that I'm developing my own game (it's a tabletop game, but nonetheless) with it's own characters, Overwatch's characters are a little less creative than Paladins' in design. A good example of this can be made with a comparison between McCree and Androxus. McCree may be a well designed character, but he's really not that creative. He's just a modern-day version of the likes of Wild Bill. Androxus' design was a lot more inspired. He's supposed to be a lawman, that became corrupted with an evil curse that requires him to kill to sate it. I don't even think I've heard of that concept before. Also, not even to mention that the designs of Paladins characters actually make it feel like there are (however much I hate to critique games like this) actual stakes in the real universe. With Overwatch, there doesn't actually seem to be that much of a stake in the actual lore. Maybe a few more places could look like Australia. Not as much as Paladins, where it actually feels like the fate of the Realm rests in your hands. Balancing The balancing in Overwatch at the moment is downright terrible. Literally every tank and support is in the meta right now (after Roadhog got buffed), but only half of the DPSes are (not McCree, not Soldier: 76, not Tracer, not Symmetra...) Doesn't that just seem like bad balancing to you or am I alone on that? Sure, Paladins has had it's issues, but not everyone of a single class is meta. Terminus is pretty weak right now and Ruckus is also on the tank side. On the support end, Jenos has been pretty mediocre lately (Even though I think that will change next patch), Furia's been struggling to compete, and Grohk hasn't been meta since Patch OB48 (in other words1 and a half YEARS). As for Damage champions, Vivian has always been garbage (except on release when she was absurdly overpowered), Tyra's pretty freaking terrible, Kinessa's going to get badly outclassed after nerfs, and now Willo is going to be absolutely miserable since her nerf last patch. And Flanks... Well, I can't argue that most of them (aside from Androxus, Talus, and Evie) are downright unviable in the current competitive metagame. Although Lex may be added to that list next patch because of a slight meta-shift that I see happening in the next patch along with buffs to his sustained output at range. However, I will note a couple of important things Overwatch has over Paladins. I'm trying to be as objective as I can with this, after all. Lore I just have to say that the current Paladins lore kind of SUCKS. Most of the lore feels generic, and some of it doesn't even make sense. Mostly it's just about a fight between the Magistrate and the Resistance, which feels like something I recognize from... EVERYWHERE... Overwatch is a far different story. I find Overwatch's lore really interesting to say the least. The whole war between humans and omnics is quite interesting, and I am especially intrigued by the story of Reaper. Considering he used to be the equivalent of an undercover agent working for Overwatch (as the leader of "Blackwatch", and then something slowly snaps in him that Talon (who if you didn't know are terrorist faction that the Overwatch is trying to stop) is better than Overwatch. Sure I left out a lot of details, but even without them. That makes a far more interesting lore story than "This guy knew this guy and they were both cops and then suddenly one of them went raving mad" (that's Androxus' lore in a nutshell...) The old lore of Paladins was better than it is now, as it had a lot of worldbuilding, but it still wasn't good because there were so few strands actually connecting the characters... Bugs! As anyone who's actually played Paladins knows, the game has had a HUGE issue with bugs. Terminus has had some game-breaking bugs (at least on PC) for a long time now that haven't been fixed. Pip has bugs that literally affect his VIABILITY in the meta (getting rid of them would buff him a LOT), and Evie has had issues with bugs for the longest time. Not to mention Grover had a bug for MONTHS that could CRASH THE GAME! In Overwatch, on the other hand, I don't notice these when I watch other people play nearly as much. In Paladins, on a bad patch, you may even get a game where you see a game-breaking bug in action once every 10 matches or so... But I'm pretty sure I haven't once heard something like an Overwatch hero having a bug so bad, let alone so prolifically bad from YouTubers like Stylosa, Tyrodin, or Your Overwatch (although I've heard a lot of pointless bickering over dumbness that doesn't even matter...). Sure, I know the game has bugs, but it's nothing like Paladins where I've seen Terminus's shattered body moving around the map, or Barik spontaneously get spaghettified on death, or a movement ability crashing the game... So there it is. Overwatch is worse than Paladins. Overwatch may be a game with a lot less bugs and lore that's actually interesting, but Paladins isn't mechanically flawed on a fundamental level, it has actual character customization in the sense of adjusting mechanical functionality, the character designs are more interesting, and the meta doesn't literally discourage people from playing an entire role that encompasses HALF OF THE ROSTER... (Competitive meta from what I've seen is 3 tanks and 3 supports, with the occasional DPS before teamfighting starts...). I really have been toying with the idea of buying Overwatch whenever I get a computer of my own (because I haven't had one for a YEAR now) and internet (that's hopefully good enough to play on, because I had a hard time playing Paladins on my old internet with a f***ing 1Mbps download and upload...) nonetheless. It may be worth it.
  25. What do you think about Fortnite's microtransactions? What are your thoughts on the attention and player base Fortnite has? Is PUBG better? Should Fortnite die, and is it dying? What do you hate or love about Fortnite? Feel free to talk about other aspects of this game as well, any opinions you have are welcome.