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Found 7 results

  1. Would it be possible to give users the option to only receive PM's from users they follow? This would save some people from having to deal with unsolicited PMs from people they don't know, and having to delete the PM or block the user each and every time. Thanks, ChB
  2. I was wondering on the option mentioned in the title. If I remember correctly, it was supposed to make the navigation bar (I think there was the navigation menu as well as notifications/messenger) follow us as we scroll down - now it seems to be not working. It all stays at the very top and when we want to access our profile, or get back to the home page, we need to scroll all the way up. I've tried ticking that option on and off, but it seems to be not doing anything. I don't remember exactly when, but I think it happened back when you've upgraded to IPB4, but I didn't pay attention to that. So.. does it actually do anything now?
  3. Ok, this is a rather simple and fun concept. What you do is say something that you would totally never do at all, such as: "I would never walk up to a random stranger in the street and smack them across the face." Then you would put: "UNLESS..." And the next person would reply, saying something like: "They could have had a V8." And then the next person repeats the process. Well, have fun, brochachos! I would never eat an entire gallon of ice cream by myself in one sitting. UNLESS...
  4. So I've been having a problem with the site for a while now. It seems that the "Sign out" option by the profile name is missing. Sometimes, when the page first loads it'll show up for less than a second and then completely disappear. As well as the other options such as shortcuts to content I have participated in. On some forums, neither show up at all. I have tried clearing out my cookies, cache, and everything else, disabling my extensions, and restarting my browser. I have also tried switching browsers entirely, but it persists. I waited to see if this may have been reported by others and have searched for this topic already. I checked the Throne Room forum to see if this was an update to the site. I have no idea what this could be. When I first registered, the sign out and other options were clearly visible, but have not been for about two weeks now. Help?
  5. After a quick search I didn't see this anywhere but my suggestion is a simple one, an option to make poll results to remain hidden for a period of time, like a couple of hours, a day, a week, up to like a month. I think this could make some contests and other things a lil more interesting if people didn't know what the current tally is. And hidden so not even the op can see the results till the predetermined period of time is up, then when it is over it'll show the results I dunno if this can be done but I think if it can be implemented it can make for more interesting polls and contests in the future
  6. Personally I'm not satisfied with the current gender options MLPForums have. But rather than make a site suggestion immediately I want to find out if other people would like to see more gender options on the site? Personally I think it should just be a field that you can type a set number of characters into in order to specify gender rather than rely on pre-set options that won't meet everyone's needs.
  7. Hi MLP friends!!! this is a serious shout out.. this is for all cancer patients members or not. Lets join together and come up with ideas to cure this disease.. either from links, foods, remedies,... my birthday happens to fall in the Breast cancer awareness month.. October 20. I cut my ponytail to help kids with no hair with this type of disease or etc. at locks of love .com or org. If any of you have 11 inches or longer ponytail.. please donate your ponytail to them also.. I personally feel great that I made a childs day. It gives up a rush I think. If you did.. can you take a foto of you before and after with your ponytail possibly?? If any of you live in the South Fort Myers area.. and your birthday is in October.. lets create a huge birthday party some how.. Whose with me???? Also.. back to what I was asking above with ideas as well...