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Found 2 results

  1. The Genesis Of Equestria Book 1: LIFE So I've had an idea for this sort of origin story for a while, years even. Basically I wanted to do a fan fic series that goes through the entire history of the MLP world. This is the first chapter of that series, I guess we'll just see where it goes from here. It's sort of written like a bible (as you will see as you read through). Now I do have a question, I was wanting to post this on a fanfic site but I can't seem to find any other medium that could support this format. Do you know of any sites that could if there even are any sites that could? UPDATE: I decided to post this on fimfiction (if I can get it approved). My profile:
  2. Hey everypony, just watched both the "Hearth Warming Eve" and "Family Appreciation Day" episodes today, both of which are very interesting episodes that deal with Equestria/Ponyville's origins, respectfully. After watching them, an interesting thought occured to me; it would be totally awesome if next season the producers made an episode, or a couple episodes, that show Celestia and Luna's origins and their defeat of Discord (granted, we already have exposition that's covered their origins in previous episodes, but very in-depth). Here's a couple of the Pros/Cons of having such an episode: Pros: (1) We'd get to see a lot more of both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna than we ever have before (2) We'd get to see Celestia and Luna, possibly, as fillies, the very thought of which makes we wanna go "d'awwwwwwwww" (3) We'd get to see more Discord, which, in and of itself justifies such an episode alone!!! (4) It'd be pretty darn interesting seeing how Celestia and Luna came to wield the Elements of Harmony, defeated Discord and became the rulers of Equestria, not to mention how they evolved into their more regal selves (i.e. if we saw them when they were younger, we might see them being far less regal ponies, and a lot more like the Mane 6) Cons: Ummm... nope, can't think of any in particular! So, what do ya'll think; would any of you like to see an episode or couple of episodes next season, or in some other future season, that covers Celestia and Luna's origin story?