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Found 25 results

  1. Personally, here's my list: English Irish Scottish French German Native American Italian Dutch And I think that's all of them. How about you all? Artemis: Added some tags to improve search results.
  2. So I am wondering about the origin of Dicord, and his specie (Draconequus). What's your thoughts about this? How do you like to think Discord came into being? Share your thoughts and opinion whether they're canon, your headcanon, or even fanon (by this I mean Discord's origin which is explained by bronies or pegasisters in fanfics or art). Let's unveil the mystry behind our little draconquus.
  3. People need to not look so much at Spike's negative sides, and start looking more at his more positive sides! Spike's the BEST friend anypony could ever ask for! He's basically every Element of Harmony put together! His snarkiness makes him funny, he was generous when he gave Rarity that gem, he's honest to Twilight and Starlight and all his other friends when they have their flaws, he's very kind to them during their rough times, and he's loyal above all else! Yes, Spike does make mistakes sometimes, and there are times when the writers have to make OOC for comedic purposes, but if you look more into him, he's actually the best character in the entire show! His friends do look after him, but in all honesty, he looks after his friends a whole lot more! They need him just as much as he needs them! Not just his friends in the Mane Six, but all his other friends too outside of it! Hopefully the writers could get more into an in-depth story within his character. We're not all that sure how he feels about his position in life all in all, as he's not very open to his friends all the time and mostly keeps to himself. After all, he never met his parents, he doesn't know how he came in Celestia's possession, and he doesn't even know what his destiny is; so right now all he does is help his friends out, learn what he needs to learn, and he rarely complains about it! He puts up with the Mane Six's BS all the time, cause he sees their positives more than their negatives, and vice-versa! This is what makes Spike the most interesting character in the show, and the best friend ANYONE (not just anypony) could ask for! Also those of you that think Spike is getting the short end of the stick because he's a dog in EG or a pufferfish in the movie. Relax, dogs are better than humans by a long shot, and puffer fish are extremely venomous and fast! So in all things considered, whatever species Spike becomes, he's superior to the Mane Six! Do the writers see this though? Some do (Ex: Lady Writers, Meghan McCarthy), and some don't (Ex: Merriwhether Williams, Neal Dusedau). Hopefully either at the end of season 7, or any future season ahead, we can learn the truth about him! His real purpose! Not this Power Ponies or Dragon Quest-level nonsense, and especially not Princess Spike! We want the Gauntlet of Fire and Times Are Changeling-levels of nonsense, and Triple Threat as well if it turns out to be as awesome!
  4. I dunno about you, but I have the feeling when we get to the episode that Spike discovers where he comes from, I got the feeling it might be a musical! Cause it's a very important part of Spike's life being accomplished, like Twilight being a princess, and the CMCs getting their cutie marks! Maybe Newbie Dash would've been better if the "mimicking her friends" thing was a song! I mean, every eventful episode that shows a character accomplishing they've always wanted has a song in it. Newbie Dash was the first for that to happen! So my point is, I really think the episode Spike discovers his origin would be a musical episode for him, since quite a few main characters had musical episodes already! I know some of you don't like Spike's singing, but think about it: would all that singing be worth it if you got to hear EMBER sing? Ember's VA is a singer, so if she was asked to sing, she would! Maybe the other dragons would sing too in a viking chorus-like style! So what do ya think? Spike's origins episode being a musical? Wanna hear Ember sing? If we're going to expect an episode like this, it's not gonna be this season, that's for sure! Maybe season 8 or 9!
  5. I haven't seen any threads about this or heard anyone bring it up, but something that bothers me is that where Spike came from is never addressed. We see Twilight hatch him from his egg in Cutie Mark Chronicles, but how did the egg end up in Canterlot? In Dragon Quest, Twilight says that very little is known about dragons, so it can be assumed that they don't come across dragon eggs very often. Why would they essentially give away this egg- as far as we know, the only one of its kind ever possessed by ponies- as part of Twilight's test? For that matter, how did they know that it would be an appropriate test to have her use magic to hatch the egg? More importantly, how did they come across the egg to begin with, and why does Spike seem to have no connection to his family? In Winter Wrap-up he mentions "Mommy", but no-one we've seen, other than Twilight (who he specifically says isn't "mommy") could fit that role. Anyway, my question is where do you think Spike came from and what happened to his family?
  6. This is a story (or at least the introductory chapter of a story) starring my intentionally ridiculous OC Corncob: A cockatrice-turned-alicorn who was inexplicably transformed during a particularly rousing game of Checkers. I talk about him here from time to time, and I've finally written something longer than a forums post. The Ongoing Epic of [the Alicornatrice Known Simply as] Corncob by Siegfried Danzinger Chapter One - The Fateful Checkers Game Between a Squirrel and a Not-Chicken Tony the Squirrel lowered his mechanical paw towards the board with utmost care and unerring precision. His metallic fingers (more clamps, really) slowly squeezed together with a sound like a toaster doing something inappropriate to another toaster, and the selected Checkers piece was caught in a nigh inescapable grip. You could see it in his beady little squirrel-eyes: Victory was surely his. He made his move; hopping one of his opponent's pieces with an unintelligible - but nonetheless arrogant-seeming - little chitter in, no doubt, squirrel-language. Corncob was sweating under his feathers. He had to hand it to the guy: Tony had never played so well. While Checkers and board games in general were considered a waste of time by most cockatrices, Corncob had developed a vast love and deep appreciation for the mechanics of the game. And by this I mean that he realized he could move the pieces with his beak without them falling over or spilling off the board. (Chess had been a disaster; he'd managed to swallow a rook.) If he failed to stop his opponent's aggressive, very nearly competent (I mean c'mon, he's a squirrel) onslaught, Corncob's defeat would be so total and so shameful that he may never have courage enough to play again. And that was when it happened. Were you sitting in Tony's position, you'd have seen the following: A heretofore quivering chicken-and-lizard-like creature suddenly went quite still. The once apparent fear in his eyes gave way to a seeming emptiness. Which gave way to an appearance of being half-full. Which ultimately gave way to a look of steely purpose. Which momentarily faltered and resembled an unexpected release of gas, which quickly returned to the steely purpose thing. The cockatrice had never before experienced anything remotely like this. He'd played dozens of Checkers games. Well, maybe not dozens. At least four. Three, and no fewer. His short term memory was very - fittingly if not fortunately - short. He'd played at least one game; that much he knew. But that at-least-one-game had not so much as come close to pushing him towards the far boundaries of his burgeoning Checkers-related skills. This game did push. It pushed very hard - a shove, really - and promised to deliver the cockatrice to a place well beyond his limits. "Limits? What are those?" said some new voice in his head. Formerly, that voice would have been a cluck; this one was decidedly in pony-language. (Note: Pony-language is the language most commonly spoken by ponies. This is, of course, assuming you are a chicken-like creature that doesn't particularly follow linguistics.) There were several explosive bursts of alternately orange and purple lights; Corncob's side of the table was all but engulfed by them. Tony, now contemplating wetting himself, shook violently and clung hard to the table with his metallic appendage. Something like smoke flowed over him, and the suggestion of a shivering silhouette began to form behind a billowy wall. Alicorns are a thing in Equestria. Ponies with both horns and wings that typically end up in ruling positions because they just do. The way a pony becomes (or "ascends to," if you prefer) an alicorn isn't entirely consistent, but there's one point on which you can usually rely... ...Chicken-lizard things don't go alicorn. Never have. Not once. There was this one dream I had where... But NO. Just doesn't actually happen. This time: It happened. The smoke slowly cleared. Tony was still holding fast to the edge of the table; he'd even less cause now to let go. Towering over the terrified squirrel (when you're a squirrel, it's not especially hard to be towered over), noteworthily positioned exactly where that bizarre example of indigenous poultry had once sat, was an orange-and-purple creature several times its original height and bulk. It still roughly resembled the cockatrice known as Corncob, but it was essentially a Corncob that would be regularly suspected of steroid abuse. The fact that he had spontaneously sprouted a spiral horn several feet in length was rather secondary at the time. But, to the curiously damp squirrel, the real horror lie on the board: Deep, chasm-like scratches clearly marked the path that Corncob's piece had traveled. The cockacor- alicocka- alicornatrice (it'll do) had taken every one of Tony's remaining pieces in but a single move. Defeated and thoroughly disturbed, the squirrel stiffened, fell out of his seat like a tumbling statue, and drifted into a lovely state of unconsciousness on the ground. Corncob, the cockatrice-turned-alicorn, stood up from the table; ideally, as ominous and overly dramatic music played in the background. He turned his batlike wings over in front of his eyes. Scanned, intrigued rather than surprised, over his new bulk. A sudden instinct (sounds better than throbbing headache) told him that his forehead had done something new with itself lately. "A horn," rumbled the internal voice from earlier. "And with it, the world." But then Corncob realized that he wasn't especially evil. "A horn," rumbled the internal voice from just a moment ago. "And with it... Horn... Related things. Not necessarily evil things. But definitely things." The newly-minted alicornatrice (it will grow on you) tilted his head to the sky, squinted with a secret purpose (or else the sun was in his eyes), and rocketed into the air. An unconscious squirrel was later discovered, given inexpert and rather half-hearted CPR, and then tossed into a trash can - more out of tidiness than anything else.
  7. It seems like it has been decades since I first became a 'brony'. While I don't necessarily agree that the term 'brony' is right for me today, it was definitely much more suitable back then. People often find themselves upset at the fact that I don't agree the brony title is appropriate for me, but it just isn't. Brony is a term reserved for someone who is in it mostly for the fandom in my eyes, and I'm just not really in it for that reason anymore. I used to spend my time trying to become more involved in the fandom; joining projects, animating, writing, and so on. None of these avenues ever provided me with what I saw as significance. I wanted to be fandom famous, and that was the wrong way to approach it. In the past, I was not nearly as reserved with my enjoyment of the show. -- It was around 2011 when I first started to learn of the fandom. At that point, I spent most of my time as an admin on a TF2 achievement server (back when those still existed). Eventually, given that this was around the time the brony uprising began, a steady flow of them managed to find their way into our humble server. I first noticed the stuff after having to remove a few inappropriate sprays and even some normal ones for being pony-related. I never really disliked bronies, but the imagery was enough to irritate me. Eventually, it came about that one of my superiors was a brony as well. He begged me for days to check out the 16th episode of the 1st season. After constantly being pressured to watch it, I eventually caved in. It was better than I expected, and the show was actually fairly decent. From there, I watched all of both seasons (at the time, season three was not a thing). I was impressed, and at that point considered myself a brony. -- As humble a story as any, yes, but over the years my respect for the title 'brony' seemed to dissipate. I don't know whether it was age, disinterest, or what, but it just didn't feel the same to be a member of the fandom that extensively. Don't get me wrong, I still discuss things on the forums and chat about episodes with fans -- I just don't have the same desire to be involved in projects and claim to the world that I am a brony as I once did. For now, my 'bronyism' sticks entirely to watching the show and chatting with other like-minded fans.
  8. What ethnicities are your ancestors?
  9. Hi everypony! I was wondering what your thoughts and theories were on why exactly cutie marks appear on ponies. It was established in "call of the cutie" that they appear when a pony discovers their special talent, but I don't think they ever mentioned why it happens in the first place. I have a theory that Starswirl may have had something to do with it when he was making his masterpiece that Twilight eventually finished. Perhaps I'm reading into things too much, but I thought this might be an interesting topic for discussion. So, what do you think is the reason cutie marks appear? Edit: I apologize for posting this topic here. I now know to post something like this in sugarcube corner. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  10. We have a "username origins" type thread, and even an "avatar origins" type thread, but I want to know about your mottos. (Also, I tried searching for similar topics, and came up with nothing, so... Yeah...) "Knight takes King." Because a King should be in the front lines, fighting alongside his men, and the cowardly Kings who hide behind the lives of their men and the walls of their castles should be slain by those they would sacrifice as shields. You've no right to order a pony to risk their life if you are not willing to risk your own. EDIT 20140918; I like how this is turning out. Keep them coming, everypony.
  11. Now that we've gotten that out of the way... Don't get me wrong, Origin is dreadful to work with. It makes even the most simple thing a complete pain to do. However, there are three things I see as big positives on the program: They implement frequent discounts (finally). You can order physical games to be shipped to your home. If you have the CD key, you can download the game for free.' These three things at least save it from being the gold metal winning ass of the digital market. And the new bottom rung digital retail system? Well that's none other than: First of all, the prices aren't even modded to match physical retail, let alone beat it. That's right, despite digital retail being cheaper for Microsoft than physical retail, they charge more for downloading games. The program is also constantly holding content hostage and annoying you to get a gold membership, which is in no way worth it. And then Microsoft gave a big middle finger to independent developers. Even the guy that made "Minecraft" is upset with them. Hell, even Nintendo is upset that they turned their back on indies, because "independent developers need all the exposure they can get". Congratulations, Microsoft, you managed to make EA look good on the virtue of not being Microsoft.
  12. I'm curious what started the whole *hugs* idea. It seems like most people I've talked with via MLPF and Skype does this. Usually it's just a random saying when someone's in distress, whether it's meaningful or not I'm not sure. I kind of find it annoying to be honest because hugs are much more physically comforting and meaningful if it's a real hug. It's just trendy I guess. I say this because if someone wasn't feeling great, I would rather speak to them about it, than say *hugs*. It's just unhelpful in my opinion. I've noticed it progressing over time, and now I see it everywhere. So, what do you think started it all? Maybe from another site or did it snowball into something common?
  13. The depths of Luna's loneliness drive her to create a creature that never should have been. But the nature of her companion, and the dark methods used to create it, may lead Celestia to commit an unforgivable deed of her own... ---------------- A wonderful fanfiction, if also very sad story that shows interesting take on the origin of the changelings... with Luna being their creator and the mother of the very first. This is a fanfiction that shows Princess Celestia not only is a role of older sister but that of a ruler. She could see what was happening Luna, even though her little sister could not. I do not believe Antumbra meant to hurt the one she called mother, but she was made with dark and evil magic... formed in desperation, and by one longing for love. Luna had created a monster, not by intent but none-the-less did so. Celestia did what she had to do, even though she knew her sister would hate her for it. I do believe her mistake was not acting sooner, allowing her little sister to form a bond with her creation when she should have gotten rid of it in the beginning. Another mark that can be added with my headcanon on what would eventually lead Luna to becoming Nightmare Moon. First there was the seeds of doubt planted by Discord as he showed Luna future where her subjects not love her and she would be overshadowed by Celestia, second she would gain the taint of dark magic from King Sombra by the the consideration to use it, and finally the creation the first changeling by Luna to be her daughter... one to love and be loved by. All this with Celestial slowly losing control as she watches her sister grow farther and farther apart from her, watching helplessly as some nightmare from the moon consumes Luna... before losing her little sister completely.
  14. Some people are so weird , they think of us Bronies as men with bearded necks who wear fedoras. How?
  15. If that is her favorite word, does she even love the fruit itself? They look like oranges. BTW, how do you think she fell in love with kumquats? Or is it just herself being random?
  16. Just a small change here. I would like to keep in line with the country of birth. So aside from a birthday, you will know what country your born on! Like US,UK,Canda...etc
  17. Hello all. So recently, I was lucky enough to receive a Humble Bundle from a person on Steam for free (If you're reading this P1nkie_P13, words cannot express my appreciation. This means a lot to mean. Thank you so much! ) Anyway, to the point: I have used most of the Steam keys, but the Origin keys (save for Dead Space 3, sorry) remain untouched. So, here's my offer to all of you (Poniverse Staff, Mods, Admins, whoever): the first five people who post on here will get a game of their choosing. Here's the list: Dead Space (Taken by Rez) Crysis 2: Maximum Edition (Taken by mllm400) Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Taken by PhaZd) (I can give you the Steam key instead) Medal of Honor (Taken by Retro Derpy) Mirror's Edge (Taken by Princess Viscra) BONUS: Burnout Paradise Steam key given to Togetic That's it folks, everything has now been taken. If I ever get another game from someone, I may do this again, so watch out. ~Twisted~
  18. Oh Origin, do you ever stop? Anyway, I heard something that made me willing to give Origin a chance...well two things really. First I heard that Origin finally, finally, finally started implementing sales. The second bit I heard was that, if you have the physical copy of the game, you could download it for free. So I was all about to download the Mass Effect trilogy. Sure I'd have to download some of the DLC again, but the cost of resale still outweighed that. So I'm told to put in the 16-digit registration code. Where is the code? In the back of the manual. Where was the manual? It didn't come with one, because EA wanted to cut down on paper usage. So the code had to be somewhere, right? I checked out the FAQ, which told me that it should be on one of the inserts. Yeah, EA's idea of customer service is to say, "why you so stupid, stupid?" I ask on the forums and an EA rep just redirects me to the FAQ, making the question section of the forums completely meaningless. I check the FAQ again and find a "this didn't help" button. Is something finally going right for me? Of course not! It led to an even less helpful article. So...for now I'm putting that on hold, because I was honestly about to lose it.
  19. So, I recently got Simcity for the PC when it was released. I had high hopes for this game since it looked promising when EA released some gameplay footage on the internet. So, I pick up my copy which I pre-ordered from Gamestop, I get home, I get on my computer, put the disc in then I realize it's one of those games which has to be connected to EA's crappy DRM client, Origin. So, I log into Origin, then start installing the game which took about 7 hours. I'm not entirely sure if the disc is ever used because I did was punch in a product key and I never heard the disc spin. Anyways, the following afternoon, I get home from work and start to play then I realize that it's one of those games which you always have to log in to play and you have to always be online even if you're playing single player. This is exactly what I feared and is EXACTLY what happened with Diablo 3. Seriously, why do I need to log in to play a single-player city builder?! This isn't World of Warcraft, it's Simcity. What's the point of being connected to the internet if you're playing single player!? Sometimes I travel or my internet's down and I just want to play some games for awhile, I can't always be connected. So, I try to play and I get added to some sort of queue and I wait at a loading screen FOR A HALF HOUR. So after about nine million years, I finally get to play for about 15 minutes before I get disconnected! There's no saving or reloading cities, so if you mess up on one of your cities or destroy it for fun, you can't just reload it. Once again, this isn't an MMO. Simcity is supposed to be a single player game. I probably should've never pre-ordered it but how was I supposed to know that EA is going to give me a half finished game? This is what is killing PC gaming. I'm seriously considering going back to consoles if this crap goes on. Simcity isn't even a bad game. I find it pretty fun, WHEN I GET TO ACTUALLY PLAY IT. Now, if they called this game, "Simcity Online" and brand it as an MMO, that's fine. Don't trick me into buying something that's not even finished. I guess I won't pre order games anymore. No matter how excited I am, I'm going to wait after it's released and reviews are published. I also pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V while I picked up Simcity. I'm going to see if I can get a refund because I'm not going to get a half finished game again. I'll wait until reviews come out and I'll see how the game is afterwards. Well, there's my rant, thanks for reading.
  20. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is in the middle of its third season, and the passionate brony community is out there displaying their dedication to the show, characters, worldbuilding, and so on. Artwork, music, customs, and plushies are being published a lot over the past several weeks since The Crystal Empire, and it bloomed further with several dedications to the Babs Seed song. The creativity and dedication are easily what makes the brony community thrive so much and why news outlets take notice. Ironically, this community almost never happened…because the franchise was struggling mightily prior to FIM. Long ago, MLP began production in 1982 with help from Hasbro and founder Bonnie Zacherle. The first TV series ran from 1982 to 1987, but G1 ran until 1995. When G1 was being developed, it was targeted to girls and boys, both the toys and animation. Despite using ponies, it never discriminated its audience and actually did quite a bit right, mainly the plot and animation. Although the animation and characterization haven't aged that well (back then, episodic animation had a rather limited budget, and that's evident in its production and graphics), it's still nostalgic enough to nonetheless carry weight. But it's this little tidbit: the original purpose — the roots — of My Little Pony. The background, origin, original concept, and first execution (and a successful one at that). G2, G3, and G3.5 targeted towards girls only (and for G3.5, female toddlers). However, G1 targeted girls AND boys. It wasn't supposed to be an anthropomorphic competitor of Barbie, where the characters used the stereotypical female tropes, had personalities flatter than a board, and contained overall lazy writing. In contrast of G2/3/3.5, My Little Pony was supposed to be both gender-friendly and family-friendly. Not toddler-girl-friendly. Combined with its extremely poor effort, My Little Pony suffered as a product on the whole, eventually becoming a gigantic laughingstock in the media. Then Friendship Is Magic, led by Lauren Faust, debuted. It started off slow, with only 4chan watching it in response to a relatively negative article. But as the weeks progressed, people got hooked, specifically teenage and adult males. Promotion spread via word of mouth, and the fanbase began to erupt into the passionate, crazy, controversial, and creative fandom it is today. When it gained popularity, the male fandom dubbed themselves as "bronies." But as the fandom widened, bronies applied to females, too. (Previously, most female fans would use the term "pegasister," but that's since changed.) And for one whole reason: the show never disrespects its audience, which is family-friendly and gender-friendly. It teaches the morals so kids can understand, but adds depth of character, worldbuilding, older references, and overall clever writing so adults can enjoy it, too. Is it a coincidence? I wouldn't say so. Lauren Faust worked with her eventual husband, Craig McCracken, on The Powerpuff Girls, a 1990s superhero parody cartoon that utilizes nearly the same bright, zany, simplistic art style and great characterization. Despite being "girly" in impression, it doesn't alienate one specific gender and/or age group, resulting in pop culture success. But the big similarity is how they're family-friendly. Great for both kids and adults of all ages, and they each follow the same schtick. They weren't "kids shows." But one difference between The Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony is TPPG was a completely new franchise started by Craig McCracken. MLP:FIM is the fourth generation of a once proud franchise, "fourth generation" and "once proud franchise" being key phrases. This is where MLP:FIM gets the respect it so deserves. If it weren't for MLP:FIM and its eventual success, this franchise would have been DEAD! Not dying. DEAD! Discontinued. Ceased to exist. Officially jumped the shark and devoured by it! Prior to My Little Pony, I always occasionally visited several toy stores just because, both the mom-and-pop shops and the big commercial chains, like Toys R Us, FAO Schwartz, etc. These kids' shelves would be packed with toys. Barely anything had My Little Pony on them, sometimes none at all. That was how obscure these products were back then. Despite a dedicated collector base at that point, you can't successfully run a franchise by having collectors buy them alone. You need an even bigger range of people buying them so the product has a chance to thrive. My Little Pony had absolutely no leverage because they didn't make any money. But now it isn't dead — nor close to it — because Friendship Is Magic returns the product back to where it belongs: its roots. Its origins. And it does a great job showing it in its overall executiontion. Unless there's an extremely great reason, one should never ditch the origins of the franchise. For a great example, Thomas & Friends had that family-friendly origin surrounding realistic laws of the railway. The Railway Series (which is still running by Christopher Audry) and the first seven season of Thomas & Friends (the TV series) were family-friendly, intelligently written, and didn't insult the audience's intelligence, be they young or old. When HiT Entertainment bought the TV series prior to the eighth season (Christopher Audry still writes The Railway series and has no influence from HiT), they changed the storytelling, laws of the railway, audience, and overall premise (from a character/adventure hybrid to a character moral format) to target very young kids. Combined with its lazy writing, the series spiraled downhill, with the fifteenth season being considered the worst in writing, characterization/development, potential, realism, creativity, and storytelling. The horrible writing and plot-development of the episodes are why the older fans hate the newer seasons so much. And even if they wrote better, the roots of the show (the realism of the railway) tied everything together and gave the show developers the background and motivation. Without the respect of the railway laws, it shows a complete lack of respect for Reverend W. Audry (the founder and original writer of the whole series) and his family, who were responsible for The Railway Series in the first place. This applies to My Little Pony. Zacherle intended it to be its own gender-neutral creation and have it suited for families. The G1 show, movie, and toyline showed heart, care, and passion from themselves and the audience it seeks. But with G2, G3, and G3.5, its quality suffered, and the roots of the franchise were alienated so Hasbro can cash with the very young girls, female toddlers, and their parents. G2 flopped, but G3/3.5 barely succeeded enough for the product to stay afloat. But it still disrespected the founder, and older fans noticed this. This is the reason why G3 and G3.5 gets no respect from me: It takes Zacherle's product and ransacks it far more than any other generation. G2 I'm neutral with despite its narrow audience and poor financial success. G1, however, gave Zacherle that respect, and I give G1 that respect in return. This is what FIM is doing. It's giving Zacherle the respect she deserves. FIM treats its audience with respect, so the audience treats FIM respect in return. And it isn't merely noticed by bronies who became fans merely from FIM alone. There are plenty of bronies who were fans of G1 initially. And there's one big reason why: FIM shows G1 that identical respect. Lauren Faust herself adored G1 and used it as motivation to develop FIM, which is basically take the qualities of G1 and make it better in the form G4/FIM. The fans notice this respect in the writing and overall development, and this is one of the biggest why FIM is raved by the fandom so much. Bronies (male and female, young and old) catch this respect and are now attached to Friendship Is Magic as a result. Although Faust no longer works on the show, we still see this exact respect in the writers, voice actors, rise in social media, and the close relationship the bronies have with the professional staff (current and former). With FIM, Zacherle's vision finally comes in full circle. MLP:FIM returns the franchise where it belongs: back to its roots. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
  21. Where did your OC come from? And no, I'm not asking if your OC came from Manehattan or Fillydelphia. What I'm asking is, where did you get the idea for your OC? What inspired you to create it the way you did? Did you get ideas for your unicorn's magical powers from some movie you watched? Did you base your earth pony off of a character in your favorite sitcom? Where did the original concept for your character come from? I'll start this with mine. Rose Petal: Descant: Rag and Tag Now post your own OC's. Where did you get the idea or the inspiration to make them the way you did? Let the stories of your OC's serve as an inspiration for others.
  22. In a magical place known as Ponyville, where only ponies lived, there was a certain city up in the sky, known as Cloudsdale. In this place dwelt the species of pony known as Pegasus. These were the winged ponies who had the ability to fly. Princess Celesta, the guardian of Ponyville, and the only Pegasus Unicorn also dwelt there. A day came when two new ponies were born, a boy and a girl. The boy was yellow and the girl, blue. The girl grew a beautiful rainbow mane and so did the boy. The parents struggled with naming their two kids. Soon, they grew old enough to go to flight school. Young Pegasus in Cloudsdale learn to fly early. Both quickly learned how to fly. However, during a race, the girl performed something that had never been done before, a sonic boom, in which she flew beyond the speed of sound, only this time, it was rainbow. This is how she got her name and what was known as, a cutie mark. The cutie mark was what separated every pony apart. It represented something extraordinary. Rainbow-Dash, as she was called, would be found flying about doing various things around Ponyville, or clearing up the sky of clouds, which would only take 10 seconds. Meanwhile the boy just flew around doing nothing, or trying out his skills, which would soon be put to the test. One cloudy day, Rainbow-Dash was flying high in the sky. She was enjoying herself, until it started to rain and eventually storm. Rainbow Dash tried her best to escape the storm, but became trapped in the middle of the storm. Fifteen minutes went by and there was still no sign of Rainbow-Dash. It was still pouring rain. Everyone became worried, because without Rainbow Dash, the newspaper wouldn’t be able to spread fast. After the Wonder-bolts couldn’t find her, the boy decided to look for her himself. His parents strongly doubted he should do it, but he ignored them, because Rainbow Dash was his sister, and he was not gonna let anything happen to her. He flew into the stormy clouds. As he rounded a turn, a lightning bolt struck him, but it did not do anything. Surrounded by a veil of electricity, he continued the search. Suddenly, he heard a voice call out “Help! Somebody!” He knew it was Rainbow Dash. So he flew to where the voice was coming from. Meanwhile down on Ponyville, the parents of Rainbow Dash and the boy were worrying to no end. Back up in the storm, the boy finally arrived to the helpless Rainbow Dash. She was scared. But when she saw her brother surrounded in a veil of electricity. “WAH!! Who are you? Get away from me!!” She screamed in fright. “Nothing to be afraid of, it’s me, your brother.” Her brother said. “But, wha, h-h-how’d you get that electricity around your body?” Rainbow Dash asked in shock. “I guess…I’m immune to electricity, now, let’s get you down from here before you get hurt.” He said. So Rainbow-Dash got on her brother’s back and they both flew back down to safety. Back on the ground, Rainbow-Dash’s mother was sobbing, for she certainly knew then both were lost. Suddenly, she saw a speck in the sky. The speck came closer and closer. Two ponies were now visible. It was Rainbow-Dash and her brother. Rainbow-Dash and her brother’s mother smiled with joy, for her two children were safe. As Rainbow-Dash’s brother was recovering, he saw a gleam coming from somewhere. It was he! He had just earned his cutie mark. It was a four-way branched lighting bolt. The parents came up with a name right then: Thunder-Dash. This was because of his bravery, his speed and most of all, his electric powers. And that is the origin of Thunder-Dash.
  23. Hello everypony. So I just checked that there's no other thread that talks about this subject so let us start. So today we will be discussing Rainbow Dash's origin. Where did she come from? Who are her parents? Where are her parents? Does she have siblings? Is she the only rainbow-maned pony around? Etc. These are questions that are yet to be answered. Will these be answered in season 3 of MLP: FiM? Only time will tell young ones. Only time will tell.. Discuss your opinions on this here thread.
  24. So...celestia, for some a beloved ruler, for other a ruthless dictator who sold her own soul to the evil gods. What do you think of Celestia? How does her government work? How long has she been alive? Is she immortal? Is she a god? Is she the ruler of the world or only ponykind? What is her relationship to the other races? What's her relationship with Discord? There are those and many other questions about her. Frankly I think that she is a freak that defeated Discord and became a ruthless ruler once in the power, then after eons of being a ruler, she became a good princess. Why do I think so? In the episode in which they have that play about how unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies came to work together, Celestia wasn't the ruler of equestria or of any other race and the world was a little chaotic (I mean freezing because you're an ass? What logic is behind for that to work?) so I can assume that Discord was in charge, or that not even Discord existed yet. Whatever the thing is that Celestia had to take the power from Discord, who took it from some other being or who "unified" the land under his iron fist, before she became the one in charge and apparently a demi-god. I have to mention also that in the episode (the one about the play) there was no mention of a unicorm pegasus race anywhere. There were only the earth ponies, the unicorn and the pegasi, there was no royal family or "half breeds" like Celestia, Luna and Cadenza are. So I'm assuming that that race (unicorn pegasi) is the result of a interratial relationship between a unicorn and a pegasus (a relationship between one of the before mentioned races and an earth pony wouldn't result in anything strange. That's assuming that unicorns give birth to unicorns and pegasi to pegasi (which I'm starting to doubt since Miss cake gave birth to a unicorn and a pegasi while she was a common earth pony. If it were so that any race can birth any race it would make their society really weird. )) I also think that Celestia could be a being created with the only purpose of defeating Discord and ruling the three races. What again, would make her the puppet of a greater organization pulling the strings from behind. There's also the possibility that she was born daughter of one of the three races and although being shunned for being what she is, learnd the feeling of pain and suffering and bravely decided to free ponykind from the clutches of an evil being who was plaguing the land. (I don't like this one though...too disney.) Based on this I can say that: A) Celestia's birth was unnatural. She wasn't a born the ruler of equestria. After clearing that out I must explain why I call her a ruthless ruler. All rulers are ruthless at some point. Rulers are there to protect their people (in theory) and some times it's pretty wise to wage war or to banish other races to their certain death. She had to deal with beasts and other races like the changelings after Discord was gone. I'm sure that at first she didn't doubt to do battle whenever enemies appeared. But after hundreds or thousand of years of being a ruler she learnd how to do things better and avoid certain choices. What do you think tough? Please tell me. I must know!
  25. I was watching over all the episodes again while waiting for the new one to come out this week and I thought "Where did they come up with the name Celestia?" and I decided to look into it. I was looking "Celestia" on the internet and couldn't find it. So I decided to listen to the Yogpod (Yogscast Podcast) and I got quite a way through them and then I suddenly heard from it "Celestial Being". I stopped it and went back a few seconds and he definitely said "Celestial Being" so I thought "Wait. Celestial Being? Isn't that pretty much Princess Celestia's name?" Then I looked up Celestial Being on the internet and at first couldn't find anything and then I decided to look deeper into the depths of google and I found something that said "A Celestial Being normally refers to an angel". Angel. Don't you think this means that they just took the "L" off of Celestial and this means that Princess Celestia could be an angel or something near to it. You may also realise this could be true as Princess Celestia (and Princess Luna) have lived for over 1000 years while the other ponies do not. Do you think I am right or not? EDIT: After looking into it a bit deeper, with the help of fellow members of the forums it seems it could also be Celestial Body (representing the Sun). But if you refer back to the 1000+ life of Celestia it could also be that it would have been taken from Celestial Being AND Celestial Body meaning all they had to do was take off a letter of 1 word which refers to 2 things and that could also be another plausible way to see it as.