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Found 203 results

  1. Dabmanz

    Ask Indica Lovebreeze.

    Ask Indica Lovebreeze Art by Tiberiusmoon
  2. Welp, I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm drawing a full scene of an audio drama. Backgrounds, props, different angles, an entire conversation, the whole shebang. Yay. Okay real-talk: this is nerve-wracking for me. I'm taking a major leap from occasionally doing digital headshots of certain characters to... this. I've been practicing, and I must not be total trash for my audition to have been accepted, but it's still kind of scary. Oh well. Anyway, on to what I need. The scene I've been assigned to draw takes place in a Cloudsdale cafe, and common sense dictates that a cafe have customers within it. I don't have an OC, and no one I know personally has a Pegasus OC that I can think of. And I don't feel like looking up background Pegasi to fill in the background. Sounds like a lonely cafe. So, if you have a Pegasus OC, and would like them featured in the audio drama, post a reference for them down below. I'm hoping to get at least a dozen. If, by any chance I get more than that, I may not be able to include all of them. So, unless the list of volunteers is more barren than the Mojave, I have to ask that each person only list one OC. I need to get drawing ASAP, so time is of the essence. Two days is the longest I can put this off, so try to get them in soon. Thanks!
  3. This may sound weird or strange at first but hear me out, I’ve been wanting to create a character based on the history and unique culture of Southern Louisiana and New Orleans, (as far as personality and such it would be a “princess and the frog” kind of concept in a way) my character would also be in the 1920’s/1930’s of New Orleans and will have a sweet and loving personality i need help with advice, design/artwork, voice, or any other comments you may have thanks
  4. GreenGreenWhirlWind

    Happy holidays from Stormy Weather

    Needless to say it's been a while since the last time i've drawn a pony, but honestly i don't think this turned out too badly. This was going to be just a regular drawing at first, but during the thought process i decided to give it a slight holiday twist with the winter clothing and such, it's nothing much, but it looks nice nonetheless. Anyway, i've been thinking a lot about the weather lately: here in Brazil it gets really stormy around this time of the year, thus for the last few weeks or so i've been hearing a lot of rain, thunder and lightning coming from outside my house, which eventually inspired my new OC: my fellow users, say hello to Stormy Weather! She's a young adult pegasus, would probably be around her early 20s at most if she were a human, born and raised in Cloudsdale by her mother Stormy Tide and her father Heavy Weather; both of them weather ponies, and ever since she got her cutie mark she had wanted to follow their hoofsteps. Now that she's grown, Stormy works at the rain division* of the weather team, specifying in heavy rains and thunderstorms, it only makes sense: Stormy Weather's talent is, as her name would imply, causing storms. Weather is a mare of above-average height and somewhat athletic build, traits that she shares in common with her father, but still retains an overall feminine appearance. Backstory: Personality: Commentary:
  5. Core

    Been a long time :3

    Oh my.. been a long time since I've been here.. I think it was back in 2015 I was here last Hohoo~ Well.. here's my newest drawings at least.
  6. So, @Sunset Rose told me that there were some people around here in the need of cat horse. So I'm here to fulfill your cat horse needs! Here she is, the cat horse herself; Cheshire AKA Cheshers. Feel free to ask her anything, pet her even. Just be careful. She bites.
  7. Hello, I know this might seem like a silly question, but if I want to submit my OC's for say critique or just to introduce my OC, which forum topic should I do it in? Thank you, Jason
  8. I see a LOT of "help! My OC needs a name!" So… seeing as how I do enjoy helping, I thought I'd start a naming thread. If you have an OC, or are just writing an MLP fanfic that needs background ponies, names can be a right challenge. Especially since the MLPverse has a bit of a naming format. But just call me Bastian Balthazar Bux! Because giving names is a favourite past time of mine. (Okay, that reference may be a little dated, but Never Ending Story is still a classic!) Just post with a little description of your OC, include as much as you can: Cutie Mark, Colours, occupation, relations if possible… maybe a few personality traits (like lazy, hyper, talkative, friendly, emo, stuff like that)… I'll reply with name suggestions. And (hooves crossed) others can put their suggestions in, too.
  9. fuwafuwakitty

    Marshmallow Cloud [OC]

    Since I call the ponies little marshmallow floofs I decided to make a character which I named Marshmallow Cloud.
  10. fuwafuwakitty

    2 New Pony OCs

    Two new OC pones XD First one, Little Raindrop Second one, Sneezy Firefly
  11. Hello there! I'm Tealeaf, otherwise known as the artist EnigmaticWisp. I'm not a professional artist by any stretch of the imagination and I don't claim to be, but I have devoted a very large amount of time to character design and the mlp fandom as a whole. While I would love to be able to give just a general guideline for you all to utilize, I feel like sometimes a nice, personal approach can be more helpful. That's what I'm here to offer! You can ask me for advice on general stuff such as color schemes, names, or other aspects of the creating process, or you can feel free to just present your character for analysis. Whichever method is more comfortable for you is completely fine, but I do have a question for you to answer and a form for you to fill out so that I can assist a little bit easier. It's preferable if you have a visual reference, although not necessary. What specifically are you having difficulty with, or are you here purely out of curiosity? This will help me assess your design a little better, with a critique tailored a bit more to your needs. Once you've answered that question, please remember to feel out this form about your character to the best of your ability: Name- Personality- Bio- Appearance- Cutiemark- Don't worry if you couldn't fill it all out c: It's just basic stuff to get you started and help me with the criticism portion of this thread. Now that that's out of the way, allow me to help ease any concerns you might have by showing you some of my own old character designs (from oldest to newest), because I definitely wasn't always very good at the character creation process. Therefore, you don't need to be nervous about asking for help or opinions on a design for any reason, even if you aren't entirely comfortable with the artwork yet. This is the fastest, best way to improve c: Note- I will try to make your criticisms more in-depth and specific than what you see below. Alora and Eris I'm going to start with two of my oldest characters together. As you can see, their designs were both very complicated, but their flaws were more than just in their physical appearance. Alora represented life, and Eris represented death. They were very overpowered, unnecessarily so, and many aspects of their design were downright thoughtless. There cutiemarks were overly complex without having a clear symbolic meaning. In terms of mechanics, they technically weren't alicorns, but I gave them just as much if not more ability than the canon alicorns, which is a huge no-no, not only in terms of show accuracy, but also in terms of character development because it limits them from character growth. In the show, the only characters with genuinely powerful magic are characters who's talents revolve solely around magic, but I made two excessively powerful characters here without putting focus on that ability. They were literally just powerful for the sake of being powerful, and that's never a good thing. I don't think I need to explain in too much detail why their physical designs were poor. When designing, it's important to ask, "why?" It took me a while to let go of the weird horn shapes and unnecessary butt mark details. Stardust After Alora and Eris, I went through a few other characters such as an immensely powerful shadow alicorn and a half-dog grimdark unicorn thing, but I'm going to skip those and move onto the next prominent stage in my designing. Stardust here was the first really well developed character, although she had some problems as well. Theoretically, I designed her as an apprentice to Luna who painted constellations for the princess to raise. My biggest problem though, again, was that I simply couldn't bring myself to stick to only a single talent. Her cutiemark was too complex, making the meaning very deluded. At this time, I was also still really stuck on neutral tones with blue and green, which honestly needs to be executed with more care when it comes to the plausible mlp universe. In general, though, she was much MUCH better than either Alora or Eris ever were. Picture Print That second image up there was by Cappydarn on DA, and I'm honestly still proud of it. Picture Print was my first genuine, thought-through character. Now, your character obviously doesn't have to be accurate canonically to be good, but having some semblance of realism is very helpful. Picture Print was also more honest to myself than my previous characters, and her talent was specific. To this day, I still have difficulties shunning her given as to how personal she was to me, and I'm still pretty proud about how I got around the no-magic, no-holding ordeal by turning her tail into a paintbrush. Around this time, I also had a deer character named Ahri that I liked a lot at the time c: M. Tealeaf My current primary character is Misty Tealeaf. For her, I think I've put more thought into than any of my previous characters. I stepped away from the greys because they were a trap for me, and powered her down compared to my other, older MLP unicorns. In the time between this character and my previous ones, I definitely improved my drawing ability a lot, but the ability to draw does not make your character better or worse. This character is technically better to me because I conceptualized her a lot more. I made her realistic, but also interesting. She's a unicorn pony with a special talent in potion-making. She's nomadic, similar to a gypsy, and travels with a mobile potion shop. I even added in a quaint little quirk for her where she likes to drink tea out of potion bottles, much to the shock of other ponies. Even her name was given more thought than my other characters. Her first name, Misty is in reference to her magic being white and her hair being blue like water. Her last name hints at her base coat color while also subtly referencing her talent in combining botanical ingredients to form new substances (potions).
  12. ChubbyBunny

    Sugar Tail Reference (OC)

    I decided to come up with a reference for my OC, Sugar Tail.
  13. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Visual Art My Final Oc

    He is still a work in progress, but finally coming along. He is not really a deer, but a deer canine hybrid. More will be revealed as he is worked on.
  14. fuwafuwakitty

    HI! I'M NEW~

    Hello~ I am fuwafuwakitty, but you can just call me Kittie. I am a 19 year old illustrator from Australia. I draw ponies and anime styled characters, mostly original stuff, but I do some fanarts too. Feel free to comment however you like, I don't mind criticism on my art, as long as it is constructive and I can learn from it. I hope you enjoy seeing my art on here Here is my Ponysona illustration. <3
  15. Hello Everyone! I am currently working on a youtube channel to make my own Pony animations. While I am working on my first video, I decided to make a tutorial to show people how to make there own! Here is the video: If you find the video hard to follow, here is how to do it written down: Link To Pony Creator: CODES TO USE IN PONY CREATOR: 1: 000005000352336000018325006026013000344000000000 2: 000316355007348359010340006010288000354000000000 3: 000316355026348359007354006001284001357000000000 4: 000300356032003348010346025351260034343000000000 5: 000333356032003348010341025351256089322000000000 6: 000341351024003348008346025347292064337000000000 7: 000344354016013348356351027342315057348000000000 8: 000350358008302348017351350355309057349000000000 9: 000358000000302357017015352345333057332000000000 10: 000008358348302002018343009349349049328000000000 11: 000321358359334356018342005010000017339000000000 Full Tutorial: Step 1: Go to Pony Creator (link above) Step 2: Create the pony you want to animate Step 3: Paste the first code found above in the "pose" section under "advanced" (at the bottom) of the pony creator game. Then save the image in a new folder. Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for ever single code. Step 5: Move all Frames saved into a video editing software. Step 6: Make each frame move approximately 4 pixels (I find this to work best) in one direction. Then your done ================================================================ Post any questions in the comments
  16. So I'm a recent graduate with a BFA in creative writing for entertainment and I have this idea for a superhero character. He's an anthropomorphic animal in a world like ours who fights evil with martial arts training. Think like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks, or the Mighty Ducks. Except dissimilar to the Turtles who mutated pretty early into their lives and the Ducks who are just that way because that's there species, my character is more similar to the Sharks in being transformed later in life when they have time to grapple with their new nature. Except that dynamic is in reverse. My character was a simple beast living in the wild and was then uplifted to human level sentience, intelligence, and similar body shape. (Island of Dr. Moreau style) Who is then taken in by a kind master and taught inner discipline and control as well as ethics and humanity. His main struggle is that because he's spent most of his life with nothing but raw instinct to guide him, he has to actively suppress such instincts in order to live a life even approaching that of a human which he desperately wants to be like. Not that he hates himself but after experiencing the wonderful complexities and depth of thought and emotion that can be analyzed and understood only with sentience, he doesn't want to be the baser creature he once was. While I'm not adverse to getting a chuckle out of scenarios, I do wish that the character's instincts actually make human-like life difficult or even dangerous to himself and others. Problem now is, I can't decide which animal I would like him to be. I'm thinking dog or perhaps wolf-dog to better express his dual nature but both those seem a tad played out. I was thinking maybe an elephant since it would make fighting evil and domestic life interesting since he'd be more akin to a full sized Autobot than the Ninja Turtles, problem with that is that it becomes increasingly difficult to up the ante until he's fighting kaiju. One of my friends suggested a sloth, which was probably a joke but it did get me thinking that rather than inner savagery he's trying to battle instinctive lethargy. I was maybe considering a tiger to better tie him to his kung fu but that seems both a tad predictable and there's not much I could do story wise aside from further martial arts tropes. Which while I'm a strong proponent that the genre can be used in more ways it's often thought of, I would nominally prefer more tools to work with rather than one. What do you guys think? Do any of my stated ideas seem good or do you have suggestions for another animal he could be?
  17. Cheeto Puff

    Sugar Pencil's design

    Yo people! I forgot to post this one, but yh. I've decided to redraw a old oc of mine called Sugar Pencil, and yes, she's supposed to be Sweet Pen's young sister. I changed some stuff, but she's the same on personality. Before 2013 After 2016
  18. Cheeto Puff

    Mama Pen

    Just something i've made for fun to a friend on DeviantArt~ Mama Pen and baby Moon Dream~
  19. Cheeto Puff

    New Kingdom

    Hello everypony~ So, I just decided to mess around with my OC and her desire of becoming the new ruler of Equestria. Have Sweet Pen as a alicorn sitting on Tia's throne and wearing her stuff.
  20. So here's old news: Someone married Twilight Sparkle. Crazy, right? WRONG. That just goes to show true, freakin', love. That means if you go so far as think about TwiTwi, you're in trouble. It means some men in black suits are gonna buck you against A wall and watch you release sweet raspberry aid from unknown places. (Wow, graphic much?) As I said above, that's old news. How is this a tale? I was looking at it last night; there's your story. I was sitting on the computer and looking at AJ... stuff... when google went off-topic and started throwing lassoed Twilight and tight, revealing, Toy Chica pics. (Seriously, Google, what's up with that?) You know, I actually have nothing against someone having an intimate relationship with a cartoon horse. Just uh... don't touch my AJ. Y-Yeah, don't do that. Marriage with a cartoon character? Go for it! I mean, if anyone will let you, which seeing how old that article was, I take it he did find someone to initiate the bond. Now, as I said before, I have absolutely nothing against having a marital relationship with a waifu, but... this... I-I just can't. (message in attachments below) Of course, this is a touchy subject. And, if he happens to be on this forum, he and I will probably have a long discussion about how much I would rather abstain from violating his pony... wife... oo? So what do I really think about this whole situation? It's... uh... Let's just say I don't exactly approve the entire scene. Now, I know there's going to be a mob at my door screaming, "Love comes in all shapes and sizes", and... that's... kind of true? You know, becoming the husband of a pony princess is one thing, but giving marital advice to those who donate? No. In the message, he clearly states (and it's underlined) that he'd been married for over a year with TwiTwi. In terms of experience, that's kind of cheating when you're literally dragging around a home-made ball of fabric around the Walmart while talking to yourself with a high-pitched voice. I exceedingly doubt that counts as anything noteworthy. If it is, then I'm going to be the next Sigmund Freud. I think the most twisted part of this whole situation comes from the fact that he's not the only one with a hormonal lust for Twilight. There's other peeps who want the same shot as you, dude. I just wonder how his parents reacted. -RealityPublishing
  21. Cheeto Puff

    Sunset Lull

    My OC Nescau Zwart, under a tree, looking at the beautiful sunset with her black mamba pet, Halál. Just testing my skill of painting backgrounds, nothing much actually.
  22. Today I randomly felt like starting to draw a pony OC. It was my first time drawing a pony and isn't a final version. I wanted feedback on the drawing and anything else in general. Here is some info about my OC. Also, I drew this on a sticky note ;3 Name: Serena (For now. What do you guys think of a name like this for a pony?) Race: Alicorn (Well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I like the idea of her being an alicorn. :3) Backstory: None at the moment. Since I'm being that guy who makes his OC an alicorn I don't plan to give her a backstory of lolipops and kisses. I have to compensate some how. Can't have a perfect pony after all, they just don't exist. If I ever get into writing maybe I could make a fic of her backstory ;3 Color Scheme: I planned on making her black but then it hit me... luna. So I think I'll make her either gray or a dark cyan sort of color. Her mane is going to the other of the two options, most likely. Things might change. Cutie Mark: No clue. This will most likely come after I've written a backstory. I need something to base it off of. Plans: I for one know I made her too long. This was my first time after all. I plan to make her not as long aswell and (maybe) adding a jacket. I like the idea of a jacket but I'm a noob drawer and am not sure whether I can pull it off. I'll see later ;3 ---- So yah feedback appreciated. Also, I would like to draw on my pc (photoshop) but I don't know a good technique. Drawing with the mouse always ends in horrible lines. Anyone here who draws on pc have any tips? Thanks!
  23. Aurora Rains

    Gemma (fanfic in the works)

    Male voice “I've never seen anything like that before. Is it normal for a filly just born” Female voice “What does it mean?” Male voice “I'm not sure” I don't know why I remember such young memories. Don't think it's really normal. But I still remember what my parents said the first time they saw me. Getting your cutie mark late is normal. But to be born with one was never heard of. Eyes don't work so well when you're that young. Only the things closest to your face truly come into focus. Now I don't remember everything from those days. My parents tried to enroll me into Celestia's magic school but I was turned down. Not because I didn't have the skills to perform their test but because I refused to even try the tests. I didn't want to be there with everyone staring at me. I get enough of that back home in Manehatten. The filly born marked, wish I had known at the time what that mark meant. If I had maybe I would have done their tests and stayed there. It would have been the smarter choice but I was young. Often we don't make the smarter choices when were young. Moons passed and I did what I could to help out around our home. I remember the younger filly next door getting her cutie mark. The Seeds family was so excited for her. It did make me happy also. She was getting picked on for some time. Although she did seam to get a confidence boost after coming back from a visit to her family in the country. I should have stood up for her at least once. Well at least she knew what her mark meant. The day she got her mark I was standing in my room just staring at my own in the mirror, hating it. A splash of stars in the constellation of Gemma. My mother had decided to name me after it. Even in my name I couldn't get away from it. Mother came into my room after the seeds left to tell me about their daughter's mark. Mother opened my door without knocking and started going on and on about how the youngest seeds was destined to be an amazing hair stylist and my anger started to grow. I hated myself and the mark I was born with. The mark that meant nothing and the name that reminded me of that every day. The feeling swelled in me to the point that I couldn't even hear my mother's voice any longer. It encompassed me surging then exploding a thousand brilliant and burning stars filling the room. A little voice in my head told me to close my eyes but I couldn't. They stayed open and wide looking at the wonder I just created. Then the pain as the light seared into my sight. Instinct took over and I closed my eyes and teleported. I'd learned to teleport at a young age to get away from those who would stare at me now my own staring has forced me to do it again. I'm not sure how much time passed before my heart slowed and I calmed down. The tears rolled down my face from the pain in my eyes. I didn't think of a real location when I used the spell. I panicked and the only thing I could think of was the stories mother use to read me. Of the mysterious dark forests with their tall trees. Little fillies should be scared of such stories but I always wanted to see them. A place away from other ponies. Away from watching and judging eyes. Slowly I lifted my lids. They felt heavy and strange on my face. My ears pivoted trying to catch sounds around me. Birds? There are no wild birds flying around Manehatten. The sound of a snapping branch forced me to open my eyes fully and swing my head in the direction. “For the love of Celestia, I can't see!” I strained to focus my eyes blurs slowly flowing into stars dancing across my my vision. Threw them I saw it propped up on it's front legs. The news papers had pictures of them and stories of what happened at the wedding in Canterlot. The changeling snarled at me and pulled itself up to three legs before falling down to it's side in a heap. I could have walked away. Just like I did when the little Seed filly was getting teased. Not only was this a changeling but no pony was here to see. It looked so helpless lying there. Was it the last of them left? My head start to pain me from concentrating to see threw my starry vision. There was only pain in my heart at that moment so I was in no danger of it trying to feed on me. But it would need to eat. Other than love what could it eat. My head swirled with the memories of those old fairy tales. The one about the hen and her eggs kept playing over and over again in my mind. How in olden times pony folk believed the eggs to be filled with love and would use them in potions because of it. I tilted my ears and listened for the birds from earlier. Their nest was small but not to easy to pull down with a simply levitation. Their squawking made my head hurt even worse. I checked the nest out, ok only eggs no chicks. That was a relief. I placed the nest in front of the changeling then backed away managing to trip over the foliage in the process. It's eyes snapped open with a fierce growl and focused on me. “I'm not going to hurt you. I got you some eggs to eat, there in the nest. It's not your normal food but please just try it,” my head was slowly getting beyond the point I could bear, my eyes losing their focus giving way to the stars allowing me to see only the faint outlines of my surroundings. Closing my eyes I waited expecting it to find the strength and lunge at me. Slowly the growling softened then stopped. Next was the sound of the egg shells cracking open and the last protest of the birds as they flew off to build another nest and start over again. The breath released from me in an exhausted shudder. My body shook partially from the chill in the air and mostly from the fear of my situation. to be continued...
  24. Ghostweaver

    Ghostweaver's Art Thread

    Here's a really quick something I whipped up of my OC, Ghostweaver. I'm not terribly satisfied with it since I'm so out of practice, but it's nice to have a visual reference for her at least. Thought I'd share. (:
  25. So, I am writing an MLP fan fic, but I need to check if my OCs are to Mary Sue (not all of them are mine, so don't blame me for all of them). The fan fic is of a war between the two sisters that's happening but it doesn't launch it straight away, it happens after three or so chapters. My first OC is Princess Noctis, my main OC that I have edited a lot over the past few years. (Please don't judge her on her sister or Spyro Jack, they are my friends' OCs) Basics Name: Princess Noctis Nickname(s): Noctis, Noc Gender: Mare Species: Bat pony alicorn Age: filly Birthday: Dec 21st (longest night) Sexuality: Straight Allegiance: Luna Republic (At first), Peace Corp (Later) Appearance Body colour: Really dark blue Body type: Tall, thin (not too thin though) Mane & tail colour/style: Dark blue, young Luna (bit more ragged, no swirls) Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever): none Eyes: Light, piercing blue Cutie mark: Crescent moons with mane-coloured, sparkly mist and bat wings Accessories: - Height: 1.3m (average fillies are about 1-1.2m) Weight: 13 KG ~ 24 KG Notable features: Bat wings, slitted pupils, fangs Other: - Personality Personality in general: shy, timid, smart, clever, intelligent, claustrophobic, cheeky Fatal flaw: shy Likes: night, the moon, the outdoors, bats, wolves Dislikes: sunlight, bugs, bullies, the colours pink and green, walking Favorite food: Apples Favorite book: Flutterbat Favorite pony: Fluttershy Favorite animal: Bats Favorite song: Twinkle twinkle little star Favorite place: outside (night time) Other favorites: racing, flying, speed, silence Least favorite Food: grass and hay Other least favorites: houses, buildings Daily life Place of residence: Canterlot/ Ponyville Occupation: S.M.I.L.E agent Talents: flying, moon-raising, bats Hobbies: flying, racing Friends and family Mother: Princess Luna Father: Prince Nyx Siblings: Princess Apocalypse Other relatives: Princess Celestia, Princess Solis, Princess Apocalypse Lover/spouse: Spyro Jack Offspring: - Friends: Sky (bat), Figura (changeling), Discord Enemies: King Sombra, Tirek, Princess Solis Pets: A blue phoenix she gains part way through the book Magic Powers: Alicorn magic Super hearing Super sight Can communicate with bats, wolves and other similar creatures Do they like using magic? Yes because it reminds her of her twin Flying Wings: Bat wings Wingspan: 3m Top flying speed: 8000+ mph (rainbow dash flys at about 7600+ mph) Does your character like flying? Yes, being pretty much raised by bats Do they use flying in their daily life? Yes, she prefers flying to walking Other info Theme song: Stop the bats ( )Quote: “YOLO!!” Any other info on your character: she gets tired during the day but awake at night Backstory: Birth Noctis was born the way most other natural born alicorns are. It is a magical event and Luna and Nyx were both ready for it. Magic spiraled up both their horns and then they touched. This sent cosmic fireworks into the air which exploded into thousands of stars that showered down all over Equestria and lit up the sky. This went on for quite a while and then the biggest one exploded far above Luna and Nyx’s head and sent a giant metor-like star slowly descend towards the two lovers. Just as it was 5 or 6 metres above Luna and her husband a group of bats passed through the light. Apon the passing, the star grew brighter. Then it touched the ponies’ horns and knocked them both backwards with an explosion. Now there was a bat shape scorched into the ground and on either wing there was a foal, one with a ragged, dark blue mane and tail and an even darker body and the other with a black and red mane and tail constantly changing colour with her black body. These cute offsprings of Luna and Nyx weren’t normal alicorns though. They had bat wings and fangs. Nyx was shocked and was scared of the child, but Luna being Luna, was kind and caring to her her newborn foal. 2 yrs Noctis had always had speech problems, if it wasn’t for her tutor, Fluttershy, she probably would still be speaking high pitched squeals which only Fluttershy, bats and other bat-ponies understood. You see, this young filly had been having secret midnight outings to see the bats, who had taught her their language. They also taught her to fly. 5 yrs Now she was starting preschool, the filly had learnt most the pony language and could speak it fluently. She now spends most her time with Fluttershy or out at night and now sleeps upside down. She was quite lucky to have such an amazing sister who stood up to the bullies for her. Her twin also teaches her magic. 8 yrs The age she was when she got her cutiemark, she was flying out at sun-set, but Luna, her mum, had overslept so she couldn’t raise the moon. Noctis was worried, so decided to take matters into her own hands and raise it herself. She brought up the large silver ball and when she came down, she noticed something. Her cutiemark! 12 yrs Now, Noctis was at the same social level as the others (pretty much) and is starting school. Luna at first tried to get them into Canterlot High, but they were full. Luna realised that schooling in Ponyville would be the only other option, so she sent them there. Luna told the CMC (they had grown up to about 17 horse years) that they had to help look after the younger counterpart of their club. I might have to edit the backstory a bit, oh and she's the element of peace (new set of elements) (credit to the maker of the form: