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Found 14 results

  1. So my first post is gonna be on my mlp ocs. Two of the my ocs I have, have been with me for a while and have had many changes done to them. If you want to know more about my ocs go ahead and ask me. Most of them are still in the process of being developed. My Little Pony Ocs Mains Ocean Whiplash; Pegasus; Mare; Young Adult; Straight CrystalBreak; Earth Pony; Non Binary; Late Adolescent; Asexual [WIP] Minors SpectrumBlast; Pegasus; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay Prince Comet Shower; Unicorn; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay FeatherTurner; Earth Pony; Mare; Late Adolescent; Straight OnyxShine; Bat Pony; Stallion; Adult; Pansexual
  2. So yes, I decided to post a smol thread about my recent artworks, aka Traditional Arts. (I've lost my notebook, so no digital artworks for a while). You can find more artworks on my DeviantArt page : Sketch 1 - Chantilly Sketch 2 - Demon Tamsa Sketch 3 - Discord Sketch 4 - Static Sketch 5 - Eyes Sketch 6 - Vida Loka Sketch 7 - Cyber Sketch 8 - Past
  3. Just something i've made for fun to a friend on DeviantArt~ Mama Pen and baby Moon Dream~
  4. So, I've decided to make this thread to post recent artworks made for others or just for fun, so it wouldn't be necessary to keep creating different threads. I'm accepting requests, so if you wish for one, send a PM for me. PS: Large Images Who calls? Bad Girl Gotta Kick Magician Paint it Black
  5. I'm back again if time permits me. Since I'm in College I don't have time to do mucb of anything for myself. xD But I am able to post my art to you guys. (I should've put art in my tags. xD) First thing's first, here's my OC Relic in his own Style: Here's him close up as a kid: Now, here's are others OCs that they requested. Most of these I might have posted on my other post, but I'm just showing them again: Let me know what you guys think. I'll post some more later. c:
  6. Hi! In this topic I will post my art, and news. My artist name is Lya, and in my free time I draw ponies. Mostly illustrations, concept arts and character design for a Roleplay named Kezsüel. (I'm playing in this RP with my friends) Also I like draw anthro and humanized ponies, sometimes making OCs and working on a comic. (I hope I will finish when summer starts.) Sometimes I do art trades too. Sorry for my english, it's not my native language. You can find me there: livestream derpibooru tumblr deviantArt Some of my work: more:
  7. You can read about them in the rp character database ouo Chamomile: Star Catcher:
  8. Changelings exist to serve the queen. They have a standard and uniform appearance, because they can transform and look however they need to. So what's the appeal of changeling OCs? When you give them a unique personality or a unique appearance, doesn't it defeat the point of being a changeling? I just would like to know why it happens.
  9. I am planning on making an Adventure story in which 5 male ponies traverse the Frozen North. The Five Ponies are: Starswirl (Unicorn): Descendant of Starswirl the bearded and obviously named after him. He is an introvert and a book worm with an inferiority complex due to himself being named after Starswirl. He unconsciously put himself to the task to following the footsteps of the original Starswirl and devoted his life to magic. Beat Ballad (Unicorn): An expert Musician and composer. He is well known throughout Equestria for his upbeat and happy orchestrations. He has a unique magical ability in which he can manipulate the air to create sound waves that can mimic any type of sound. Decided to go to the Frozen North to view the Aurora Borealis. Star Hunter (Pegasus): A lover of the stars and astronomy. He decided to leave to the Frozen north to see the different stars and constellation visible in the North Pole. Cheese Sandwich (Earth Pony): The same Cheese from Pinkie Pride. His Cheesy sense tells him that the next party that he must throw is in Marebanks (pun on Fairbanks Alaska) a Frozen Pony City in the North Western Part of the Frozen North. Steamer (Earth Pony): Conductor of the Friendship express. There is a route that the Express takes once every 6 months to the city of Marebanks. It is a dangerous trek, and Steamer was put in charge of the route for the first time. Synopsis of the story: The Friendship Express gets derailed due to a raging Blizzard. Luckily the Ponies in the train were able to escape. Starswirl makes a magical barrier to shield the group from the storm. Star Hunter spots a mountain and a cave with his telescope, and the group travels towards the mountain to seek shelter from the storm. The story goes from there while the 5 ponies encounter various dangers and wonders in the Frozen North. Would this fic be worth making? I am not really that knowledgeable about other's fanfics, so is there anyone else who made something like this already?
  10. This is a story I wrote a few years ago that I haven't shown anyone just because I didn't know many people; I decided putting it on the internet would gather more readers. It isn't based on any fandom; it's completely original, and I'm posting it here just because I want as many people as possible to see it. Potential Grimdark Warning: While when I was writing it I wasn't meaning for it to be particularly dark, looking back over it I realize not everyone sees things the same way as I do. For those of you of an emotionally sensitive bent, there's some screwed-up stuff in this. Again, I was actually in a pretty good mood while I wrote most of this, but even while I wasn't specifically trying to create unpleasant emotions, some readers may react in that manner. Anyway, with that out of the way, please also ignore every characters' name in this; I had a very embarrassing idea of what cool meant back then. All feedback is welcome and much desired! Thanks for your time! Ok, I fixed the link now so it actually works. *facehoof* I think my internet prowess has actually been getting worse.
  11. Video tutorial on how to animate Original Characters using puppet rigs: have questions? Post a reply! I will make sure to answer it, or add me on skype: jackbtroop62 Please like the video if you found it helpful! Also, please consider subscribing if you want to see some more of my animations and tutorials.
  12. I haven't watched any of the third season as of yet, so I have no idea if Rainbow Dash's parents have been mentioned. This is just a short story of who I think they were, how they met, etc. It's my first story on here as well as my first fan-fiction of any kind. (MLP seems to have inspired me to make an exception to my usual "no fanfic" writing attitude). The two above pictures are ones that I made and they are on my DA. They're just some visual aids for the story ^^ Enjoy. (Sorry if it sucks. I've never written a story in a forum before so I don't really know how it works and stuff ^^;; ) ~Part One~ *Sonic Sound* Little miss. One of the shyest mares, though once she becomes your friend there's no shutting the gal up. Plus, she doesn't take kindly to ponies being rude. Despite being one of the faster flyers in Cloudsdale, she prefers having her feet planted. Why? You see, her passion isn't flying and she doesn't aspire to be in any if the flying teams. No, she'd much rather be singing away, her voice carrying through Cloudsdale like the city's very own theme song. Nopony minds hearing her voice and, as a matter of fact, the pegasi love listening to her sing while they work or play. Her name is very well suited from her, since her voice can carry through the whole city clearly. ~~~~ Padding along the cloud streets of Cloudsdale, Sonic Sound looked around. All sorts of ponies were already gathering. Pegasi, unicorns, even some earth ponies were arriving to the cloud city. Tomorrow would be the annual flying competition where the best flyer would be named. Sonic had to duck every now and then, since other pegasi were constantly flying above her, practicing loops and other tricks. "Are you entering this year Sonic?" somepony asked. She turned to see a friend flying to her, much slower than the practicing ponies. "If you say no, I'm going to be mad," the white mare said. "Lily," Sonic said affectionately, stopping. "No, I won't be participating this year. You know I don't really have an interest in these sort of events." "Well you should be! I know how fast you can fly and it's time everypony else knew too," Lily replied, landing and stomping her hoof, making small pieces of cloud float into the air. Sonic laughed lightly, about to reply when suddenly she was knocked down, hard enough to break a hole into the cloud they'd been standing on. Reacting quickly, Sonic's wings spread and she managed to straighten herself out. Somewhat angrilly, she turned to face her assailant. A blue stallion, flapping his wings and shaking his head furiously. "Ow, jeez! I really need to work on that move," he muttered to himself. Ignoring Sonic, he looked up at the hole, where another unfamiliar stallion and Lily stood, looking down. "Oops," he said, snickering a little. "You really need to work on watching where you're flying!" she shouted at him, kicking a small puff of cloud at him. As if barely noticing her, he turned with a rather smug look on his face. "Well! Maybe you shouldn't be STANDING where other ponies are practicing!" he retorted. "You shouldn't practice where ponies are standing!" Sonic shouted back. The other pegasus looked at her, a smirk appearing on his face. "I'm sorry," he said in a sharp, yet quiet, voice. "I might've seen you if you weren't so small, bean-sprout," he said. His eyes narrowed challengingly, as if knowing he would tick her off by saying that. Tick her off he did. Sonic flapped her wings furiously and snorted angrilly. "Bean-sprout? Small?" she repeated, nostrils flaring. Taking on her own smirk, she huffed. "I may be small, but if you were a better flyer, you wouldn't have hit anything." "Better flyer?" now it was the stallion's turn to look infuriated. "Yup. Even if I hadn't been there, you would've crashed anyway," Sonic replied, looking at him slyly. "Good flyers don't hit ANYTHING." He snorted, "Bean-sprout, I'm the best flyer all of Equestria has ever seen!" Sonic flew up and through the hole, followed closely by him. Landing beside Lily again, she rolled her eyes. "Right," she replied sarcastically. "I'm a better flyer than you, I bet!" he said, narrowing his eyes. She huffed a little, getting even more agitated. "As if! I could beat you with my eyes closed!" she replied. "Why don't you two let the judges decide tomorrow?" the other stallion said, presumably the friend of the rude, blue one. Lily spoke up, half-smiling, "Oh, but Sonic here isn't--" Sonic interrupted. "I am now Lily," she said, glaring at the rude stallion. "You're in for a surprise tomorrow! All of Equestria will know that the best flyer is me!" (I know it's not much and the singing part of Sonic didn't really come into play, but later on it will. I hope you like it so far, hopefully it'll get better ^^) *Part Two* ~Swift Spark~ Born in Ponyville, this pegasus has lived most of his life with his feet on the ground but his head in the clouds. Literally. From a young age, he's done daily training routines to prepare himself for the annual Cloudsdale flying competition. Eight years straight he has competed, though he's only won first place two times and the rest he comes in second or third. This year, however, he planned on taking the first prize and impressing one of the judges. The judge happened to be the captain of a flight team called the Thunder-Strikes, a team that Swift had been wanting to get into since he was a young colt. Rather than impressing them at try-outs, he decided he'd take the cake at the competition. He wanted to make sure that all of Equestria knew the name of Swift Spark. ~~~~ "Can you believe the nerve of some ponies?" Swift grumbled as they flew away from the two mares. Sure, he'd accidentally flown into her, but that was no reason to be so rude. Imagine, telling him he wasn't a good flyer! His friend, a dark brown stallion named Obscure, laughed gently. "You punched a hole through a cloud with her, what did you expect her to say?" he teased. "It was an accident, she didn't have to be so rude," Swift countered, pouting a little. "Anyway, after tomorrow, she'll be one of the many ponies to witness my true greatness." Obscure shook his head and bumped hime aside. "Alright Sparky," he said, looking thoughtful. "Just don't underestimate that philly, she did look pretty ticked and I'm sure she wasn't just bluffing. Besides, she wouldn't enter the competition if she thought she'd lose." "Everypony knows there's a chance of losing when they enter a contest," Swift Spark replied, flicking an ear, "And don't call me Sparky!" The rest of the day was spent in an empty space of the clear blue sky, not too far from Cloudsdale (it seemed that Swift Spark had learned not to fly in a place full of ponies). Swift Spark weaved in and out, up and around clouds, going through the same routine over and over again. He practiced until his wings locked from exhaustion and he floated down onto a soft cloud. Obscure Cloud landed beside him, more steadily since he hadn't practiced as hard. Laying down, the two friends stared up at the darkening sky as the stars began to appear. "You shouldn't have exhausted yourself like that," Obscure said, sighing a little. "Don't worry, I'll be nice and well-rested by tomorrow," he replied, closing his eyes and starting to doze off within seconds. Obscure cleared his throat after a moment, "Swift, there's something I have to tell you." "Yes?" "After this, I'm not going back to Ponyville." Swift Spark, despite his tiredness, shot straight up and looked at his friend from foalhood. "What? What do you mean? Like, vacation or..." he asked, looking confused. "No... I'm not ever going back. I'm heading to Canterlot..." Obscure replied, not looking directly at the blue stallion. For a moment, Swift relaxed, but quickly tensed back up. "But why? I mean... If I win tomorrow, I'll probably head off to Canterlot myself, but... What if I lose? I won't be able to visit you often." Obscure sighed and sat up. "I... Remember when I went to visit my aunt and uncle?" he asked, his voice quiet. "Yes," Swift replied, nodding curiously. "Well... I met a philly... And... I really like her. After the competition... I'm going to go back and stay with her... I'm planning on asking her to marry me." Swift's whole world suddenly seemed to be crashing down. Not only was his best friend leaving him, but he was leaving him for a mare. Not only that, but his friend hadn't told him about this mare. He'd had plenty of time to tell him, it had been three or so months since Obscure had returned from Canterlot, but he broke it to him now? Now of all evenings? The one before the most important flying competition of Swift Spark's life? That didn't hurt as much as the fact that... They were best friends who had always shared everything. But the most important decision of his life and Obscure had hid it from him? "I understand if you're angry," Obscure said gently. "I just... Didn't know how to tell you before." Swift sighed and let his head fall. His tired wings flapped and he lifted away from his so-called-best-friend. "I'm going to sleep," was all he said. That was all he could do. He was tired, but sad too. More sad than tired now. He wanted to yell at his friend and tell him exactly what he thought about all of this, but he just couldn't muster the strength to do so. He remembered when they were young colts, running (flying) around playing. They promised to be best-friends forever, no matter what. That was going to be a lot harder than Swift had imagined. He had known that Obscure, and himself, would one day get married and live new lives but... He hadn't imagined it happening this way. Though... Swift felt a twinge of jealousy deep down. His friend had finally found his somepony special and was growing up, leaving him behind. (Oh no, what's going on~? Sorry for the random commentary down here. Anyway, I know right now it seems so very irrelevant to what you may be thinking, but please bare with me. I'll be bringing it all together later, I promise.)
  13. Here is a project I have been working on for weeks. It features some OC ponies you may recognize. My goal was to create a Mane Six out of the ponysonas of people I know. Gender ratio and species ratio had to be equal. Luckily, I have succeeded. The picture is a little large, so I'd recommend clicking on it to see it at its full resolution: (Further information and babbling comments about this art can be found within the following spoiler. It tells you the names of all the OCs in the picture.)
  14. Hello everypony, I need some help finding more characters for this idea I have. Basically it's MLP mixed with Silent Hill, and NOT based off of the Silent Ponyville fan fiction. Please watch this video and if you want to please post your Original Pony character's name, personality and backstory in the comment.