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Found 17 results

  1. I really wonder what caused the makers to use boots for the initial EqG characters, since most foot fashion that was directed towards women (as I know) usually consisted of high heels. Was it due to a fashion trend in 2013 where colourful or decorated boots have become the trend during that time?
  2. One thing that confused me about "Hard to Say Anything" was what was Feather Bangs' reason for trying to woo Sugar Belle and doing so in such a jerk fashion? Nothing was said about who he was or why he was going to such extremely rude measures to pursue Sugar Belle. Are there any established reasons for his behavior? Plus why at the end did they decide to have Feather Bangs have a problem talking to mares. I feel it completely contradicted his behavior towards Sugar Belle I would have just put him on the spot about his actions throughout the episode or just let him walk off to mope over his defeat to Big Mac instead of the CMC's helping him for some problem that he never had throughout the episode. Are there any reasons for why this was never explained in the episode.
  3. "Come on Discord we're all bored and ICelestia says I need to learn something about you today!" Twilight pleaded . She had a slight whine in her voice to add effect. " No Twilight I told you before my origins are top secret stuff you cannot hear them! " Discord insisted for the what semmed like the hundredth time. It didn't take long for the group to think of another idea. " oh Discord look at these faces !" Pinkie Pie and Flutteshy began making unbelievably cute faces at him complete with quivering lips and puppy dog eyes . " ok ok I'll tell you ! Just don't hate me afterword!" Discord uses his powers to pull out a old but clean book that was writen by starswirl the bearded and began to narrate. ( cue flashback narrated by Discord ) "You see girls I wasn't always who I am today . Millenia ago when equstria was first found led there were humans here. I was one of the more infamous of coarse. My name was Eric Cartman and I .. Well I was jerk to put it lightly. I was arrogant , brash , stubborn , stupid , greedy , vain and a sociopath and most of all i was fat . I had been recruited by the remaining humans to fight for them . I hated my job . " ugh I can't believe I'm fighting against ponies !" I wouid whine.i tricked several other solders and generals into liking me and betrayed them to move up the tanks in hopes to have the power to make my own choices in the army. might've been lazy but I still killed quite a number of equstria's soldiers. Then I did the unthinkable I killed the mate of Starswirl the bearded . I didn't know it yet but that decision wouid effect everything about me for the rest of my life . Of coarse when I was told it was a bad idea and frankly of horrible moral to do such a thing I laughed at the human who told e this caling them a retard . The founders of equstria put a curse upon me in my sleep they said it turned my outside appetence into what I was like on the inside . Over the next few days I slowky became a young draconequess. I asked human and pony alike for help but the curse was permanent. On the final day of the week after I commeted the crime I felt a powerful burst of chaotic Magic and I became a ful, creature of chaos . After that everything and Everypony avoided me not only because of my personality but my body as well . I tried to make a new group of friends but they all ran away in fear. " who needs those assholes anyway?.. ." I muttered as the fled. In reality however I was deeply hurt I actully began to miss my childhood friends who had necer liked me any way . My only friends that stuck around were Kenny and Butters who had been recrutted with me . We had fun using my new chaos powers for our amusement . One day the disappeared and never returned . I spent my first young adult years alone with only my powers and the creatures of the everfree forest for company. Eventually I met Celestia and Luna we were secretly friends when we were young but starswirl didn't approve so they stopped being my friends. her that bad choice was partly what caused Celestia to dedicate her life to friendship . I however took it a much different way. " I'm done with being the joke of life to everyone ! First Stan and Kyle , then the military , then starswirl and the rest of equstria and now Celestia and Luna the only friends I've had in forever ! Fine if the world is going to treat me like a joke and chaos is my only friend then I'll turn the world into my own big joke!" I was now a full grown adult with my powers in full strength , my body my larger and my voice was much different . and an army of monsters behind me i took over equstria and made my own personal plaything. For hundreds of hers I did as I pleased I tugged at the hearts of every creature .. A,though I did desriminate against some species namely zebras , unicorn and diamond dogs . Equstria and all the lands surrounding it for be wer're like one big toy closet for me . For me life was one big movie that I watched . I denounced friendship and became the true embodiment of chaos. .encountered my old " friends " Celestia and Luna and laughed at them when they challaged me with your little elements of harmony . That was until the day the princesses turned me to stone . I had a lot of faith in myself and my creations. Maybe a bit to much faith .. Since I was turned into a statue for my arrogance . During my two stone imprusoments I refkected back on my childhood and old friends as a boy . Now that I think of it those children that freed me by accident their antics and traits remind me of my friends and I when we were their age . Very cute , crazy , chaotic and violent . I know I'm not just one person I'm Discord but im also Eric Cartman of South Park Colorado. ( end narration ) Twilight and the others sat mystified " so humans really did exist wow .." Twilight drawled as she lined this information. " Discord coukd we maybe diss us this more often so I can document Brian history ?" Twilight pleaded . discord sighs. " fine if you want starter information hers a book starswirl wrote on humans he met during the war ." Rainbow Dash snatches the book and flips through until she finds Discord's former name . " ha wow you weren't kidding you really were fat ! But .. Why does this description of your personality remind me of me , Scootaoo or Lightening Dust ?" Discord smirks at the frightened Pegasus. " hm its a mystery Rainbow Dash ." He reporters away leaving the girls to stare at the pictured of Discird / Eric Cartman in silence . That night in Flutteshy's cottage Discord lokked in the mirror before bed . " who am I Discord , Eric or both ?" He finally cane to a conclusion that night as he drifted off to sleep Cartman and Discord had always been the sane person at heart and always wouid be. He swore Flutteshy's voice sounded like Butters when she said " goodnight Eric ". Discord smiled it was good to be home .
  4. In the West, a "tea party" is a girl's game, where the players talk and pretend to serve each other and the dolls tea. (Meanwhile, in Japan and Morocco, men are also involved) What are the origins of the Western tea party? British Victorian customs and times?
  5. It was hinted that all of this started from the very day the Sonic Rainboom was first done by Dashie, turning Pinkie's otherwise-miserable life. Other than this, in-universe-wise, can anyone tell me what caused Pinkie to supposedly get attracted to Dashie, and why?
  6. This is a review on the DLC, Cold, Cold Heart that was released on 4/22/14. The DLC featured the Origin story of Mr. Freeze and other features like new upgrades to help the functioning of the new Batsuit that is featured in the DLC. I had a fun time getting all the upgrades and playing around with the HE suit. How did everyone else feel about the DLC?
  7. If there're two games I want for Christmas more than any other games on the market, they'd be Sonic Lost World and Batman Arkham Origins. I think it's a safe bet that you guys already know about Arkham Origins. But, in case you haven't, Origins is meant to be a prequel to the games. It takes place in Bruce Wayne's early years as the caped crusader. The main villain in this story is Black Mask. Not a lot of people know about this guy, and that's understandable. He didn't really appear much in the comics movies, or TV shows, and when he did, it was only once in a blue moon. So, it was a little surprising to see DC make him the main villain as apposed to villains like The Joker, The Penguin, and others. The game's main premise is that Black Mask has put a fortune on Batman's head. Because of this, assassin's and villains spanning across the entire DC universe swarm Gotham City in hopes to kill the masked hero for the cash. By Christmas morning, Batman must outsmart DC's top villains and find out why Black Mask want's him dead. I don't know about you, but I'm super hyped for this game. It's been two years since Arkham City came out, and by now, that feels like an eternity. The caped crusader has done well in his past two installments, and I don't see him ceasing to impress once again. (Sorry this was so long. I kind of got lost in the typing )
  8. Release Date: October 25, 2013 Developers: Warner Bros. Games Montreal © Publishers: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Engine: Unreal Engine 3 Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U This game's storyline takes place several years before Batman: Arkham Asylum. A young less refined Batman becomes the target of assassins on Christmas Eve. So I want your opinions on this game. Do you think it will surpass its predecessors known as Arkham City or Arkham Asylum? So share your opinions. Deathstroke is available as a downloadable content playable character but, only on challenge maps. Possibly more pre-order options to be announced on Monday, May 20th. Official Teaser Trailer©: Official E3 Demo Gameplay: Joker is confirmed in Origins as a villain, since it is a prequel. Deathstroke is confirmed as a villain but, he is a playable character if you pre-order or purchase the downloadable content. The Riddler trophies from Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, are speculated to be scattered all around in Arkham Origins.
  9. The family trotted into the Gymnasium of Baltimare High School looking around proudly. There were four of them all together; a muscular unicorn stallion with a shiny puce coat and a haughty demeanor, who was unmistakably the father; a slim periwinkle pegasus mare with a long purple mane who trotted with her tail closely intertwined with the puce stallion; and two young colts. The older of the two colts, whose coat was a deeper shade of purple than his younger brother's lavender, and whose name was Kickoff, was shoving the younger unicorn around, laughing, and chanting demonically, "Blank Flank, Blank Flank, Dimeback is a Blank Flank." The parents were pointedly ignoring the mistreatment of their youngest son. So far, he had disappointed them. The family was very invested in the realm of physical sports, you see. The father, Endzone, was a very successful hoofball player, and had a set of goalposts as his cutie mark; now that he was retired from professional play, he ran a very successful company that sold horseshoes and saddles for players. The mother, Pom-pom, had been a cheerleader on Endzone's football team, and had pom-poms, rather obviously, as her cutie mark. Their two older sons, Jumpshot and Kickoff, both also had sporty cutie marks as well. However, despite all their best efforts, Dimeback was just not living up to their expectations. They had tried everything. They had had him play Netball with Jumpshot, and when he failed at that, Hoofball with Kickoff, and when that failed too, all the other sports they could think of. Pom-Pom and Endzone were proud parents, and could not bear to believe that one of their line were as clumsy and weak as Dimeback was. Kickoff shoved his brother again, prodding him in the ribs this time. Dimeback, who was much smaller than his brother, and most ponies his age, merely sighed, and endured, fighting back the tears that he knew would only egg his brother on. ---------------- The game was over, and Jumpshot had proven the MVP of his netball team yet again. Jumpshot was the oldest, and most mature of the three brothers; his popstar red coat and dark purple mane, his streamlined, strong figure, and magnificent wings made him rather popular with the fillies; he had a tendency to sneak out at night to go to parties or meet up with some secret marefriend of his, or else to drink far too much cider with his buddies on the netball team. Despite all of this, he always treated Dimeback kindly, or at least more kindly than anyone else in the family did. Endzone and Pom-Pom did not say a word when Jumpshot did not accompany them, Kickoff, and Dimeback home. They had a tendency to overlook any shenanigans on Jumpshot's part, including the unacceptable bond he had with his uncoordinated youngest brother. Usually he was allowed free reign, and it was not until late that night that he returned to the family house in the heart of Baltimare, rather intoxicated from the after-game party. The Hero of the Baltimare Netball Team had to share a drink with all of his admirers, after all. As soon as they got home. Kickoff had started harassing Dimeback, humiliating him over and over in a one-on-one game of hoofball, always allowing him to claim the hoofball, and always knocking him to the ground immediately after. This was their nightly ritual, after all, and more often than not Dimeback would go to school with a black and blue coat than a lavender one. Endzone always turned up his nose at the behaviour, saying it was 'character-building stuff' and maybe that Dimeback would rise up and pound his brother right back one of these times, and get his cutie mark. But how could Dimeback possibly do that? Kickoff was twice his size! Dimeback hated them all. He hated them all, except maybe Jumpshot. It was from Jumpshot only that he ever recieved any kindness. Even in school, he was picked on. Jumpshot was literally his only friend. And his life was indeed a miserable one. As Kickoff found himself distracted by the arrival of his idolized eldest brother, Dimeback retreated into his room, and only then did he allow the tears to spill, as he cried himself to sleep. -------------- Much later -------------- It was a week into Dimeback's own entry into Baltimare High School, a cruel and judgmental place. And he still didn't have his cutie mark - an oddity. Most fillies and colts found their cutie marks at least by middle school. Dimeback was a nobody, and ponies in passing would always whisper - isn't he Endzone's son? THE Endzone? Blank flank... He's a failure, he has no potential, he's a disgrace to his family's name. As such, where Dimeback walked, he walked alone. One day, Baltimare High School was visited by somepony from Canterlot Music Academy - and, as it always is with big important schools like CMA, the entire school was required to attend. The students of the school managed to squeeze themselves in the large, heavily graffiti-ed auditorium, where they babbled incessantly. Dimeback could hear his brother Kickoff, who was only two years older than him, say over the din, "This is pointless." After the harried-looking teachers managed to silence the crowd to a respectable level, a grey earth pony walked out onto the stage. She was clearly the representative of Canterlot Music Academy - her tender hooves looked perfectly suited to gently hold the bow of a violin, and her dark mane was elegant and simple, living up to the standards of Canterlot. On her flank, Dimeback eyed a pink cutie mark of a symbol he didn't recognize. The pony spoke of the Music Academy, and of how only the most talented students were accepted. She spoke of the fantastic careers that one could forge for themselves there, and, at a lesser length, of her own experience there, how she was a senior at the moment, and of the violin and cello she played, confirming Dimeback's suspicions. She spoke of the wing choirs and the applications of phonic magics, and of many other things besides; even by the time most of the students had gotten bored and began to speak of other things, Dimeback remained inexplicably enthralled. He'd never had much to do with the world outside of sports, yet, he felt an inexplicable yearning audition for this Music Academy anyway. Why? He'd never even touched an instrument in his life, and the only music he was familiar with was the chants his mother would perform to cheer on her sons at their netball and hoofball games. He didn't know why, but he just felt it was the right thing to do. At any rate, no matter how unlikely it was he would make it into the Music Academy, if there was even a chance he could escape this place, he would happily take it. The mare onstage stated that tryouts would be taking place the following day, and departed the stage. Not that anypony else in the auditorium was listening by that point. ------------------ The next day ------------------ Dimeback arrived at the auditorium early. It seems only two other ponies had bothered to show up. They spared him a somewhat surprised glance before returning their attention to the impassive Academy representative before them. It seems they had not expected one of Endzone's bloodline to show up. If the Academy rep was disappointed by the turnout, she did not show it. With an elegant gesture of her hoof, she beckoned for the first pony to accompany her to a soundproof room for tryouts. Twenty minutes later, she came back for the second. Dimeback was nervous, not sure what to expect, yet it was not long before he was claimed. He found himself in a small, cramped room, alone with the elegant Canterlot mare. He noticed she had donned a pink bowtie today, which somehow fit well with her rigid demeanor. "And what will you be playing for me today?" she said, in a refined voice. He could tell she was looking him over and passing judgement based on appearances alone, and that she did not expect much. In fact, he thought he could detect the faintest sneer when she noticed his lack of cutie mark, but it had disappeared from her lip nearly as quickly as it had appeared there. Dimeback realized, too late, that he ought to have at least made himself look presentable for the occasion. His mane was a mess, as always, and he still looked rather roughed up from a recent 'training session' with Kickoff. He briefly lamented the fact that Jumpshot had left for college before saying, "I don't really... Have anything." The mare sighed, and began to shuffle through her papers. "What do you play, then?" she asked in a bored voice. "I don't." She gazed at him for ten full seconds before asking, "Then why are you wasting my time?" Before Dime could respond, she went on, this time impatiently, "Just use this. Let's get this over with." She thrust a long, shiny brass instrument into his unexpecting arms, and sat back, gazing at the colt with a harsh expression. Dime took a moment to experiment with the slide, that seemed to be the way to change pitch, before raising the instrument to his mouth. He blew. No sound came out. He tried again. Again, no change. The mare began to scribble impatiently on an evaluation form in front of her. Dimeback began to panic, and he desperately blew on the horn again. This time, he felt something change. His lips vibrated, and out of the horn came a long, beautiful, pure, resounding note. The mare flinched almost as badly as Dimeback did. Neither had expected the note to actually come out. For the first time, the mare returned her attention to Dimeback in full, her mulberry eyes contemplative, and said, "Do that again." Dimeback complied, and the pure, resounding note sounded again, loud and clear. A flicker of a smile crossed the mare's face, and she instructed, "Try moving the slide." Dimeback did so, and as he did the pitch shifted. After a moment of experimentation, he began to get the hang of how the slide changed the notes played. "Try blowing faster." Confused for a moment, Dime hesitated, then complied, blowing the air faster through the horn. The pitch shifted up a half an octave, and the mare clapped. "Not bad," she said. "Now impress me." Rising to the challenge, Dimeback tried his hardest to provide a strain of music that the mare would be able to follow. He was actually surprised at how easily he provided such, and looking reasonably impressed, the mare scribbled on the paper. Dimeback played and played until the mare held up a single hoof, and said, "That'll be enough. I'm pretty sure I can guarantee you a spot at the Canterlot Music Academy. Even with a substansial scholarship! You've got talent like few others." Dime held up his head pridefully, before the mare continued, "All you need to do is get permission from a parent or guardian, and after that, you can simply take the train to Canterlot and expect us waiting with open arms." As she stood up and opened the door to the room, she looked over her shoulder at the stunned Dimeback, and said, with a slight smile, "Check your flank. And have a good day." She left the room, and Dimeback, bemused, indeed looked back, and his jaw dropped. His cutie mark had finally arrived. It was some maroon musical symbol he didn't recognize, but nevertheless, he laughed with excitement, happy it was finally here. After his initial jubilation, his spirits sank. His parents wouldn't approve. They'd never let him touch an instrument again, and they'd never let him go to Canterlot... -------------- That night -------------- When Dimeback arrived home, covering his flank with his tail apprehensively his parents and brother took no notice of him, for Jumpshot had arrived home, on break from college. Dimeback didn't complain, and slipped past them all into his room, where he sat, in the dark, to lay unhappily on his bed, staring at the ceiling sullenly. He'd never get to nurture his newly discovered talent... With a faint knock on the door, Dime heard Jumpshot's deep voice. "May I come in?" Dime mumbled in assent, and Jumpshot trotted in through the door, and turned on the lights. Jumpshot immediately noticed the new cutie mark, and said, "nice one. What's it mean?" His voice was heavy and tenative, as if he recognised that Dime was upset. "Music." "Oh." The brothers were silent for a second, before Jumpshot said, "How'd you get it?" And before Dimeback knew it, he was spilling all his disappointments and fears to his eldest brother, who was tactful enough to listen and not interrupt. "And I'll never get to live up to my talents. Mom and Dad... They won't..." Dimeback fell apart into sobs, and Jumpshot patted him on the back. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll think of something," he said. "We?" "Yeah, we. You should get to do what you love, and I understand that." Indeed, they did think of something. Jumpshot managed to get Endzone and Pompom to sign the form without even reading it, telling them it was required for a scholarship, and even escorted his youngest brother to the train station the day he was destined to leave. "Mom and Dad don't know, remember. I'd suggest picking a different name to go by up in Canterlot. You don't want them following you there." Dimeback nodded in agreement. Despite the fact he was sure they wouldn't care about the disappearance of their youngest son, if he could help it, he didn't want his parents to find him. "Thanks for everything, Jump." "No worries. Now get on the train! You'll miss your chance." ---------- Years later ---------- At the end of three very successful years at the Canterlot Music Academy, which provided all the same classes as a normal high school, with more emphasis on music, Descant - as now he was called - found himself as first in his class, flourishing in the absence of his oppresive family. It was his graduation, as he gave the speech thanking his classmates for the time they had spent together, that he was found. It was only Jumpshot he spotted immediately in the stands, watching him graduate, but little did he know, his family was there as well. For after the graduation, when Jumpshot was congratulation his younger brother, Endzone and Pompom converged upon him, and caused quite a scene as the screamed at him about running away, and about what he'd been doing with his life, and about what a disgrace he was to the family name. Needless to say, Endzone was neither the most passive nor the most sensible pony. Descant went on from there to go to even further lengths to try to escape his parents. He even had to cut off contact with Jumpshot as he traveled abroad. He was simply paranoid they would find him again. As he traveled, he became acquainted with the strange cultures and hierarchies and aristocracies of many a foreign nation, and became familiar with many a foreign language, including, among others, Germane, Camelutian, and Cervidish. Eventually, he met a pair of rambunctious twins in the city of Barceleona, capital of Catalonia, named Rag and Tag, who were travelling with a circus. They became friends, and Descant followed the circus for a while before deciding to settle in the small town of Ponyville, back in Equestria where things made sense. Rag and Tag settled with him, and he decided to change his name again, this time to Encore, in hopes his parents wouldn't bother him again. He met up again with his old acquaintances from the Academy, and has since been working to make his name well known again as it once was, and as his father's once was, in the land of Equestria. ------------- OOC ------------- This is the first of a series I hope to make going into detail about the origins of each of my RPing characters. This may very well not be the finalized version of Encore's tale, either; there is much I'm unhappy with in this telling, but do not have time to fix or achieve. Please, if you have read this all the way through, tell me what you think, or else, ways you think I can improve upon the work I've already done. Thank you.
  10. Hey everypony! Im auditioning for the voice acting part of Shining Armor in My Little Pony: Origins. Its a really neat parody in the making. Now i know im a girl and all so i know my voice impression is definately NOT perfect, but im still bearing my guts and trying out. Id love love love it if all of you beonies out there could rate my audition for me! and please please please be nice! I want positive thoughts on it not negative critisiscm. thanks everypony.
  11. Hey every pony! I've been working on this theory/fanfic idea and wanted to hear your guy's opinion on it/voice your own ideas on the topic. I'll post my first draft once I have it done. Here's a brief summery of it. Alicorns originally were the only pony species in what will become equestria. A great war erupted between the alicorns of light and dark magic. The light sought to bring order through the mastery of the elements and nature using their knowledge to help pony kind master the world around them. The dark alicorns sought order by controlling other alicorns, hoping to bring from it eternal peace and combining all alicorn knowledge to achieve greater power for all alicorn kind. In the final battle, a massive event caused the elements of the alicorns to disperse and separate from one another not only creating things like the elements of harmony, the alicorn amulet, and the crystals of the crystal empire; but also the three pony types as well. Only the most powerful of alicorns survived the event intact. Too few were left to sustain the species, but one of the remaining alicorns did figure out, before dying, how to re-elevate ponies into alicorns. Only ponies deemed worthy are granted this gift of being "raised" or "restored". The knowledge has been past down to every succeeding alicorn since and has been given the task of granting this gift to only the most deserving of ponies. Eventually, these "raised" alicorns would became the rulers of equestria and have passed the trait and it's knowledge to each successor. Post away!
  12. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is in the middle of its third season, and the passionate brony community is out there displaying their dedication to the show, characters, worldbuilding, and so on. Artwork, music, customs, and plushies are being published a lot over the past several weeks since The Crystal Empire, and it bloomed further with several dedications to the Babs Seed song. The creativity and dedication are easily what makes the brony community thrive so much and why news outlets take notice. Ironically, this community almost never happened…because the franchise was struggling mightily prior to FIM. Long ago, MLP began production in 1982 with help from Hasbro and founder Bonnie Zacherle. The first TV series ran from 1982 to 1987, but G1 ran until 1995. When G1 was being developed, it was targeted to girls and boys, both the toys and animation. Despite using ponies, it never discriminated its audience and actually did quite a bit right, mainly the plot and animation. Although the animation and characterization haven't aged that well (back then, episodic animation had a rather limited budget, and that's evident in its production and graphics), it's still nostalgic enough to nonetheless carry weight. But it's this little tidbit: the original purpose — the roots — of My Little Pony. The background, origin, original concept, and first execution (and a successful one at that). G2, G3, and G3.5 targeted towards girls only (and for G3.5, female toddlers). However, G1 targeted girls AND boys. It wasn't supposed to be an anthropomorphic competitor of Barbie, where the characters used the stereotypical female tropes, had personalities flatter than a board, and contained overall lazy writing. In contrast of G2/3/3.5, My Little Pony was supposed to be both gender-friendly and family-friendly. Not toddler-girl-friendly. Combined with its extremely poor effort, My Little Pony suffered as a product on the whole, eventually becoming a gigantic laughingstock in the media. Then Friendship Is Magic, led by Lauren Faust, debuted. It started off slow, with only 4chan watching it in response to a relatively negative article. But as the weeks progressed, people got hooked, specifically teenage and adult males. Promotion spread via word of mouth, and the fanbase began to erupt into the passionate, crazy, controversial, and creative fandom it is today. When it gained popularity, the male fandom dubbed themselves as "bronies." But as the fandom widened, bronies applied to females, too. (Previously, most female fans would use the term "pegasister," but that's since changed.) And for one whole reason: the show never disrespects its audience, which is family-friendly and gender-friendly. It teaches the morals so kids can understand, but adds depth of character, worldbuilding, older references, and overall clever writing so adults can enjoy it, too. Is it a coincidence? I wouldn't say so. Lauren Faust worked with her eventual husband, Craig McCracken, on The Powerpuff Girls, a 1990s superhero parody cartoon that utilizes nearly the same bright, zany, simplistic art style and great characterization. Despite being "girly" in impression, it doesn't alienate one specific gender and/or age group, resulting in pop culture success. But the big similarity is how they're family-friendly. Great for both kids and adults of all ages, and they each follow the same schtick. They weren't "kids shows." But one difference between The Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony is TPPG was a completely new franchise started by Craig McCracken. MLP:FIM is the fourth generation of a once proud franchise, "fourth generation" and "once proud franchise" being key phrases. This is where MLP:FIM gets the respect it so deserves. If it weren't for MLP:FIM and its eventual success, this franchise would have been DEAD! Not dying. DEAD! Discontinued. Ceased to exist. Officially jumped the shark and devoured by it! Prior to My Little Pony, I always occasionally visited several toy stores just because, both the mom-and-pop shops and the big commercial chains, like Toys R Us, FAO Schwartz, etc. These kids' shelves would be packed with toys. Barely anything had My Little Pony on them, sometimes none at all. That was how obscure these products were back then. Despite a dedicated collector base at that point, you can't successfully run a franchise by having collectors buy them alone. You need an even bigger range of people buying them so the product has a chance to thrive. My Little Pony had absolutely no leverage because they didn't make any money. But now it isn't dead — nor close to it — because Friendship Is Magic returns the product back to where it belongs: its roots. Its origins. And it does a great job showing it in its overall executiontion. Unless there's an extremely great reason, one should never ditch the origins of the franchise. For a great example, Thomas & Friends had that family-friendly origin surrounding realistic laws of the railway. The Railway Series (which is still running by Christopher Audry) and the first seven season of Thomas & Friends (the TV series) were family-friendly, intelligently written, and didn't insult the audience's intelligence, be they young or old. When HiT Entertainment bought the TV series prior to the eighth season (Christopher Audry still writes The Railway series and has no influence from HiT), they changed the storytelling, laws of the railway, audience, and overall premise (from a character/adventure hybrid to a character moral format) to target very young kids. Combined with its lazy writing, the series spiraled downhill, with the fifteenth season being considered the worst in writing, characterization/development, potential, realism, creativity, and storytelling. The horrible writing and plot-development of the episodes are why the older fans hate the newer seasons so much. And even if they wrote better, the roots of the show (the realism of the railway) tied everything together and gave the show developers the background and motivation. Without the respect of the railway laws, it shows a complete lack of respect for Reverend W. Audry (the founder and original writer of the whole series) and his family, who were responsible for The Railway Series in the first place. This applies to My Little Pony. Zacherle intended it to be its own gender-neutral creation and have it suited for families. The G1 show, movie, and toyline showed heart, care, and passion from themselves and the audience it seeks. But with G2, G3, and G3.5, its quality suffered, and the roots of the franchise were alienated so Hasbro can cash with the very young girls, female toddlers, and their parents. G2 flopped, but G3/3.5 barely succeeded enough for the product to stay afloat. But it still disrespected the founder, and older fans noticed this. This is the reason why G3 and G3.5 gets no respect from me: It takes Zacherle's product and ransacks it far more than any other generation. G2 I'm neutral with despite its narrow audience and poor financial success. G1, however, gave Zacherle that respect, and I give G1 that respect in return. This is what FIM is doing. It's giving Zacherle the respect she deserves. FIM treats its audience with respect, so the audience treats FIM respect in return. And it isn't merely noticed by bronies who became fans merely from FIM alone. There are plenty of bronies who were fans of G1 initially. And there's one big reason why: FIM shows G1 that identical respect. Lauren Faust herself adored G1 and used it as motivation to develop FIM, which is basically take the qualities of G1 and make it better in the form G4/FIM. The fans notice this respect in the writing and overall development, and this is one of the biggest why FIM is raved by the fandom so much. Bronies (male and female, young and old) catch this respect and are now attached to Friendship Is Magic as a result. Although Faust no longer works on the show, we still see this exact respect in the writers, voice actors, rise in social media, and the close relationship the bronies have with the professional staff (current and former). With FIM, Zacherle's vision finally comes in full circle. MLP:FIM returns the franchise where it belongs: back to its roots. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
  13. I haven't watched any of the third season as of yet, so I have no idea if Rainbow Dash's parents have been mentioned. This is just a short story of who I think they were, how they met, etc. It's my first story on here as well as my first fan-fiction of any kind. (MLP seems to have inspired me to make an exception to my usual "no fanfic" writing attitude). The two above pictures are ones that I made and they are on my DA. They're just some visual aids for the story ^^ Enjoy. (Sorry if it sucks. I've never written a story in a forum before so I don't really know how it works and stuff ^^;; ) ~Part One~ *Sonic Sound* Little miss. One of the shyest mares, though once she becomes your friend there's no shutting the gal up. Plus, she doesn't take kindly to ponies being rude. Despite being one of the faster flyers in Cloudsdale, she prefers having her feet planted. Why? You see, her passion isn't flying and she doesn't aspire to be in any if the flying teams. No, she'd much rather be singing away, her voice carrying through Cloudsdale like the city's very own theme song. Nopony minds hearing her voice and, as a matter of fact, the pegasi love listening to her sing while they work or play. Her name is very well suited from her, since her voice can carry through the whole city clearly. ~~~~ Padding along the cloud streets of Cloudsdale, Sonic Sound looked around. All sorts of ponies were already gathering. Pegasi, unicorns, even some earth ponies were arriving to the cloud city. Tomorrow would be the annual flying competition where the best flyer would be named. Sonic had to duck every now and then, since other pegasi were constantly flying above her, practicing loops and other tricks. "Are you entering this year Sonic?" somepony asked. She turned to see a friend flying to her, much slower than the practicing ponies. "If you say no, I'm going to be mad," the white mare said. "Lily," Sonic said affectionately, stopping. "No, I won't be participating this year. You know I don't really have an interest in these sort of events." "Well you should be! I know how fast you can fly and it's time everypony else knew too," Lily replied, landing and stomping her hoof, making small pieces of cloud float into the air. Sonic laughed lightly, about to reply when suddenly she was knocked down, hard enough to break a hole into the cloud they'd been standing on. Reacting quickly, Sonic's wings spread and she managed to straighten herself out. Somewhat angrilly, she turned to face her assailant. A blue stallion, flapping his wings and shaking his head furiously. "Ow, jeez! I really need to work on that move," he muttered to himself. Ignoring Sonic, he looked up at the hole, where another unfamiliar stallion and Lily stood, looking down. "Oops," he said, snickering a little. "You really need to work on watching where you're flying!" she shouted at him, kicking a small puff of cloud at him. As if barely noticing her, he turned with a rather smug look on his face. "Well! Maybe you shouldn't be STANDING where other ponies are practicing!" he retorted. "You shouldn't practice where ponies are standing!" Sonic shouted back. The other pegasus looked at her, a smirk appearing on his face. "I'm sorry," he said in a sharp, yet quiet, voice. "I might've seen you if you weren't so small, bean-sprout," he said. His eyes narrowed challengingly, as if knowing he would tick her off by saying that. Tick her off he did. Sonic flapped her wings furiously and snorted angrilly. "Bean-sprout? Small?" she repeated, nostrils flaring. Taking on her own smirk, she huffed. "I may be small, but if you were a better flyer, you wouldn't have hit anything." "Better flyer?" now it was the stallion's turn to look infuriated. "Yup. Even if I hadn't been there, you would've crashed anyway," Sonic replied, looking at him slyly. "Good flyers don't hit ANYTHING." He snorted, "Bean-sprout, I'm the best flyer all of Equestria has ever seen!" Sonic flew up and through the hole, followed closely by him. Landing beside Lily again, she rolled her eyes. "Right," she replied sarcastically. "I'm a better flyer than you, I bet!" he said, narrowing his eyes. She huffed a little, getting even more agitated. "As if! I could beat you with my eyes closed!" she replied. "Why don't you two let the judges decide tomorrow?" the other stallion said, presumably the friend of the rude, blue one. Lily spoke up, half-smiling, "Oh, but Sonic here isn't--" Sonic interrupted. "I am now Lily," she said, glaring at the rude stallion. "You're in for a surprise tomorrow! All of Equestria will know that the best flyer is me!" (I know it's not much and the singing part of Sonic didn't really come into play, but later on it will. I hope you like it so far, hopefully it'll get better ^^) *Part Two* ~Swift Spark~ Born in Ponyville, this pegasus has lived most of his life with his feet on the ground but his head in the clouds. Literally. From a young age, he's done daily training routines to prepare himself for the annual Cloudsdale flying competition. Eight years straight he has competed, though he's only won first place two times and the rest he comes in second or third. This year, however, he planned on taking the first prize and impressing one of the judges. The judge happened to be the captain of a flight team called the Thunder-Strikes, a team that Swift had been wanting to get into since he was a young colt. Rather than impressing them at try-outs, he decided he'd take the cake at the competition. He wanted to make sure that all of Equestria knew the name of Swift Spark. ~~~~ "Can you believe the nerve of some ponies?" Swift grumbled as they flew away from the two mares. Sure, he'd accidentally flown into her, but that was no reason to be so rude. Imagine, telling him he wasn't a good flyer! His friend, a dark brown stallion named Obscure, laughed gently. "You punched a hole through a cloud with her, what did you expect her to say?" he teased. "It was an accident, she didn't have to be so rude," Swift countered, pouting a little. "Anyway, after tomorrow, she'll be one of the many ponies to witness my true greatness." Obscure shook his head and bumped hime aside. "Alright Sparky," he said, looking thoughtful. "Just don't underestimate that philly, she did look pretty ticked and I'm sure she wasn't just bluffing. Besides, she wouldn't enter the competition if she thought she'd lose." "Everypony knows there's a chance of losing when they enter a contest," Swift Spark replied, flicking an ear, "And don't call me Sparky!" The rest of the day was spent in an empty space of the clear blue sky, not too far from Cloudsdale (it seemed that Swift Spark had learned not to fly in a place full of ponies). Swift Spark weaved in and out, up and around clouds, going through the same routine over and over again. He practiced until his wings locked from exhaustion and he floated down onto a soft cloud. Obscure Cloud landed beside him, more steadily since he hadn't practiced as hard. Laying down, the two friends stared up at the darkening sky as the stars began to appear. "You shouldn't have exhausted yourself like that," Obscure said, sighing a little. "Don't worry, I'll be nice and well-rested by tomorrow," he replied, closing his eyes and starting to doze off within seconds. Obscure cleared his throat after a moment, "Swift, there's something I have to tell you." "Yes?" "After this, I'm not going back to Ponyville." Swift Spark, despite his tiredness, shot straight up and looked at his friend from foalhood. "What? What do you mean? Like, vacation or..." he asked, looking confused. "No... I'm not ever going back. I'm heading to Canterlot..." Obscure replied, not looking directly at the blue stallion. For a moment, Swift relaxed, but quickly tensed back up. "But why? I mean... If I win tomorrow, I'll probably head off to Canterlot myself, but... What if I lose? I won't be able to visit you often." Obscure sighed and sat up. "I... Remember when I went to visit my aunt and uncle?" he asked, his voice quiet. "Yes," Swift replied, nodding curiously. "Well... I met a philly... And... I really like her. After the competition... I'm going to go back and stay with her... I'm planning on asking her to marry me." Swift's whole world suddenly seemed to be crashing down. Not only was his best friend leaving him, but he was leaving him for a mare. Not only that, but his friend hadn't told him about this mare. He'd had plenty of time to tell him, it had been three or so months since Obscure had returned from Canterlot, but he broke it to him now? Now of all evenings? The one before the most important flying competition of Swift Spark's life? That didn't hurt as much as the fact that... They were best friends who had always shared everything. But the most important decision of his life and Obscure had hid it from him? "I understand if you're angry," Obscure said gently. "I just... Didn't know how to tell you before." Swift sighed and let his head fall. His tired wings flapped and he lifted away from his so-called-best-friend. "I'm going to sleep," was all he said. That was all he could do. He was tired, but sad too. More sad than tired now. He wanted to yell at his friend and tell him exactly what he thought about all of this, but he just couldn't muster the strength to do so. He remembered when they were young colts, running (flying) around playing. They promised to be best-friends forever, no matter what. That was going to be a lot harder than Swift had imagined. He had known that Obscure, and himself, would one day get married and live new lives but... He hadn't imagined it happening this way. Though... Swift felt a twinge of jealousy deep down. His friend had finally found his somepony special and was growing up, leaving him behind. (Oh no, what's going on~? Sorry for the random commentary down here. Anyway, I know right now it seems so very irrelevant to what you may be thinking, but please bare with me. I'll be bringing it all together later, I promise.)
  14. Even when his figure was totally engulfed by the gray stone Celestia was still not pleased. The position he had choosen as his last, was one last act of supremacy as if wanting them to remember who the most powerful being was. His act of a singer made Celestia think the power of the elements was not enough to worry him. To distort his usual overconfident smile into an expression of anguish and despair, the one she wanted to see the most on his face. She bites her lip as sign of bitterness and turns her back on the statue. "Princess Celestia really did hate him." The words of one of the witnesses of the titanic battle can be easily heard in the silence the scorched land in which the battle took place was submerged in. The princess did not pay much attention to it, she gave her new subject a meaningful look which I'm sure froze the blood in his veins. But that was all. It was supposed to be a warning I think. "Do not talk about him in my presence." is what I think was that look supposed to mean. Princess Luna on the other hand was more forceful with him. She made him pay for his insolence with hard labor and only the basic rations in the construction of the new castle city, Canterlot. The first order the princess gave to the subjects in equestria was to put order to everything in equestria. They ordered to cut the woods and give them a delimited area. They ordered to systemize the cicle of rain and the banishment of the dangerous beasts to the forests and caves all over equestria. Luna was in charge of the banishment of the changelings while Celestia took it upon herself to banish my kind, the dragons to the most forgotten lands, leaving only me, windgale, the milenary gem dragon, behind as her councelor. Under their rule the flow of chaos has stagnated and the life in the plains of equestria, the land of ponies, pegasi and unicorns, has become easier. But only for them tough. They tend to forget the other areas of the world and put the lives of their equine equals above the lives of other races. They have created treaties of peace with many other races in the simplest manner. "Either you negotiate with us, or no sun and moon will ever rise over your lands." The world has come little by little to a stand still. In this now peaceful world I now understand the beauty the old days of yore under the rule of master discord. The law of the strong and resourceful was the only one a being should abide in a world that only accepted the life of the ones worthy of living in it. In these days all that has been forgotten, not even the name of my master, discord is allowed to be pronounced by any being. I despise this new age in which even the weakest animal can live and be a parasite of the strong ones. This age in which everyone is ignorant of the greatest being which ever walked the lands. I curse the day Celestia and her sister were born and curse the moment master discord decided to take them in as his daughters and new princesses. May these words be the downfall of their reign of weakness and monotony! -Councelor Windgale.- A female voice behind me bring my conciousness back from the depths of blazing hatred that are inside me now. -The princesses are calling you. Please follow me.- The small pony maid wears a simple dress and dares not to look me in the eye and shivers a little when I turn myself in her direction. -Tell them I will be there in a moment.- after I said those words I turn again to the window of my cell and stare back at the world I so much hate. -But, sire. They need you immediatly.- the maid rises her voice and with it her gaze. I turn around and our eyes met. I roar in fury and grab her using one of my hands. Pegasi soldiers all rush inside my dark chambers while the unicorns inform the princesses of the situation using their horns. It doesn't take long before the princess of the night, Luna, appears. Her face is of discontempt and her stance is of one who's ready to battle to death. -Put her down, windgale.- Her words are severe and demanding. They made my blood boil for it was not long ago when she had to refer herself to me as master wingdale, in the times when I was her and her sister's teacher in the ways of the world and magic. I don't put the little pony in my hands down yet. First I play with her a little to let off some steam. -Ah. Luna, you've come to see me, that's rare indeed.- I said as I played with the pony in my hand like a filly plays with a doll. -It was supposed you'd come meet us. But apparently you do not feel like doing so.- Luna stands ready to battle but does not summon clouds or lightning to her aide for she knows they would be quite useless against a dragon of my age. -What has happened though? Why didn't your sister come? Does she think you alone would be enough to convince me?- I swing the pony in my hand around a little bit too violently and she screams. I throw her away, annoyed by the sound of her voice, and two pegasi catch her before she hits the cell's wall. -There was no need for my sister to come for she has no words to the likes of you.- I roar again and this time go after Luna. -Ungrateful child! Who was it who taught you everything you know! Wasn't it I? Yet you and your accursed sister lock me up here and call me to give you advice of how condemn this world to be abused by the weaker species! I did nothing so far due to the geass that binds me to my master's will but this outrage I won't let pass by unnoticed! My claw is almost by her neck but I feel the strength leave my body and I fall to the ground ignorant of what has happened. -Apparently it works.- Luna looks down on me like a snake on a frog. The rage clouds my reasoning, but my body does not answer. I push myself to the limits and stand up once more. I use my whole strength to draw nearer my jaws to luna's head so that I might bite it off her shoulders. But I can not do as planned. I fall once more, more exhausted than before. -Do not try to resist. I created this spell just for your kind. There's no dragon alive able to withstand it.- I do not look confused by Luna's words. I won't give her the satisfaction of knowing I'm clueless of what's happening. Still she explains with a grin on her lips. - A dragon's skin is immune to all kinds of magic and the skin of a milenary dragon is resistent enough to withstand the heat of the flames of the sun for 1 whole minute. But what this spell targets isn't your body but something nobody can ever hope to defend.- I think for a moment and the answer pops in my head almost immediatly. Though it first does as a stupid question. Then, with time, all pieces start to fall together and I accept that is the only possibility. -So...this spell consume's the target's soul...- Luna is a little bit surprised by my answer but then sighs and smiles. -As expected of my former master, you understood right away.- I stop resisting and Luna stops casting her spell. I feel my strength come back to me, but I'm no longer in the mood to battle for now she has earned her right to do with me as she pleases. The weak are the posession of the strong. I follow her through the special made passages that connect my prison to the castle. It is a long walk so I use the chance to start a conversation with Luna. -So this is the role you've choosen, little Luna.- Luna stops on her tracks and turns around to meet my eyes. It has been ages since I called her that, the same way I used to call her when she didn't understand her lesson in my library. She does not say anything but her eyes shine differenlty as if she remembered who I was and what I meant in her life. The guards seem to notice too and so do the unicorns around us. Noticing their looks Luna returns to her cold behaviour and walks again down the passage. When we arrive at the gates of the throne room Luna tells the guards to leave us alone and to tell all other ponies besides her and princess celestia to leave the room. In those instants we were alone she spoke to me once more in the fashion she did in the old days. -What do you think of it...former master, windgale?- She tries not to be too familiar for some reason. -You have become your sister's law enforcer, have you not, Luna? Why though?- Luna lowers her gaze and ponders a little before giving me an answer. -When my sister defeated Discord, she was the one who brought the armies together and the one who took care of discord. She was the most wounded by the battles and the one whose blood flooded the battlefield. At the time I couldn't do much so I think I should be the one working the hardest right now.- -I see. You are still the loving little sister you used to.- I pat her head and she stiffens up for a moment but after a while she accepts my caressing. Then when the guards come to report that all ponies have left the room, the luna I knew was gone and in her place was the one I despised, the co-ruler of equestria, land of weaklings. With one last glance of the Luna I was fond of I walked into the throne room of the new castle. The hall was big enough for 600 ponies but still it was too small for me to stand upright. Luna walked towards her sister and sat down on the throne right beside her. But I care no longer for Luna. She was now in front of me, the one who sealed my master in stone, Celestia. I can still remember the first time I saw her. She and her sister were brought to our castle by master discord and presented as his daughters. The two of them could not be more different. Born from a brown stallion and a gray mare the oldest was as white as cotton while the other one wore the colors of the night while the stars decorated her mane. This was no surprise for my master for under his reign chickens gave birth to snakes and winged chimera's soared the skies but somehow it interested him how it could have been possible that an unicorn and a pegasus would have been able to give birth to a new race, for all races were what they are from the very beginning. Master discord understood how unique they were, how much they resembled him in that way. Master discord was also the only one of his species a draconequus. born straight from the flames of the primordial chaos. In his life he had seen the chaos stagnate and matter take form and shapes of living as well as dead things. He was the first affected by the laws nature had started to create and was the first one to reveal against them. But in his long fight against order he had gotten weary and boredoom plagued him. That might be the reason why he took the fillies with him. He saw in them the potential to be bringers of chaos like he was. He talked to them for hours about how beautiful the world was at the beginning, the tornado of boiling colors the world used to be and how they should not be afraid or ashamed of what you are. Master told me to teach them to use their abilities and to teach them the ways the wolrd had aquired so that may "see through them" and look at the chaos behind them. The small pegasi unicorns were very smart and learned quickly with me, they followed every order discord gave them and were the bringers of high quality chaos. Their powers also demonstrated to be almost limitless. Luna took control of lightning, storm, moon and stars. Celestia on the other hand was ruler over one single thing, yet it was enough to put her above anything seen so far. She controled the sun. In the years after theit arrival to the castle I saw master discord take a liking to the sisters, specially to Celestia, which caused Luna to seek aproval in me. I must say though that Celestia did not like master Discord at all and that was what motivated my master to shower her with his "love". He amused himself by sensing the scorching hatred behind her fake smile and willingness to abide his orders. My master even laughed off her attempts to show the world how superior she was in comparison. I really disliked her for that but my master's words calmed me down whenever I was about to say something to her. "Do not be angry wingdale for she is the most powerful being known to us yet she is still far weaker than I am." I did not understand, but there was no need for that. If my master said so, it had to be truth. I now see what he meant. Despite being the wielder of the greatest power known, she still wasn't able to bend reality by just wishing it, she could not create matter as she desired and she wasn't able to make chocolate rain our down from the skies. The only power she had obtained after my master's defeat was the power of a ruler and that was far too little for him. He had seen she was nothing to be afraid of. The night before the last battle, when the rebelling armies distracted us dragon while celestia attacked head my master head on, master discord talked about love with me. - It is indeed a wonderful yet frightening thing...- My master said those words slowly as he drank another glass of hot chocolate. I could not grasp then what he meant so I asked him about the wonderful and frightening thing he mentioned. -It's obvious isn't it? It's love. Love is a horrifying thing yet so sweet and marvelous that would make even the most centered being known commit the greatest madness. The princesess are the best proof of that love is a power best to have on your side. They are the most powerful beings, born of the love of two different races.- He took another drink. I replied with a short answer and inquired about his reasons for his statement. -I think I'm in love, windgale. For I'm about to forget about the task given to me and comdemn myself.- My master smiled for himself and gave me a quick look in the eye as if waiting an answer I did not know how to give. Instead I asked what he meant by that. -Have you seen the hate in the eyes of the oldest princess, windgale?- I tell him I've seen it but I don't understand what it had to do with anything. Then the idea strikes my head like a brick a window. -My master, are you in love with the princess?- -Yes.- He answers slowly and drinks once again. -Do you mean that this love you feel for princess Celestia will be your ruin, master?- -Yes.- He replies to me like it's nothing of importance. Despite the fact that I'm his loyal subject, it annoys me to hear his answers. -But master! We've to do something. I'll have the princess banished!- I rush at the door of my master's chambers but I'm stoped by an unseen force which pulls me towards the wall. -You will do no such a thing. I've decided to meet her in battle. To fight her to the death if necessary and rob her of everything if she ever allows herself to be defeated.- My master is serious and he looks like there's nothing clouding his reasoning, but at the same time nothing what he speaks of makes sense to me. It is like a being who has set his eyes in catching the wind with only his hands and is willing to spend his whole life to achieve such futile enterprise. I excuse myself and ask my master for permission to leave the room. He says I'm allowed to leave only after I've sworn to be on the princess side when the battle ensues. I swear and feel my entrails sucumb to the acid in my stomach. That promise...oh, that promise! If it weren't by it we would have won and my master would still be ruler! And not this ungrateful mare I cannot bring myself to look as I'd look an enemy I'm about to kill. -Master windgale, I'm glad we were able to convince you to come.- Her words are a mockery as if she's trying to make me mad on purpose. I do not know what their intentions were when they called me, but after Luna's display of power in my cell I'm wary of any new spell Celestima might want to test on me. -I was feeling a little bit under the wheater, Celestia. But, what do you want from me today? Are the griffins giving you trouble? Are the ursas complaining again?- -No, nothing like that dear windgale.- "Dear" the sound of that word coming out of her mouth makes me want to use my claws squeeze her. But in this kind of situation loosing control would mean being in disadvantage. -I've called you here today because I finally know what to do with you.- I know the meaning of those words. I've finally heard them after hundreds of years. -Oh, so the time for waiting is over, huh? Tell me, Celestia, whatdo you have in mind for this old sack of bones.- Celestia laughs loudly. -Ha! Please master windgale, don't sell yourself for cheap for I....we know how powerful you really are.- Celestia gives Luna a meaningful look and Luna nods with a little delay, which Celestia notices. -Councelor Windgale, you've served us well all these centuries, our kingdom of equestria has bloomed under you advices and will forever be grateful for the help given. We want to give you something as a reward for all those years of service.- Luna talks like a queen would but I do feel she speaks the truth and knows nothing of the evil scheme her sister has thought of. I feel more pity than hate now that I see the difference between them and say the words all those years have repeated once and once again in the shadows of my confinement. -Release me from your side of the conflict. Say you do not want me anymore as your ally.- Luna is surprised. -What do you speak of? There is no conflict anymore, no side you could join or you could rebell against.- Luna is a little bit excited when she says this maybe due to the nature of my petition. -Oh, Luna, little Luna. you're far too innocent to be an enforcer, far too naive to become what you want to turn into.- my words do not waver, nor do I stutter. I feel the power surge inside me and I can see that Celestia notices it too for she prepares for the battle as well. -Wait, sister!- Luna raises her voice but Celestia does not pay attention to her. - The conflict still exists as long as I exist, one of the last loyal minions of master discord. I knew she wouldn't be able to tolerate my existence it surprised me thought she'll be able to surpress her desire to get rid of me for so long.- I do not say it out loud but I too waited too long for this moment. I'll finally be able to destroy her, to take revenge for master discord. -Say it, Celestia! Say I'm no longer your ally!!- The sounds coming out of my mouth aren't words but a single menacing roar. Celestia's horn glows in anticipation and I can feel some kind of magic trying to pass through my skin, but it won't make it fast enough. I'm so close I can feel the warmth of her blood on my claws. Once again though I feel the strength leave me and I know why. I look at Luna and recognize the spell she's casting. Again she's trying to suck my soul. But this time I know of something I can do. I fill the throne room with green flames causing everything around to melt. The dropping melt stone from the cealing interrupts their spell and I've a few moments to open my wings and make my way to the sky so that I may evade their spells. The first one to follow me into the air battle is Luna, her eyes glow like torches in the darkness and the roar of lightning takes the place of her words. I'm excited by the battle against my former apprentice but there nevers comes to a clash between the two of us. I feel lighter and smaller by the second. In my confusion I look at Celestia. -This what also what you had in mind!?- But the look on her face tells me she isn't behind this, nor Luna. Something else is affecting me. Then I remember my geass, the promise I made with my master. I saw myself turnining into what I once was, a purple youngster which in the end would turn into an egg. -That monster...he planned this from the beginning!- Celestia talks to herself angry, as if scolding herself for not having thought of the possibility of this happening. Luna is as lost as her sister and does nothing more than stare at my transformation. After a while I can no longer think straight. My memories start to fade away taking my hatred along with them. I'm again what I was before I was born and in the white vacuum of space I was now confined to I saw my master again. -So. You didn't keep your promise.- Master spoke as if he knew all this would happen. But I could not answer him for I knew words no longer. -I've turned you again into an egg so that you won't be destroyed by Celestia. So that she doesn't achieve a complete victory and always knows she has two enemies she'll have to deal with at some point.- My master explains his plan but I can no longer understand either... -Sleep windgale and forget everything about me. But do not worry. I'll call you whenever I need you.- Those are his last words. My brain couldn't understand them but something inside me felt reassured. I'll sleep here until I'm born again so that I may serve my master discord once again. Here you can find some art I made for my fanfic.
  15. Has anypony else wondered where or how Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Chrysalis, and Discord came to be? Because i was watching hearts warming eve today and they said it took place before the time of Celestia and Luna. So where did they come from? And what do you put together to make a discord or a changling?
  16. For a long time now, I've always wondered one thing about the MLP fandom. I've been with this since the early starts, I watched the first episodes around the time Bridle Gossip was airing, I was there at the beginning as it were or close enough. And yet, despite loving most facets of the fandom ranging from creativity to generosity to an overall ambivalent humility that rarely exists in most other fandoms...I have to wonder. How DID this fandom come to be? I'm not talking about why the show is so popular, I'm talking about WHY we are all here? What is it about this one particular show about cartoon ponies learning about friendship that managed to unite so many of us together? Why are we such a huge fandom? What did this show give us that made us all unite together so swiftly within the span of like two years? I just really have to wonder about this and well...I wondered what you all thought about this very question, if any of you ever did. ============ So, TL;DR, why do YOU think this show is so popular with our generation?