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Found 27 results

  1. This topic is about the worst thing you have ever tasted, on purpose or otherwise. worst food: asparagus just ewwww worst drink: buttermilk.
  2. What is your favorite school subject? Mine personal is art and creative writing.
  3. Unicorns are simply the coolest ponies. Not only do they have magic, but they have Telekinesis! Telekinesis is the perfect replacement for hands. Unicorns don't have to drag heavy things around with their teeth. We can manipulate our world with nothing more than will power. Heavy chores, cleaning, and all sorts of jobs can be done without elbow grease or even getting dirty. Each and every one of us has magic. Even unicorns without formal magic training knows two or three spells. Unicorns in the royal guard are trained with military spells, making them mobile, versatile, magical artillery. That and we have the most beautiful pony of all time: Rarity in our ranks. So please sign up if you think Unicorns are the coolest ponies. and add a link you your Unicorn OC/Ponysona as well. (mine is in my sig) This link takes you to MLP Wiki. It is a list of all the official unicorns in the show. Each entry also lists all the appearances in both the show and in the comics,
  4. As the title says, why is Twilight smaller than the other alicorns (Celestia, Luna)? Will she eventually be as big as Celestia?
  5. Something really interesting just popped up in my head! Pegasi control the weather over Equestria, and also Everfree controls it's own weather! But something is off with every other race kingdom around Equestria! The changeling hive sits upon a desert wasteland! The yaks live in a snowy wasteland! The dragons live in a desert wasteland! The griffons live in a desert wasteland! Don't you see the pattern here?! The other creatures can't control the weather like the ponies do, and that's why they all live in lifeless wastelands! Most of them don't even grow crops! The ponies are so afraid of these other creatures that they're not sharing their weather! What do you think about this? Don't you see that every other civilized race around Equestria has the same weather while the ponies in Equestria can control their own?
  6. I have now made a couple of other ponies as Wonderbolts. Of course I would like more images in the form make. if you oc's considered Wonderbolts want like the only rule I do not alicorns. I'm going to see you so here are some pictures Rein items you can order exactly what I mean. I got on deviantart already a lot of good criticism. So I just hope that it you also like. Of course it is also possible to donate whom you like it but as I said there is no obligation or something like that For more pictures of me coming on my deviantart profile link :
  7. I have been working on this castle for one week and this is how far i gotten to get it finished. Let me know what you think of it.
  8. hello and welcome cwhip making another form as iv been drawing and reediting my OC Cresent I keep running into walls whether writing or drawing him out in ether RP or the ongoing backstory. This is where you come in the link to him is in my signature. Note I tried to put myself into him probably hence the trouble I'm running into aaand. GO (jumps behind couch awaiting reactions) and because I cant upload the pic on here for some reason -_- here the link to my drawing of him
  9. So I have a hunch I'm not the only airsofting brony on here, as iv been catching up and helping my team get ready for our upcoming big game (look up rednecks and gentleman airsoft team if your curious, or anything related to airsoft if you don't know anything on it) an fan fic for my OC is kicking in my head and I keep hitting a wall. what's the wall cwhip9? the pony equivalent to airsoft is______ so far the only thing I can think up is jousting and even then we don't see that in the show. cement away and hopefully we can help each other out if I'm not the only one trying to find this answer much thanks and brony on
  10. Hi, I was wondering something Why does everypony like Maud Pie so much? I'm not hating just very curious for about it . Thanks
  11. First Michael Morones gets bullied. And then Grayson Bruce. Even one of the people in the documentary was from North Carolina. The reason why these people are bullied i have just realized is because the bullies are rednecks. Man how I hate them. Trevor from GTA V says he hates them. So now North Carolina is taking really bad anti bullying measures for Bronies. Can anyone stop this persecution? P.S: I am absolutely disgusted.
  12. I've been reading creepypastas for a very long time now and I have quite a few favorites, but to name just 2, those would be: 1.) The Russian Sleep Experiment -- what else could it be this was the one that got me into this whole creepypasta thing 2.) The Other Internet -- I have to be honest with this one, this just scared me so much and made me think, I've been lost in thoughts for days after I read/listened to this. So what is YOUR favorite one?
  13. OK! Hello! I was bored so I am going to talk with people who decide to join here :L I just want to discuss things with people and people can talk to people with other people. I hope I am not breaking a rule this time!
  14. Latest upload (05/24 & 05/25): OC: Inclement Blitz; OC: Brechard A'ight, so I made me an art thread over at Everypony and thought to myself, "Hey, self, why not at MLPF?" ...Well, I came up with a couple of reasons why - biggest one being that I could never measure up to the amazing artists on these boards such as Motion Spark, Kenniks, KitKat, CITRUS KING46, et al. - but I guess since I've already gotten some positive responses from folks at EPF, I might as well throw my proverbial fedora into the artist's ring around here as well. That said, if you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to this thread...I mean, i-if that's okay... If you don't like what you see, then I honestly can't blame you. Now, wizzout furzer ado, I geeve to you: Classic Thrashy (which some of you have probably already seen about a bajillion times by this point): A vector of @Ampharos's OC, Thinkin' Inks: A vector of 's OC (don't remember ever getting her name...) My first OC, Flurry Frostworks: Flurry again, wearing a dress so horrid that Rarity would immediately faint at the sight of it: Le Thrashy, keeping cool (a.k.a. "failed mustache experiment"): Thrashy is not amused (now with 100% more tail!): And that's about all I've got for now. I'll update this thread as I make more arts. Love and peace, yo.
  15. So yeah, some kid lost a game in Call of Duty and got so pissed off, that he called the S.W.A.T. team on the guy that beat him as some cruel joke. My reaction:
  16. Hi allponys! This is an idea for MLP Forums. admins and mods should be reading this. Ok so the idea is.. A forum chat. Every forum has a chat. I could make the chat with or not. Its up to the admins and mods to decide. But anyways, A chat would probably be a cool thing to add. If you like the idea Mods and Admins write in the comments below. If the Mods and Admins dont like it, Then thats totally fine. Some people might like the idea. But that was my idea! -Chris
  17. HI! I have a plan to create a group of people who work off of one website to create fanfics movies comedies and practically anything original targeted at the us the brony community. The website that I am creating is for authors who want to get noticed and have something that makes them stand out. that something is that I have plans to let a limited amount of people in (this may expand if this idea takes off) and having creative things that have been approved to be good. This is because in order to get these people noticed there has to be something that make this different from fimfiction or websites like that. And also I would like to get this to have a reputation as a place that always has good work on it. I don't know how successful this idea will be but I wanted to at least try it out. For starters I will accept 10 people to the group. The requirements for joining are: 1) you have a finished peace of original work (and a link to the work to prove that it is real) I may add more Please give your feedback on this idea I will post the website here once it is finished
  18. What do you want when you die? Do you want to be buried in a cemetery? Cremated? Something else? Tell me. For me, I want to have some of my organs donated, then decompose away somewhere quiet or in the forest or something so my dead body can have a use for something, and many other reasons, but if I'm rich enough, I might be cryopreserved. How about you? Edit: Added more poll choices
  19. If you could choose what species/race you could be if you went to equestria (besides human) what would you be? And if you choose pony, what type? Personally, id want to be a griffon. That way I could still eat meat, I still have fingers, and I can fly! How about you guys?
  20. So i've been programing a lot for no reason lately and decided I want to do something with it. I have a project in mind, but I cannot do anything with any form of art that includes drawing. Because of this I'm, asking the community if there is anyone who would be able to help me with this! If you are wondering about the project, It would be more of an interactive story that would change on decisions rather than a game where you platform and what not. I will be able to answer questions if you ask, Or if you wanna add me on skype @bigfatmin1 that would be great. For an example of what im talking about go take a look at the game CHASM. Anyways, I dont think I missed anything, but like I said add me on skype, leave a post or message me if you want! THX ~BFM
  21. Pretty simple question. What are the best online resources for studying? Whether it be history or science websites, particular YouTube channels, etc. Give them all to me >:3 Please link what you refer to!
  22. As some of you know, I'm an artist. That means I draw stuff. I love to draw sci-fi ships and all that, but I sometimes think about drawing mah favorite girl, Applejack. This idea came to me not too long ago, but I decided to make it an AJ x Spazzy (Me) ship. It's gonna be cute, but I ain't going into THAT terrritory . It'll be mah pony self with pony AJ, probably kissing. Stay tuned, as this pic might come out tomorrow if I feel like it.
  23. I usually watch the older shows back from the 1990's and early 2000's. Somewhat currently watching: SOME previous episodes of MLP FIM Adventures of Tintin (1991) One Piece (just watched one episode after a while) Archie's Weird Mysteries ReBoot (awesome cgi for its time) Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, whatever you wanna call it) South Park (Make Love, Not Warcraft episode) Video and Arcade Top 10 Whatever else is on Teletoon Retro here in Canada, I will watch. The primary topic was "What are you watching?" for the topic prefix, but it doesn't have to be a show on TV. What are you doing waiting for the exciting season 3! EDIT: I am also playing a lot of games dating from NES to Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii
  24. My first official MLP fanfiction I managed to finish nearly a month ago. Took 6 months to write this thing thanks to the fact that I got stuck on one scene. At any rate, enjoy! Summary: Twilight Sparkle has fallen fatally ill with an unknown cause. Can she survive with the help of her friends? Frozen Heart
  25. So I was thinking about season 3 a little and I just thought about a cool episode idea. (sorry if this idea has been posted already) So I was thinking an episode where the mane 6 go away on a trip and a monster attacks Ponyville. Since the mane 6 are away 6 other ponies have to defeat the monster. They are the other mane 6 (Derpy, Dr. whooves, Lyra, Bon Bon, Octavia, and Dj pon3). This way all the background ponies get an episode.